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Stop the ‘real Whovian’ and ‘fake Whovian’ debates because the only true and pure Whovians are five year olds who just want to fight imaginary Daleks and pretend their sunglasses are sonic. We are all the interlopers in their fandom and the only reason they haven’t kicked us out yet is because they know the Doctor wouldn’t.

Rose Tyler fan: Martha Jones needs to shut the fuck up. The Doctor belongs to Rose!

Rose Tyler fan: Martha Jones fans need to kill themselves. Donna Noble fans need to kill themselves. River Song fans need to kill themselves. So do fans of Clara and The Ponds.


Rose Tyler fan: Only real Whovians ship TenRose. If no one likes that, they can leave the fandom.

Rose Tyler fan: Martha Jones sucks. She can’t love The Doctor, because he loves Rose!

Me: Rose Tyler is a selfish, entitled blond white girl. She’s spoiled and gets everything she wants. She’s influenced her fans to behave like vicious dogs and attack anyone that supports the not-so-popular companions. I have created a separate blog to vent out my immense rage at the shippers and the character because there is too much anger to put on my main blog, and I want to keep my main blog free of vitriol as not to upset my followers. Rose fans are entitled, privileged special snowflakes that think they should have the world handed to them. They think they deserve happiness above everyone else. They’re spoiled little brats that expect everything in the universe. I can see why they adore this girl; she is the DW equivalent to Barbie and Twilight’s Bella Swan. What a disgusting person.

Rose Tyler fans: *block me*

Me: Oh, yeah, that’s right! Go ahead and block me! That’s just gonna wipe away all your problems, isn’t it? Sure; it’s TOTALLY OKAY for YOU to spew hate and disgust towards anyone who is not your precious Saint Rose Tyler, but when someone else spews it out towards ROSE, your solution is to block them! Block, delete, ignore, whatever. No offering to talk it out. No discussion. Just block, delete and ignore. Yellow-bellied coward. Chicken. That’s right; just block and walk away from the problem so “dear little angelic you” doesn’t have to deal with it. Entitled bitch. Stuck-up prat. It makes you SO BRAVE AND HAPPY to block someone hating on your fan favorite. You’re disgusting. You’re toxic. Cruel and aggressive little shits; that’s what you are. Block the problem and it’ll be all better! Only cowards do that. They don’t even bother to discuss the issue. Like blocking people really helps because it prevents you from talking to people. Well, here’s a reality check, “honey.” One of these days, you’re going to meet someone in person who hates Rose and TenRose as much as I do, and it’ll be a lot harder to block them. You won’t be able to just flip a switch and turn off communication. Grow the hell up. Start talking things over instead of hitting a friggin button. Someone is trying to vent out their frustrations to you, so I hope that one day you have the guts to listen!

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oh wow, this is a tough one - i guess I’d have to say I’d love to write something along the lines of Lead the Way by Clockworkswan but only because Im a lifelong Whovian (I have Dr Who on in the background as Im answering this lol).

id never do it though because it’s so well written that I just wouldn’t be capable of doing it justice….


       So let me explain this. This is a final painting for the course at my school which is a painting only course. In grade 10 I saw final year students paint their paintings and I fell in love. I was only a Whovian and Supernaturalist at the time and I told myself I was going to paint David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. In grade 11 I started watching Sherlock and just fell for Cumberbatch’s performance. No actor has ever gotten my attention so much only David, but I was still keen on painting him at the time. In grade 12 I changed my mind. I observed the show more closely and saw the beautiful contrasts of light and darkness. Not only were the writers and actors remarkably talented so were the directors and camera men/women. Light and darkness are important to the show, it displays the gradation of one life to another. It also explains a lot of Sherlock and I found Benedict’s face to be strangely beautiful. At first he may look odd but to an artist the shapes and colours become something magnificent. Complex and alluring. I found after I painted him, to be something so special and very attractive. For someone to get my attention and give me the power to paint and expand my knowledge proves that Mr. Cumberbatch is not only intelligent and a wonderful actor but an inspiration too. Thank you:)

