only because he said 'first born son'

things you should all know about the lightning thief musical and why it was amazing:

  • they stayed true to the books ( some people may ask me why I say this, well… the movies are nothing like the books )
  • lots and lots of Luke. like, seriously. Luke was very much present in the musical and it was such a nice change of pace cause these days so many people forget Luke and his story and why he’s so important to the pjo storyline
  • the characterizations were pretty accurate !!! ( I’m gonna do a writeup on this later ) and not only did we get Annabeth / Percy / Grover but we saw Katie, Silena, and Clarisse as well
  • for those who couldn’t see it, the musical had little dialogue / plot drive outside song !!! so look forward to that CD coming out since the songs themselves are absolutely amazing and pretty spot on
  • they reference the other books. at one point theres a joke about “you don’t see a son of Hades or a daughter of Zeus running around now do you?” and the dam jokes are, indeed, present — among others! ( plenty of humor for adults to which good shit )
  • there’s this really great song that takes place around the campfire which basically summarizes to “fuck the gods” cause everyone complains about their parent, including our favorite horse man
  • while the storyline moved very fast, it was also very fluid
  • theres a song about Thalia and the way they had it acted out honestly made me tear up and Percy’s reply to it was “wait I’m not the only one” which broke my heart because Grover just went “she died”
  • when Percy first sees Annabeth after he fully wakes up he yells “THATS MY DREAM GIRL !!!” at her then realizes what he said and proceeds to half trip over himself
  • have I mentioned Luke ??? well, in the end he basically hijacks the tune to Good Kid ( which does have a reprise in Hades ) to tell Percy he’s basically useless then literally stabs him in the back I’m not crying you’re crying
  • Percy: why does he hate me what did I do? // Mr. D: you were born
  • [ Luke voice ] protip, if you’re a son of Poseidon and you want to be alone, don’t sit by the lake.
  • Percy straight up called Grover a furry
  • the song with Charon actually killed me I want it on repeat for the rest of my life
  • [ Hades voice ] one does not simply walk out of Hades actual quote
  • if that wasn’t Bianca I’ll eat a shoe
  • Annabeths song ??? literal wonder I am so happy it happened and it really gave something to grab onto for her which I didn’t expect and totally approve of. it also strongly spoke of how she wants to build something permanent without straight up coming out and saying it so tbh really well done
  • right after the show the twitter dropped a news bomb that suggests a second musical next summer and I screamed ( they also came back on stage after the performance )

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Alexander Hamilton's son Phillip died as a teenager&he named his next son Phillip. So it happened after a death in the same immediate family. Doesn't justify it tho bc Rhaegar died before his first!Aegon so when would he have told Lyanna he wanted their kid to be named Aegon? Also First!Aegon wouldn't have been Aegon VI bc he was never King. Per English customs you get the number when you're King/Queen regent under that name. Jon will be Jon I if he becomes King unless he decides to go by Aegon

Ummm yeah, that’s an entirely different circumstance, which like you said, doesn’t actually pertain to what we’re talking about here with Rhaegar naming Jon as Aegon. He still knowingly asked Lyanna to name their son Aegon because he wanted to eradicate his first born son from his lineage so that Jon as Aegon would be the only legitimate heir to the throne. 

Basically, as I said in my other post, Rhaegar is a pissant father. 

As for my comment about Aegon VI, it was meant to illustrate that he’s the 6th Aegon in his family. Not the first and that Aegon being used as a name in the Targaryen line was a common thing, but not used twice in the same immediate families. 

And yes, Jon is the 7th Targaryen child to be named Aegon, but no, he would not change his name to Aegon. Highly doubt that.  

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For the impression thing: Kuroo and maybe Bokuto? Btw your blog is fucking amazing I love it to bits!


