only class in highschool i got an a

Garrison Keith
  • Almost every time he gets up to leave the simhe trips over a bump and just eats it. 
  • No one has realized the giant bump they hear before he comes out is him falling 
  •  He never showed up to the lunch room. Everyone thought he was just “too edgy” for it. 
  • Keith is just shit at directions and could never find it.
  •  Keith accidentally stood up Lance at lunch after lance asked the new kid to sit with him.
  •  Lance never forgave Keith for that. 
  •  Keith never took notes and almost always fell asleep in classes. 
  • He had average grades but only really excelled at the simLance sat behind Keith in almost every class. 
  • He would get angry when he saw keith did better than him on a hard test and keith only sleeps. 
  •  Iverson constantly tells his class to be more like Kogane, the whole class is confused because keith never does his work.
  • He got detention once for “sassing a teacher" 
  •  he told the teacher to "piss off” when they responded with a “i don’t know, can you?” to his bathroom request
Parking Lot Boy || Part 1

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He walked across the parking lot and got into his Audi Q5. I thought, “Damn he’s hot.”

Pairing: Johnny x Reader

Genre: highschool!au // fluff 

Warnings: Suggestive

Type: Series

Word Count: 3.6k  

Drabble || Part 1 || Part 2 (Coming soon)

A/N: Wow, look how long this took. So I’ve decided to make this into two parts. It’ll just be easier that way and the flow will work better. Thank you @syugatae for looking over this, I love you.

There was something about him, you were not sure of. You’d only met him once, briefly saying “hello,” after class. Your calculus teacher had given a quick recommendation, claiming he was one of her brightness students and his availability would be at your disposal. You nodded, not particularly interested in the offer, but you stored the proposal away in the back of your head just in case. You had been struggling for the past semester, grades reaching an all-time low; a C just wasn’t acceptable. Although your parents begged you to inquire a tutor, you declined, attempting to justify that learning the material yourself would lead to a positive outcome.

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Last year on this day I started working on my Monty Oum Project; a series of 7 small comics, each 3 to 4 panels. At the time I wanted to see if I could work the the comic format even with Watercolours. Turns out I could! And had lots of fun doing it!

So! This year I’m throwing myself in something along the same line, only bigger, now that I’m more confident that I can do it.

One of the first thing that got me into watercolours was way back in Highschool, I had an English teacher give us a children book project in which we had to write a full book for kids and since we were all an art class, he gave us the go to illustrate them for bonus points. Grade aside(aced it btw) it made me fall in love with Watercolours and the whole illustration thing

THEREFORE this year for the @montyoumproject I’m gonna work on a series of children book-like stories featuring the AH Kings AU ✨✨

Wish me luck!!

The Edge Of Seventeen Tag :D

I was tagged by @crownsims and @purple-splash to do this :) Sorry! I know that was like a week ago. but i finally got to it!! I swear by this point everyone has done it? So whoever feels like it, by all means I tag you. :D

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

Ivy definitely would have been preppy. Her parents were upper middle class and she was an only child. So she basically got whatever she wanted. She was the girl in head to toe Hollister in highschool. She definitely went to prom and she definitely pre-gamed it and ended up puking. 

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is college really easier? I've got about a month of high school left and while I'm so so glad to be getting out I'm also worried that college really will be harder.. the main issue being my adhd is really bad and I struggle to ever study or get homework done, and I know that stuffs a lot more important in college. I'm so scared I won't be able to manage

im an art major so i should preface to say my experiences might be different bc im not studying in most classes so much as doing. long, time intensive projects

but yeah ive got bad adhd too and it really is easier bc the structure is Very different. instead of six classes every day, with tests and homework in each, youll probably have one or two (longer) classes per day. so even tho theres more work done for Each class compared to highschool, youll also only have each class once a Week instead of once a Day, which in my experience is MUCH better on my adhd.

like its still hard but not as.. intense as highschool is. you have more room to breathe.

80% of the asks i got was asking about hanzo and mccree in highschool AU lol they’re both 12 graders who think theyre too cool for school!! theres more about them in the ow hs au tag but a summary:

hanzo is captain of the kendo team and is struggling to find a new team captain after he graduates so he keeps on asking genji to join kendo

mccree loves marvel/dc and clint eastwood. he did model UN up until gr12 co-prez drama, and is a hall monitor. hes only getting thru his classes because hanzo helps him with everything

Back to square one Pt.10 | A Vkook FF

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I need vkook to be a real thing

Jungkook p.o.v.

