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Hell!o I was just thinking about the amazingness that is Klaroline and was just wondering what your opinion might be on a few things. (I'm not trying to stir up some shit or start a fight I am genuinely curious as to what you think) What do you thing, in you own personal opinion, is the most underrated KC moment ? Favourite KC moment? Most iconic? and what you believe to be KC's biggest flaw or problem ig. Like I said, I Iove KC just really wanted to know what you think. MERCI

Hello :)

So most underrated KC moment? I think it was this even though technically was not a Klaus x Caroline scene but it was a Klaroline one in its core. And this one spans through the ages for this Ship. Literally.

Was it worth it?

Klaus in the shadows watching Caroline dance with Tyler. Watching her being happy. Not with him but with his mortal enemy. Seeing her in love. Happy. Smiling. So close and so out of reach. His heart aching. Breaking.

He can’t take that away from her. He can’t ruin it. Because she comes first.

And so it begins.

And I will use a Doctor Who quote for what comes next when it comes to what Klaus is capable to do for Caroline without asking anything in return and it sums up what he feels for her and the lengths he is ready to go at to ensure he happiness.

“ Without hope, Without witness, Without reward “

In the end for Klaus the only thing that matters is Caroline’s well being. No questions asked. Nothing to ask in return. No limits.

His feelings for her far are bigger than his hate for Tyler and his need for revenge. Yes, conveniently enough there was always a layer of manipulation when it came to separating Caroline from Tyler. Which as always Klaus always thrives in that element as does Caroline too. And she proved it by using Klaus’ feelings in order to make him pardon Tyler and make sure that Tyler would not die and in the long run would not get Katherine’s fate either. But that would not work if those feelings were not there and if they were not deep enough.

And this scene proves it.

Because Klaus, either Caroline knows it or not, either she will know what he will do for her or not, he will always put her needs above his hate and his anger and his need for vengeance. He is flawed. He is selfish. He is twisted so his idea of mercy is a problematic one but when it comes to Caroline he is ready to walk the line.

In that scene after everything that happened to Klaus that night Caroline was still in his mind and this was something that Caroline would never learn.

But this would go full circle over and over again.

Because later on he would ask her again amidst everything that was happening in his life if she would give him the same choice she was ready to give Tyler if Tyler would just put her first and let go of his revenge. Because the world could be changing around Klaus and would be falling apart and thousand faces would come and go but if Caroline would ever give him a chance…a choice to make…then his choice would always be her. She would never be a second choice. He would never sacrifice her or put anything else before her.

Because actions speak louder than words.

Caroline: Because I made him choose Me or his stupid revenge fantasy, and he chose wrong. …

Klaus: Would you give me the same choice?

Which btw…later on he did let go of his centuries’ old revenge against Katherine for Caroline so the answer to what his answer would be -if Caroline would give him the chance- was clear. And he would do it without her giving him the choice either. Because in the end Caroline’s needs for Klaus come first without him asking anything in return aside her well being…because the same question comes around over and over again.

Was it worth it?

To give Caroline what she needs? To make her happy. Safe. To make sure she will be okay. Is Caroline worth it? With no questions asked. With no reward. With no witness. With no hope for him either. Without having anything to gain. Surely not her.

It doesn’t matter because in the end for him the important thing is not what he needs and what he wants. But what Caroline needs and what he wants even if he won’t be part of that. She comes first. Every time. Full circle. Every time.

And every time the answer will be the same. Yes. It will always be worth it. She will be worth it. She will come first. Before his needs. Before his hate. Before his revenge. Because this is true change in him. Because no matter how selfish Klaus is and will always be he will always be selfless for Caroline. It is engraved in his heart now.

And the same question will be coming around over and over again. Full circle every single time.

His family would be in danger. He would be in danger. Chaos all around and despite everything, even from far away and even without her ever knowing the full lengths he will go to ensure her happiness Klaus will always put her needs first even by endangering his entire world despite the world falling all around him.

Because Caroline is worth it. For Klaus it will always be worth it. She will always be worth it. Every. Single. Time.

Over and over again. Through days, years, centuries. To make sure she would smile. She would be happy. She would be safe. She would be content. She would be just okay. Even if he would never see her again. Because just like that night when she danced with Tyler there was distance between them. Either a window or a state or a continent. The distance is there but it does not matter. Only what Caroline needs matter.

And no matter what. Either Caroline would know or not Klaus will always look out of her. And it will be worth it. And hell save me now I am even going to use TO canon to support this argument.

Full circle everyone.

Was it worth it?

Of course it was. It will always be.

Personal favorite KC scene you say?

This was their turning point for me. When things turned serious. Not just an infatuation. Not just promises. Not just the allure. Not just the idea and the potential and the obsession and the fun idea of it all.

This was when both sides felt something deeper. Under all the layers. A connection. An honest connection.

Most Iconic KC scene. Well I think everyone will agree that it was:

Because let us face it…HOWEVER. LONG. IT. TAKES.

And… flaw?

The word almost between them. Almost there but not. Almost starting but not. Almost finished but surely not.

Basically…Beautifully Unfinished.

Alex Nylander - Car Accident

Team: Buffalo Sabres

Requested: Yes: A alex nylander one shot. Where the reader is in love with william, leave heartbroken a Club when williams girlfriend visit and kiss him. Reader is in a car accident and cant move her legs anymore. Alex comfort her, because he love her. I Know its long and i hope you understand it, I’m German.

Edited: Yes

Word count: 772

Summary: You’re in love with WIlliam and get into a car accident and Alex comforts you

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mini drabble prompt: Klaus & Caroline secretly write letters/emails to each other after 5x11.

Warning: allusions to Damon’s awfulness.

Send You The News

Damon walking into her dorm room, without knocking, was an annoyance Caroline had sadly gotten used to. She’d even come to find the happy little sigh Elena let out every single time a little cute.

Just kidding, it was totally icky and she didn’t bother to hide her rolling eyes. Not that either of them noticed.

She barely looks up from the section she’d highlighting in her Biochem text as Damon starts yapping, though she grimaces at the soft squishy noises of PDA. Seriously, Damon had a whole giant house a reasonable drive away. Did they have to get touchy feely in a tiny shared room?

She tunes them out until she hears the word mail.

Then Caroline’s out of her seat, leaving her ergonomic chair spinning, and across the room at full vampire speed. She manages to snatch the pile of letters from his hand before he can think to attempt to hold them out of her reach.

A good thing because she might have tried to draw a little blood before she could consider the consequences. Namely, ruining the rug and having to endure Elena pouting long after Damon healed from his minor injuries.

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Part of @thetourguidebarbie challenge. Since lynyrdwrites said in her post to do it if you see it, doing it :D

Stolen Kisses

Seriously though, everyone needs to stop kissing her. This is what flashes across Caroline’s mind when Klaus’ annoyingly perfect features loom too close, when those full lips press down on her own. First Matt, then Tyler and now Klaus have stolen kisses from her, each one more different than the last. Was it something to do with being a vampire? Were the media representations of them as sexy, brooding creatures more autobiographical than mere wish fulfilment? She’s gotten more action since she died than she ever did when she was alive.

God what a depressing thought.

It soon disappears however, rational thinking being replaced with the insistent pressure of Klaus, the way his scent overrides her senses. She can’t smell the humans, vampires, werewolves around them, nor the food or flowers. There’s only Klaus; warm spicy musk and that all too gentle grip of his fingers on her arm and chin. When she’s imagined this, caught herself wishing she could forget all the horrible things that he’s done and just give in to her desires rather than her desire to be good, strong, full of light….its been hard and fast and a touch too desperate. Without thinking about it Caroline steps closer, again and again until he has to wrap his arms around her waist so that they don’t collide. Klaus kisses like he questions; insistent, driving but always pulling back, inviting audience participation. Except Caroline can’t participate. Mustn’t. She’s let him kiss her long enough, a shock of touch after he’d confessed the only time he’d thought about being human.

Caroline twists her head away, breaks the kiss.

She’d kissed Klaus. Or allowed Klaus to kiss her. Fuck and she’d been telling Elena off for acting out with Damon. Unfortunately, as she steps back she catches Klaus eye, blown and full, more than ready to keep going.


“You can’t do that” He could, a part of her thinks traitorously. She wants to let him. There are people everywhere and this isn’t a real date, they can’t actually happen, this was a deal, a one time thing.

Except its not. They’ve kissed before. And it was hotter, more passionate. Fugitives on the run. He’d said maybe he’d take her up on her offer of hot hybrid sex. She tries to focus on the disgusting version of Klaus, not the soft look in his eyes he’s directing at her.

The fact that the first time they’d kissed he was possessing her boyfriend.

Not the fact that it would be so easy, to not think. To slip her hand down into his and leave this trivial, human pageant, go back to his house….and have hot hybrid sex.

“Why not minn litt colibri?”

“Because….” Because of Tyler. Because of all the things you’ve done. Because I want to do it again. But what comes out, to both of their surprises, given the way his eyebrows shoot up is “Because I don’t know what you want with me?”

Klaus laughs, a breathless little chuckle really, steers her by the elbow to a more secluded area of the gala. “I just want you minn litt colibri. And to show you around. Remember?”

I’ll take you. Anywhere you want.

“Don’t call me that”

“Sweetheart I don’t think they teach old Norse in high school” those damned eyes are twinkling again.

“Well what does it mean and then I can tell you off properly” she snaps, meaning to tug her arm out his grasp and not quite managing it.

“My little hummingbird”

His explanation of the hummingbird and the Andes comes back to her. And that was the only time I thought about being human.

She makes him human.

Although minn villieldr might be more appropriate. My wildfire” he translates without being asked. Seeing she’s about to slap him or storm off or both, Klaus steps closer yet again and when Caroline leans away, he smiles in a broken sort of way and ducks his head.

“I shouldn’t have kissed you like that love. But I will promise you this. When you accept that you want my kisses you will have to ask”

Caroline scoffs at his self assuredness, masks how she hates even the potential that he’s right. When she looks back, he’s gone.

And then, months later, she gets a voicemail from New Orleans.

Gets hidden truths pulled out her by way of a confession in exchange for a promise.

Klaus doesn’t return to Mystic Falls again. Nor does he kiss her without being asked. But Caroline follows him to New Orleans. And steals her own kiss back from Klaus’ surprised mouth.

Worth it

Anon ask: Caroline Forbes x reader where you’re Bonnie’s cousin who moves to Mystic Falls for the new school year and Caroline falls for you really hard but is too shy to approach you please

Warning: none

(A/N): Caroline baby <3

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Caroline has never thought that she would be feeling like this towards a girl, and even less, Bonnie’s cousin. She was crushing hard on you, and Bonnie couldn’t stop teasing her about it. What it was even more fun about the whole situation is that Caroline was so damn shy around you.This didn’t pass unnoticed between Elena and Bonnie, they had been trying to set you up with her since then. But it wasn’t easy, you were also very shy, neither of you wanted to take the first step. Bonnie and Elena got tired of this and set up a trap for you two.

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I was challenged by the lovely @misssophiachase (who was challenged by @thetourguidebarbie) to write a mini-drabble about what this “deleted kiss” might have looked like. 

“And I thought, ‘What a thing.’ You know, to have to work that hard every day, just to stay alive. To be constantly on the verge of death, and how satisfying every day must be that it survived.”

His voice, gentle and magnetic, was almost charming enough to make her believe the story. Even as her eyes narrowed skeptically, Caroline wanted to believe this immortal creature who thought himself all powerful could value the life of something as small as a hummingbird.

But she had seen him kill indiscriminately, heard the easy dismissal of human lives and dignity. Klaus wasn’t the big bad for no reason; if only he would stop looking at her like that

Maybe she wouldn’t be so confused.

“And that was the only time I thought about being human.”

And there it was, she all but smiled in relief at recognizing the monster underneath his pretty exterior. Caroline supposed it was also comforting to know that a thousand years, despite their bloodiness, hadn’t been full of regret for him. She had only been a vampire for a year and change, there was no way she could fathom a thousand more with any sort of perspective.