  • First impression: Hehehe I like his silly hair
  • Impression now: NO! No one is allowed to be this precious of a dork! Stop it!
  • Favorite moment: That face he makes when he smashes Bokuto’s block and the sound he made afterward. That or “oyaoyaoya?”
  • Idea for a story: Soulmate AU where Kuroo and you were childhood friends that were always moving within each others circles but never intersected. Then he mysteriously disappears on a hiking trip, and everyone is worried, even you. Then, when you go home, a mysterious black dog is waiting for you.
  • Unpopular opinion: Kuroo is not a bikini-model sex god. He is a dork lord. He is a nerd who likes puns and chemistry and he most certainly isn’t a mega-dom Casanova.
  • Favorite relationship: Honestly, Daichi. Not only is it one of my OTPs, but I love the dynamic they have.
  • Favorite headcanon: His dad was an abusive prick to his mom, but when he was born she stayed because her Tetsurou worshipped the ground he walked on. But when Tetsurou turned 5, he started getting physical, and she said ‘nope’ and promptly left. She is an RN and her and Kuroo (her given name, not her married name) are very, very close. 


  • First impression: OMG who is this guy? I must know everything about him!!!
  • Impression now: He’s my precious owl baby son protect him let me stroke his beefy arms 0u0
  • Favorite moment: “I feel like someone’s complimenting me!” or every time he laughs. He has the best laugh you guys, come on!!
  • Idea for a story: Honestly, I want a college AU where the captain squad is all living under the same roof. I need it, and Bokuto seems like a good entry point, because he legit gets along with everyone
  • Unpopular opinion: I honestly think Bokuto doesn’t suprress or try to hide his emotions. Actually, I think he’s a lot like my niece where he can very easily say “I feel bad when you say ____” He was taught at a young age to express when he feels bad
  • Favorite relationship: Akaashi. Those two just… help me, Akaashi is so supportive and sassy 
  • Favorite headcanon: He gives the best hugs, and he has a different hug for everyone. But he’s a really good hugger, and he’s really open and giving with them–normally all you have to do is ask.
It Only Takes One Time (Part 36)

Sorry for the slow week!!! There’s a heat wave happening right now and its been way too hot to be able and sit in front of a screen and write hen all I want to do is jump straight into the pool. I’ll get back on track when my brain isn’t turning into a milkshake.

I also didn’t edit and my computer adds random words so I’m sorry in advanced. This chap is a huge filler (I’ll admit) but whatever

Part 35


Warnings: Swearing

My body felt numb as I walked away from where I previously stood with Dan. He drove me crazy. It was literally like nothing I ever said would get to Dan on time and when he finally got the point it would have been too late.

I didn’t want to spend my life waiting for him to finally listen to me and come to his senses. I didn’t want to be that girl he called when he needed a hook up and coincidentally got me pregnant each time that act of penetration occurred.  

I figured that I needed to go home as I had a feeling Dan would take a detour to go somewhere else before he decided that he should.

Liam would be asleep but I needed to see him. My son was the one thing that I knew I would always have involving Dan but yet he was the one that made me feel better.

I jumped on a train and made my way back into the suburb. In my gut I knew it would be best to go back and see Phil before leaving but I didn’t need that. He would more than likely go and sit in the park or something.

 My mind wandered off to imagine how things would have been if Dan and I had gotten together when I told him about Liam. Would we have been together now? If not, would we have moved out of the apartment? Would marriage be on the table?

I shut the for open in hopes it wasn’t too loud for the sake of Liam. The hardest part of the night was over but I still had to go an have a conversation with Dan’s mother. Don’t get me wrong, she was probably the nicest human I had ever encountered and that was also including my mother. She was understanding and even while she was telling you the truth about things she would put it in a way that would make you feel wonderful even if it was bad.

I simply didn’t want to talk to her because there was nothing for me to tell her. It felt like telling on her son for throwing pencils at me at school. Except, her son had taken my heart and crushed it after inflicting two pregnancies.