After dropping Taehyung off at his school i had to drive all the way back, causing me to miss my first two classes. Not like I cared much. My parens called me this morning, informing me dad got unwell during their ‘Buisness trip’, and that they had to stay there until he recovered. I had grown up mostly without them, espesially since i got to highschool. I didn’t miss them, honestly i was happy when they left. All they did was nag at me about my grades and my sexuality, two things that were non of their buisness.

“JUNGKOOK! KOOK!” I hear an annoyingly familiar voice call out behind me, if only the owner of this voice would leave me the fuck alone.

“What do you need Hoseok,” I groan, shoving my books in my locker.

“Did you see Taehyung? How is he doing?”

“He still hates you and i still in love with me, so not much of a difference.”

“When are you going back to see him again?” Hoseok asks, leaning against the cold metal lockers beside me.

“I’m not telling you that,” I scoff, trying to walk away from him.

Like expected he follows me, clinging to my arm as a way of begging.

“Piss off Hoe,” I sigh, shaking him off of my arm.

“This is why you’ll have to go to prom by yourself,” Hoseok replies, causing me to notice the posters around the school.

They already started hanging up the posters for the prom, the theme being rainbows this year. Obviously a sad attemed from the school to show they supported the LGBT+ comunity. Jimin was going to be my prom date, i already had the entire night planned out for myself. I would pick him up in an exspensive looking car, handing him a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We’d be wearing matching suits and i’d make sure we’d be crowned king and queen of the prom. The cheesiest and overdone thing imaginable, but Jimin loves cheesy and overdone. Just like he loved me.

“Jungkook why are you late?” My science teacher asks, watching me carelessly sit down.

“Had to drop a friend off,” I mumble, not really caring how he would react.

Surprisingly he didn’t reply at all, he just shook his head and continued explaining the project we would be working on, already him having chosen our partners. I watch him call out the list, hoping i’d be teamed up with someone smart enough for me to crank up my grade. Science was yet another class i was failing. Taehyung used to do all the work for me, allowed me to copy his answers during tests. But now he wasn’t here anymore, i had to do everything by myself.

“Jimin and Jungkook,” The teacher calls out, bringing me back to reality.

A slight pannick rushes through my body, quickly making eye contact with my ex boyfriend who was already getting up to sit next to me.

“Shit,” I whisper to myself, ready to throw my teachers out of the window.

Jimin sits down next to me, handing me a sheet of paper where the project was explained on. A smile was covering his face, as if nothing ever happened between us. As if he never hurt me as badly as he did.

“Get the grin off of your face whore,” I mumble, pushing the sheet of paper back to his side of the table.

“How many times do you want me to apoligise, i don’t want to fight.”

“Just as many times as it will take me to tell you to leave me the fuck alone,” i reply angry.

A sigh escapes his lips, making him nervously look down at his hands.

“Can you at least act like you don’t hate me so we can finish this project?” He asks softly, almost sounding upset.

“Just stop acting like a bitch and do the project, i am not spending more time with you than this class.”

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(Im sorry kyo but rude anon ticked me) let me tell you about disability payment. my three person house ONLY gets disability checks to live on. even when my brother got PT at mcdonalds, they take HALF of what he earns out of our check, and if he gets too many more hours they will remove it completely. mental disability dosent just mean retardation. in autism socialphobia IS a thing, so much so that i would literallly freeze up and start panicing if asked to talk in class. and because if that i

lost my job at arbys after highschool cause they stuck me on the register straight off and on an intense lunch rush where i couldnt ex out old orders cause NO ONE SHOWED ME i yelled at my manager because it built too much. also there IS such a thing as physical disability. my moms back has literally had more surgeries than i can remember from slipped hemorrhaged or fused disks to down right disintegration and getting a stem unit installed. so do NOT YELL AT PEOPLE FOR HAVING FING DISABILITY!!!!

so anon next time you fill out an application put in a ‘small’ disability like autism or arthritis or hearing loss or such, and see how fast people line up to answer.

and something i mentioned in tags too, autism isnt the only thing if that was all I would have probably been able to find a job. the PTSD i’ve only recently been able to get enough under control so i’m not up till 4 in the morning wracked with flashbacks and still I cant bring myself to be alone with a guy I dont know extremely well without someone with me. I even have to bring Dig with me to my appointments if its a male professional. It’s pretty bad. So uh, yea no. I get the “concern” from the anon but no.