This beautiful man had chosen to become the nightmare of the supernatural world, but he seemed almost peaceful with the simple pleasure of standing next to her. Flattery at the thought aside, Caroline wondered if it meant her coming years would also have such simple happiness.

So lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed him leaning toward her until his lips brushed her own. Caught by surprise, jerked back an inch, her spine straight against his intruding form. “What are you doing?”

Her question was breathless, a similar memory rising with bile in her throat. Tyler, just up the hill, had done much the same thing before they were dating.

They were dating. And his immortal enemy had just kissed his girlfriend.

Caroline took a step back, too worried about Tyler doing something stupid to remember the murderous hybrid she had just rejected. Her eyes slowly raised to meet his, her breath catching at the gold burning around his pupils. “Klaus-”

“Well,” he sighed, the gentle voice having shifted to something darker, dangerous. “I suppose that answers that question.”

Frowning defiantly, Caroline startled as he offered his arm. “Did you really think one date was going to make me forget what you did to my friends? To me?”

Klaus waited patiently, smirking until she huffed and slid her hand around his elbow. “Oh, Caroline, you would be amazed at what time can accomplish. Someday, you will realize what I’m offering is far more than what you might have lost here.”

“Not today,” she scoffed. Her nails dug into his jacket, one even poking through to draw blood.

He merely smiled at the familiar scent mixed with her floral perfume. “Soon.”

I shall tag, with absolutely no pressure whatsoever, @supremeuppityone, @ssklaroline, and @childoftimeandmagic to join in the fun. If anyone else wants to play, please consider yourself tagged!

Calling you.


rambling+missing you+drunk+college = this. 

No smut, but language. Uncharacteristically cutesy and light-hearted for me, but I hope still not too sugary.

Enjoy !

Caroline got out of one of the many shabby bars around Princeton, with aching foot from the killer heels she wore all night, and with the throbbing rhythm of that awful music drilling through her head from the amount of alcohol she consumed.

All she, and her friends, had wanted to do that evening was to relax, let loose, have some good time since they finally finished the ultimate exam period after weeks of brain wracking, all-nighters, coffee-induced hazes, subsequent zombie faces and no social life whatsoever.

Actually, she finally finished school. Now she only had to wait for the results in order to really close that important chapter of her life.

Their night of enjoyment really had been due, and frankly they deserved it. They all (theoretically) had their diplomas in pocket (a master in journalism and web communication in Caroline’s case) tons of loans to pay off and hesitant enthusiasm for their new lives on their minds.

She was proud to get her diploma, with good grades (and no she was not being presumptuous, she just didn’t work like a horse for weeks and months without the results she deserved). She was Caroline fucking Forbes after all.

And she really had a great time with the whole gang, minus one major nuisance.  

But, now that she was drunk, tired and finally free to think bout other things than classes, the thing that has been in the back of her mind for not only the entire night but also the last few weeks came back with force and she couldn’t put it away again: she missed Klaus really hard. Like, really, really, really hard.

She has not seen him for months, and with her exams and his new job at the MOMA, they couldn’t even find the time to communicate by phone or even Skype.

Caroline fumbled to find the pocket attached to her jacket, and after a few moments and grunts, took her phone quickly and (drunkenness severely obstructing her rationality) called him immediately. Even if it was approximately four in the morning. And he was most probably sleeping. And he had work early in the morning. Whatev’s!

The dial tone rang a few times, so much that Caroline even thought he actually wouldn’t answer, and finally, at the last ring, his tired, sleepy and gruff voice answered.

“Sweetheart? Why are you calling so late?” he paused, and then teased her, as usual. “You missing me?”

Oh, how she missed that accent of his, and his voice, and the confused, sleepy yet smirky, face she imagined he wore at that instant, and his wonderful curly hair she loved to grip hard, and his hands, and the heat of his skin, and his neck, and his…

“Caroline, love, is something wrong?”

She realized that while he waited on the phone for her to answer him, she had lost herself in imagining him, so she giggled, obviously.

“Hi baby… No, nothing’s wrong… I just reeeeally miss you babe.”

Klaus didn’t answer immediately, and she thought that maybe he had actually fallen back asleep while waiting for her to respond.

“How drunk are you, sweetheart?”

And apparently, she really didn’t do a marvelous job at hiding the slur in her words like she thought she had.

“Yeah… been celebrating the end of exams babe. I was out with Stef, Bon, Josh and Elena. Uhhh and Damon too, since potential drama is like chocolate icing on cake for him. I swear, I’ll never understand why is Elena mooning over such an asshole. The whole night he was explicitly trying to get on my nerves : “Care-bear, you sure you want that ice-cream, this shirt isn’t really fitting you that well already?”; “Blondie, maybe you should take a nice mimosa instead of that bourbon, wouldn’t want your clit to become a dick, am I right?”; “You sure seem eager for some fun tonight, what, Klausie not satisfying your needs Barbie? Oh right, I forgot, not really around anymore is he?” Why is that guy so fucking annoying?! Isn’t there like… a group therapy thing for aggravating people that you want to punch in the face and/or stab every time they opened their mouths?!”

She heard a deep chuckle in her ear, and thus, was reminded that she actually rambled to someone and not alone, like she thought she did. And that someone was actually her sexy boyfriend of three years, Niklaus fucking Mikaelson, artistic genius, intelligent psycho and panty-dropper extraordinaire. Mmh, and his dick! (Fuck, she won big with this one.) 

“I don’t know if there is such a thing love, I’ll look around tomorrow and ask a few questions to the right people, but if there is, consider Damon already on the waiting list.”

“Thank you sweetie baby, I knew I loved you for some reason!”

“How many drinks did you ingest love? I know it was at least a small dozen since you seem to be unable to stop calling me some declination of “baby”….”

“I don’t know boo, but definitely a lot… How can you speak so aloquently-, eloquin-, eloquen… good, when I just woke you up?!”

Her loudness control went away with each additional drink it seemed, or at least it appeared so judging by the few people that stood around her on the pavement in front of the bar and looked at her very strangely at that moment. 

Her boyfriend only chuckled.

“Call it inherent talent or simply, genius, love, your choice.”

She smiled like a loon at the omnipresent arrogance in his voice. She knew he exaggerated it only for her enjoyment (even if he was without a doubt an arrogant asshole sometimes) only to make her laugh. And she did.

But that laugh quickly quieted down.

“What is it Caroline?”

“I really do miss you Nik… I haven’t seen you in such a long time, I don’t even know which month it was! (Well I do know, because “Hello!” I’m still the kind of neurotic Caroline Forbes, but it hasn’t the same impact you know?)” 

She paused a little while he giggled,in a manly way of course…

“I know, I know… we were both super busy: me trying to get that damned diploma and finish those exams from hell, and you settling in New York for your new, fantastic, career-jumping job, but… I just miss you. I want to kiss you, I want to cuddle with you and wake up without having to take my phone just to hear your voice, you know?”

She only heard silence for a while, then a swallow, and finally Klaus answered, his voice a little more subdued and gentle.

“Sweetheart, I know. I miss you tremendously too. I’m so glad that you can finally come join me now that your exams are over. I would have waited even years for you, and I don’t have the words to describe how thrilled I am to talk with you, and hear you say you missed me as much as I did you. But, love, you shouldn’t cry, this temporary separation can come out as a positive period for our relationship.”

Caroline swept her cheek with her hand, and (she really hated to admit it) Klaus was right, she had been crying without even knowing. She felt good because of his reassurances, they had lost so much contact these last few weeks that uncontrollably she began having doubts about their relationship, Damon certainly did not help tonight. But, she was troubled by his last words.

“How can it be that both us missing each other like crazy is a good thing huh?! Were you happy that I wasn’t there? That you didn’t have to deal with neurotic, exam-stressed Caroline? … Are you having doubts about us Niklaus?!”

“Sweetheart, please, calm down. Don’t make allegations you know are not true. I’m saying, Caroline, that it is a good thing because it served a purpose for the long term. It shows that we’re not like all those other couples made during college years, that once in the real world or with a change of situation as big as ours just crumble… it shows we’re made to last, love. That we were meant to be. That we’re strong enough.”

“Thanks, now I’m crying even harder Klaus! Why do you have to be so damn… you?!” She sniffed a few times, and continued a little bit more composed. “I think I’m calling you this late more often from now on, if you are so uncharacteristically optimistic and romantic during the night? Were you having pleasant dreams? Is that why?”

She only heard a soft laugh, again, and a short bout of silence afterward.

“Sweetheart, take a bus and come to New York. Come to me. Let’s start our lives together.”

His voice sounded resolute and determined, as if it was the most obvious and natural statement in the world.

And it really was. (She was already running, well, trying to, drunk and in 6 inches heels wasn’t really the best combo.)

The Immortals- Part 2- Stefan

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 2

Summary: Julie is trying to continue to live her life now that she knows vampires exist.

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals but with an OC this time.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :) 

Part 1

Julie’s phone rang and woke her up at 6am. She was hot and sweating and out of breath. Her entire body was shivering and she knew she had been having a nightmare and she was happy she didn’t remember it. She sat up and took a deep breath and ran a hand through her sticky hair. She sighed and shook her head.

Vampires, witches… She had a really weird dream last night. God…Please, let it be a dream…

She pushed the covers away and put her feet on the floor. She sighed again before she got up and went to the bathroom. She stopped in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection for a minute. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw Elijah take Trevor’s head off in front of her; proving her, she hadn’t dreamed anything. She looked away and rapidly undressed.

The hot water wasn’t making her feel any better and she stayed too long in the shower. She had a choice: have breakfast or dry her hair. Considering having breakfast meant “chatting” with her stepfather, Julie chose makeup over food.

She took a purple dress out of her wardrobe. It was short but not too short. She wore black flats and put her school books in the biggest handbag she had. It was white and it fitted just fine.

She walked down the stairs and heard the TV was on. Which meant her stepfather was up. She cleared her throat but he didn’t hear her or didn’t care to answer. She slowly walked to the kitchen where she took a small bottle of water and put it in her bag. She took an apple and started eating it. She went to the living room where she saw her stepfather was sleeping on the couch. Julie sighed. He must have fallen asleep in front of the TV when he came back from…wherever he went after work, last night. She looked around and saw two, three…six bottle of beers. Robert was still in his suit, his jacket was on the armchair. Julie decided to turn up the sound of the TV to wake him up. She waited to be sure he was awake before she left. She didn’t want him to be mad at her for being late at work.

She got in her car and turned on the radio. She tried to distract herself from what happened the day before and she played songs from her favorite artists. She parked at the high school and she was a bit early. She liked to be early. If she wasn’t early, if she was on time, she was late.

She got out of her car and as soon as she closed her door she saw Stefan Salvatore standing in front of her. She gasped and let her car keys fall on the ground.

“Stefan!” she breathed out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. He looked sincere. She took a deep breath as he picked up her keys. She gave him a small smile when he handed them to her.


“No problem,” he smiled back at her. “How are you doing?”

“Well…” Julie cleared her throat. “You’re a vampire,” she said and he chuckled.

“And how do you feel about it?” he asked and Julie laughed, nervously.

“You wanna be my shrink?” Stefan laughed and looked down, amused.

“I just want to make sure that you’re okay,” he said. “This can’t be easy.”

“It’s not,” Julie nodded. “But…it just makes the world more interesting,” she shrugged.

Stefan laughed again. “That’s one way to see it,” he said.

“What’s the other way?”

“Scarier?” he shrugged.

Julie chuckled. “Oh, no…it’s definitely scarier,” they laughed.

“I’m glad you’re doing okay,” he said. “If you have any question, don’t hesitate.”


Julie thanked him because that was the polite thing to do, but she did actually have questions. She had a lot of questions. But one seemed more important. She wanted to know why she couldn’t be compelled. But she was too scared to ask. She was too scared to know the answer.

“I’m sorry you got caught into this mess,” he said.

“Not your fault,” Julie told him. Then, she looked around. “Where’s your girlfriend?” she asked.

