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theres a post going around saying how you should NOT get a parrot even if you are a dedicated owner. i do not personally agree and am actually a bit mad at the way they portray parrots, almost teaching people to fear them. whats your stance on it?

If you’re referring to pepperandpals’ post, I agree with it. Had you asked me this question a few years ago I would probably say otherwise but after all the experience, knowledge and dedication I’ve put in to learning I no longer believe that parrots should be sold in the pet trade under most conditions.

You haven’t a clue how many birds get mistreated, left with dowel perches, no UV lighting, small cages, seed only diets, forced to aggress, get placed in homes with teflon products, and end up living miserably with these people up until their lives end way earlier than they should have.  Too many people think that exotics are just that, exotic, a decoration, something to brag about and end up not actually caring for it as much as they should.  Too many people believe that they’re doing right or don’t need to be doing more and as a result the bird suffers.

When it comes to people who do do their research, have previous hands on experience and really care for a bird the best they can, it’s rarely ever enough when you compare, and the average person is not able to provide that sort of lifestyle for them.  Using myself as an example, I spend all day with my birds, I spend all my time adding things to environment, switching up diets, giving them exercise, mentally stimulating them, cage cleaning, rearranging the bird room, it’s no exaggeration when I say I spend a solid 12 hours that they’re awake caring for them and then spend the whole evening trying to think of ways to improve the care I’m giving them for tomorrow.  Despite how hard I try, how much research and how much i provide it never feels like enough.  because it isn’t enough.

I do my best to show you guys all the work I put in to caring for my little girls, I constantly receive messages telling me how amazing I am for giving these birds this life and all the work I put in to them but in all honesty, you guys don’t see the half of it.  You don’t see the thousands of hours of research I put in to every aspect of their life, their diets, their housing, their natural foraging experiences, safe plants, cleaning, moulting habits, behavioural situations, space division, possession, territory layouts, and so much more go on on a daily basis.  You don’t see all the work I have to do to make sure that these highly territorial species doesn’t fight and kill one another so that I can continue to have them both out as much as possible, only having them out one at a time would take away so much space and enjoyment from their lives.   You don’t see the vet bills, the preparation, the stress reducing, you don’t see the costs, the time, the energy that goes in to trying to keep them happy.  You all seem to have this idea that the care I give my birds is way beyond exceeding expectations but let me tell you something, what I do I consider to be bare minimum.

All the effort, expenses, time, and work is absolutely necessary for them to be content with a captive lifestyle, if I was away at school or work full time I would consider this care to be subpar, to be inadequate, they would be unhappy with that lifestyle because that’s not what they’re designed for. They are not meant to live this way and not everyone has the time, space, personality or tolerance necessary to care for them the way they deserve.

This is a parrotlet’s natural habitat


This is my parrotlets’ habitat

Can you look at those and tell me that they can possibly be perfectly content and happy this way without the time and effort I put in to it?

Can you tell me that a bird so intelligent, so so smart can be removed from that environment and so perfectly adapt without any problems?

Can you look at this bird and tell me that they’re happy with this lifestyle?

Plucking is a behaviour that only happens in captivity it has never been recorded in the wild.  Plucking is a behaviour caused by boredom, understimulation, stress, inadequate diet, and sometimes even happens just because they’re depressed.

You can not tell me that parrots are happier this way, you can not possibly tell me that taking something so perfectly adapted to a single lifestyle, perfectly designed to fly forever is okay having that removed.  You will never be able to convince me that something perfectly designed to work with flight will be happy to have them chopped off for human enjoyment.  My own Mia used to be clipped because she was from a store, my own Mia was depressed because of it, she did not move very much, she did not want to play with toys, she did not want to interact with people, she was miserable that way.  But people wouldn’t notice that, they would dismiss it as the bird’s personality or just adapting or some other excuse to ignore the fact that the bird is having a horrific time.  You will never be able to convince me that this:

is healthier or more beautiful than this

I’ve already had to make a separate post on why being clipped is so detrimental to their health even though it’s such a common practice. And I’ve made a separate post on all the work that has to go in to keeping a bird safe.

you will never convince me that being captive is healthy.

Parrots are a full time job, they are not a pet, they are not a decoration, they are not a toy, they are not a phase, they’re a commitment and a hell of a big one.  Birds should not be readily available in pet stores, owners should have to go through tests to see if they’re capable of providing a stimulating environment for the ones that already stuck in this trade.  I think that breeding should be focused on maintaining health and maintaining the survival of species such as the endangered blue throated macaws and I think that species such as hyacinths, or cockatoos shouldn’t be in homes at all.  Keeping those birds isn’t a matter or giving them an enriching life, it’s a matter of doing your best to prevent them from suffering. 

In this world ignorance is bliss, a few years ago I would have thought just the same as you, I believed it’s just a bird it’s sold in a store it will be just fine.  But as soon as you learn, as you soon as you see all the harm and the suffering these birds go through you’ll change your mind.  

If you are a dedicated owner, if you have the experience and knowledge you should have before you even get a bird a pet store wouldn’t even be an option.  There’s a reason that every reputable person, blogger, trainer, or other animal worker will always consider adopting before all else, it certainly isn’t a coincidence that the most educated refuse pet stores.  Breeding has resulted in so many god damned problems, I’m certain you’ve heard of the feather duster budgies caused by poor breeding or the numerous parrot hybrids, while pretty they serve no purpose.

I’m certain some of you saw this post going around featuring the feather duster budgies? Do you have any idea how many comments said “I want one”?  These birds are a genetic failure, their feathers keep growing and never stop until they die, they either die from overheating, they can’t breathe, they can’t walk to make it to food so they starve or are generally crushed under the weight.