The first time he and I slept together should have been the last. That should have been the last time we ever even saw each other…

Moments after finishing our second round of fun Dan and I fell exhausted and opted for some talking while snacking. What we had just shared was so new and exciting and this night had gone fantastically. There was no other way I could imagine myself spending the night.

“You seem like a nice person.” Dan mumbled, putting a potato chip into his mouth. I was laying in his Kanye West Yeezus shirt while he remained calm in a fresh pair of Calvin Klein underwear. Everything about me being at his apartment seemed so natural and I didn’t feel awkward. One night stands were uncomfortable if you didn’t pass out right after you finished. With Dan it felt complete.

“Nice person? We saw each other naked and I only seem like a nice person?” I teased, grabbing a chip from the bag.

“Well sometimes when you connect with someone physically it doesn’t mean they were even nice to begin with. It just means you’re willing to connect without really thinking. I’m saying you’re nice because I’m sitting here eating and talking with you after we slept together while you could have probably gone home to your Channing Tatum type boyfriend and feel ashamed of what we did. Yet, you’re still here with me and we’re spending time together.” Dan finished his rumble and opened up a water bottle and took a long sip. I smiled and ran my toes up a long his leg and crossed my own legs. I giggled slightly and shook my head.

“Sucks that I don’t have a boyfriend.”

My eyes welled up with tears as I thought back to the memory. That night seemed so perfect while it was happening but now it all felt fake. It felt like I hadn’t truly experienced a moment where Dan and I had no guilty feelings that made us feel like we had a ball and chain that held us down into the earth.

“Oh, Y/N!” Dan’s mother exclaimed walking out of the kitchen with a mug in hand. I quickly wiped away the one tear that fell down my cheek and plastered a smile on my face.

“Hi,” I gave a small wave. Looking at her pained me knowing that she would soon be getting Marie in her family as a daughter in law.

“I didn’t expect to see you back so soon.” She grinned but quickly looked around. “Where are the boys?”

“I don’t know.” I shook my head with my voice cracking at the end. “It was going fine and then-then it wasn’t and then Dan was mad, and so was Phil and I tried to make it better but it just got worse. I screwed it up and I keep making it worse.” My repetition added on to my emotion and I was falling apart in front of her. I was expecting her to feel frightened by my outbreak but she remained still with her smile.

“Y/N, you’re a good woman,” she started. “I know you are. The fact that you’re still here after all that has happened and you’re trying to make things work as best as they can screams that. But just like I know that, I know my son feels something strong for you as an individual. Not just because of Liam. That being said, he isn’t making any good decisions for himself personally and he’s struggling. He’s been lost in looking for what he wants since the day he was born. The first time I thought he seemed-intact-was when you came up the house back when you were pregnant. It was only for a second though but he seemed content. I want to see him like that again one day.” She whispered the last part to herself.

“I can’t help you with that.” I shook my head. “I can’t. I’m moving out and he can see the baby all he wants but thats it.” I wiped my tears and smoothened out the creases on my pants.

As if on cue my phone started ringing. It was Dan so you can imagine my confusion as I reluctantly answered.

“Hello?” I mumbled, trying my best not to sound congested.

“There’s been an accident.”

