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Tiny swim team AU Mathias, Lukas and Berwald


The Audubon All-Girl Drum and Bugle Corps, known universally as the Bon-Bons, formed in 1938, was an all-girl marching and maneuvering and parade corps based in Audubon, New Jersey. 

In early years, because there existed so few all-girl corps, the Bon-Bons had to compete, if they wished to compete at all, with all-male groups. They were the only female group to compete successfully in this venue, placing second or third in VFW Nationals several times. In 1957 they took high drums and GE at the American Legion Nationals, before placing second to the Holy Name Cadets. In 1960, their bugles defeated those of every other corps competing in the American Legion Nationals in Miami. (source: corpsreps)


War Boys aren’t always boys

Third from the left.  Once you see the woman War Boy, you can’t unsee her.  
One of greatest things I enjoy about Fury Road is that even a woman can be a War Boy.  And not only is she a War Boy, from her position on the car, it can be argued that she’s probably a Lancer, like Slit. 

Between her and Furiosa as Imperator, this says some interesting things about War Boy society, and seems to suggest that gender is a non-issue among War Boys.  It says that competence and ability are a greater measure of a War Boy than their gender, which is completely reasonable in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is about ability and gender has little to do with that.

It can be argued that perhaps War Boy society within itself is a meritocratic egalitarian society that cares little for race, class, or gender, and only is concerned with competence and ability.  Of course, once the hierarchy of the Citadel becomes involved (Immortan Joe and his family/retinue) that reshapes the outlook.  But if one breaks them into two major classes, War Boy society and the leadership, one starts seeing some interesting contrasts in terms of individuality and identity.

On a side note, we’re pretty sure this War Boy is Charlize Theron’s stunt double, doubling once more as a War Boy.  It did occur to us that perhaps this is a rather slender young man, but the build and the overalls are more suggestive of a woman, especially as Charlize Theron and her stunt double are both rather distinctive in build.

So yes, life is a race. But it is your own. The only people you’re competing against are your past selves; the only people you are chasing are the ones you are meant to become.

Raevolution Gym Rules:

#1 - You will not criticise your body in any way, inside or outside of this gym.

#2 - Your body is good enough already to be a ‘bikini body’ or 'beach body’, therefore the names 'bikini body’ or 'beach body’ do not exist in this gym.

#3 - There will be absolutely no negative connotations about how you look, perform or feel (unless you are working hard and you want to swear)

#4 - You are to strive to only ever compete with yourself, nobody is like you and you are like nobody else. You are your best competition.

#5 - There will be no guilt tripping from me and I expect no guilt tripping from you. The industry is full of direct and subliminal messages to make you feel inadequate. You are NOT inadequate, we’re just building on top of what’s already amazing.

#6 - You are to always try your hardest.

#7 - You will thank your body for its incredible feat every time we finish a session.

#8 - You are to congratulate yourself on every single one of your successes.

#9 - You must always remember that it’s worth the hard work.

#10 - You must always try your best to stay positive.

Closed w/Riversongspoilerss.

Kylie strode through the market with self-confidence only money could buy. Good money too, lots of it. Her family owned the blood trades, illegal and legal, meaning they were only competing with themselves. Also meaning that Kylie got whatever she wanted, when she wanted. And right now, she wanted a blood bank. She hadn’t taken one of those in a while, normally she preferred take away blood. Rent a human for a night, drink them and send them back when they could hardly stand. But for now she wanted a challenge, something interesting and more tasty than delivery. So she was walking the markets, looking over the goods with a well-practiced eye.