only book ive read in school that i like

im so pissed and tired and everyone’s fed up with me

how do people like, remember their lives. cuz i know ive got a decent amount of memory re: my whole life but a lot of them only come up if something reminds me and then im like oh yeah, that thing i used to do/like a lot, right. its there but if i’m like “time to remember my life” its just kind of this vague mash of maybe a few specific things, like reading certain books and playing games and i guess there were some roadtrips and i was in school i suppose. i got memories from when i was two but idk what happened in 2013, not much worth remembering and not a lot that’s easy to put a date on. forgetting everything as soon as its not immediately relevant is a helpful tool to not die and then you can feel fake coz you spent most of your life doing nothing that interesting and having no friends and now ur past is largely nonexistent for you. party at my place if you wanna die but at least youre gay

This probably isn’t the worst thing about Catholic school but one bad thing about Catholic school is that you learn the same things in religion class over and over again

there is so much we COULD be learning about Catholicism and i don’t know what the reasoning is (or indeed if there is any) but i went to catholic school for 13 years and learned like 3 years’ worth of information about Catholicism

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hello there, i have been a writer since i was very young, pre-k. i go to an arts school and am constantly surrounded by wonderfully talented individuals- i feel like my writing is bad. awful even. i have started reading tons of books to help me get better at what i love which is writing. 'into the wild' 'great gatsby' 'goldfinch' 'cold mountain' but i feel like i am a terrible writer and it's seriously depressing me. it's all ive ever really wanted to be and it's killing me. any thoughts?

In college I took a screenwriting course in which I received one of the best pieces of life and writing advice: Only you can do what you do and only they can do what they do.

Everything in between that makes anything seem comparable is just conditioned crap. Everyone has a voice, if they just find it and use it. 

You are probably a good writer given all you have read. But the point in being a writer is having something genuine to say. Not unique but genuine

We use our minds to read and our hearts to enjoy. You must use your heart to experience and your mind to write.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Take these feelings, but ditch the story you are currently telling yourself about them. Stop trying to measure how good of a writer you are and actually get into the act of creation. Good writers are not lead by how good they think they are but by inspiration and perseverance. 

Before putting pen to paper, a writer is an artist like any other. Before the musician picks up her instrument, before the painter his brush, they are all coming from somewhere with something to share. 

In its essential form, inspiration means stepping outside your limited concept of yourself and the world, imbibing the nectarine silence of openness, and waiting until something strikes.

Approach your craft from within for your own enjoyment, not because you are trying to fulfill an image you want to have of yourself. Nurture your creativity and inspiration. 

Oh, and meditate daily. :P


here have some cute aus

  • someone keeps paying for my drink and the cook wont tell me who it is au (bonus points if the person paying turns out to be the chef)
  • ive been sitting in the same spot in class for weeks but you took it today so im going to sit behind you and glare daggers au
  • neither of us have any friends in this class but i dont want to partner up with that kid please make eye contact with me au
  • our kids/siblings go to the same school and we get here at the same time to pick them up au
  • me and your sibling have to work on a project for school together and i hate them but i like you au
  • we sit in the same corner of the library and read for hours on end and even though ive never spoken to you i think youd like this book au
  • i keep making subtle jokes about our teacher/professor/coach/instructor/boss/whatever and youre the only one who seems to catch them but you laugh really hard and its insanely cute au
  • someone keeps adding to the doodles i draw on my desk/book/paperwork and their drawings make my day au