“Elena stayed at home today, she wasn’t feeling well.”

“I see…” she nodded. After what happened the day before, maybe she should’ve stayed home too.

“But she’s fine,” Stefan quickly added. “Are you?” He looked concern. Julie raised he eyebrows and then chuckled.

“Yeah…could be worse,” she said. “I could be dead,” she tried to keep an amused tone but, in reality, she was scared. She was talking to a vampire and maybe she should be scared of him too. “So…you eat people,” she said and Stefan raised his eyebrows and then laughed.

“I don’t,” he said. “I don’t kill.”

“Oh,” Julie breathed out a laugh. “Good.”

“You don’t have to be scared of me,” he told her.

“You saved my life yesterday,” she said. “That kind of makes you a good guy.”

Stefan chuckled. “Thank you,” he smiled. “Come on, we’ll be late for class.”

They both walked in the school and she stopped at her locker and didn’t follow Stefan after that. He was talking to Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett and Elena’s brother, Jeremy and Julie didn’t want to meet any of them. Elena, Bonnie and Caroline were that popular group of friends that, not only didn’t know her name, but they didn’t even know of her existence. Julie never hated them but she never liked them either. Besides, getting to know them now probably meant getting involved in whatever mess they were in and Julie didn’t want any part of it.

After school, where nothing happened, Julie saw Caroline and Stefan leaving together. She didn’t really pay attention to it and drove home. Her stepfather wasn’t there so she decided to settle in the kitchen and do her homework.

It was passed seven when she cooked dinner and figured out Robert must have been in some bar, getting drunk, as usual. She liked it this way. If he wasn’t home, he couldn’t yell at her. She cleaned and took a shower and then settled in her bed with her notebook and started to draw. She drew the only thing she could see. She drew Trevor’s headless body lying in the dust.

She fell asleep with her notebook in her bed and the light of the sun woke her up in the early morning. She had a nightmare, again. And again, she couldn’t remember it. She only remembered that Elijah was in it. She did as usual, she took a shower, got dressed, ate a fruit and made sure Robert was awake before she left the house. But when she opened the door she met with someone she thought dead. Her heart skipped a beat and she gasped. She wanted to step back but she was too afraid to move.

“You?” she breathed out.

“Hello, Julie,” Elijah said. He didn’t sound threatening. He didn’t look threatening. But then, Julie remembered Trevor’s head rolling on the floor and she rapidly tried to close the door but he stopped her. “I see the owner of this house is dead. I’m sorry for your loss.” Julie frowned and took a step back as he stepped in the house. He looked around before he looked down at her. “I’m Elijah,” he said. “But I see you remember me.”

“It’s hard to forget the person who cut the head off someone else in front of you,” Julie answered with a trembling voice. She didn’t know where she got the courage to speak and was surprised she actually said it.

“I apologize for that,” he said and he sounded sincere. “Please, don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you.”

“What do you want?” Julie asked in a whisper.

“I need you to get a message to your friend,” he said. Julie frowned and shook her head, confused.

“What friend?”

“The doppelganger,” he merely said.

“You mean Elena? She’s not my friend,” she told him. Elijah was now confused too.

“She’s not? You got into some trouble because of her,” he said. “Anyway,” he sighed. “Just tell her and the Salvatores not to do anything stupid.”

“Wh…” Julie shook her head, confused. “What does that mean?” she asked.

“Just tell them, please,” he wasn’t asking, he was ordering.

“Why me? I don’t know them,” Elijah looked down at her but stayed silent. He sighed and took one step towards her. He slowly approached his hand to her face and she looked at him with big eyes, trembling and scared of what he was going to do. When his hand touched her cheek she closed her eyes out of fear and waited for something, anything, pain, just like she would wait for her stepfather to heat her, but he didn’t heat her. He stroke her cheek with his knuckles and then, tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

“I’ll be around,” he said and when she opened her eyes, he was gone.

She stood there, dumbfounded and terrified. Her heart was beating so fast even she could hear it.

“What just happened?” she breathed out.

“You’re talking to me?” Julie gasped and jumped and quickly turned around to see Robert standing in the kitchen. “Aren’t you gonna be late for school?”

“Yeah,” Julie cleared her throat. “I was just leaving,” she told him.

“Have a nice day,” he told her before he walked back in the kitchen. He was actually in a good mood.

“You too,” Julie said before she stepped out of the house. She looked around to see if Elijah was still around but she didn’t see him and she got into her car. She sat there for about 5 minutes, trying to catch her breath. She thought about what Elijah did and how strange his behavior was. Why would he be nice to her? Why would he even talk to her? She had nothing to do with Elena and she didn’t want to get involved in her drama. Now, she didn’t have a choice.

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Klaroline prompt: handcuffs + arranged marriage I just you to make it funny, fluffy and maybe a bit smutty

“Was this really necessary?” Caroline asked, raising her hands to showcase the handcuffs fastened around her wrists.

Klaus’s lips twitched. He wasn’t at all surprised that she looked completely in control of the situation, even if there were two guards beside her and she was being treated like a prisoner.

“I apologize, sweetheart. Rebekah thought this would be funny,” he explained, gesturing for the men to leave them alone. “She does enjoy being the only princess in the realm.”

“She was! At least until you decided to invade our lands!”

He smiled, “Technically, Caroline, your ancestors invaded and stole our lands. We’re simply taking them back. In any case, my sister doesn’t have to worry anymore. You are no longer a princess.”

She straightened her spine and stared at him, waiting for him to tell her what her fate would be.

They had known each other ever since they were children, had played together, ridden horses together… Her hand had been promised to him. She had loved him and he had loved her.

But then his father had declared war against her country; their engagement had been broken and they hadn’t seen each other in years. Klaus had become king when Mikael died in battle, and now her destiny lied on his hands.

“However,” he continued, his voice softer, “you could still be a queen. My queen. You need only to say yes.”

Caroline gasped, her eyes open wide. “I- What?”

Klaus took a few steps towards her, invading her personal space. She almost wished she could say she minded. “I had no part in breaking our engagement, sweetheart. I never wished for that to happen. I still want to marry you; I still want to make you my queen. If that’s what you want too, of course.”

His voice was firm, but she still knew him too well and could see the hint of insecurity behind his eyes.

She hadn’t honestly expected him to have truly moved on, but she hadn’t dared hope that he would act on his feelings, that he would still have her despite everything, despite the war.

“Of course I want that,” Caroline assured him, a smile spreading across her face that mirrored his own.

Klaus reached out and cupped her cheek, leaning in until his lips were nearly touching hers. “Good.”

He kissed her then, pulling her hips flush against him with his arm as his tongue explored her mouth, his other hand entangled in her hair as he pulled her closer. He had missed her.

“Can you uncuff me now?” she asked, pointing with her chin to her arms awkwardly stuck in-between them. “I mean, I don’t think your queen should be your prisoner,” she teased.

Klaus smirked, “I suppose. Though I must admit that the handcuffs can be quite… interesting, wouldn’t you agree?”

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TVD 1x16 Review

Hi guys, I know I’ve been a little MIA recently, I’ve been busy at this residency but it’s the weekend and before I do anything else, I will do this review. So let’s go.

1. I think it’s good that the house full of tomb vampires are better trying to adapt to their surroundings but everyone is still pretty chill about how modern and new everything is. It reminds me of Hocus Pocus when Max flicks on his lighter and Winnifred is freaking out yelling “HE HAS FIRE IN HIS HAND” or even in BTVS in the Halloween episode when Buffy is reverted to, like, a 16th century noblewoman and she yells “DEMON DEMON” and like runs away and Willow and Xander realize she’s seen a car. You know, panic?

2. Also, Matt’s relationship with his mother is done way too poorly. I understand having a shitty parent and also wanting to protect them but he’s way too chill about the fact that she blows in and out of town, will only “check out” a job and brings home dudes to fuck. Like there’s essentially no resentment and he’s at the age where there would be. Especially if she has the nerve to judge Caroline? Like their dynamic is sloppy.

3. I think it’s kind of stupid that Stefan and Elena are talking about vampires at their lockers but the way Stefan stares at Elena is so cute.

4. Also, I was talking about this with my friend, one of the reasons why the Datherine plot line is weak is that Katherine was always upfront with Damon about the fact that he loved her more and Damon accepted it. He asks, “Why do you keep running from me?” “Because I know you will chase me” “So then I will chase you forever” so it actually keeps in line with their relationship that she wouldn’t be in the tomb. She also never asked him to put her in the tomb and then went LOL sike so I don’t see how she screwed him over. I’m fine with him being in a way but this whole HE IS A VICTIM OF KATHERINE but he isn’t.

5. “You’re not helping the situation, you could at least try to be nice”, Matt, Caroline has been nothing but polite to your mother. Easy.

6. I really love that peck Stefan and Elena have before they go to separate classes, so natural and normal and sweet.

7. It also really bothers me that Harper is the only one who has to call Pearl, Miss Pearl.

8. Stefan and Elena are seriously the couple I hate and have a crush on in high school, they look gorgeous standing next to each other. I also love “It sounds fun as in … fun” and Elena’s grin like “touche”.

9. I love how Damon rushes at Pearl to choke her and she just stares at him and pries his hand off her like, “Bitch, you thought…”

10. vampjer, lmao, OK Jeremy.

11. At least we see him try and figure out more about vampires.

12. “Mystic Falls is our home, Damon” but is it? Like, Pearl, you and Anna and Katherine came from other places and you were eager to leave in 1864 but stayed for Katherine for some unknown reason, there doesn’t actually seem to be an attachment to MF until the writers wanted one for it to be convenient and cause some tension.

13. “I have 400 years on you, little boy” LOL Pearl.

14. Aww, Stefan got her flowers!

15. LOL I like that when Stefan says he’s been on a double date with a playmate and Hugh Hefner Elena just laughs but when Katherine is back in town she’s like … … I don’t like, I DON’T LIKE IT.

16. Ian’s pronunciations bother me, man, everything is so exaggerated. Just speak normally.

17. “I’m all responsible now, haven’t you heard?” Jenna, do not make me laugh.

18. And it doesn’t concern you that the man you’re about to do shots with is always hanging around your teen niece. COOL.

19. We should also explore the fact that Frederick calls Harper “boy”, the fact that Harper just pushes him isn’t enough. If you’re going to have 1864 vampires in fucking Virginia when it’s no longer 1864 and people don’t own other people anymore and these vampires are acclimating to their surroundings, it’s not enough to barely hint at the anti-blackness. SO lazy.

20. “My primary reason for existence has abandoned me” honestly, I don’t see how DErs think that Damon is at all unique with Elena.

21. Omg they’re playing Marianas Trench.

22. Lol Jeremy, you’re kind of an ass for playing Anna just so you can be a vampire to be with Vicki. Basically, you’re Silas. But then you actually fall for Anna.

23. “Is there anything you’re not good at?” “Double-dating.” Oh Stefan, you’re so cute.

24. “Is that what I seem like? Hmm. What a dick.” Oh Stefan, I love you. And I do wish he and Matt had a better friendship.

25. “I feel like I’ve been here before. It’s weird…” Yeah because Damon nearly killed you here. I don’t know why they couldn’t go to Elena’s house. Jenna is drunk with Damon and Kelly.

26. “Is that Damon Salvatore you were with?” “The one and only.” HOW? Damon is any college frat boy, guys, he’s hella basic.

27. I don’t understand how no one can understand what Caroline is going through right now, Matt’s mom consistently calls her the Elena backup, so her insecurity actually makes sense and Elena being like “You’re being ridiculous … now it’s about me and Bonnie?” is like, either comfort Caroline or do the Serena Blair thing when Serena tells Blair to get over her insecurity because Elena’s half-comments and noncommittal head tilts is a part of the reason why people don’t think she’s a character because the show tries so hard to keep her inoffensive by not making her do or actually SAY anything. When she’s written across from Stefan or being with Stefan she’s  better written and this is what I mean when I say she has more nuances with Stefan because she actually SAYS things, gets angry, gets scared, gets sad with Stefan.