okay I know Andrew and Neil don’t have kids but let’s just pretend that they do

  • They’re playing on the same team and things seem to finally have calmed down enough that they feel like they can breathe. Andrew’s bored with exy (when is he not) but he knows how much Neil loves playing with them both on the same team and he doesn’t really have a valid reason to retire 
  •  one morning Andrew is cleaning up a dead mouse one of the cats brought home. Neil’s still asleep and hates dealing with the “gifts” the cats bring back, because he knows cats are not merciful killers and thinking about it too much reminds him of the car and lola. So Andrew always picks up the messes and doesn’t tell Neil about them. For whatever reason he doesn’t really mind taking care of the cats. 
  • And he kind of just thinks that he’d like to stop having his body beat up playing exy and stay home and take care of someone. 
  • So he walks into their bedroom and wakes Neil up enough that he can move his head into his lap. Neil just hums happily and falls back asleep. Andrew says, “Let’s have a baby.” 
  • Neil’s eyes fly open and he sits up so fast he knocks his head into Andrew’s chin. There’s no way he heard right. Andrew, knife wielding, I will kill anyone that touches you, Andrew, despises all things associated with being soft and gentle. And Neil can swear he just heard him suggest they have a baby. 
  • Groggily, Neil says, “A what.” 
  • Andrew snaps, “You know what I said Josten. Yes or no.” 
  • Neil’s caught off guard and panicking so he says, “It’s not something you talk about for a minute and decide on, Andrew.” and then bc he’s terrified of the thought of being a father he locks himself in the shower before he actually says no and hurts Andrew’s feelings. Because he knows Andrew would never just spring something on him like that if Andrew didn’t really want it. 
  • A few months later they’re at a park, laying on a blanket and hiding from the sun. Neil had a really bad week exy wise, his co captain wouldn’t listen to anything he said and practice was just a mess. Andrew learned long ago that Neil needed fresh air to clear his head and without the roof as an option anymore, Andrew has to give him someplace free of the terrors that crept back into Neil’s mind when he was stressed, otherwise Neil would look like he wanted to run again
  • so they’re lazily making out, their feet tangled together, Andrew’s hands on the waistband of Neil’s pants ( “There are people here Andrew, don’t you dare shove your hands down my underwear”) when a frisbee lands dangerously close to their faces. Neil breaks apart to throw it back and Andrew sits up and watches the father play with his two kids, and he doesn’t have contempt written all over his face. 
  • Neil stares at him and asks, “It’s really a yes for you?” 
  • Andrew glances quickly back at Neil, the nod he sends him is shy and passive. It’s the first time Neil sees him show uncertainty
  • Eventually Neil agrees, and Renee offers to carry the baby. They don’t tell anyone else until Renee can’t hide that she’s pregnant, and when Nicky finds out, he flies from Germany just to throw them a baby shower. All the foxes come and there are so many baby clothes with foxes on them Andrew threatens to burn them all
  • Neil has nightmares that turn into panic attacks about the baby. He wants it, it feels right, but Neil doesn’t know how to be a father at all. He didn’t have good parents, and that saying about the apple not falling very far from the tree haunts him
  • Renee goes into labor (okay idk if surrogate eggs are a thing??? but assume they are so it’s not Renee’s baby okay she’s just carrying it idk) but it’s like a 30 hour process so at one point Neil’s in the hallway pacing like crazy and Andrew steps out of Renee’s room and tugs at Neil’s sleeve. They’re both exhausted and haven’t slept, so Andrew forces Neil to sit down on the floor and presses their foreheads together
  • “You are not your father, Neil Josten, and you never will be. You are still a fox, and you are loved, and this baby is going to love you, and you’re not going to do anything wrong with him, okay?” 
  • It’s the cheesiest thing Andrew has ever said but he knows Neil needs it. Even though internally he’s cringing. 
  • Neil’s sort of unresponsive, so Andrew continues, “Wymack is what a father is. Not Nathan. Not the dozen foster parents I had. We’re in this together, Neil.” 
  • They name their son Thomas Peter Josten-Minyard, because that name doesn’t have any connotation coming with it, positive or negative
  • Andrew’s the first one to call him Tommy
  • He’s tiny when he’s born, only 4 pounds, but he’s healthy
  • They take him to one of those newborn photo shoots and the picture that is everyone’s favorite is of him sleeping in an exy racquet. It makes the cover of some important exy magazine, and Kevin flips shit, telling every single person he sees that’s his godson
  • Andrew is so protective of his son he gets mad when Neil holds him all sweaty after practice bc “you’re going to ruin his sense of smell, I’d rather stand in a landfill than be around you, go shower”
  • (Andrew stopped playing exy to be with Thomas. Neil can tell how much happier he is though no one else would know there’s a difference)
  • Neil gets out of the shower and Andrew’s on the couch with the baby sleeping on his bare chest, both of them look so peaceful and content, Andrew’s eyes are half-lidded with exhaustion. Neil takes Tommy and let’s Andrew lay across his lap, and all Neil can think is that now he has a family that he made and would die for and Thomas gets Andrew to smile and Andrew doesn’t even try to hide it
