only a whovian

Stop the ‘real Whovian’ and ‘fake Whovian’ debates because the only true and pure Whovians are five year olds who just want to fight imaginary Daleks and pretend their sunglasses are sonic. We are all the interlopers in their fandom and the only reason they haven’t kicked us out yet is because they know the Doctor wouldn’t.

@alaska-riversong replied to your post “Want to have other women that love some era of Doctor Who constantly…”

I wore my Tardis Christmas sweater to the grocery store last weekend and I had at least 6 people tell me how much they liked it. I thought I was the only Whovian in town. BTW sweet coat.

This is how we smoke each other out, apparently!

Maybe if you wear more Whovian clothes you can get people to sign a petition to get a Wizard World-esque convention in your neck of the woods!

Things I realize while watching Jessica Jones #7

Jessica saying “You are not ten anymore” made whovians (including me) all over the world to first laugh and then cry.

I miss 10th.


Good, Now I’ll sound like a crazy girl saying that I feel sad about Kilgrave’s death, not really because of him (He was a sick son of a bitch) but because of the 10th doctor…

Whovians understand me, right? (please do!)

It’s smaller on the outside!”
“Okay. That’s a first.
—  Clara and the 11th Doctor