28. At the same time, Caroline consistently doing this to Elena is like … or you could talk to Matt, Caroline. Like tell him how you feel? It’s a thought.

29. At least Stefan does something to rectify the situation between Matt and Caroline.

30. I also love how Elena naturally just melds with Stefan when she leans on him.

31. The Anna/Jer blood-share is way hotter than that hella disturbing DE one.

32. I actually really like Matt’s speech to Caroline because it’s very high school.

33. Also it’s snowing outside but it’s sunny? Mountain weather is freaking weird.

34. Caroline and Elena glaring at Damon for making out with Kelly is like … Damon is not JUST an ass though, he’s a homicidal psychopath, and Elena this should trigger you since he slept with and turned your biological mother.

35. Anna and Pearl’s relationship is the only parent/kid relationship I actually believe.

36. “I know I just get so worried about you” OMG PAUL’S DELIVERY HERE IS SO CUTE.

39. And Elena’s smile when he opens her car door. BAH. Dorks.

40. Matt’s “speech” to Kelly is pretty weak.

41. “I want you to turn me.” *cues scary music* Jeremy, you’re like 12 sit down.

42. No Bonnie this episode which super sucked.

Thanks for reading!

Have Mercy || Klaroline

There’s a wedding to plan, and Caroline’s a little too preoccupied to enjoy her wifely duties - and Klaus is not impressed. This is a gift for Angie (@thetourguidebarbie) and inspired in part by this popular photoset and by @paigemarie007. Smut warning for the Klaroline Arbor Day Smutfest event!

Snuggling deeper into Enzo’s shoulder, Caroline had to fight hard to keep her concentration on the television.

“You’re thinking too loud, gorgeous,” he teased, pinching her elbow. “I’m surprised they don’t hear you from the Chopped kitchen - don’t distract them lest they forget to add the jalapeno candy.”

She nudged him hard. “Shut up, it’s your fault,” she accused.

Enzo sighed and pulled her closer. “I said I was sorry for springing it on you, but you would have been angrier if I waited even a day after receiving the assignment.” Hardly his first deployment with the Air Force, he knew it spiked his best friend’s stress level every time. At least this one would only be for a year. “We still have a week before I have to be on base.”

“Pretty sure Kol has dibs once he gets back,” she muttered. Thinking of how hard Kol took his last deployment, though, Caroline softened. “How’d he take the news?”

“The same as he always does.” Enzo gave a sad smile. “He promised to bring home plenty of work samples to get his year’s worth now.”

Considering Kol was a pharmaceutical rep with a certain blue pill as his top seller, Caroline could fill in the blanks. Allergic to feelings, Kol was one to drown actual emotion with more superficial fun and sex. Hell, it was how he and Enzo started their torrid love affair back in college; the whole ‘friends with benefits’ concept was super convenient for their freshman year as roommates.

After almost ten years together, though, Caroline knew Kol loved Enzo more than anything. His nonchalant attitude would dissipate as soon as Enzo left. “Well,” she sighed heavily, “have fun, then. But I’m planning your going away party, and nudity will not be allowed.”

“About that, gorgeous-”

“Nope!” Caroline threw up a stern finger. “Kol is still on probation for those assless chaps at your birthday.”

“That was three years ago.”


Chuckling, Enzo reached for her hands before they could get to her phone and her lists. “Aside from that totally unfair position on clothing policies,” he joked, “Kol and I actually had a different party in mind.”

Caroline blinked as Enzo patiently waited for the realization to set in. “Oh my god,” she gasped. “Oh my god!” Wrapping him in a hug, she gave an excited squeal until a horrifying thought struck.

“Kol can NOT wear assless chaps at your wedding.”

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Klaroline in Nola chapter 10

For @caritobear and @delightfullysunny

Davina is trying to harness her magic into the diamond Kol gave her she has her eyes closed the diamond in one hand when she hears “ Very good darling. Soon you’ll be able to control your magic and take on the witches and Marcel who imprisoned you here.”

Davina opens her eyes and smiles at Kol who is sitting in one of the chairs. “ Marcel is letting me out.”

“ He’s moving you.”

“ No when he came to check on me earlier I asked him if I could go to the music festival tonight when he said no I may have started to boil his blood. He wants me to have a chaperone like one of his vampires I told him I can take care of myself but he insisted.”

Kol nods and is now a little worried about what vampire is going to be Davina’s chaperone. “ Did he say which vampire?”

“ One of his new night walkers Josh.”

Kol smirks “ Perfect Josh is one of my brothers lackeys.”

“ Do you want to go to the music festival with me?”

“Davina claire are you asking me out on a second date?”

Davina smiles “ Yes our first date ended with you choosing to spend the night sleeping in a chair to make sure I was ok.”

Kol smiles at her “ I would be an honor to escort you to the music festival.”


One of Marcel’s guys comes into Rebekah’s room with breakfast for her she kills him. She has to get out of here and find Stefan. She uses all her strength that she still has to take the vervain iv out of her arm and vamps out of the room she’s sneaking out of the courtyard when Diego sees her and stakes her in the chest.

Marcel tells his guys that if Rebekah tries anything stake her in the chest and when she wakes up stake her again.


“So guess what I just found out.”

Klaus looks over at Caroline in the doorway of his studio. “ That you were born a queen and because of me your fulfilling one of your life long dreams.”

Caroline smiles at him and takes a seat in the couch behind him. So she can watch him paint. “ No but because of you I am going to be a queen. Our resident compelled bartender just told me that Marcel asked her out tonight. So Marcel is holding Rebekah hostage, possibly killed Stefan and going on dates with Cami.”

Klaus picking out a paintbrush “With Marcel distracted we can sneak in and take Rebekah.”

“ You make it sound so easy but this is us nothing is ever easy. Don’t you think Marcel will have someone watching the house guarding it so Rebekah doesn’t leave or get rescued.”

“Rebekah can’t be killed plus if I know my sister she’s planning on a way to save her and Stefan I’m just going to help her.”


Elijah finds Katherine and Nadia in the study talking “ Katerina may I have a word.”

Katherine nods and Elijah sits across from the two Petrova’s “ Last night while you were sleeping you kept tossing and turning and mumbling no. If I may ask what were you dreaming about.”

Katherine looks between Nadia and Elijah both have concern on their faces. “ They weren’t dreams more like visions. I saw someone draining my blood into buckets and while they drained my blood my father kills Nadia right in front of me.”

Elijah wipes a tear rolling down Katherine’s face. The thought of Nadia dying has brought tears to Katherine she finally found her daughter and she is never losing her again. Nadia squeezes her moms hand and puts her head on her moms shoulder.“ It was the travelers trying to scare you. I have spent the last five hundred years looking for you I know you don’t scare easily. I’m not going anywhere they want to drain your blood and kill me they will have to fight us were Petrova’s we don’t scare easily and were survivors.”

Katherine smiles at her daughter and kisses her forehead. “Katerina you have my word I will do everything in my power to not let this vision come to pass.”

Katherine smiles at Elijah and caress his face “ I love you but your word means nothing. Have you forgot I have known you for five hundred years you always go back on your word. For example remember France 1769 you found me and after destroying the room at the inn I was staying at you told me and I quote ‘Niklaus will someday give you freedom and you won’t have to run from him anymore.’ 247 years later Klaus still wants me dead, hasn’t given me my freedom, the only reason I’m not dead is because he’s busy taking the city away from Marcel and being with Caroline.”

Elijah opens his mouth to say something but then closes it. He’s seen a change in Katherine since she has reunited with her daughter she smiles more and is more like her human self he met in 1492. “Let me make it up to you. I will not go back on my word. I will protect both Petrova’s.”


“ Do you think everyone forgot about you? I know I never loved you.”

Stefan looks straight ahead at Rebekah “ I know that isn’t Rebekah if your going to taunt me at least have the decency to say it in your own body instead of taking the form of someone else Silas.”

Silas turns back Into his normal look an identical look of Stefan. “ You take the fun out of it. Nature really did a terrible job picking my doppleganger your so broody all the time.”

Stefan is hungry and really wants to kill Silas. “ So am I supposed to be cheery because I’m stuck behind a wall and the woman I love is being held hostage.”


Sophie is cooking in the kitchen of Rousseau’s she hears the pans she’s has hanging up move in the wind she turns them around and Caroline is sitting at the end of the counter. “Hello Sophie.”

“What are you doing here?”

Caroline looks up from her nails “ No hello that’s rude we haven’t seen each other since Hayley died.”

“I don’t have time for your drama.”

“I didn’t come here for drama. You see since I’ve heard about the harvest something doesn’t add up how did Marcel know the harvest was going on. Davina told us about the harvest she said that Marcel wasn’t there till she was about to be killed so she couldn’t of told Marcel. So I was thinking who else do we know that also knows about the harvest you. You are so passionate about the harvest not just because of your niece you were sleeping with Marcel you told him and he didn’t get there fast enough to save your niece. So instead of blaming us and trying to control us to do your dirty work you should really be blaming Marcel he didn’t get there early enough and because of that your niece is dead and let’s not forget Marcel also killed your sister.”

Sophie looks at the teenager she looks so innocent in a yellow dress with a purple sweater on. “ If you tell me where Davina is I can fix all of this.”

“ No Davina is my friend I’m not going to let you sacrifice her so your niece can live. But since you were sleeping with Marcel you must know some of his secrets like where the garden is?”

“ He never told me things I don’t know where the garden is.”

“Are you sure you know I could compel you and with Davina still in Marcel’s custody she would know which witch used and magic so you could possibly die for trying to stop me.”

Sophie looks at her she really doesn’t like Caroline. “ I’m telling the truth I don’t know where the garden is. All I know is that the key to resurrecting my niece is hidden and you know where and won’t tell me.”

Caroline hopping off the counter and grabbing the bah at her feet that has Katherine’s new shoes she told her she would get her after trudging through the mud of the bayou looking for. “ There’s no reason to be snippy. Oh and by the way your lucky I’m the one who came to have this chat with you because I’m the nicest one in that house.”


Marcel told his guys that tonight’s festival there will be no witches and if a witch shows up kill them and no originals. He also told them to keep an eye on Davina.


Freya walks into klaus studio and sees he’s painting the skyline of New Orleans. “ That’s pretty and so detailed. Your a really good artist.”

Klaus turns around to face her “ Is there something you wanted?”

“What is it going to take for you to accept me. I’ve done everything I can think of to prove to you that I just want to get to know my siblings.”

Klaus cleans off his brushes and puts them back. “ In 1914 you were at our Christmas party but before that you worked with Kol why didn’t you tell us at the Christmas party or tell Kol who you were?”

Freya desperately wants to be a part of this family “ I didn’t tell you at the Christmas party because I thought I was fated to be an outsider wanted to be loved and to know my siblings but that night was my last night alive for the next hundred years.”

Freya looks down and takes a breath “I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone. When Dahlia found out Esther turned her children into vampires I learned why she took me. When Esther met Mikael she decide to stop doing magic. A year after Mikael and Esther got married Esther could not get pregnant she went to Dahlia who still practiced magic. After she begged Dahlia to help her she did but Dahlia’s help always has strings this help required a sacrifice. The first born of every generation. Esther agreed and Dahlia did the spell, Esther got pregnant with me then Finn and was pregnant with Elijah when Dahlia came to collect her sacrifice me.

With you guys being vampires Dahlia couldn’t collect her first born from every generation she turned to me I had to give her the first born she was denied by Esther. I refused I would never give her a first born child and I would never fall in love with anyone that was until 1492. Every time Dahlia moved us to a new village I would try to listen to the towns people to see if they talked about my siblings. At first they didn’t but as the years went on and the more villages we went to I heard people talking about beasts who feed on blood I would smile when I heard them talking about that. Hopeful that I would see you guys.

In 1492 I had been running from Dahlia for almost two years when I met him his name was Lucien we fell in love. He took me to England and we heard about this party we went and I saw you, Elijah and Katherine. I was so happy I had found my family. My happiness was short lived after the party Lucien took me back to our home and Dahlia had found me. She killed Lucien in front of me but what she didn’t know was that I put a spell on him to protect him from her if she ever found him.