The fact of the matter is that birds aren’t designed for this lifestyle, they are not domesticated they are wild they retain all that natural behaviour all those natural needs, they bite, they scream, they fly, they make a mess, they destroy things, they’re active, and demanding, the average person, and I’d go as far as to say a solid 70% of most bird owners, can not handle their care. How many times have you read “my bird won’t stop screaming”, “I’m considering getting rid of my bird”, “my bird won’t stop biting”, “my bird only likes one person”, “my bird hates me”, “i can’t afford this vet bill”, “I don’t want to buy a UV light or a filter”, a lot, right?

All of those problems happen because people didn’t do their research, they didn’t know how to handle the bird, how to react to the problems when they started showing up, they didn’t know what to look for they were unprepared for the care that they need.

The majority of birds from pet stores and breeders suffer, by the time they make it to 2 years old and they start acting like proper adults they get sent to shelters.  When they become adults they don’t take shit from anyone, they have 0 tolerance for your foolishness and lash out when you ignore their body language. People don’t want a bird that wants to be treated with respect, they want one that will sit there, do tricks, talk, and look cute when they want it to, they don’t want mutual trust, they want obedience and don’t want to work to get it.

I don’t care how good of an owner you think you are, once you stop blocking out everything you’ll see the damage the pet trade has on these birds and your mind will change.  It’s not a coincidence that the most educated or experienced will advise you against buying pet store birds or breeder birds and I sincerely hope you listen to them.

I know I will certainly never purchase a bird from a breeder or a store, I hope you won’t either.


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It’s hard to draw a comparison where there shouldn’t be one.  The thing is, Henry is a human being, with human proportions – to put him next to his toon self is gonna look odd no matter which way you slice it… because as a cartoon, his proportions are all completely different.

Theoretically, his height shouldn’t change.  After all, he’s still the same guy.  What’s changing about him are his proportions and if you made him the same height with cartoony proportions, well… his cartoon self would look like a freak.  

If the ‘toons were to be given realistic, humanlike proportions, they’d be the same height to his human self comparatively.  But because they DON’T have realistic proportions when coming into the real world, well… certain things change on the way out, let’s say.  It’s not that Henry becomes taller – it’s that the toons actually become SMALLER, while retaining their original proportions.

And thanks to comparing Henry to the height of the ‘toons between the inked studio and reality, it’s possible to draw a height comparison between Henry and his ‘toon self.

Yes, the ‘toons are conspicuously oddly-proportioned in the real world.  People DO notice that their heads and hands are unusually large when compared to real humans, especially for their statures.  Even Alice, the only one who could theoretically get away with disgusing herself as a very small human, still has difficulty because of this.

(I threw in some bonuses because I felt like it.  Maybe soon I’ll add in the height for Joey, and some of the others who fell victim to the studio.)

The Protector | Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

A/N: There may be a couple of spoilers throughout this. I promise I will be writing more Teen Wolf fics soon, I’m just so in love with Steve at the minute. Enjoy, leave feedback please! As well, I feel the need to point out, no one has any permission to post my imagines elsewhere.


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The brown eyed beauty collapsed onto the couch, hands swinging behind his head as a sigh escaped his pink full lips. The dish towel that he had been holding dropped onto his lap, and you smiled when the first thing he did was stretch his hands out to you, gesturing for you to come over to him. You lowered yourself onto his lap, his arms tightening around your torso and his head fell into the crook of your neck. “Why are kids so difficult?” Steve muttered, the humming of his lips tickling your skin.

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Undercover Cops/Warning for Drug Blogs 6/13/17

Hey everyone sorry for not posting on here for the last week, I’ve been laying low after a frightening incident that happened to me regarding undercover police and someone I met here off Tumblr. Yes, police are targeting people (drug users primarily) on here by making blogs that have nothing on them (no reblogs, no personal content, not following any other blogs but Tumblr Staff and YOU) and messaging drug addicts in private telling them that if we help them score they will give us money/let us keep like half the amount of stuff they’re asking for, etc.

I was debating on whether or not I should post this since the person this is about doesn’t know I know they’re a cop/working for cops, but I want to keep everyone on here safe from this kind of stuff happening to them, so I might as well share my experience.

Basically a blog on here that had nothing posted on their blog and that wasn’t following anyone except for me and Tumblr Staff (two key sketchy signs right there) messaged me asking for help getting H saying that they had just moved from out of state and needed help with a new connect and offered me close to $100 each time for helping them. It seemed sketchy but I desperately needed the money, so I decided to help.

I met with them twice before the third time, being extremely cautious the first two times (watching my surroundings, asking important questions, sending someone else to bring the stuff back to them instead of me, etc.). Then on the third time they asked for a much larger amount than they had asked for the first two times (which is something cops trying to do an undercover buy do, they buy a couple of decent sized amounts and then on buy number three they buy a large amount and try to pop you with it when you return back to them with it.)

On buy three I carefully watched my surroundings. I noticed undercover cop cars around keeping an eye on me, after I walked off I had a bad feeling.

I got a confirmation that my sketched out feelings were right when while the person was waiting on me to come back with dope my friend that knew what I was doing gave me a call and told me that they were over in the area that that person I’m helping is in and that there’s over 5 cop cars and a drug task force vehicle waiting on me to come back so they could bust me. There was also unmarked vehicles with cops looking out the window with binoculars driving up and down the streets looking for where I went. I’m not going to say what happened after this in case the person I wrote this about finds it. I did the smart thing and decided to be safe instead of sorry.


I’ve met probably close to 20 people off of Tumblr, some just to hang out, some for whatever else, and none of them were sketchy people until this last incident.

DON’T HELP BLOGS THAT ARE NEW AND DON’T HAVE ANY CONTENT ON THEM! (aka no reblogs, no personal content, only following you and Tumblr staff or a very unusually small handful of people.)


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If anyone has anymore questions about avoiding these types of situations, about signs and tips on how to spot an undercover cop, or anything else feel free to message me privately. The area I’m in recently hired 110 more undercovers to do drug busts right now, I’m sure Seattle isn’t the only place with this sort of thing going on right now.

