only daria

so, basically what I got from that conversation Jude and Connor had in Jude’s bedroom was that Connor is only with Daria because his dad likes the fact that he has a “girlfriend”. I noticed how that word was emphasized by Jude and then Connor looking away after he said it. It’s obvious to me Jude is the person Connor wants to be with.

What I think will happen next week is that Connor being shot will make Connor’s dad real angry and he might put the blame on Jude instead of Daria and Taylor because they are “girls” and he probably won’t think they could think of something like breaking into someone’s house and drinking. This will cause Connor’s dad banding Connor and Jude to ever be friends again. It would make sense for Jude’s line of “losing a friend” cause we know Gavin is signed on for season 3, so Connor is not going to die….

people saying jude doesn’t like connor the way connor likes jude need to focus on the dialogue between them: jude said something along the lines ‘it’s not okay to lead someone on’ and he’s not talking about only the girl connor is dating but also about himself. he got kissed by connor in the tent, connor held his hand during the movie, but at the end of the day he does it behind his girlfriends back and kisses the girl in front of jude. so basically jude was being really mature when he said he should not play with them like that because both, NOT ONLY DARIA BUT ALSO JUDE, like him and get their hopes up. I think that at the end of the day connor is going to have to make a decision soon, I’m excited to see how the writers play that out.