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Again, it’s super funny when people don’t understand that Blackout is just black people minding our business and that find they ALSO minded their business, there wouldn’t be any problems. But no, the world world comes crashing down when Black people have ANYTHING for themselves so you whiny babies will go “BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEEE” every single time.

Things I will ask Tom Felton if I ever meet him*:

1. What do you love about Draco? What do you think his strengths are? (To be clear, I know what he loves about *playing* him. I just wanna hear him compliment some aspect of the character.)
2. If you were going to write a drarry fanfic, how would you get Draco and Harry together?
3. Will you take off your shirt for a minute?

*I reserve the right to add inappropriate questions to this list as they occur to me.

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What are your Sims stance on the whole pineapple on pizza thing?

Matt: “Hahaha no.”

Zero: “Omg. Love it! Yes!”

Jaide: “I didn’t know there was any other way to eat pizza???”

Fenix: “Hell yeahhhhh, bitch.”

Aniyah: “Ideally for me, it depends on the place but yeah, sure.”

Casper: “Love yourself.”

Benji: “Is there weed in it?”


Natalya: “Fuck no.”

Granger: “Pizza?”

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Part 1 Loguetown divergence

In all honestly, Sabo has no idea why they’re here.

Sure the presence of the marines is near suffocating in this town, but it’s not exactly like the people are suffering. Not like other islands, not like how the Grand Line suffers. It’s nice to be in a somewhat sleepy sea, to be away from all the horrors he’s seen… but those horrors are still happening. Sabo needs to get back to work, to help stop it all. To stoke the flames of revolution.

He can do that freeing slaves, can do that by tracking the Joker and his shipments.

He can’t do that vacationing in Loguetown.

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Classy angels in white


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i HATE how j*zen shippers think that bc they’re straight or even LGB cis women that its okay to fetishize gay men and gay sex

like… why do these cis women insist on forcing gay men into heteronormative relationship roles and force one character to be “feminine” and whiny and submissive while the other is “masculine” and detached and dominant. why do you have to do that. why does the entire crux of this ship revolve around sex. why do you have to make two characters that dislike each other have a violent and aggressive relationship almost entirely focused on violent, dehumanizing, unsafe sex

these are two characters that are very much dominant “alpha males” but because y'all are demons and everything has to fit with your yaoi tropes you force one to be a whiny submissive, and of course that has to be the one that is shown to be more emotional and gets defensive and angry more. you’re literally reinforcing negative masculinity stereotypes - cool, detached, and aggressive is seen as positive and masculine, while getting angry or emotional is seen as negative and feminine and needs to be punished. fuck canon character traits, you just need to see these men get fucked in a humiliating and aggressive way until they stop complaining about how they don’t like it, don’t want it, and don’t like the other person, am i right?

yeah, you’re gross. that’s fucking rape. i have yet to see any j*zen art or writing that doesn’t involve zen protesting or rejecting Jumin’s advances in some way. i literally saw a piece of fanart with Jumin aggressively fucking zen and zen saying “it hurts…” and jumin being like “you can take it, my pretty little kitten” and forcing him to keep accepting the pain. that’s fucking awful. what was even worse was the thousands of notes with girls going “omg….*nosebleed*” and “omg this is so hot” and “yes i love the gay sin!!!!!” all of y'all are homophobes. you’re no better than men who masturbate to lesbian porn.

someone protesting or objecting to someone else’s advances does not mean they’re secretly in love with them and are trying to deny their feelings. in this case, which is actually canon in the fucking game, it’s because they actually dislike the other person and have a problem with them. to constantly invoke these tropes and claim that “denial = secretly wants it” is a perpetuation of rape culture and means you condone rape and dubious consent.

im honestly considering making an anti-j*zen week dedicated to educating these women on why their behavior is not okay and contributes to homophobia and the objectification of gay men :/ and how when ppl point that out it’s not “bullying” and you need to take responsibility for your shitty actions

i bet you more than half of j*zen shippers are obsessed with k*lling stalking and ship sangb*m, because what else can you expect from violent homophobes who like seeing gay men suffer and get abused

I rewatched the clip and saw this

I googled 96:14 to find the verse on Quran:

After they go another conversation with Quran verses, this time in English which I found interesting

After that she gets angry about the screen shots that Sana posted to his brothers Facebook. It seems that they were some kind of friends or Jamilla looked and protected Sana when she used to get bullied in Ura (the school she went before, the bullying is quit well presented on Ikke snake til meg clip). So when Sana got to the high school she wanted to change, “become” Norwegian by finding new friends and getting involved with Russ. Like showing to herself that she is Norwegian and that islam won’t stop her from experiencing things but most of all it was a way for her get friends. There are no other -99 muslims or at least we haven’t seen any of them. 
Now her relationship with girl squad is breaking up so she is thinking Jamilla again and reconsidering her choices of looking out for Norwegian friends and not islam-girls. Everything that people had warned Sana about is becoming true. She trusted those girls with her heart which must have been hard and now one-by-one she can see them turning against her. 
I hope Sana contacts Jamilla again and gets some good advice from her to get back on those bitches.