#940: The baby sleeps on his chest.
  • Louis: His team just scored a goal and he should really, really, really be shouting exploits and nearly spilling over his beer but he can't, because he has a baby on his chest, and it's his own. So he does a little happy dance in his head and cups the baby a little tighter to his chest, smoothing his fingers over her barely-there-hair until he's whispering, "I'll take you a game one day, yeah, and you'll be the coolest girl in school and all the guys will be shocked at by how much you know about football and you can kick their as... butts." He doesn't know what he's saying or why he's saying it, but he's all smiles, even up until later when you make grabby hands at the baby so you can put her to bed. "Just a little bit longer, dear," he says with a smirk, indicating towards the spot of the couch by his feet, "Come sit with your husband and future baller." You roll your eyes and he imagines his daughter would have done the same, and you two are so alike, and he loves both of you so much, it's almost insane. The three of you spent the rest of the evening; you giggle and he smiles, and your baby girl sleeps, and it'll be like this for years.
  • Niall: It was your stew that totally threw him off balance. He can be found a half an hour later (after helping you with the dishes, of course, he's not a fucking idiot husband at that) sprawled against the couch, one hand behind the head of his son and the other used to click up and down through the T.V. channels. He's murmuring some words to his son, really just mentioning highlights of the earlier match, knowing he can't respond but hoping that one day where he can comes soon. He drums his fingers lightly against the little one's back to a song he used to sing all the time and he's trying to remember what it was like as a young one for himself. His eyes drift over to where you perch, flipping through one of those sappy novels he can't help but to roll his eyes at, and wonders what it would be like if he had been raised in another way with a lack of love and affection. "Hey, babe," he calls out, and his voice sounds very, very, very far away to him. "I love you." The blood is moving throughout his body and it buzzes all over. He thinks that maybe his son can hear his heartbeat racing, even when he's asleep on him.
  • Liam: He was frantically thinking of songs to sing in his head as his new born screamed his head off and wailed for attention and to be held, please, which he would have said just like his dad with big brown puppy eyes had he known how to talk at a month old. And Liam isn't exactly the best with children (although he's been a pretty good dad thus far, and he's better at holding one than Niall, which says a lot) and the only thing he really knows how to do is sing; so he does, the first few notes of 'Torn', because it fits and it's pretty and it gets his son to close his mouth and stare up at his father with big, bold, loving eyes and Liam swears he's never seen anything more beautiful or delicate. He keeps singing, resting the baby on his chest, lying back slightly until he's more comfortable; and he cradles his son's head, rubbing his fingers over every bald spot and never stopping to do anything but sing. "Love you, buddy," he murmurs, kissing his forehead over and over again until he's sure his lips are there permanently. There is no more crying. Just peace.
  • Zayn: It was her favorite place to lie, right above his abdomen and slightly underneath his heart, her ear resting aloft his heartbeat. She was at peace there; no more waking up screaming at six months old with a fever and coughing fits, her little body shaking all over. Here, she was content, the little bonnet covering her head when she was cold and her dad holding her when she mewled in her sleep, little fingers grappling to hold onto his jacket or sleep shirt. "I don't even know why we still own a crib," you make notice, raising your eyebrows at him in nothing but pure affection, "I am warning you, that if she can't sleep in her own bed when she's older, and would much rather sleep with mum and dad, I'm blaming you, and you'll never hear the end of it." He smiles back at your teasing tone and beckons you closer, keeping a safe hold on the baby so she won't jostle around when he leans up to kiss your nose. "Of course," he replies softly, "But she's going to be okay either way. I'll make sure of it." He looks down at her and brushes his lips over her forehead. "No more bad dreams, huh, babygirl?"
  • Harry: "Sorry, not trying to be rude, but could you keep it down, please? The baby is asleep upstairs." Three weeks after his healthy daughter's birth, he was already thrown into overprotective father mode and was desperately trying to keep the celebration as quiet as it could go without pissing your family off too much. (He didn't want to be seen as the husband that lacked concern for the guests' contentedness, although that is basically who he was, since nothing mattered but you and his baby now.) Either way, he just can't seem to shake off the irritation, and leaves the party after kissing your cheek softly and promising he'd be right back. His body leads him upstairs to the nursery (frilly and pink and bright -- you insisted, and he happily complied because he loves you) and he's cradling his baby girl before he knows it and lounging back on the rocking chair as she curls up delicately on his chest. "Hey, you," he murmurs softly, in a little cooing, baby voice, "Daddy's right here." That's where you find him -- in the exact position -- forty minutes later; and they're both asleep, him holding her protectively.
Really?! Okay, I think it's just too much.