PLEASE, PLEASE BE SAFE EVERYONE. A get well, a high, or a chunk of cash isn’t worth a felony and your freedom.

Please reblog this message so everyone in the drug community on here can see this and be made aware. Tumblr isn’t always a “safe place” like we would like to think it is.

Plutonian people are more intelligent than you’d assume and often underestimated for their knowledge and intellect.

Saturn influenced people are not always “dry”; many have a good sense of humor but not everyone gets it

Sagittarius dominance/Jupiter dominant people love teaching others something new, even small things

Venusians and Mercurians have a very good taste in fashion/art/films

Virgos have a very unique and appealing style

Pisces dominants/Neptune dominants make amazing creative writers due to their unique and big imaginations

Taurus may seem stubborn but they have a whole lot of love they only show to a select few.

Gemini/Mercury dominants are very good with their hands and doing hands-on projects

Capricorn and Aries like to keep busy

Moon dominants are the most understanding people

Uranus influenced people have more active minds than you think

Solarians make good politicians or leaders

The earth signs are the most self-critical

Long Way Down // Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of everything really

The end had finally come and despite the amount of time you spent preparing for it, it still felt like a punch in your stomach. The knot in your throat was painful and your lungs still struggled for air to breathe. Tears clouded your eyes and turned your vision blurry until his face was unrecognizable.

“You’re a coward,” you cried. “A fucking coward!”

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Star Wars Preference – Them Having a Crush on You Would Include

Star Wars Preference – Them Having a Crush on You Would Include

AN: These are the only characters I will write for for this preference. 


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- Anakin would be instantly drawn to you; he’d just see you and know you’re the one.

- He’d be so easy-going and quiet around you; he’d just be incredibly sweet when it came to you.

- He would always make sure to compliment you and have you know how important you are.

- Prepare to see his lil smirk all the time.

- He would definitely deny having feelings for you but everyone would know he does.

- Anakin would be extremely protective of you, even if you aren’t around. Even if someone just mentions your name, he’ll be there and be making sure they’re not speaking badly of you.

- He has a short temper though and it’d become obvious to you that he has a crush on you when he starts getting annoyed when he sees someone flirting with you.

- He’s literally just so ready to fight anyone that.

- Anakin really likes just being in the same room as you as being around you brings a lot of comfort to him.

- He also does little touches and things when he gets the chance; maybe just place his hand on the small of your back or brush his fingers against yours.

- He knows he shouldn’t be falling in love with you but he finds it impossible not to. He’d even find himself lying awake at night just thinking about you and knowing it’s wrong.

- Being one of the very few people that Anakin trusts.

- When you’re alone he never stops talking because he just feels so comfortable around you and enjoys being with you.

- In the end, he’d make the first move and just kiss you. He doesn’t have to say anything more for you to know that he has feelings for you.


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- Bodhi is already a flustered person but when he’s around you, he can barely walk straight.

- He’s usually relaxed around you and enjoys talking with you because you actually listen to him and seem to enjoy talking to him as much as he enjoys talking to you.

- But at times, he can be extremely shy and if you say something to him all he can do as a response is give you a silly smile and blush.

- He’d drop everything to help you or talk to you; this has proven to be annoying to those around him who he’s actually meant to be helping but leaves to go to you.

- Everyone knows that he likes you and would constantly offer him advice and just grin at him whenever they saw you and Bodhi talking.

- Both of you would reach out to each other whenever you needed some comforting.

- He’s very self-conscious and wouldn’t believe that you could ever have feelings for someone like him.

- Even though he believes that you couldn’t like him back, he will still give his best efforts to make sure you know just how special and wonderful you are.

- You’re the only person that Bodhi will tell his nightmares to. You always assure him he’s a good man – he appreciates hearing that from you.

- He’s very shy but sometimes he has the courage to give you a small hug or squeeze your hand.

- He’ll think about these small touches forever.

- He does stupid things when he’s distracted by you and gets shit from people like Baze and Cassian about it because he’s whipped.

- Can just be a generally dopey mess around you.

- Chirrut, Baze, Cassian and Jyn just end up hounding you and try to figure out if you like Bodhi back; this ends up being a dead giveaway to you that Bodhi may have feelings for you.


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- Cassian will always deny having feelings for you. Even if you end up dating, he’ll deny having a feelings for you; he’s a bit funny like that but he’s just been taught to not develop relationships with people because they’re so easy to lose.

- Having this perception is difficult because he his feelings are so deep and intense for you that it’s terrifying to him and he has no idea how to go about them.

- K-2SO has tried to offer him advice on how to make you fall in love with Cassian. Cassian does not appreciate the advice.

- He does make a point of being near you whenever possible though. Not only does it feel him with happiness, he just likes having his eye on you because he doesn’t want anything to happen to you (even when you’re in a perfectly safe environment).

- He will give you nicknames that you have a love/hate relationship with. This is his way of showing affection.

- People can tell that Cassian likes you by the things he says to you – “I trust you, (Y/N)”, “stay safe”, “have you eaten?”, “do you need some help?”.

- You’d think that he’d be somewhat confident when having feelings for people but it’s quite the opposite. He can become shy and reserved and you might even think that he hates you but it’s quite different than that.

- You’re the only one that can call him ‘Cass’

- He definitely refers to you as ‘my girl’ even though you’re technically not

- Always caters to your needs. For example, if you need a new pair of pyjamas Cassian suddenly presents you with one of his old shirts (“you can wear this, if you want”).

- He tries his best to be anything but himself around you. He’s worried that it’ll be too much and you’ll hate it but after a while he realises that you like him for him and that just makes him fall in love with you that bit more.

- The only time he’ll admit to himself that he’s head over heels for you is very late at night when he wakes after a nightmare and realises the only comfort in his life is knowing you’re alive.

- K-2SO being the one that reveals Cassian has feelings for you. You’d be in disbelief until you see Cassian’s reaction and he’s kind of just stumped and speechless so you realise that it’s true.