You and I are a lot a like we are both broken by the people who raised us, the people that truly love us help heal us in more ways than we ever thought was possible. We are also fiercely protective of our family just like you I will kill any threat to our family.”

Klaus looks at her in a new light at first he didn’t believe she was his sister but after her trying to help find Caroline yesterday and her confession just now he is slowly warming up to her. “ Help me rescue Rebekah and Stefan and I will consider accepting you as my sister.”

Freya smiles and nods.


That night Marcel takes Davina out of the attic and to Rousseau’s to meet Josh. Marcel told Josh earlier that day to protect Davina with his life.

Kol compelled Josh to take Davina to the alley behind Rousseau’s after Marcel left. Davina sees vampires at the entrance to the alley she focuses and their blood starts to boil.

Kol comes out of the shadows and rips the vampires hearts out. “Ready to go darling.”

Davina nods.


“We spread out whoever gets to the compound first finds Rebekah. Marcel can’t see us or find out we are rescuing Rebekah and have Elijah. Freya you and Davina are our secret weapon if something goes wrong don’t hold back.”

Everybody nods and enter the quarter.

Klaus and Caroline are walking through the crowds on the street. Klaus is keeping Caroline close to him she’s not getting kidnapped again. “ Klaus if Marcel found out what your doing and he fights back what are you going to do?”

Klaus looks down at Caroline’s concerned face “ If he challenges me I will fight him I don’t want him dead he is still the same scared little boy I saved all those years ago. But if he has hurt my sister I will kill him.”

Katherine is in charge of keeping Elijah out sight. Nadia, Katherine and Elijah are slipping through the crowds on the sidewalk. They see Marcel and Cami walk past them Katherine pulls Elijah closer to her by the lapels of his suit jacket and kisses him while Nadia stands in front of them hiding them.


Freya is walking down the street looking at the venues they have waiting to hear if her siblings need her when she feels hands on her waist her immediate reaction is to elbow the person in the chest and give said person an aneurysm which she does. “ Freya it’s me.”

Freya turns around and looks down and it’s Lucien. “ Oh my god you scared me. What are you doing here?”

“ I was looking for someone to eat and found you.”


Kol took Davina to Rousseau’s with so many people there Marcel and his guys won’t be able to see her. They are dancing when Kol whispers in her ear “ You look stunning tonight.”

Davina blushes she’s in a white dress. “Thank you.”

“ At some point tonight I might get a text from Elijah saying he needs our help all you have to do is channel Freya again.”

“What’s going on tonight?”

“Everyone else is rescuing Rebekah abs Stefan but if Marcel finds out or sees them then they will fight.”


Klaus and Caroline get to the compound first “My love get Rebekah I’ll kill anyone who tries to stop us.”

Caroline nods and vamps down a hallway while Klaus vamps down the other way.

Caroline finds Rebekah laying on the bed face up with five stakes in her chest, Her skin is grey and veiny. Caroline rips the stakes out and Rebekah wakes up. “ Rebekah we’ve come to rescue you.”

“ I can’t Marcel is holding Stefan’s life over me if I try to escape Marcel will kill him. He’s probably already dead I tried to escape this morning and got staked In the chest.”

Caroline looks out the doorway then back at Rebekah “ We will save Stefan you are the only one who knows where he is.”

Rebekah nods they vamp out to the courtyard and see Marcel enter.


Marcel got a text from one of this night walkers he positioned to watch the festival and to text him if he saw any witches or originals. “What are you doing here Klaus?”

“House hunting every time I dagger a sibling I like to move so when I undagger them they are confused as to where they are.”

Marcel comes further into the compound “ I’m not giving you Rebekah or Elijah. But I will take Kol if your offering compete my set of original siblings.”

“ I’m not going to let you hurt another member of my family.”

“ After you saved me from Katie I was walking around my town being a king making sure everything was ok I ended up at the plantation where I was a slave and I saw Rebekah kissing Stefan and after they went in I saw you coming up the driveway.

Yesterday my guys told me their was a new vampire in town so they brought him to me and I could tell their was something different about this vampire he was a hybrid. So like any good king I asked him what his business was in my town he told me Klaus Mikaelson stole my girlfriend, ruined my life, I’m going to kill him. So naturally I asked this hybrid what his girlfriends name was he said Caroline Forbes your protégé. So after he left I was thinking to myself why would your protégé leave her hybrid boyfriend and follow you all the way to New Orleans she’s not your protégé you’re sleeping with her.”

Klaus literally has to hold himself back from attacking Marcel he locks eyes with Caroline who is hiding in the shadows with Rebekah they can’t leave or Marcel will see them. He laughs at Marcel “ She is so much more than what you and your guys are saying about her. She’s not my blonde sidekick, or that blonde that I’ve been seen with, or just Rebekah’s friend, she is a queen and anyone who she deems worthy of her presence is grateful.”

“You see your not getting your siblings back without a fight and I know you don’t play fair so I asked a couple friends to join.” Marcel whistles and every vampire in the city enter the compound. “Every vampire in the quarters here they want you gone and I as their king I want my people happy so if you can defeat all of us I will give your siblings back then all of you can leave my town and never come back.”

Klaus smirks at him “ Your right Marcel not only do I not play fair I play dirty. Like you I brought some people too.” Caroline steps out of the shadows and joins Klaus in the middle of courtyard, Katherine and Nadia join him too.

Marcel looks at klaus and the three woman standing with him “ There is four of you there’s hundreds of us.”

Klaus laughs “ Not only am I not done I have brought a vampire who is the trickiest, the most deceitful vampire, her skills rival even an original, these new vampires you fill your town with have never seen what a truly great vampire like myself and my family is. But you Marcel must know who I’m talking about the legend of Katherine Pierce.”

Marcel looks at Katherine in shock of course he’s heard of Katherine Pierce she legendary. “ So your Katherine Pierce it is an honor to have you in my town.”

Katherine looks down at her nails wondering if she helps Klaus will he pay for her dry cleaning and broken nails from ripping hearts out. “ Let’s get this over with I have a reunion to get to.”

Klaus holds up a finger “ One more thing.” He snaps his fingers and Kol and Elijah join him Rebekah comes out of the shadows and joins her brothers.“ Now we can begin.”

Marcel glares at the originals “ How are they here?”

Rebekah standing wth her brothers and their girlfriends “We are the original family we will always find our way back to each other.”

Klaus address the crowd “ Vampires of New Orleans I can only imagine how hard it is for you to live in this town with someone who thinks they are qualified to call themselves king. Since I arrived your king has killed a woman In streets, sent not only one of his men to the garden but also my sisters lover because Marcel was jealous now does that sound like a king. Not only am I an original I am a hybrid you want someone who is the best to run your town.”

Diego steps forward “ Marcel is my king.”

The vampires agree with Diego. Marcel smirks at Klaus. Klaus looks at his siblings them at Caroline “ Have it your way by the time were done this courtyard will be painted with your blood.”

“Take them.”


Marcel’s men attack them. The originals spilt up Katherine goes with Elijah, Klaus with Caroline and Nadia with Rebekah, Klaus looks at the crowd his eyes yellow.

Marcel’s men charge at them and Klaus rips their hearts out and bites them while Caroline rips their hearts out.

Elijah is punching, kicking, and smacking heads off. Katherine ripping hearts out and snapping necks.

Rebekah, Nadia and Kol are ripping hearts and snapping necks.

Klaus puts his arms out in victory when half are killed to show Marcel he’s losing chains are wrapped around wrists and drag him backwards.

They get a few good punches in until Caroline sees what they are doing and rips their hearts out. She was busy killing other people to see klaus being overpowered. Caroline watches him rip the chains off his wrists “ I know this is my first kill an entire army but shouldn’t you celebrate your victory that your winning after you’ve won not while the fight is still going on?”

Klaus smiles down at her “ Thank you for the tip. Now I’m getting bored of this.” Klaus texts Freya “Now.”


Outside Freya and Davina were waiting for the signal they hold hands and they focus Davina boils everyone’s blood but because she can’t control who’s blood she is boiling she’s channeling Freya who can help her control it. Marcel and his army’s blood is boiling while her siblings, Caroline, Katherine and Nadia are fine.

The Mikaelsons, Caroline, Katherine and Nadia who are all covered in blood watch as Marcel and his men start to sweat.

Diego who is kneeling in front of klaus who was about to crush his throat and snap his neck. Looks at Marcel “ Marcel what is happening to us?”

Marcel looks at his guy who are either dead or sweating “ Don’t worry I only one witch who can do this and she’s on our side she will fix us and then I will kill their witch.”

Kol boosting about Davina and Freya “ Our witch is better you’ve lost face it you couldn’t beat Rebekah in fencing, you couldn’t fully get Klaus blessing to date Rebekah and you can’t beat us we are superior to us.”

Klaus looks at Marcel straight in the eye “ I will have my witch stop this if you pledge your loyalty to the new king and queen.”

Marcel looks around some of his guys actually have exploded from their blood being boiled. Himself is getting really hot. He kneels down in front of Klaus “ I pledge my loyalty and alliance to you. My kingdom is yours.”

Klaus bloodied mouth smirks “And who is queen of the kingdom?”


Klaus smiles at Caroline “ You will address her as your highness.”

Caroline has to hide her smile she doesn’t know why but she kind of enjoyed tonight’s festivities. She really has changed and she likes being queen.


Rebekah vamps to the garden and sees Stefan in the wall she touches his greying fingers “ Stefan wake up its me I’m getting you out of here.”

Stefan finally got rid of Silas and was getting a moments rest when he heard her voice. “ Go away Silas.”

Rebekah looks confused and picks up the sledgehammer she brought abs starts hitting the wall. Stefan looks down at her realizing it her, Silas would never let him out only the real Rebekah would. “ Your here and your real and alive.”

Rebekah gets the wall down and gets Stefan out she feeds him a blood bag and hugs him “ Your alive and safe.”

Stefan kisses her “ I love you.”

Rebekah smiles at him so big and so full of love “ I love you too.”


The Mikaelsons kick Marcel out of the compound and when he’s gone Kol brings Davina into the courtyard “ You did brilliant darling and I’ve been thinking about where you can live that Marcel will never find you and it’s here welcome home you are going to live with my family.”

Davina is happy to be moving out of the attic but her new home is covered in blood so is the man next to her.

Klaus finds Freya in the room he first saw her in, in 1914 “ I suppose this room is fitting enough a hundred years ago in this room you saw your siblings and wanted to be apart of the Mikaelson family and tonight you helped not only save Rebekah but helped me over throw Marcel so Freya you are my sister.”

Freya smiles and hugs him she doesn’t care that he’s covered in blood.


Klaus finds Caroline on the balcony overlooking guys putting gasoline over the dead vamps and lighting them up. “ We did it my love. I have to say you looked amazing out there.”

Caroline snuggles into his arms “Thank you. So I guess it’s Long live the royal family now.”

Klaus smiles down at his queen and kisses her neck “ Long live the queen.”

Caroline smiles up at him and kisses him.


Monster - Damon Salvatore Imagine

Summary: Damon shows what are seemingly his true colours, but are they really?

Stefan grabbed your arm and tugged you back. Your hand flew to your mouth as you gasped. Damon looked up from the girl he was with his eyes landing on you and his brother. The dark veins under his eyes prominent against his pale skin, the whites of his eyes turned red. 

He took his hands from her body and she dropped to the ground limp. Damon raised his hands and wiped the blood on his face with his sleeve. The veins began to recede towards his eyes and the red turned to white again. ‘Y/n’ He took a step towards you

Stefan pushed you behind him standing defensively in front of you. ‘Step aside Stefan’ Damon growled and you shrunk back further tremors running through your body. ‘No’ Stefan snapped. ‘Get out of my way’ Then Damon was suddenly in front of Stefan glaring at him. ‘Let me talk to her’ You stepped back away from them. ‘You won’t hurt her Damon’ Stefan moved blocking you from his brothers view. ‘Y/n, leave’ You stumbled back away from the men in front of you.