I decided Juju likes Vivaldi’s “Spring.” Why? I played a stripped version of it in my piano class in highschool and it was my absolute favorite thing, and Juju is the first of my OCs who I really think would love that happy little tune.

And now I’m listening to the entire The Four Seasons.

Zodiac Highschool Chapter #8- Cancer: Red sky

I woke up early. I love to sit every morning by the window with a glass of hot milk and cookies and see how the sun bathes the streets of the city. It’s beautiful to see the streets painted orange. It remembers me of an impressionist painting. I took a shower and  I got prepared to go to class.

As always, my brother drives me to highschool ‘cause we only have a car and he needs it to go to work…

I entered to the classroom and sat on my place. Not much later arrived Taurus and Virgo. All the classmates were taking notes and were quite concentrated because partials are in a week. Capricorn came and sat with us after a couple of classes, ‘cause Scorpio isn’t coming to class since the day of his concert.

At break time we went outside with our snacks.

- What’s wrong with Aries and Leo? They are no longer sitting together, holding hands and stuff… - Asked Capricorn.

- Yeah, I used to find them always near the lockers making out… I guess, that maybe they’ve broken up - Said Taurus after eating an oreo.

- I’m sure Gemini knows something about it - Sentenced Capricorn - Look, he’s coming outside now.

- Gemini! - shouted Taurus and started waving him to catch his attention.

Gemini was with his phone, when he realised that Taurus and Capricorn were shouting his name, he came towards us with Pisces and Libra.

- What the hell do you want? I was trying to actualize my blog - said Gemini smiling.

- Did Aries and Leo broke up? - Asked Taurus.

- Hahahahaha! Now you’re the highschool busybody Gemini! - said Libra.

- Shut up! - said Gemini anoyed.

Pisces and Libra started making fun of his friend.

- Well… If you want to know ask Virgo, she will tell better - Gemini told.

- You knew? - I asked surprised at Virgo.

She just looked to the ground.

- Hey Gem! Do you come to buy something at the machines or the caffeteria? - Asked Libra.

- Yup!

They left and Libra started asking questions at Gemini about the broken relationship between Leo and Aries, that now has became the official topic of gossip.

- Mmm… Cancer… Today we’ll meet with the band to practise, would you like to come? - Asked Pisces.

- Yes… but won’t I bother? - I asked.

- No, you never bother - he said - See you later guys!

Pisces started running towards his friends that have left without him. Taurus winked at me without Virgo and Capricorn seeing. I blushed.

- Sooo… you know whats going on… - said Capricorn staring at Virgo.

- Why didn’t you tell us that you know it? - I asked.

- Because you will judge me - Virgo answered - I’ll tell you but not today, okay?

After stressing after some classes that I still don’t get at all, I called my mum to tell her I would arrive late. Then, I met Pisces at the school exit and I went to his home to watch them play. He showed me his house and after that the rest of the band arrived, including Scorpio who I thought wouldn’t come because he’s been skipping highschool during this week.

- Aren’t you ill? - I asked him when he entered the basement.

- I was, but I… I have a lot of things to do … and homework and stuff… I’m catching the things I haven’t done before … - Scorpio said.

- So, you’ll come tomorrow? - I said smiling.

He shrinked his shoulders and went towards the drum set. Then I caught Pisces staring at us.

- Today we have public! Yeei, guys after the concert we’ve gained fans! - exclaimed Libra.

Pisces, Libra and I laughed. Scorpio seemed annoyed, I guess he felt bad because of my question and Aries… I don’t really know Aries, but he’s superactive and he seemed low and worried… Definetely Leo and he have broken up.

Then they started playing. The music wasn’t spectacular because they were trying new songs, but I bet than in a few days they would sound amazing as the day of the concert. After an hour everybody left Pisces’s home.

- Bye Pisces! Thank you for inviting me - I said. I was the last one to go.

- Cancer, it isn’t that late… C’mon I want to show you something.

- But I told my mum I would be home in less than an hour.

- Don’t worry i’ll drive you home.

We walked to a park that was 10 minutes far from his home. It was near the mountain. He made me follow him, guided me to the highest part of the park and made me jump a fence. Between the bushes there was a sofa, we sat there and we watched the red sky bathe the streets.

