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so, i’m on HoDA today and… is this supposed to be Vengeance Anders? It’s the hair and general idea of his gear (but his gear is still like his canon gear mostly sooo) and he’s crackly for Justice but… what’s with the blue/purple skin? Is that just supposed to be off because he’s glowing blue? but then he’s awfully pink..I swear this game is so fucking OFF on all of it’s art (super light zev and fenris) and ideas (really… slave fenris? reanimated leandra?). the only awesome thing was that Isabela/Qunari loading page…

you are human. you are allowed to have bad times


favourite tv shows: Stranger Things

“…it is a dimension that is a dark reflection or echo of our world. It is a place of decay and death. A plane out of phase. A place of monsters. It is right next to you, and you don’t even see it…”

I have finally joined Voltron hell.

@musicfreedom787 replied to your postAbout Yoi ep 1 (while knowing what happened at ep…

Dude this is awesome. The only thing i have to say is u forgot that after yuri got last place (R.I.P. Yuri) he said he went and finished College, so it took him one year after he failed at the GPF to get home. This means that Victor didn’t get to see him after the GPF for over a year.

AHHH I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT and that was the main reason why I made the chart. 

First, all of what happened in the show happens in the same skating season. Why? because Viktor skated the same program he did at the GPF and the Worlds.And that is because he wears the same outfit.

and when Minako watched the Worlds at Yuutopia.

Being Viktor and his goal to to surpr-ice the audience I don’t think he would have used the same clothes for 2 skating seasons in a row.

Also, there has been an error translation:

That doesn’t says One Year Later,  翌年 means ‘the following year’


1-Being held back a year when in college can happen especially for someone like Yuuri who is also an athlete and can’t go to classes due to competitions. Maybe his graduation was around January-February. 

2-If a whole year would have happened, then another grand prix would have been held. Viktor would have smashed it and win his sixth grand prix medal. But this didn’t happened (it didn’t fit in the whole story) that is why everything has been held in the same skating season.

Removed the newspaper headline from the WAR! update picture, leaving a fairly blank slate behind.

Feel free to use and go wild with.

But did you really need to take all of their guns? Did you???

Honestly, if this were a different show, I’d expect this to be the beginning of a morality crisis where the characters realize in horror that they’re becoming the very thing they’re trying to destroy. But this is Rick’s show, and Rick is never wrong so…

Role Reversal

(Headcanon that Lewis was smaller than Arthur when they were kids. And Arthur looked out for him. So here’s a drabble with that in mind. Special thanks to Kirby for reading through it first. ^_^)

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