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- The little dork is so dopey and lovable. You’ll have a collection of things that Finn brings you; flowers, rocks, something he picked up from a market that reminded him of you. He always delivers it to you with a giant smile on his face. 

- People hardcore shipping the two of you and you being oblivious to Finn’s feelings. You just assume that he’s like that with everyone but he’s only like that because you’re around.

- You’re the person that introduces him to a life properly outside of being a Stormtrooper. Well, so you think. Even if other people have showed him, he’ll tell you he hasn’t seen it before so you can show him and he can spend time with you.

- He will always try to protect you even when he’s terrified. You always know that Finn has your back.

- When he’s tired he gets somewhat honest with you. He won’t go as far as confessing his feelings for you but he’ll be very kind and assure you how beautiful you are and that he’d go crazy if anything would happen to you.

- Always knowing you can trust Finn with your secrets and feelings and him believing the same about you

- He gets genuinely surprised whenever you show him kindness and do something sweet for him. You don’t know it but he’ll think about it for so long, he just isn’t used to people being so lovely to him.

- There are always going to be people who are suspicious of Finn since he was once a Stormtrooper; you always defend him and assure him that you believe in him and you know he’s good.

- Probably constantly worries that you’ll never have feelings for him and that you might hate him or that he’s said something stupid. He’s just a ball of anxiety.

- Even if you don’t like him at first, you probably have a lot of love for Finn. It’s hard not to.

-  Tells you that he has feelings for you by accident. It just slips out after a really long day and he more or less makes a run for it after he realises what he says.


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- Han tries to restrain himself from being an ass but it’s so difficult for him to not be.

- Luckily for him though, you always have witty and sarcastic comebacks whenever he’s being a jerk to you or anyone. He loves it and it becomes like a little joke between the two of you.

- You don’t understand why Chewbacca sometimes sasses you but it’s because he’s jealous that Han has feelings for you; although he does really like the idea of the two of you being together. It’s a bit conflicting.

- You kind of know that Han has a crush on you but you decide that it’s best not to do anything until you know Han is ready to have a relationship.  

- You make him a better person; his personality doesn’t exactly change but he’d develop new values and become a stronger person because of you.

- Is very protective you when you’re not looking. If he sees someone staring at you, as soon as you’re out of ear shot he will subtly threaten them.

- Han loves making you blush and smile, it makes him extremely proud of himself.

- He teaches you how to fix ships, using the Millennium Falcon to teach you, and you end up being better than him. He’s kind of annoyed but somewhat delighted.

- He likes distracting you and embarrassing you when you’re trying to be serious, especially if you’re trying to give orders or help with a mission. He’ll just make faces at you until you start laughing and then act as if he can’t figure out why you’re ‘acting so weird’.

- He steals kisses from you whenever he’s about to do something dangerous. You want to be annoyed because you want him to just admit that he likes you but it’s hard to stay angry at Han.

- Han is just a complicated person but you can deal with complicated

- Nothing would officially happen between the two of you until things have calmed down. He’d finally admit to you his feelings and finish telling you by saying “but you already knew that”.


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- You can always calm him down when he gets worked up about things; Kylo is just less hateful when you’re around.

- He will look to you for a second opinion before making a serious decision on something. He trusts you.

- Everyone know that Kylo has feelings for you but they just find it really hard to believe.

- He can be very intense and full on but he will always apologise to you at the end of the day for being so harsh. You don’t tell anyone that he apologises to you though, you understand that he has a ‘reputation’ to uphold.

- Doesn’t hesitate to hurt anyone that even looks at you wrong. You wouldn’t know about this. He doesn’t want you to know that he has feelings for you but you know somewhat the he does like you.

- He has been accused of being too sweet on you and questioned on multiple occasions if he has really turned to the dark side; if he really is like his grandfather.

- Whenever this happens Kylo can lash out at you. You’re very cool and witty whenever this happens.

- He truly believes you’re too good for him and you probably are. He decides to not try to develop a relationship with you.

- That doesn’t stop him from watching you across the room and giving you a small smile.

- He doesn’t try to use the Force on you because he knows that if you want to tell him something, you will.

- Kylo feels somewhat guilty when you see him hurt another person. He pretends he doesn’t. People try and take advantage of having you in the room because they know he likes you so they try and see what they can get away with.

- He wonders if he’s sick or truly going crazy because he has feelings for you. He has asked you very quietly on a few occasions if you think there’s something wrong with him – he doesn’t say it’s because he likes you though.

- He’s seen you when you’re angry and you’re more frightening than he is when he’s angry. It’s even scarier because you rarely get properly angry. This makes him even more attracted to you.

- Kylo has only told you once that he has feelings for you. It was a very quiet time and you somehow managed to be alone. He told you in barely a whisper but you heard him and he knew you did. You didn’t say anything back.


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- Leia likes you because you’re also her best friend.

- She adores you. You can do no wrong in her eyes and she does nothing but support you and try to make you live to your fullest potential.

- She gives people terrifying death stares whenever she notices them underestimating you or perhaps not adoring you as much as she adores you.

- Will always greet you with caf (coffee) or whatever gets you up in the morning.

- When giving briefings and mission orders, she has to look away from you because she can’t be serious whenever you’re in the room. She’ll just start smiling and acting goofy and she kind of hates that you have that effect on her.

- You’re her partner in crime. You and Leia go out late when you’re told to stay inside and explore places without letting anyone know you’re leaving because you know they’ll try to stop you.

- Calling each other stupid nicknames when you’re annoyed with one another.

- You’d probably have a lot of platonic hugging and hand holding because it comforts both of you. It means a lot more to her than you know.

- People probably have bets on when the two of you will get together. Luke has told Leia that she needs to make a move on you soon or else he’ll owe Han money.

- She acts as if she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

- Probably braids your hair and teaches you how to do the braids.

- When Leia tells you that she likes you, you laugh and tell her that it’s about time she admitted that.

- She may smack you for that reaction.