- I found this place a month ago and I thought it was beautiful… It may sound silly but I thought that you’d like it.

- It’s amazing.

After that, he followed his promise and drove me home.

- And… you arrive at time for dinner!

- Yeah, but… this would be the last time they let me out.. you know because of the exams and stuff.

He stared at me with those beautiful grey dreamy eyes, he leaned over and he kissed me.

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I love your art sm okay,, like the positions, facial expressions, eVERYTHING. may I ask how you got so good? Just practicing? art school?? Must know

THANK U SO MUCH OMGGG<33 and i just practiced everyday<3 i do take art classes in highschool but its more of a blow off period nowadays because i only really feel like drawing when its digital yknow? so yeah i basically have just drawn everyday for a few years and tried different poses because drawin everyday rly makes shit repetitive unless u change it up sometimes with positions LMAO

im drunk at 5 am and watching ouran highschool host club, and im having a wonderful time. i started out watching death note, because that’s one of the only anime that i like dubbed, and i need to watch dubbed because im also knitting at the same time. but i got tired of the seriousness and decided to watch ouran, which i also like the du b of.

They like the cocoa!

Okay, so I’m a junior this year at my highschool and we go off campus to a career center where you can take certain classes mainly AP’s but yeah whatever. So I don’t exactly have a preference when it comes to guys but when I got there on the first day, I literally lost my damn mind.

There are guys from China, Japan, Thailand, Filipinos, and Korea. I have seen a lot of them and share a couple of classes with a few. The only thing I can say is WOW! These guys are incredibly handsome, but being a black woman its hard for me to approach because I have no idea what type of women they are interested in. 

However a few of the Chinese guys and some Filipinos have striked up conversations with me and I’ve been called “sweet” and" pretty" by a lot of them so I guess that counts as something. Also I know of a lot of guys of Asian descent that date latinas, mixed race women, black women, etc. I just thought I should share that.

High school boyfriend Michael arranging a plan with your biology teacher, allowing him to come into your class, to serenade you to ask you to senior prom. But he gets the date wrong and bursts in playing his guitar, scaring not only you but your whole class (on frog day) leaving a mess on your lab coat, (due to your startled partners unsteady hands.) and he just pauses mid song and says “Luke said I needed to get the guts to ask you to prom, but it looks like you’ve got them” before laughing. Leaving you blushing as he finishes the song and properly asks you to prom.

High school 5sos night with shitmike send requests or blurbs

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The "you were the only one in the class who got my fandom reference" percico highschool au, please? I really love your fanfics!

Awww! Thank you anon!

  • Percy was bored in history class. He listened as Mr. Chiron drone on and on about the beginning on time.
  • “Historians have events in a linear fashion. One event caused another.” 
  • “Actually people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.” Percy said out loud instead of in his head.
  • Everyone in the class was staring at him, even the teacher. 
  • Percy’s cheeks were dark red when he heard a stifled laugh from the right side of the classroom. 
  • Percy looked over and there was a kid dressed in all black covering his mouth. 
  • Everyone turned to look at him.
  • The boy looked around at the class. “What? Doctor Who, tenth doctor. That’s the exact quote from the show.” 
  • Mr. Chiron cleared his throat and started talking again. 
  • The boy had a tiny smile at Percy before looking forward again.
  • At the end of class, Percy went over to the boy.
  • “Nico, right?” Percy asked.
  • Nico nodded. “Yeah. Percy, the guy who made the Doctor Who reference and made history class interesting.”
  • “Yeah, I didn’t think anyone else got that joke.” 
  • “Cause they’re all lame. Doctor Who, especially Tennant, is amazing.” Nico smiled. 
  • “Yes. And Smith. Matt Smith was amazing!” Percy smiled.
  • The two boys walked out of class talking about their favorite TV show, fighting about their favorite companions and enemies.

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Yoyoyo I'm new to the lazy town fandom and I gotta say I love your art and your hs au. Do Robbie or any of the others have any after highschool plans?


No but seriously, Robbie has applied to quite a few college at his parents insistence, and he’s not dumb- he’s actually passing all his classes with flying colors and is maybe only a bit behind Stephanie in class rank. he’s kinda got his pick of where he wants to go, but he’s not exactly keen on going to college in the first place.

