only certain people get to see my amazing smile

It was a night I will never forget. I haven’t ever really done anything special to ring in the new year, but this was my first new years in Philadelphia so I could not pass up the opportunity to get out and just see what all was happening. Despite my bus hitting a car and having to walk home, it was truly such a special night which only could have been better had I been accompanied by a certain someone. It was cold and crowded, but that did not stop me from smiling and dancing like a fool when Ariana Grande started playing during the fireworks, I can only imagine the hype if you had been there with me. The show was amazing and what is more interesting than hundreds of drunk people piling into the subway until you are pressed against the door and meeting strangers in ways which would be assault under other circumstances? All I can say is how much I love my city, and how thankful I am to be here. Happy New Year everyone, I call upon all of you to take control and make this year one where you chase your wildest dreams. Give life meaning, give it purpose, give it value. More than that; Be strong, be proud, be brave, and never forget, it gets better.