only damon understands her

Bonnie can’t handle her coming back, she feels like no one understands her, or even truly cares for het. She feels lost and scared. The world is just too much. She feels like Damon is the only one who can understand her and feel her pain, She lights up at the thought of being with him, even though she would not admit that loudly. They have an understanding and a bond that has evolved so profoundly and make them need each other. When Damon brings Kai to her, she feels like the only one she could trust emotionally kind of betrays her, she feels deeply hurt that he hasn’t understood how she feels about Kai, Damon should have known that she wants nothing to do with Kai. That’s what her heart says to her, so she feels wounded again, in the worst way. The only one who feels for her and understands her predicament, shows recklessness and that breaks her. So she shows him her pain. And he then realizes how deeply Kai had scarred Bonnie and  regrets he unwillingly hurt Bonnie, he’s sorry, he couldn’t have known how deep were the scars, he could only make assumptions. Bonnie, broken realizes that Damon didn’t do it on purpose, to help himself, not thinking of the consequences on her, he simply didn’t know how hurt Bonnie was, under that brave facade of hers. And deep down after this encounter she knows he still is the only one that can support her. And Damon will be there to do that, just like she will be there for him.  - B.W.S.