You back hit the railing of the steps and you stumbled falling back onto the steps. You grunted at the impact. Both their eyes fell on you and you tense. Damon stepped closer and Stefan put his hand on his brothers chest. ‘I won’t hurt her’ Damon grabbed his brother and straightened his arm. 

Stefan flew away from you both of you hitting the wall of the bar and falling to the ground. A squeak ripped its way from your lips. Damon used his vampire speed to appear before you crouching. This time you screamed and scrambled up the steps. ‘Y/n’ He reached out, his face soft and his eyes begging you not to run. Stefan appeared behind him yanking away.

Damon stood rounding on Stefan. ‘Stay out of it brother, this is between myself and her’ Stefan’s eyes landed on your terrified face. He moved to stand between you. Only he never made it. Damon reached out and snapped his neck. ‘I warned you brother’ Your eyes followed Stefan as he fell to the ground. You knew he would be alright but you never thought Damon would actually hurt his brother.

He turned to you. ‘Y/n’ His name left your lips in a soft plea. You turned and scrambled up the steps. Your feet pounded on the pavement as you reached the top and you tried to make it towards your car.

You ran right into something that wasn’t there a second ago. You gasped and and something wrapped around you stopping you from falling. ‘Y/n’ You jerked back but you were trapped. It was Damon. You raised your hands and brought your fists down on his chest. ‘LET ME GO’ You screamed at him. ‘GET AWAY FROM ME’ But he didn’t. He just held you to him as you pounded on his chest as hard as you could.

You felt his hand on your cheek and he tilted your head up. You froze your eyes wide. ‘Pl-please don’t hurt m-me’ You stuttered as your body began to shake. Damon furrowed his eyebrows. ‘I wouldn’t hurt you’ He shook his head. You gulped. ‘Yes you would’ You wiggled and raised your hand this time striking him across the face. His head snapped to the side

This finally gave you enough time to slip out from his grasp. ‘I wanted them to be wrong’ You whispered backing away from him. ‘But they’re not. Everything they said is true’ He reached out for you and you jerked your arm away. ‘You’re a monster. They were right’ The pleading look fell from Damon’s face and it hardened. ‘Is that right?’ He moved with speed again and was right in front of you with veins running down his face.

The scream caught in your throat. ‘Maybe I should show you what a monster looks like Y/n’ His fingers ran along your pulse point. Without your consent your fist came up and collided with his face as hard as it could. You took the time to weave around him and sprint to the car. You fumbled with the keys before sticking them in the ignition. You sent one look back towards your best friend before speeding out of the lot with him watching you.

Two days later you slouched walked slumped back into the room. You hadn’t seen Damon since you had ran away from him, Stefan had come over later that night to check on you and had let slip Damon was drinking himself into oblivion. And according to your friends he had kept it up since then. ‘I don’t want to go’ You complained tugging at the dress. Caroline, Elena and Bonnie all sat in your room. They all had their dresses on and Elena was doing her make up. Caroline, who was fully ready, was adding the finishing touches to Bonnie’s hair. 

You didn’t want to go to this stupid ball. Damon had been your date and the only reason you would go, at least he would have been some fun. ‘You’re going and that’s it’ Caroline scolded. ‘Now sit, I need to do something with those eyes’ You crossed your arms as Bonnie got up giving you a soft smile. ‘What’s wrong with them?’ You snapped

She rolled her eyes. ‘Apart from the fact that they look like you’ve been crying for the last two day, they’re beautiful’ She walked over to you grabbing you and dragging you over to the vanity. ‘There’s no point me even going’ You said as Caroline began to brush your hair. ‘I don’t have a date’ You seen Caroline roll her eyes. ‘You can hang out with us’ Elena smiled. God, you loved her. She hadn’t a bad bone in her body. ‘You have dates’ You grumbled as Caroline set to work.

You watched as all your friends danced. Caroline smiled as Matt spun her. Elena and Stefan just swayed back and forth deep in conversation. Bonnie and Jer stumbled over each other every now and then but giggling anyways. You sighed, you had been here for hours. You had danced with both Stefan and Matt and even Tyler for a little but that was the extent of your fun, minus the multiple drinks you had because you had nothing better to do. You bet they wouldn’t notice if you snuck away.

You swayed a little when you stood. You made your way around the dancefloor heading for the front door. The cool air hit you straight away and your head spun for a second. You decided to take a seat on the stone bench by the door until you got your head clear. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath in.

The music from inside could be heard, only interrupted by the sound of people chatting. You had been looking forward to this night for weeks, getting dressed up and spending the night dancing with Damon. That way he would have to pull you close and hold you. Your heart thumped at the thought of the blue eyed vampire holding you close, his arms around you, his body pressed against yours. You shook your head remembering the scene outside the bar. The blood, the girl, Stefan. ‘Shouldn’t a pretty thing like you be dancing?’ Your eyes shot open.

Damon stood leaning against the pillar of the house. His bright blue eyes were trained on you. He had his hands in his trousers. Your breath caught in your throat. But not because of fear. He looked amazing. His hair was parted normally, just the way you liked it. The suit was crisp and clean and fit him perfectly. The dicky bow he wore almost brought a smile to your face. He looked incredibly handsome, and the little smirk he wore just made it.

Then you remembered what he had done. You stood quickly and the world spun and blurred. ‘Woah’ You felt someone wrap their arms around you. ‘How much have you had to drink?’ He sounds serious as you clung to him waiting for the world to stand still again.

When it did you tried to push him away, but failed. ‘What are you doing here?’ You spat. He sighed and brought his hand up to brush the stray strand of hair from your face his other arm tightening around our waist. ‘I promised you I’d bring you, I am your date after all’ You scoffed and drew away from his hand. ‘I don’t need a date’ You grumbled. ‘Especially not you’ You heard his sigh and he tilted your head back up to look at his eyes.

You gulped. ‘Is that why you’re sitting out here all alone?’ You rolled your eyes. ‘You’re hilarious, now let go of me’ You wiggled but he just flatted his hand pulling you flush against him. ‘I’m sorry I scared you Y/n’ You froze. Damon Salvatore never apologised. ‘I snapped, I shouldn’t have’ His eyes scanned your face for any trace of forgiveness. ‘You drained her’ You whimpered. ‘I healed her afterwards, after you left, I went back. I promise’ You shook your head looking down at you hands that were gripping his suit jacket. 

You knew he could hurt you, but you didn’t feel scared, even after what you had seen. ‘I would never hurt you’ You jerked your head back up. ‘But it’s okay to hurt others?’ You snapped. ‘You swore you wouldn’t kill anyone. They told me yo-’ He pressed his finger to your lips. ‘Can you forget about them for a minute’ He growled and you tensed. ‘Can we focus on us?’ You gulped and your eyes widened. ‘There’s an us?’ You breathed your heart involuntarily speeding up.

He smiled a little. ‘Of course, you’re my best friend sweetie’ You gulped and looked away from him. ‘I didn’t kill her Y/n’ You pushed him away from you, the force causing you to stumble backwards and drop onto the bench again. Damon sighed and sat beside you causing you to scoot away from him. ‘You said you wouldn’t drink from anyone here’ He reached out taking your hand. ‘And’ You snapped. ‘You broke your brothers neck’ Damon smirked. ‘He wouldn’t let me close to you’ He shifted down the bench to sit beside you.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders pulling you into him. ‘I had to explain myself to you, you looked at me like I was-’ He paused and sighed. ‘-Like I was a monster’ You looked up from his chest and seen his face. He was frowning. He was sad, you had known Damon for so long to read whatever emotion was behind those beautiful blue eyes of his. ‘I-I thought that, I really did’ You whispered and he looked down at you. ‘And I’m sorry I did, you’re a vampire. Of course you drink blood’ You pulled away slightly but he kept his arm around you. ‘I guess, I’ve never seen you feed before’ You shrugged

He nodded. ‘It just freaked me out, I’m sorry I freaked out’ You apologised. ‘But you still shouldn’t have done it’ You quipped and he smiled widely. ‘That’s become your favourite line huh?’ You shrugged. You said it to Damon enough, he was forever getting on people’s nerves. ‘It has to be with you’ You smiled up at him. ‘And you have to say sorry to your brother’ Damon growled.

You nudged him in the ribs with your elbow. ‘Yeah, yeah’ He grunted. You smiled. ‘Now’ Damon stood up and looked down at you. ‘If you want to leave, I’ll bring you home’ You furrowed your eyebrows. ‘What makes you think I want to leave?’ You crossed your arms. ‘I know you well enough to know if you didn’t want to leave you wouldn’t be out here’ He bent over his faces inches from yours as he smirked. ‘You’d be inside sitting by the bar’ You smirked knowing he had caught you. 

He knew exactly what you were doing before he arrived. ‘Yeah, but you’re here now, and you’ve put so much effort into that suit it would be a shame to go home. Plus I’ve been looking forwards to this for weeks’ Damon stood up laughing. He straightened his suit cleared his throat. ‘Well M’Lady’ He held out his hand to you. ‘Would you do the honour of a dance?’ You rolled your eyes but took his hand anyway.

Damon pulled you up steadying you with his hand on your hip. He smiled down at you. ‘I did not mean to scare you Y/n’ He said as he put your hand through the crook of his elbow resting your hand on his forearm as he brought you back inside the warm hall.

Damon lead you straight to the dancefloor. You smiled and he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you to him. He took your hand in yours as you laid the other on his shoulder. He started to move bringing you with him. ‘I’m sorry I called you a monster Damon’ You breathed as he spun you. ‘You’ll just have to make it up to me’ He smirked winking at you.

You giggled and shook your head. ‘You look beautiful’ He pressed a kiss to your forehead. You smiled leaning closer to him a blush on your cheeks. ‘Thank you’ You smiled up at him your eyes meeting his as he smiled down at you  ‘Damon’ Stefan and Elena stepped in beside you two. ‘What are you doing here?’ He eyes his brother suspiciously. ‘Relax Stefan, I promised I wouldn’t leave my best friend here with you bores and I intend on keep that promise’ He gave his brother a hard look before turning and guiding you into the crowd.

Damon laid another shot in front of you. ‘Really?’ You giggled. ‘Another?’ He smiled at you and laid another three on the table. ‘Four?’ You rolled your eyes. ‘Blondie and blondie insisted on joining us’ He sat beside you draping his hand. He downed one of the shots. ‘Thought I needed a little something’ You rolled your eyes as he downed another shot.

Caroline slipped into the seat across from you and Matt next to her. She had a glass of something in her hand. ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough?’ She eyed the shot in front of you with a disapproving smile. You tried to stop the smiled that crept onto your face as Damon reached out and pushed the glass closer to you. Caroline sent him a glare. ‘I think your right’ You whispered loud enough for only Damon to hear.

He smirked beside you as he downed his last shot and stifled a laugh. You reached down taking the glass in your hand and downing it. Caroline sighed and rolled her eyes. ‘I wouldn’t drink that, there’s probably something in it’ She glared at Damon. Matt laid his hand on her arm. ‘Only reason he’s here is to find his new victim’ You felt Damon tense and you reached out laying your hand on his thigh

He opened his mouth to quip back. ‘Quit it Car’ You snapped beating him to it. ‘He came to apologise and to keep me company. Leave him be’ Her eyes snapped back to you. ‘You wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t made you’ She leaned towards you as Matt tried to stop her. ‘I’d have left almost two hours if it hadn’t of been for him’ You sat back in your chair leaning on Damon’s arm. ‘She was miserable without you’ She turned on Damon knowing she had lost.

You loved Caroline, you did, with all your heart. She would fight tooth and nail for her friends. Especially when it came to Damon, she wasn’t too fond of him and your friendship with him had really put her out. While you were grateful for her she did tend to jump down Damon’s neck. A lot. ‘And I wasn’t?’ Damon snapped. 