Now the others- they’re a different story! this is gonna get long sorry

Stephanie’s going to college for elementary Education and pediatric health. She plans on playing softball for her college of choice. she’s already been accepted to her dream school and has a full academic ride.

Sportacus has already applied to his dream college and gotten accepted as well, he’s got an athletics scholarship and plans on doing gymnastics and baseball for his college. He’s studying to become a physical therapist!

Ziggy isn’t going to college, he’s actually gearing up to take over Miss Busybodies Bakery when she decides to retire (which is a ways off, but he still has a lot to learn.) All his future plans are “cozy house, big dog, beautiful spouse”

Pixel is already pretty self employed as a call-in tech support, which he will probably keep up during college. he’s going to computer engineering and programming. He sadly didn’t get into his dream college but is fine with his second choice.

Trixie is trying to go pro with her roller derby career, but since that actually pays jack squat she’s beefing up her racing and extreme sports portfolio so she can skip out on college and go straight to the big leagues. She has gotten a considerable amount of interest in her local circuit.

All stingy wants to do is collect vintage cars and live the lavish life. And thats his plan, plain and simple. He’s a trust fund baby, and he’s smart about his finances. if he does everything right (and he’s sure he will) he shouldn’t have to work a day in his life except for when he restores old cars he picks up for fun.

Welcome to the fandom!! It’s nice to have you here :3c

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30, 42 or 47 with septiplier I guess?? I dont know any of your other fandoms/ships haha

So uh… This one is admittedly something I wanted to do a long time ago and just got around to executing properly, so it’s a bit lengthy and uh… yeah. But this is something that I may or may not have plans to continue at a later date… I just really like writing shy!Mark and rebel!Jack it’s fun. (also I apologize for the kinda abrupt ending, I got stuck and really frustrated so I’m gonna pick it up where I leave it here only if people actually like it…)

47. “No one needs to know.”

Summary: highschool au, Mark tries to hide from bullies and runs into Jack breaking the rules, and things get interesting. (warnings for some homophobia and drug use… sorry)

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So story time. In highschool, all the stools in the art department had art written on the bottom so they didnt end up in a different department. And of course in a highschool full of teenage boys most of the stools would end up with an added f to make it say fart. Of course me and my friends spent most of our time in the art room and we were having none of that.

So anytime we found one that said fart we would change it to say something clever or original. Examples were “ did you hear that” , “parting is such sweet sorrow”, and as you can see, “ This is spartaaaa”.

We didnt want to be vandals persay so we only wrote on stools that were already vandalized and by the time we graduated nearly every stool had its own unique saying on the bottom.

This is the stool I always used. I used to find it before class just to get it. For our final show in grade 12 my friend documented the bottom of every stool and strung them up along with the story of how this wierd tradition came to be. And at the end of the year we each got one if the photos and we all signed the backs of them.

I was back at my highschool tonight and it was kinda bitter sweet to read them all again. And I found my sparta chair.

nattonight , nardzbarr , crammingforcookies , raythebrave , our legacy lived on.

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I know you started acting at a young age, and what not... How did you get your schooling done? Things like that make me curious especially with the large role you had in the first couple seasons of TNG. (By the way, great job playing Wesley!)

The law in California is that minors must have three hours of school time every day, so I got a typical school day compressed into that time.

I went to a really judgy and ultraconservative religious school until 7th grade, when I moved to a Montessori school. Both schools were pretty accommodating when I was working on a set somewhere, and my teachers would give me my assignments so I could keep up with the class. 

In 9th grade, I went to public highschool for the most miserable year of my life. Not only were all the kids super crappy to me because I was shy and weird and insecure (and happened to have just been in a huge movie, so the general consensus was that I thought I was too good for everyone, which could not have been more incorrect), but the teachers in my classes either made it very difficult to get my assignments, or flat out refused. Luckily for me, I was cast on TNG near the end of that school year, and I spent the rest of high school being tutored on the set. To make that practical, I enrolled in a school that was specifically created to handle kids like me who were actors, musicians, athletes, children of ambassadors or others who had to travel extensively, or otherwise couldn’t regularly be in the same physical place for school. They made sure I got all my assignments and completed high school just like anyone else.

March 11, 2016 - 11:27AM

Late start to my day, so happy I finally got to sleep in. Only have 1 class today and that’s at 330PM. Just typing up my annotations + highlighted sections so I can input it into my presentation for feedback today. Ended my brunch with a strawberry cheesecake and some carrots ☺️