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I'm so glad you came to the light and ship Snowbert and not SB anymore (or if you still do, it's less than before) because honestly, Barry doesnt give a fuck about Caitlin... he never did... and I say that as a former SB shipper who started to see things clearly since the end of s1. Last night episode when she was "dead" and he wasn't there it's just one example of how he doesn't care about anyone, only about his family.

i agree, it’s pretty clear for a while now that barry it’s pretty selfish, in fact i don’t really think at him as a real hero anymore, oliver is less selfish than him and that says a lot, he literally only cares about his family and screw it if someone ends up dead in the meantime

arrow season 2: here is your black canary

arrow season 3: nvm here is the REAL black canary

arrow season 4: HERE is your NEW black canary

arrow season 5: nvm HERE is the REAL NEW black canary



favorite once upon a time moments | 17/??

2.06, emma swan and snow white.

There are fans out there who, to this day, argue that all Rip Hunter wanted to do was save his family and the rest of the world could burn in the process.

That’s been proven wrong ten times over already, but now we’ve been given another example.

Rip Hunter is apparently one of the guardians of the Spear of Destiny.  At least according to Eobard Thawne, he knows where the rest of the pieces are.

So this means, at any point last season, Rip could have decided to try to assemble the spear and use it to bring his family back.  He didn’t.  

But tell me again how Rip Hunter only cares about saving his family.

Remind others frequently how much you care, how much you love them and how much you need them. We all fight, we all hurt each other, fall out and say things with a ill-mannered mouth but we still love each other. Make sure everyone around you knows that, let them know how they make life worth living and how they make your mouth hurt from laughing, how they make your heart warm and your eyes soften. People are not always going to be around, so tell them how you feel.

I love you by Amy Kennedy


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What do both of them identify as, sexuality-wise? Does/did either of them angst over a definition?

Well if you asked Victor he would defs be like “um have you notttt noticed im super gay or what” and Yuri would be like “I mean, marrying a dude seems pretty gay to me???”

as a writing decision I tend to write Victor bi with a strong preference for dudes (if he met a girl he liked okay he wouldn’t mind marrying for kids) and demi-romantic, and Yuri also technically bi but actually demisexual and biromantic. I can’t see either of them like, ~agonizing~ over it tho. Victor gives no fucks and Yuri only cares what his family thinks and they don’t care.


Jfc it’s like according to tumblr you have to be ***purebred Chinese*** to play in Mulan. You can’t even be part Chinese. Because who cares if you’re half Chinese if you are half white then It’s automatically ‘whitewashing’ . Grow up.

Kydin is the only character in all of IRP who just gets outright annoyed about magic sometimes (even though he can use it) 

Like anything improbable happens and he’s just 

-disgusted look- ‘it’s magic isn’t it’ 

Honestly anything at all can happen, and if anyone’s asking how it works, that’s his reaction

Hook tried to kill Belle

Regina tried to kill Snow, Charming, and Emma

Rumple tried to kill everyone except Belle, Henry, and Neal

Hook (arguably) tried to kill Emma

Regina tried to kill Hook

Snow killed Regina’s mother

Rumple killed Hook’s girlfriend and his own wife

Regina killed Emma’s potential boyfriend and her own lover

Archie killed Marco’s parents

Charming killed Hook

Arthur killed Hook

Emma killed Hook

Snow and Charming almost killed Regina

Emma almost killed Lily

Lily wanted to kill Snow and Charming

Henry inadvertently almost got Snow, Charming, Hook, and Zelena killed when he destroyed magic

Zelena indirectly killed Neal

pretty much everyone has injured, or tried to injure, each other, including True Love couples; Snow scarred Charming, Emma knocked Hook out, Rumple manhandled Belle

Emma locked Hook up, Hook locked Emma up, Rumple locked Belle up, Regina froze Robin, Snow trapped Charming in a net, Regina locked Emma up, Graham locked Emma up, Emma locked Snow up

in conclusion, no one should be friends with anyone, everyone should be alone and/or in prison forever, the only healthy relationship is Henry x the storybook and even that is slightly obsessive, the end

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I don't like how people, specially 'feminists', sees women showing emotions as something negative. Did that person wanted Belle to be heartless and not care the only family she has left? Showing emotions or empathy is not a sign of weakness, in fact. It's perfectly healthy!

You get where I am coming from anon.

I’m a feminist but I am over this whole ‘oh women can’t show emotion, they only have to fight’ way of thinking.