You squeezed his leg but he ignored you. ‘You caused it’ She snapped. ‘Caroline’ You snapped. ‘We all make mistakes. I’m grateful you were there but there’s no need to start this now’ She rolled her eyes. ‘And he knows you wouldn’t want that and that’s why he showed up now. where has he been for the last two days’ She was back to attacking him again. ‘Look’ You took her hand. ‘We’re all having a good time, this can wait. While I’m grateful for you doing this Car, it shouldn’t be now’ She opened her mouth but you shook your head giving her a warning glance.

You pushed your chair back standing up. Damon’s hand pressed to the back of ‘And you know what Car, if he’s done something wrong to me. I’m the only one who can give him lip about it’ You grabbed Damon’s wrist and gave him a tug. He stood. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow Caroline’ You smiled at her before turning and dragging him away back to the dancefloor.

The rest of the night went off without a hitch. Damon danced with you and brought you drinks. He even gave you a foot massage when you complained about your feet being sore in heels. He had even brought you home after.

You leaned against the doorway before you opened the door. ‘So, what’s up?’ You asked. He furrowed his eyebrows tilting his head. ‘The being so nice to me tonight, you gave me a foot massage Damon’ You explained seeing his confusion. ‘So now I’m not allowed to make something up to you?’ The confused face slipped into his usual smirk.

You rolled your eyes. ‘Just because you turned up tonight and danced with me doesn’t mean you’ve made it up to me’ Damon’s face dropped and his mouth opened and closed like a fish. You giggled. ‘But that face does’ Damon narrowed his eyes at you. ‘That was mean, I was nothing but nice to you tonight’ You shrugged and turned putting the key in the door and opening it. ‘I know, and thank you. Really’ Damon smiled and leaned forwards pressing a kiss to your forehead. ‘I’ll pick you up tomorrow?’ You nodded and he smiled

You turned over in your bed with a sigh. It had been almost an hour of you trying to get to sleep and for some reason you couldn’t get comfortable. You let out a scream as you seen a shadow against the far wall. No sooner had you opened it then they covered your mouth quieting the scream. Damon looked down at you with wide eyes but a mischievous smirk on his face.

You reached out and smacked his arm. ‘What the hell Damon’ You complained when he took his hand away. ‘Had nothing to do’ He shrugged as you sat up. ‘So you thought being a creep and watching me sleep was the way to go?’ He chuckled sitting on the edge of the bed. ‘Well, I only came to check up on you’ He shrugged. ‘Get in’ You rolled your eyes knowing he had planned on staying awhile.

Damon chuckled and stood beginning to strip. ‘You know me too well’ Your eyes ran over his almost naked body and you felt yourself getting flushed. He pulled back the covers climbing into bed with you. He laid down putting one of his arms behind his head. ‘What’s wrong? It’s not like you haven’t seen me like this before’ He chuckled. You just grumbled incoherently and lay down turning your back to him. He chuckled and you felt the bed move and he wrapped an arm around you pulling you back into him.

You felt your almost bare back against his chest. You gulped being all too aware of your clothing, only wearing in a short tight pair of shorts and a sports bra. Damon tangled his legs with yours. His fingers tracing along the bare skin of your hip. ‘I making you nervous?’ His hot breath fanned across your neck the loose strands moving and tickling your neck. ‘You ask me that every time’ You whispered back. ‘And I always say no’ You both chuckled. This always happened, like some kind of routine you two had.

Damon and his ego. ‘Just checking’ That was his usual response. ‘Because I think I am, I can hear your heart’ That was not. His fingers trailed up your skin until it rested above your hand. ‘Grow up Damon’ You elbowed him. He chuckled and you felt him press his lips to the back of your neck.

You shrugged him off with a giggle. ‘Damon, quit it’ You grumbled trying to wiggle away from him. ‘I came here every night’ He mumbled burying his face in your neck. ‘Just to make sure you were okay’ You sighed and turned in his arms looking up at him. ‘You know, people wouldn’t be so harsh on you if you just showed them this side’ Damon rolled his eyes. ‘And let them think I’m soft?’ He scoffed and just smirked. ‘Plus it’s only for you’ The smirk turned into a smile.

Then he did something unexpected. Damon pressed his lips to yours. You tensed, never in a million years had you imagined Damon would kiss you. You leaned up into him and began to move your lips with him. HIs arm tightened around you.

After a moment he pulled away with a soft smile on his face. ‘Goodnight Y/n’ He breathed and turned onto his back bringing you with him. You smiled and cuddled into his chest as he brushed the hair out of your face. ‘I think I do make you nervous’ He chuckled. You groaned smacking his chest. ‘Shut up and sleep’ You grumbled but smiled when he kissed your forehead.

You fell asleep in Damon’s arms with a smile on your face, just like you did for many days that followed.



klarolineauweek | day six: Mythical Creatures ♣ Satyr and Nymph

may i feel said he
(i’ll squeal said she
just once said he)
it’s fun said she

(may i touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let’s go said he
not too far said she
what’s too far said he
where you are said she)  ~
E. E. Cummings

The first time he sees her, she’s laughing and dancing with her sisters near a river, surrounded by flowers, tiny rivulets of water dripping from her hair down between her pale breasts. Her Lady’s deer are nearby, quietly grazing on a patch of soft grass, heedless of the humorous noises.

Her companions are quite beautiful, but the satyr doesn’t pay them mind and his eyes don’t leave her for more than a second – his hooves scrape the ground, his ears strained to hear the smallest tinge of her laughter. He wishes to grab her, held her, run his hands through her golden tresses and shedding the flowers wreathed in them. He can almost feel under his palms the softness of her fair skin kissed by the sun; can even smell her perfume.

But watching from afar is not enough – why simply admire her when he can have her?

He follows her for a long time before acting on his desires. The hunt is exciting, but he finds himself hungry for more – he dreams of losing himself in her embrace, letting her cradle his head on her lap while he plays his flute, kissing the laugh from her mouth and breathing the summer in her hair and licking the sweat of fierce embraces from her plump flesh.

He patiently waits for her to be alone: her companions are somewhere else, hunting with their Lady, and she wishes for rest – she lies undisturbed and unaware over an alcove of fragrant flowers, the candid fairness of her skin like a clove of moon over the darkest glade. His hooves are silent while he approaches – his breath barely a whisper in the breeze. His eyes hungrily run through the expanse of her body, his arousal thick in the air, the anticipation leaving his mouth watering.

The excitement of being so close to his prey makes him careless – and his hooves crunch a branch.

That’s all it takes to break the spell – she starts awake and her crystalline eyes shoot open, falling on him. She doesn’t even have the time to scream – he’s on her before she realizes it, a calloused hand over her mouth, his large body covering hers, her breasts finally pressed against his chest.

But he doesn’t touch her more than that. He hears the frantic rhythm of her heart inside the little cage of her chest and tastes her fear, and he finds he doesn’t like it. So he affectionately nuzzles her temples and whispers reassurances, promises, pledges of love. He murmurs how beautiful she is - he admits her light has drawn him in, he swears he means no harm - if she only would give him a chance? 

Hearing his softly muttered words makes her heart surprisingly slow down and her dread recedes - and her legs opens slowly but instinctively to make more room for him.

He watches with awe her lips curling in a soft smile - a smile which is only for him - and he finds he likes it very much.

Klaroline + ‘The Selection’ by Kierra Cass

Caroline Forbes was a Two. Being born as the daughter of a Police Chief she was born into wealth and a comfortable life. She could visit a school, she could spend money without giving it much of a second thought, she lived a beautiful and relatively carefree life.

That was until she fell in love with a Four. She thought he loved her too, thought he saw her for the young, bright girl she was, and not only for the Caste she was born into. 
But he soon married a One, simply because he would be higher in Caste than if he married a Two; he broke Caroline’s heart.

She was entered into the Selection by her mother, heartbreak still consuming her whole being when she was chosen to compete for the heart of Prince Niklaus of Illéa.

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The Angel and The Devil

Prompt by Anonymous: Okay okay, I loove your fanfics 😩💗 and I was wondering if you could do like a smut fanfic, where Care & Stefan are human and Stefan is a bad boy and doesn’t believe in love, he’s a player and Caroline is a good girl a goody two shoes, and then they meet, and well you can take it from there 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

A/N: What two one shots in three days? What is happening?! Lol but seriously I’ve been working on this monster for over a week now. What started out as a simple 2k word one shot ended up being a 7.5K word life story. Regardless, part three of Forbes vs Salvatore will be out soon, but I have so many prompts in my inbox just sitting there, so I wanted to do one. Anyway, enjoy, and warning sexual content!


Caroline was beyond pissed at Elena and Bonnie. Honestly what kind of friends dragged you out to a club, made you charm your way in, and then ditched you?

Besides she didn’t want to be here, she should be at home, pouring over her history book. After all, she had a major test tomorrow (that she would probably fail) and she still had to start the outlines of prom. Once again she decided to take on organizing the whole event, but considering that she was the student president, it shouldn’t shock anyone. Besides it was never too early to start organizing

“Look at what the tide dragged in,” commented a voice behind Caroline. 

Upon turning around she came face-to-face with football captain and grade A tool, Tyler Lockwood. 

The roll of her eyes came naturally. “Go flirt with a blonde bimbo dick,” she snapped.

“I already am,” Tyler returned, slyly.

Caroline was so ready to ruin her french manicure on this asshole, but before she even raised her palm, she was shoved back by a body. All she could see was broad shoulders trapped by a leather jacket, and sleek brunette hair. 

“What did you just say to her?” the mysterious figure yelled over the pounding music.

“What’s it you?” Tyler replied in the cockiest voice possible.

Caroline wanted to strangle him, but apparently the stranger agreed with her, because next thing she new Tyler was on the ground. Blood was pouring out of his nose, as the mystery man gave his bruised knuckles a rub.

“You know drunk or not,” the figure spoke, “she doesn’t deserve that.”

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Bad Idea || Klaroline

So, this was a mix of a bunch of ideas that I just couldn’t let go. Initially, it started with American Gods and the scene where Laura and Shadow first met, then it spiraled from there. 

Caroline knows trouble when she sees it in the casino, and Klaus is nothing but trouble for her.

She knew he was trouble the second he sat at her table, with that cocky smirk on an unfairly attractive smile. He had come in on his own, eyes immediately latching on her blonde hair and sauntering over. Having worked at the casino for a good eight months, Caroline had learned to recognize bad news when she saw it, the kind that drew attention from the eyes in the sky. The owner was a slick son of a bitch who didn’t hesitate to have his goons beat someone to a pulp.

Sometimes, they didn’t even bother to accuse the sucker of cheating; if the win was big enough, it was far cheaper to bribe the hospital to quietly treat the bloody mess they dropped off with a warning not to mess with Damon Salvatore’s profit margins.

With an easy charm and sharp eyes, though, Caroline would bet anything that the guy sitting across from her wasn’t one to care for rules. He probably wouldn’t cheat outright, male pride and all. Counting cards was more likely his game; stacking the odds in his favor without technically breaking the law.

Her lip curled at the thought of Damon breaking such a pretty face. “Are you sure this is the way to spend a Friday night?” she asked quietly while shuffling her cards. “D.C. has some better entertainment options than a seedy, underground casino.”

He arched an eyebrow, taking a sip of his bourbon. “I’ve never met a dealer warning away a willing pile of chips,” he noted with a shrewd once-over of her gaudy, gold-sequined vest. She tried not to react to the attention or the smooth British accent. “Caroline, is it?”

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Perhaps one day we'll meet again |Klaroline drabble

A/N: This drabble takes place just after canon when Caroline went to NOLA. Yes, I’m still salty that writers ignored this storyline, so maybe I just wanted to create my own “canon”. This is the first Klaroline drabble I’ve ever done so I hope you like it. I also want to thank @makemeamilkshake for reading this and encouraged me to post it, thank you!

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.

Dallas, Texas, USA

“Hello?” Caroline answered her phone without checking the ID caller while she was taking care of the twins.

“Caroline, thanks God. Where are you?” Alaric’s voice came through the phone with a hint of worry and anxiety.

