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One Night Only | Sungjin [series, ongoing]

One Night Only | fluff, angst, flangst | Sungjin x OC | I Smile

Sungjin hasn’t seen Nayeon since they broke up six months ago, about the same time Haru told JB she loves him but he didn’t love her back. Now, JB and Nayeon are together and inescapable when their universes collide at a get-together neither Sungjin nor Haru can avoid. The solution? Pair the spares. It’s just for one night after all. Despite their differences, Sungjin and Haru can fake being in love for one night. But when the moonlight takes them to unexpected places, hard truths, and startling revelations, it’s easy blurring the lines between real and make believe. Inevitably, the morning comes, and Sungjin and Haru must decide. They faked the night, but can they make the morning real?

a/n: Hello. So this is the I Smile fic I’ve been obsessing over recently. Took me forever to plan the series and get this opening chapter right, but I think this turned out okay? Hope you like it? Let me know what you think? Thanks for reading <3

i. it’s been a while, i didn’t think you’d be the first to call

The sun sets with Sungjin reaching out for his guitar and slinging the strap over his shoulder. He watches the rest of his band set up alongside him— watches the neon pink sun dip into the horizon of rooftops. As the rough edges of the city soften in the moments the sunset blends into the summer night, the roof deck seems to transform where the light is warped by the endless string of fairy lights giving the floor and the stage a warm honey glow. With the reassuring weight of his guitar against him, he breathes in the few seconds of silence before the sound. Then he sees her and falls apart.

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“Crap I look like a ghost.” 

“ Yeah, ya do… ‘specially with that lighting .”

Here’s something I thought I would never do, but ‘Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks’ has been a lovely fic, with such a great dynamic that how could I not?

i saw this post at like 2am and i had to rush to my computer to draw this hell…..horrible jean passione 


My Top 3 pick: #2 Choon Entertainment’s Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo (the hidden jewel)

“No one knows who i am. No one knows what kind of person I am. I would feel confident if there is someone that will care about me. I want to hear ‘Kim Yongguk did well’”

P/S: You did very well! You have changed a lot. You have improved. I am so happy you gained confidence. You made so many friends and no more being alone. I will always support you and let’s debut in the near future. I’ll wait.


this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..