only built

Sneakpeek of my new room aka Kpop/Namjoon shrine😍

We finished the painting.. and just need to do some cleaning.. and then we only need to built up my furniture and I have to organize my kpop stuff omg 😧😧😧😍😍😍

Im working on this room after work everyday… hah… im so glad when its finished😧😧😧😥😥😥

Please look forward to the room tour video ill be uploading later 😉😉😉

Someone twisted this Jewish family’s menorah into the shape of a swastika

Naomi Ellis and her her husband Seth spent Friday morning — the morning after the sixth night of Hanukkah — trying to explain to their three young sons why someone had vandalized the menorah the family had put out on their yard by twisting the metal pieces into the shape of a swastika.
The Ellis family had only built the 7-foot-tall menorah on the front lawn of their home in Chandler, Arizona, because their sons, ages 5, 7 and 9, had asked their parents if the family could decorate their home like the neighbors did for Christmas, the Washington Post reported. Read more.

Your fave is problematic: Bob Morley doesn’t like when sets get destroyed/taken down ie) Mount Weather. Bob said that one of the largest and more expensive sets they had was the mount weather set and he said he couldn’t believe they went and blew it up he was like “but that cost a lot of money” and then again with the cliff set where Bellamy saves the girl he said it was only built and used for that one scene and then it was just taken down and again he was like “but that costs so much money”

He said going from soap operas to these bigger productions took some getting used to.


wanna know how much i love the Vault-Tec guy?

i didn’t just “give him a job” in Sanctuary, i built him his own little pub.

anonymous asked:

So wait, assuming that the baby is supposed to be a surrogate...did the family get contacted beforehand and was told to have a baby via surrogacy for this whole closeting contract plot line or are we supposed to believe they randomly picked a family who just happened to have a surrogate? What even????

This is their current real honest to god theory.

Briana’s family were told in January/February to go get a surrogate pregnant to carry Brett’s sacred sperm because they were gonna be involved in one of those regular commonplace celebrity fake baby stunts and they agreed, and Louis agreed to let a child be brought into this Earth for that reason.

Then for some reason 1DHQ didn’t decide to actually mirror the pregnancy/birth around this real surrogate so they could use the baby they’d forced into the world explicitly for this reason by having Briana give birth in November/December, they instead had a real baby around but had to ignore him as he was too big so got numerous reborn dolls who looked like him and various fake babies who also looked just like him in the first photos used. 

And because of the story where TMZ said if Freddie were a girl they’d planned on calling him Sydney Rain and Brett buying a domain (and letting it expire) with that name, Big Larries have decided Freddie is actually a girl and that their hero Louis tried to sabotage the whole thing by claiming he was a boy on twitter. 

Nobody has yet pointed out to Big Larries that Briana’s grandmother was the first person to say Briana had given birth and that she confirmed Freddie was a boy already right then, before anyone else confirmed the baby had been born. So Louis sabotaged nothing and the only reason they need him to be a girl now is because one of their leaders didn’t realize Briana’s grandmother had said he was a boy to begin with, got caught up in some messed up new theory of their own, and the other Larries felt this sounded sinister and weird enough they wanted to go along with it too. 

Also remember this was never meant to get as far as a real birth and was never meant to last beyond March so there was never a point in forcing a child to be born into this stunt to begin with. 


Photo 1: The doomed ship, RMS Titanic leaves Southampton, England, bound for New York (April 10, 1912). 

Photo 2: The first-class smoking room was “Men only”. The room was built in the Georgian style — which was a style popular with gentlemen’s club at the time.

Photo 3: The luxurious, first-class, “Café Parisien” on the Titanic.

Photo 4: First-class room B-59, decorated in the Modern Dutch style.

Photo 5: The ship’s gymnasium, which include a punching bag, a rowing machine, and exercise bikes.

Photo 6: The Titanic under construction. The “ship that could not sink” was built by the firm of Harland & Wolff at their shipyard on Queen’s Island, in Belfast, Ireland.

It’s gas usage?


It’s suspension?


It’s reliability?


The way that it can’t use small bridges?


The way only 1,300~ were built?




i finally got around to buying a decent record player

The Boeing XB-38 flying fortress - a single B-17E with Allison V-1710 V type engines rather than the standard Wright R-1820. Only one prototype was built, and it made its first flight on May 19, 1943. It had a much higher top speed, but lower service ceiling - and the engine manifold joints leaked exhaust gauses after the first few flights. 

On the ninth flight, June 16, 1943, the third engine caught fire – forcing the crew to bail out. 

The prototype was destroyed and the project was canceled. The V-1710 engines were needed for other planes, like the P-38 Lightning, P-39 Airacobra, P-40 Warhawk, P-51A model Mustang, and P-63 Kingcobra.