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- Luke practically fell in love with you within seconds of knowing you. He’d just decide that yep, you’re the one for him.

- People realise that he has feelings for you when he starts mentioning if it’d be wrong to change the Jedi code about marriage and being with a partner.

- Has a habit of rambling whenever you’re around, especially when he’s trying to compliment you.

- Always grinning whenever you’re around and he’s often scolded because he happens to be grinning during a serious situation.

- You two would go on adventures together and have private places only the two of you know about.

- You also have countless inside jokes.

- Is just so caring of you and you’d think that he saw you as a little sister because of the way he treated you.

- Luke just wanted to be respectful of you and didn’t want you to think he’s ‘too much’.

- Would go to Leia or Han and say things like “if I hypothetically liked a girl…” and then ask for advice. They always knew he was talking about you.

- Leia coming to you and trying to get you to admit you liked Luke. She’d tell him that you do but he always thought she was saying that just to make him feel better.

- Using the Force to impress you and show you cool tricks.

- Always sensing when something’s wrong and you trusting him enough to confide with him.

- He’s fine with just being your friend. He just wants to be in your life, even if you see him as a brother, friend or protector.

- Luke probably yells at you that he likes you when he’s about to go on a mission. Even though it’s a very dangerous mission, he spends the whole time smiling because you yelled “I like you back, you idiot”.


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- Tries to avoid you after meeting you for the first time because he knows straight away that he won’t be able to stop himself falling in love with you.

- Can’t avoid you. You always bump into each other and he gives in. In fact, he finds he works better after seeing you so he likes to be close to you.

- He lets you pet his beard and play with his hair but makes you promise not to tell anyone (especially Anakin).

- Anakin can tell that Obi-Wan likes you and is relentless when it comes to teasing him. Obi-Wan just smacks him and tells him to shut up.

- Anakin doesn’t shut up though and makes sly jokes about Obi-Wan’s crush on you whenever you’re around.

- He’s very quiet and soft around you. He feels as if he can relax when he’s with you.

- You bicker like an old married couple though.

- He can be bold at times and rather charming. At times like these, he can get very flirty and lovely with you.

- But in the end, Obi-Wan is a gentleman and is very wary of the Jedi code. He may flirt a lot but won’t make a move on you because he knows he’d like it too much and he won’t be able to stop himself.

- You’d just end up confronting him and get him to confess that he likes you.


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- Be prepared for Poe to adore you

- If you’re shy, he’ll just adore you even more

- He wants you to be comfortable though. He’ll never push you to like him or do anything that you don’t want to do; he just wants to spend time with you.

- It will become a habit for Poe to hold your hand during mission briefings. You never talk about the fact you do that though.

- He gives you cheek and forehead kisses whenever you achieve something to congratulate you.

- Poe just will support you through everything and always cheers you on, even if you’re doing the smallest of things. You want to have a lazy day? Yeah, you do that! You want to draw a picture like a little kid? Good for you!

- He gives you his jacket all the time. Doesn’t even second guess it, he just puts it over your shoulders to wear.

- Comes to you after he has nightmares because of the missions he’s gone through, especially after being captured by the First Order. You’re the only person he trusts to confide in.

- Flies you around and takes you on small trips to get your mind off the war.

- Can make a fool of himself around you.

- You have no idea why some women (and men) keep acting like their jealous of you. Everyone knows Poe likes you; they can see the way he looks at you and wants him to look at them that way.

- Whenever something bad happens, he runs to you straight away to make sure you’re okay. You’re his priority.

- Leia is practically a mother to him and will talk to you about him, encouraging you to go on a date with him.

- You’ll tell Poe about this and he’ll get all flustered and embarrassed but you assure him that it’s fine; you kind of guessed that he liked you but you didn’t expect to find out through General Organa.

- In all realness, Leia was just sick of neither of you doing anything. She also had a bet with a few members of the Resistance on when you two would get together and time was running out.


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- Rey has no idea what having a crush is meant to feel like but she knows the way she feels about you is different to how she feels about other people. It’s romantic.

- You’d think maybe she resents you but she doesn’t. She just isn’t sure how to go about having feelings for someone and even starts observing couples to help her.

- Seriously, there wouldn’t be much of a lead up to you finding out that Rey likes you. She’d just approach you and say she likes you but not in the way she likes Poe or Leia and she isn’t sure what she’s meant to do about it.

- Rey is so cute so you’d laugh and have no problem in helping her figure out what she should do. You tell her about dating and crushes and she thinks it’s amazing – she kind of knew about all this sort of stuff but not to this extent.

- You’d discover just how intelligent and powerful Rey is and you’d develop a friendship and go out on dates to show her what couples do.

- She’d pick flowers for you and always excitedly tell you about her day and then very solemnly tell you about her life on Jakku.

- So she doesn’t really go through the stage of crush to relationship. You just end up being together and no one thinks twice about it. You’re like her other half and she’s yours. Rey is always teaching you new things and you’re always teaching her new things – you balance each other out.

Sweet Punishment (M)

Im Jaebum | JB (Got7) x Reader 

Word Count: 5845

Genre: Smut [DaddyDom/Submissive Relationship]

“Are you serious?” Jaebum asked incredulously, eyes wide.

“Yes, I am,” You responded confidently, “and you are not going to do anything about it. Are you, Daddy?”

The car was heavy with tension as you sat a red light, the clock nearing midnight, and you felt as though your body was buzzing with electricity. Jaebum’s presence felt heavy and suffocating next to you. All you wanted to do was reach across the center console and make contact with any open skin you could get your fingers on. You needed to feel him, and if you didn’t soon you were sure you would combust. But, with the way you acted at dinner you knew better than to touch him. You were “in trouble” as he put it. You scoffed at the thought.

“What is so funny over there?” Jaebum asked, turning his head for you for a second before returning his eyes to the road.

“Oh, nothing is funny over here,” You replied.

