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I feel like after a few days or a week stuck with Hamilton, Burr would run away for a while. Like Hamilton got to learn a lot about Burr, but he still took advantage. I need Hamilton to grovel at Burr's feet!! Burr deserves better!

he really does deserve better. In Hamilton’s defense, it’s a bit of a weird situation, plus he’s in a not-great state of mind right now due to pre-story events.

 It takes probably a good full day or so before Burr is worn down enough to explain how he literally physically can’t leave, thus revealing himself. After that it’s equal parts amusement and fascination for Hamilton. But once the weekend passes and it actually makes Burr miss a day or two of work (which obviously really bothers Burr because it edges the situation past annoying hijinks into actual abduction territory) Hamilton of course lets him go. It’s not like the little burr au where Hamilton wasn’t seeing Burr as a person- he very much knows here that Burr is a person and so it ends much sooner. 

Burr is freaked out by it of course and keeps his distance for a long while. This is good because there is an in-story reason that Hamilton is trying to fix his boredom and loneliness with a reluctant Burr instead of the squad, and being unable to use burr as a surrogate friend for the time being will force hamilton to sort himself out.

  Someone so far unmentioned may or may not be why burr doesn’t cut all ties, fake his death, and run for the hills.

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Personally think Robert may be a little niave about the situation. Thinking they would get away with some touch. Its far far too big a risk though.

roberts never actually been to prison though, so I suppose he’s fairly naive when it comes to what way you should act there? like he wouldn’t be massively aware of the repercussions for aaron I imagine (otherwise it wouldn’t be his first response to seeing him)

his naivety makes it interesting though if you ask me? because he’s still relatively ~~ new ~~ to being in a relationship with a man (going off what we see in the show, aarons the only man he’s been in a relationship with) so now he’s comfortable with touching him in public all the time but that’s been taken away from them because of aaron being in prison

idk his naivety makes sense from a storyline point of view I think

//I would like to bring up the fact that Aaron is the one that started to get Daryl to come back out of his shell.

It wasn’t Rick or Carol which one would expect. In the last few episodes we have seen the broken man that Daryl has become instead of what he was. He couldn’t get himself to accept what had happened still, instead curling in on his own feelings.

It wasn’t until Aaron actually started talking to Daryl that he began to show his old self. His accepting, yet caring person. Aaron– a person Daryl had only just met. Aaron, a man who understands being an outcast much like Daryl. He accepted him, even when everyone else in Alexandria didn’t trust the redneck with a crossbow. He saw something that everyone else couldn’t– He saw Daryl as a man who cares but can’t express himself the way he wants. 

Aaron saw a man who is trying so hard to be accepted but can’t change who he is. 



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