    So during the time I was painting I wanted to really learn how a painting became a painting, soI took pictures of the process. For most of the course I struggled and mostly cried (lol it was a pain in the butt) but I got through with wonderful friends. One such as Poplerpig. Always hard working this artist doesn’t stop but will for friends who fall. She pushes them back up and makes sure they stay there. Also to my friend Diana who is also the same, but a kick ass painter, so proud of her. And my friend Kassidie the cutest cookie in town. She knows whats up and always made the mood better when it was sticky. She’s a fighter and cares so much about her friends, I’m glad to be one. Also a major shout out to my teacher Mr. Drew whose the best art teacher in the world. Lastly to the fandom, thank you. You guys, this site makes my day puts a smile on my face, it goes to show that fandoms aren’t just fandoms, but families. Thank you.


I have only been a Whovian for about a year. Matt was my first ‘Real Time’ regeneration and I stayed up till 4am to see Peter announced as the new Doctor. I watched all the 'NuWho’ in 2 weeks, before watching all the older Who’s in about a month. My bestfriend and I had a Pizza party at 5am during the 50th special which was my first 'Real Time’ episode.

I was always skeptical about watching Doctor Who, I knew bits and pieces about it, as anyone does. Ask anyone in the world what a Tardis or Dalek is and they will probably know. But it didn’t peak my interest, the concept didn’t scream out my name. So I never gave it a chance. My best friend was one of the biggest fans I knew. I remember about 4 years ago her coming to school with red and puffy eyes, and when I asked her what was wrong she told me it was because 'David Tennant had regenerated into Matt Smith last night’. I had no idea what she was going on about, but I just hugged her and smiled because I was a friend, secretly wondering why she was crying over a show (When I watched David regenerate into Matt I used an entire box of tissues and properly cried.) After years of nagging me, and making Doctor Who references I never understood, I agreed to watch 1 episode, 'Rose’.

She had always said to me 'Matt will be your Doctor I guarantee it, his personality as The Doctor is just so you’, I am studying to be an actor and she said he is brilliant. But she wouldn’t let me watch a Matt episode as my one, it had to be Rose because 'I want you to wonder what Matt is like so you have to keep watching.’ I did keep watching, I couldn’t stop watching, 3 days after I watched 'Rose’ I was still thinking about how amazing Christopher Ecceleston was, so I watched more, then David came and I couldn’t stop, I knew Matt was coming and I was excited. When Matt became the Doctor I knew he was mine, my friend was right, he was just me. When he said 'Nobody human has anything to say to me today’ I got chills, I had never gotten chills from a TV show before. I spent my days and nights thinking about Doctor Who, having Doctor Who sleepovers with my friend. I even got tally marks tattoed on my arm to represent the Silents. I also met Arthur Darvill on my 19th birthday and nearly died. I can honestly say this show has touched my heart, all the companions, all the Doctor’s from Hartnell to soon to be Capaldi have made me laugh and cry (especially Matt when he regenerated i was inconsolable and I now have a T-Shirt with his last line on it). It is truly an amazing show and everything I own has some small DW reference on it.

My friend always brags to me that I owe her for showing me the best thing in my life. 

It’s smaller on the outside!”
“Okay. That’s a first.
—  Clara and the 11th Doctor
Things I realize while watching Jessica Jones #7

Jessica saying “You are not ten anymore” made whovians (including me) all over the world to first laugh and then cry.

I miss 10th.


Good, Now I’ll sound like a crazy girl saying that I feel sad about Kilgrave’s death, not really because of him (He was a sick son of a bitch) but because of the 10th doctor…

Whovians understand me, right? (please do!)


Seeing as I’ve only been a Whovian for about three years now, I can only imagine what a long time Whovian’s reaction was when they watched this back in 2005. I’d imagine that they wouldn’t be quite sure what it was for until the TARDIS console was shown, and then they probably definitely knew what it was when the *Doo-weee-ooooo* played, along with the Dalek. I can then imagine them overflowing with excitement and joy.