“I’m with the twins at home. What’s wrong?” she asked already worried, glancing at the twins that finally fell asleep peacefully.

“Listen carefully, Caroline. Take the twins with you. Protect them at all cost, you know they are my only family and I trust you. Go somewhere you think no one will be able to find you. Don’t tell me where you will go. Just please be safe. Tell the twins I love them.” and with that he hung up the phone, leaving Caroline preoccupied, worried, scared and alone.

After a few seconds of shock, she started moving. While the twins were still asleep, she prepared a suitcase with enough clothes for the twins and for herself. She went to the drawer where they kept the emergency money at home, and took it. Then she went and woke up the twins and settled them in the car.

Caroline didn’t know where she was going, she has no place to hide. Mystic Falls was out of the plan, it was still full of evil vampires, and she knew it wasn’t safe neither for the twins or her. So, she decided to rely this time on her instincts. With time she had started to learned to trust them ever since she became a vampire. Caroline was driving without any specific place to go.

“Mommy, where are we going?” the little curious voice of one of the twins, interrupted Caroline’s mind ramblings. That’s when she noticed where she was actually driving to.

“To New Orleans…to visit a mommy’s friend.” Caroline had never thought about going there, but her instincts drove her there, and at the mere thought of New Orleans, she instantly thought about the one Original Hybrid that lives there with his Originals siblings.

Klaus Mikaelson. She hasn’t heard of him since that accidental phonecall almost 3yrs ago, and now she was going straight to his door. That reminded her of his words. “Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century, you’ll turn up on my door and let me show you what the world has to offer.” She never knew this will ever really happen, but here she was in her way to meet him, just not on that romantic way, she was going to him for protection not to see the world, sadly. 

New Orleans.

It really was a great city full of art and culture, Klaus was right about that. After wandering around the city with two kids, she went to a bar that appeared to be closed but the name was kind of familiar, or so told her instincts. Once in the bar, she learned that Klaus wasn’t in New Orleans; apparently no one had heard of him in almost 3yrs. She was sure her disappointment was completely reflected on her face. Going out of the bar she went to wander around the streets once again in hopes of finding someone willing to help her look for Klaus.

Caroline was sure she looked out of place in the city, the other people’s looks were obvious, but she only smiled at them her signature smile and they would look away. Then she noticed a black skin man walking directly towards her and looking at her intently. She got a little bit scared when their eyes met, he smiled at her showing his perfect white teeth, making her to grasp the twins tighter just in case, it was more like a protective motherly instinct.

“Hey there, you’re new in town?” still smiling he addressed her looking quickly at the twins. Caroline remained quiet pondering if he was a friend or an enemy because he clearly was a vampire. Sensing her hesitation the man continued, “I’m sorry, let me present myself. I’m Marcel Gerard, this is my town, so I like to personally greet the new people here. Anything I can help you with?”

“I was just passing through. I wanted to visit a friend, but I’m losing my time here, I already was told my friend is not in town. No one has heard of him in 3yrs.” At this realization Caroline looked briefly at the floor trying to hide her worried expression.

“Who is your friend?” he asked, a hint of suspicion in his eyes.

“Klaus Mikaelson. Do you know him?” Caroline told him with a little hope sparkling in her eyes.

“Come with me. I’ll tell you all about it in a more private place.” he motioned her to follow him, meanwhile he scanned their surroundings. She got suspicious about him but she followed anyway, the woman in the bar was rude to her, and at least he seemed more polite and willing to help her find Klaus.

They went to a compound, which Caroline guessed to be the Mikaelson house. It was big enough and looked rustic. She thought back to the Mystic Falls Original’s House which was a lot more nicer and pretty than this one. And thinking about the house reminded her of the ball where Klaus danced with her and he kind of confessed his feelings towards her.

“I fancy you. Is that so hard to belief?” Klaus said looking straight at her.

“Yes.” She had backfired to him.

“Why? You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light… I enjoy you.”…

Maybe if she wasn’t in love with Tyler back then, their story would have been different, but that was not the case. A few years had passed since then and the circumstances are different now.

By this time, the twins were in a corner from the living room playing with their dolls, while Marcel and Caroline where talking. Even if she was looking at Marcel, she had a watchful eye over her daughters.

“Please, can I get you a drink?” Marcel’s question brought back Caroline from the memory, he was extending her a glass and she accepted it.

“Thanks” she took it and sipped the drink. Bourbon, not exactly her favorite with a hint of blood. He knew she was a vampire. “So, where is Klaus? Do you know something? Where he is, perhaps?” Caroline asked going straight to the point. Marcel smiled flashing his perfect white teeth at her again.

“Look, Klaus is on the run, so I don’t know where exactly he is–” Marcel started to explain but was cut off by Caroline.

“On the run? From who? That’s not Klaus style, last I remember.” She asked incredulous on the verge of laughing from what she was hearing. Klaus on the run, how pathetic that even sounded. Klaus, the almighty Original Hybrid on the run, ridiculous! Marcel chuckled at her expression lowering his head, what made her frown a little.

“From me.” He just said meeting her eyes.

A/N: Thanks for reading, like this post if you liked it (obviously, lol) and want me to write some more. This is the first drabble I’ve ever wrote for Klaroline or any fandom. Sorry for the hint of Calaric and the twins to those who hate that plotline, I just wanted to be as close as I could to canon. I just hope is ok with you! Thank you! Oh, one last question: Good boy Marcel or Bad Guy Marcel? (for next drabble if you want me to write more) ;)

Steroline Drabble // Wine, Cranberry, and Pumpkin

Alternate ending to 6x08


“Organizational skills?” asked Stefan, annoyed. God, could Damon and Alaric really be that blind. How could they, when describing Caroline, his Caroline, come up with only that? They just didn’t understand. “If you were trying to convince me to date Caroline you would remind me how she’s kind. You would say she is good, probably the best person any of us has ever met. You would talk about her inner strength and how she makes me better every day. You would mention her warm smile and her infectious laugh.”

“Wow,” whispered Alaric, shocked. “I didn’t …” “And you would then tell me that you don’t understand how someone like that could have feelings for someone like me” interrupted Stefan; a wave of realization hitting him.

“Ok… Ms. Cuddles wasn’t expecting that. And she thinks you are being completely stupid” said Damon with an amused tone.

Stefan nodded, “Tell Ms. Cuddles I agree”.


 A few hours later, he found himself in front of Whitmore College, unable to move his feet. In all his 166 years of existence, he had never been rendered motionless by a girl. Sure, Katherine made him nervous, but he had always wanted to show her his boldness. Rebekah only made him feel vain and powerful. With Elena, he was always moving to make sure she was safe.

It was all very different with Caroline. He had no idea what to expect. He knew she had feelings for him but she had also made it her life mission to hate him. And when Caroline made a commitment like that, she always saw it through.

He looked at his watch. Almost 11 pm. She would probably be cleaning up the mess from Friendsgiving dinner by now. He had to move eventually. After ten seconds of hesitation he entered the dorm room common area silently to find Caroline sitting on the floor alone. She was so focused on removing a wine stain from the tablecloth that she didn’t even hear him come in. She had pulled her blond curls into a high ponytail and she had changed into tight black leggings and a ‘Whitmore College’ hoody. She looked so much in her zone that he was almost scared to interrupt her.

Stefan cleared his throat suddenly.  Caroline’s head snapped up in surprise and he saw she was make-up free with a slight blush on her cheeks. Damn, why did she have to choose today to look so cute.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, intrigue and tiredness in her tone. “I just… You should… We need to talk,” he babbled while sitting down next to her. “Stefan, I’m tired and busy and not in the mood to talk to you,” Caroline answered.

“Fine, you won’t talk. You just have to listen,” said Stefan while gently removing the dirty cloth from her fingers. Caroline nodded. Stefan took a deep breath and continued. “When I asked you why, it wasn’t because I needed to understand why you would do this to our friendship or how I could have missed it.” Caroline closed her eyes with a shaky breath. “It was because I genuinely couldn’t see how you could ever have feelings for me. You are the best person I know and your kind and good and loving. You make me strong and that’s why I ran away. I couldn’t face my problems so I couldn’t face you because you always make me want to be better. When I said I didn’t know what I felt it was true because I was just running away from all my feelings. I never saw you that way because I never thought you would ever be able to see me like that.”

Caroline was looking firmly into his eyes. A few torturous seconds later she responded with a whisper: “Well, I do Stefan. And that’s not going to change.” This warmed his heart and he let out a breath he had been holding for a while. He suddenly noticed a small tear leaving her eye and he instinctively reached out to wipe it off. He had had the urge to touch her since he first came into the room so he kept the palm of his hand on her cheek a little longer than needed.  What he wasn’t expecting was how she leaned her exhausted looking face on his hand. “I don’t want it to,” he finally answered pleading.

He suddenly realized their faces were only a few inches away. Her scent was making him dizzy. She smelled of wine, cranberry, and pumpkin and a little something extra that he recognized as pure Caroline. He leaned in slowly while she put a hand on his chest, grabbing his shirt. He looked one last time into her eyes asking for her permission. She simply nodded slowly.

“Caroline! Damon needs our help,” they heard Elena scream from upstairs. With that, Stefan and Caroline jumped apart from each other. Stefan cursed under his breath, which of course Caroline heard. She giggled shyly. “Come on, we have to go!” Elena continued as she ran down the stairs. “Oh! …Hi” she said awkwardly. “Damon found a lead and he said to meet him at the border. I’m guessing that means you too Stefan,” she finished.

Caroline stood up instantly as Elena walked out the door. Stefan didn’t know what to feel or say. “Come on, I have a friend to bring back home. And I need you,” Caroline said as she reached out for his hand and took it firmly. He stood up with a slight smile and she put her hands on his shoulders and kissed his cheek. His smile turned into a big grin. She winked and pulled him out the door, never letting go of his hand.

Getting this in *just* under the wire for Klaroline + College! This is for Kate’s @accidental-rambler birthday (sorry it’s sooo belated!) and for Paula @howeverlongs because she made me something gorgeous. A sequel to Can’t Let It Go (and yes, there will be another part so don’t kill me for how this ends!) aka The One With TattooedProfessor!Klaus. 

Can’t Let In Go (Part Two)

“Well, well, well, so we meet again.”

She doesn’t acknowledge the guy right away. The voice is only vaguely familiar and Caroline’s not entirely sure it’s addressing her. Plus, she’s had way lamer come ons while working a shift. It’s usually amusing to let them get huffy by ignoring them. She smiles and hands over the beers she’d just uncapped, taking her time as she slides over to tuck the cash she’d been given into the till, before turning and lifting a quizzical brow.

Her eyes widen slightly in recognition but she manages to keep the rest of her expression neutral. She glances around, doesn’t see Professor Mikaelson anywhere. So what was his brother doing here?

Caroline might have only met him once but she had a sinking feeling that whatever he was doing here it would only lead to aggravation on her end. He had shit disturber written all over him.

Pasting on a polite smile she steps forward, setting her hands on the bar. “What can I get you?”

He pouts exaggeratedly and pulls up one of the stools, sitting down and drumming his fingers on the bar top, “Pretending not to know me? I am hurt.”

She rolls her eyes, “I don’t know you. We exchanged approximately fifteen words last night.”

He grins, “An oversight I thought to rectify. Pour me a drink, lovely. I think it’s time we get to know one another. I’ve heard such delightful things about you American college girls. I imagine it’s a bit chilly up here for all the tit flashing I see on those videos but I suppose alcohol is warming.”

Was he serious?

Caroline narrows her eyes, “Think very carefully about your next words. My mother’s a sheriff, my father very overprotective. They taught me all sorts of ways to painfully kill a guy’s chances of ever reproducing. I’d love to demonstrate exactly what American college girls are capable of.”

He blinks and Caroline thinks she detects a brief flash of respect, maybe even a small tinge of approval, before he’s once again the picture of lazy arrogance. “Kinky,” he drawls, eyebrows wiggling suggestively, “I can see why Nik’s gotten himself a bit fascinated. Hidden depths, that one.”

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