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The final scene of Doomsday vs. the same scene from The Runaway Bride

From the Runaway Bride commentary track with David Tennant and Julie Gardner:

Julie: There we have Donna entering your TARDIS

David: Interestingly, that sequence was the closing seconds of Doomsday

Julie: Yes

David: …which was the end of series two - but not those actual pictures. We re-shot it.  We have two directors of photography on Doctor Who, Ernie and Rory.  Ernie shot Doomsday in the way he likes to shoot the TARDIS and likes to light the TARDIS, which is lots of greens and lots of reds.  Rory prefers it to be a more kind of golden affair

Julie: Yeah - a bit more yellow-y

David: Yeah, so the version of that scene would fit with the scene we’re now in [the rest of the Doctor/Donna initial scene in the TARDIS] we had to re-shoot it and do a kind-of Rory version of the scene.

Julie: and did you make different choices as an actor the second time?

David: No, in fact we had the dvd player by the side of the set to try to re-create it as exactly as we possibly could, so that you wouldn’t necessarily notice that it was different - although I just told you, so that gives that away
花とゆめ編集部 on Twitter

Hana to Yume’s twitter just posted a photo of the cover and back of the illustration booklet to be bundled with Akatsuki no Yona’s volume 23! The illustration (back and front of the booklet) has all our main characters in a modern setting talking on their phones.

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

shoutout to @lilparfaitbun who is almost single-handedly keeping my notes from being zero most of the time ^^


Today being the last day of classes before exams, I decided to go treat myself this afternoon. This involved going to the linguistics section of one of my university libraries and reading for an entire afternoon instead of studying for my finals. 

There was lots of cool stuff, though, so it was totally worth it.

has this been done before? yes? okay..

i love keith so much please protect him


What about Moonraker?

What about Moonraker?

Didn’t they go into outer space in Moonraker

@ocdanders ive managed to make 1 Friend so far but that Nagging Fear is still in the back of my mind when i try to befriend people. like, no matter how many people i manage to get close to itll always be there and hinder my efforts???

Orange feeling and sketches.