Robin is all so happy about the possibility of the past where Regina decided to meet him in the pub because she would be happy and in love and together etc etc. But who cares that if they met there:

  • he would never meet Marian ->
  • Roland would have never be born [and he’s son means the world to him, right?]
  • Regina wouldn’t want to kill Snow ->
  • Snow would never meet David ->
  • Emma would have never been born ->
  • which lead to Henry who also would have never been born [and for such a long time he was the only reason Regina wanted to live for]

Beside: in 3x09 Regina said that she’s aware of all terrible thing she has done through all of these years and yet she doesn’t regret a single one, because then she would have never had Henry in the first place.

But Robin doesn’t care, no. He hasn’t even thought about it. I’m sorry, but he’s one big selfish bastard.

The first days. (Luke and Noah)

Luke had taken the week off school, due to his son being born. His teacher was a little shocked when he said he wouldn’t be coming in because his girlfriend was having a baby.
Little did Luke know, his girlfriend would pack up and leave only 4 days after he was born.
He had woken up at 5 a.m. to a knock on his door, looking down he saw his son, in a carrier, asleep. With his girlfriend nowhere in sight.
He called, and called, and called. For hours. And there was no pick up.
After getting fed up with being ignored, he called Liz and asked her to check his girlfriends house, and she confirmed she was gone.

“Can a pregnant woman even move that fast?” Luke questioned, watching Noah lay in his carrier silently.

“Yes Luke,” she scoffed. “She’s had a baby, she didn’t lose her legs.”

Luke hadn’t asked her to move in. It wasn’t a serious relationship. They only agreed to stay together for Noah, and they would share custody. Which didn’t work out in Luke’s favor.

“How am I gonna do this alone?” Luke asked, continuing to stare at the newborn. Who just stared right back, with a blank expression.

“I can come over and help you on my off days?” She offered, patting his shoulder. Luke simply nodded and sighed. “But, I have to go now. Call me if you need anything. I love you.” She waved and tickled Noah’s tummy before leaving.

Luke walked over and picked the baby up out of his carrier and kissed his head. “What have we gotten ourselves into buddy?” He said as he laid down, holding Noah on his chest. Noah was a very happy baby. And Luke wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

Okay so this kind of explains the situation with Noah and Luke. :-) hope you enjoyed!

Night Before (NMTD fanfiction)

Part nine of Time and Space. Sorry I still haven’t redone Apologies. (I apologize for Apologies?) Dunno. Maybe I’ll just keep with my previous Time and Space practice of just letting the canonballed bits be canonballed? And if that’s what I’m gonna do, I think I’ll finally update this on Ao3… maaaybe later today?

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