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Acting - Dylan O’Brien (Smut)

Song: Alessia Cara - Wild Things

Rating: MA (17+ for Explicit Content)

Pairing: Reader x Dylan O’Brien

Word Count: 3,191

Warning: Exhibitionism(sort of), Oral (M>F), NSFW


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Addicted. {Mafia & Soulmate AU) Part 1

Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe. 

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU, Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, violence, substance abuse, mature themes, strong language

Word count: 4,085

Summary: Suga, the Stealth and Weapons guy of Bangtan meets his Soulmate with a bang. He’d grown up believing in the idea of finding the person he was destined to be with and won’t let her get away. Even if she’s addicted, he’s determined to help her. He just wants to save his Blue girl.

You were fucked up. You were incoherent at this point, but goddamn did you fucking love it. Getting messed up, doing what you want… it was the lifestyle you had adapted to. As a child, you were the star of your parents lives. Straight A’s, sports, clubs… Everything to the nines as a privileged baby. When you left for school it all changed. You found drugs. You found alcohol. You found a love in breaking rules.

Right now you were cruising down a highway with your roommates. You’d moved off of campus for your junior year into this shitty apartment that you could all barely afford. There were four of you and right now you were all high as fuck. They were just high, but you… you were so twisted. Scotch whiskey never tasted better than on a fall day. They kept going on about the color of your hair today and how vibrant it looked. It was a normal golden brown, but you wouldn’t even know. Your brown was the color of grey.

His blue must have been grey. He definitely had it worse, not being able to see the clear skies or waters that were all around. It was terrible, not being able to see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you saw them. Some people were denied the most beautiful sights until they ran into their soul mate. You were lucky- it was just a brown. Well, gold. Throughout your life you’d gotten all of the gold medals, but they didn’t really mean too much as they were just a plain grey.

It was all dumb, the way this world worked. Predetermined things deciding your fate… fucking insane.

You were at your high, windows all rolled down, smoking a blunt into the sunset. Throwbacks were blasting through the car as were the sounds of other cars, driving into the distance. You were happy. Laughing, singing. Everything was good. It was always good.

Then there it was. A moment of eye contact as you passed a black van. He had blonde hair and beautiful eyes. It was a brief few seconds, but you saw it. The specs of gold in his eyes that looked bored. He looked out the window to avoid whoever he was with. He was met with your eyes. Met with a fate.

He was intense. Min Yoongi was the most intense man he knew, as chided by everyone around him. Bangtan. The name of his gang that ruled the streets around them. He wasn’t in charge, but he wasn’t to be messed with. He stood almost 5’10 and this month his hair was blonde to throw off the allure that he was Bangtan’s baddest boy.

They’d just come back from a shootout. There were three of them in the car as of now and he sat shotgun while his friend Jin drove and Taehyung sat in the back. They were listening to old school Eminem and the two of them were rapping. They were shitty in his opinion, but he wasn’t in the mood to be vocal.  He just looked out as they passed the other cars, until his attention was drawn away. The first car on the highway to pass them revealed the most beautiful color his eyes had ever seen. Blue.

The world around him changed in the brief moment and suddenly the grey color in the sky was blue. It faded into the sunset, but he saw it. He saw the color of Jin’s jeans and the color of the car in front of them as it sped on by.

“Drive faster.” He demanded.

“What the fuck, dude?”

“Catch that blue car. I can see it. Catch that blue car.” And Jin stepped on it. Tae tried to buckle his seat belt, but instead he found himself struggling and flailing around the car. He eventually got it down.

Your friends were fucking confused. You went on and on about how you saw the color brown now, but they didn’t quite comprehend. None of you thought to try to flag down the other car, but then it hit you. The black van he was in hit your friends blue convertible. The four of you were stunned at first. You flew forward, the windshield broke with your weight being thrown threw it and you felt yourself bleeding. Your friends were both fine and the other car looked okay too. Her car was fine, other than the windshield you shattered. Your eyes dropped to the ground.

Feet were suddenly in view. There were black boots the cut off around the ankles and a pale white hand reached out to cup your face. Now, you could see the sunset. In front of that beautiful sight, was another one. His eyes bore into yours and he studied them. He didn’t pay attention to how hurt you were, he just looked into your eyes. Then he reached out and picked you up. It was so weird, being as incoherent as you were in this life changing situation, but he didn’t even notice.

You guessed he was blaming your state on the crash, but then you threw up on his black boots. Maybe then he got the picture.  You couldn’t even lift your head up to marvel at the new sight, but this was him. He’d understand if you vomited on his shoes. Maybe.

You woke up in a dark room in new clothes. Your body hurt, fuck it really fucking hurt. “Was I kidnapped?” Your broken voice surprised you, but not as much as the other voice in the room.

“No.” It was brash and deep. He sounded- tired. “It’s me- you don’t know me, but… it’s me.”

The light flickered on and he came into view. He wasn’t as tall as you’d pictured him, but he was taller than you. His skin was a milky white and his hair was blonde, but you could almost sense it wasn’t natural. He wore all black, except for his grey socks. Maybe he’d confused them with blue when he put them on; Before he had  met eyes with his soulmate.

You two locked eyes for a moment and he scrunched his nose. His demanding, scary aura faded as he smiled and reached out to rub a fresh cut on your cheek. “Y/N.” you spoke, reaching up to touch his fingers. A vibrant shock flew through both of your bodies, but you kept your hand uptop his.

“Yoongi- But nobody calls me Yoongi. It’s Suga to the rest of the world.” His voice was full of secrets that he seemed full well ready to expose to you. That name seemed familiar and you had recalled hearing something about the nefarious Suga and Bangtan Gang. You never really got involved with that shit, even though it was big in the town you now lived in. Your own life was complex enough without watching people die all of the time due to rivalry and drugs- you preferred to stay out of it.

“What am I supposed to call you?” Your voice was small. All of this was new and the only thing that was set in your moment was that you wanted to throw up again. And get high. You had a problem. Literally. “I’d like to call you Yoongi.”

“That’s fine.” his response was quick, “I’m not going to call you Y/N in front of people. I don’t want them to know your name. I’ll call you Blue in front of people.”

“Suga and Blue?” You couldn’t even make some snarky response because of how ill you felt at the moment. Your head was close to his and his hand was still on your face. You brought it forward to touch your forehead to his. “I don’t feel well.” you whispered.

His face was straight. “Nervous?” he looked prideful.

“No, I’m deprived.” he furrowed his eyebrow, obviously confused. “I- I don’t have a problem.” Classic excuse. “I just need something.” He was still confused, maybe he hadn’t figured out that you were fucked up earlier and that’s why you threw up. He probably thought it was from the car crash. The crash. “Where are my friends?”

“They went back home. We’ve purchased them a new identical vehicle. They’re fine.” He stood up and stretched his back. You guessed he was here for hours just watching you passed out. Maybe making sure you didn’t vomit in your sleep and choke to death within hours of meeting him. “Now, what do you need?”

It almost pained you to say it. You weren’t embarrassed ever except for some reason he was making you seem like you should be. He was in a gang, he dealt with drugs and violence every day. It was almost a surprise how he hadn’t gotten one look at you and know you had a problem. “I’m sorry.” you pulled your legs in close to your chest, biting onto the inside of your lip. “I just need to go- to go home.”

“To that shitty apartment you live in? With too many people, no personal space?” he scoffed and walked over to you, grabbing for your hand. “No. You’re gonna live with me from now on.”

You followed his pull, almost afraid of his harsh words. “No? You’re my soulmate Yoongi, not my keeper. Not my warden.” There was an alarming feeling in the room and he was almost confused. He kept pulling you behind him as he stepped into a hallway.

The walls were full of pictures of him and other boys. You guessed they were the rest of the Bangtan gang. Being on the inside, they didn’t look as threatening as the stories that were told about them around town. They were merciless dealers, hitman, and thieves. Now you were in their den.

“I know I’m not, but listen Blue.” you took note that you were out of the privacy of a closed door and therefore ears were on. “You’re my soulmate and I want you to be protected and not live in a shit hole that’s a step away from getting demolished. You can continue about your daily life, but now I’ll be in it. Probably the rest of Bangtan too. You can stay here with us. With me.” He stopped in front of a door that had Suga scribbled on the front of it, surrounded by cd covers. “This is our room.”

He let go of your hand and stepped back. His eyes watched your hands as they shook and slowly reached for the diamond plated door handle. It turned within your hands as it would come to a million times in the future. Yoongi let you go in alone and he disappeared without a sound when you turned to where he had been seconds prior.

The room was dimly lit already, meaning he hadn’t turned off the lights from whenever he had last been in here. There was a queen size bed off to the corner and the room wasn’t messy, it just wasn’t organized. There was a giant tv in front of the bed and on the other side of the room, there was almost a supercomputer surrounded by papers, cds. Sharpies, pens, and a bunch of different colored post its with scribbles on it.

The room was dark and you couldn’t figure out if you liked it or not. The world that you lived in was crazy. This whole soulmate thing was crazy. When you met your soulmate, it was almost routine to drop whatever was going on in your life and just to mesh with them. This was a lucky situation, the two of you were close enough to make it work and with him forcibly moving you into his life, this could be tragic or amazing. An amazing life with the man with a high bounty. Or you’d die, but that seemed to be a daily risk as of late.

Yoongi had gone to the Bangtan lounge where he’d found the other six members sitting around, discussing his brash actions. None of them were really judging because they’d all decided they would have done the same if faced with the situation. Then they all agreed that was pathetic of them to do, but they’d stick to their guts nonetheless. That’s who the seven of them were, infamous boys who acted before thinking most things through.

“How’d she take it?” Hoseok scooted closed to Jungkook leaving Yoongi room on the couch. He flopped down, forcing everyone to move farther away to make room for their Suga.

“She’s fine, but she keeps mentioning needing something, I don’t want to be invasive and divulge into her personal details, but I’m getting worried. What if she needs some kind of medication or something.” Yoongi was the lazy one of the group, despite how many kills or whatever he had wracked up over the past few years. His intentions were always grand, but it was strange to everyone else how much effort he’d put into this girl. Of course, they knew he was her one and only, they all knew that. Except, they didn’t expect this sort of change especially before barely speaking to her.

“Well, I did a bit of research.” Jimin spoke from the corner with his eyes glued to his phone. He was met with strange eyes. “I didn’t just want to let a stranger into our home with no knowledge. She could be working with the enemy or something-”

“Don’t say that, Jimin.” Yoongi groaned. “She’s my soulmate, you can’t fake that.”

“She’s an addict, Suga. She loves pills, weed, and alcohol. You got yourself a life sentence, not a soul mate.” he chuckled and Yoongi sank lower on the couch. “She’s gonna go through some withdrawal soon, must have also been why she threw up on your shoes. Go check on her, Suga. She’s sick and I guess someone somewhere thought you could fix her.”

The only thoughts that crowded Yoongi’s mind were about how if he had met you sooner he could have stopped this. All he wanted to do was blame himself. Such as if he had made a different turn somewhere, he could have saved you. He would always be full of guilt about not finding you- his soulmate sooner. He believed it was because he always stuck to the shadows when that definitely wasn’t the case. The two of you just never ran down the same path and it was something that should have been more obvious to him.

Meanwhile, you were stopping yourself from throwing up. You hadn’t been this- sober in a while. A lot of painful nights kept flashing in your mind and all you could seem to blame was yourself. There was a lot of wondering about how you wound up this- this pathetic. Relying on all of these illegal things and things to make you forget. Your life hadn’t been too bad, but here you were- suffering.

Yoongi ran into the room out of breathe. Before saying anything, he watched you writhe around on his bed in pain and his face spoke how you were feeling. “I’m sorry it’s me.” you choked out, sniffing up your runny nose. Your eyes couldn’t even look up to meet his, but you know how they probably looked. Disgust was a common thing people saw in you when you ended up like this.

Except when you mounted up the courage to look at him, they read pain. Same as yours. They wanted to help. Yoongi reached out and wiped your tears and wrapped onto of his arms around you, pulling you in tight. He moved around and positioned your hurting body onto his torn up one. The only thing in line of sight were his bare arms, filled with scars and a few fresh wounds. Your shaking fingers ran over them, tracing them up and down.

“Oh, Blue.” he hummed into your ear, flicking his eyes towards the open door. “Don’t worry, I’ve seen worse. I- I want to be here for you and help you. This shit is all crap, but- I know you’re it.” Within a flash his lips were on yours and you suddenly felt numb again. Only for a little bit and then your body was hot.

You kissed him back and the pain you were in floated away, followed by the sparks igniting from the kiss. “You don’t have to pretend.” Was all you kept thinking as the kiss became deeper. He ran has hands through your hair, brushing out the kinks that had formed within it. You pulled away first and you swore you heard a whine at the loss of contact. “I- I have class today.”

School was never truly the first thing on your mind, but maybe it would have to be now. You had begun school majoring in business, but you had quickly changed it to pharmaceuticals.  Was there even a question as to why? It was extremely ironic, but it had caught your eye along with the different things that came along with it. You swore up and down you’d stop the drugs the day you graduated, but it was clear to you in this moment that this was it. You were done because there was no way this guy was going to let you keep pushing yourself closer to death.

His eyes seemed to have seen the world and he wasn’t keen on the idea of letting you end up dead in some street because he gave you some cocaine Bangtan had laying around the home. You untangled yourself from him and woozily stood up. There was a moment before you swayed in your balance, but there he was to catch you. From now on, he’d be there to catch you. Which was good- you seemed to fall a lot.

Your eyes glanced at the large digital clock that was on his desk. “Can I shower? My class is in an hour and a half.” you whispered and reached out to the bed post to support yourself. “Then I can walk to sch-”

“I’ll drive you.” his voice was stern. “And pick you up. Our bathroom is right down the hall.” Yoongi stood up and ran almost like a maniac around the room collecting towels, shower things, and clothes for you to change into. It was so out of character for him to be crazed like this judging by his demeanor that you almost laughed. Almost.

Once he’d gathered everything, he motioned his head towards the door and you backed up to let him lead. “Hold onto the walls.” Yoongi ordered you. The bathroom was at the end of the looming hallway and as you walked by the doors, you heard noises from a few of them. Some held conversations you weren’t keen on listening into and some blasted music or a television show. However, the door next to the bathroom opened as the two of you reached the door.

A lanky man dressed casually in ripped jeans and a white shirt with dark hair had his eyes focused on you. His figure leaned against the door frame and a smirk covered his face. Yoongi didn’t take notice of this other man as he continued into the bathroom, but you had completely stopped. “So this is her?” he spoke and extended a hand to steady your shaking body. “What’s her name?” He didn’t even speak to you, just around.

“Jungkook, don’t you dare fucking touch her.” With a swift motion, Yoongi dropped everything in his hands to the ground and was in between the other member and yourself. His hands held your shoulders and his eyes threw daggers towards the dark haired man who let out a chuckle. “Go find one of your sluts if you want to fucking devour someone, don’t go near her.”

Jungkook kept a malevolent laugh going to himself as Yoongi shuffled you into the bathroom. Once he looked the door, the laugh stopped and the only open door in the home slammed. He picked up all the things he had dropped and placed them onto a shelf, laying them completely neat. “Who was that?” You questioned and sat onto the closed toilet.

“The fucking little shit of Bangtan. His name’s Jungkook and he thinks he can claim whatever the fuck he wants. His fucking beetey eyes were trying to claim you like I wouldn’t fucking notice.” his tone was harsh as he spoke through gritted teeth. “Kid’s a fucking good sharpshoot, but I try not to take him around important people. He wreaks of destruction and sex.” You laughed at the one until Yoongi glanced at you to stop.

“Aren’t you all in a-” your voice turned into a whisper. “-gang.” he rolled his eyes and let out a breathy chuckle as your voice returned to normal. “Don’t you have like some weird dedication to each other and have to- I dunno, care?”

He turned on the water and held his hand under it so he could get it to the perfect temperature. “Yeah, there’s that. That whole thing, but I dunno. Outside of work I tend to stay away from him when it comes to- females. Especially that. Kid’s always in some shit with some bitch he picked up at a bar. I’d risk my life for him though. I’ve done it before. For all of them, actually. Funny how that works.” Yoongi simply shrugged. “I’m gonna go into our room.” A shiver ran through your body as he spoke the word our. “I’ll come check up on you in like 15 minutes? Your school is about a twenty minute drive so that should be enough time.”

He turned away from you to walk out and as soon as his back was turned, you began to lift your shirt. You were still in the same clothes as yesterday and it was disgusting the way they clung to your body. You pulled it off to put it next to the clean clothes he was giving you only to find his eyes on you again. Yoongi cleared his throat. “I don’t want you walking alone around the house- not yet. It’s yours too now, but I need to ease you into the boys. Okay, Y/N? They’ve been in this life for quite a bit and some have mixed reactions about this whole soulmate thing, alright baby?”

Your face was hot as his eyes roamed your body and your crossed your arms to cover your breasts in an instant. “Y-Yep, got it.”

The moment he was gone, you removed the rest of your clothes and slowly stepped into the marble shower. The shower itself was spacious and covered in gold. There was no rust on any inch of it, so you could only infer it may have been pure gold. The water wasn’t too hot, actually. It was around the temperature you preferred. Warm but with a little bit of chill to keep you lucid.

However, you weren’t exactly all there in this moment. As you rubbed the soap over your body, you felt the bruises that were covering it from the car crash. The car crash that he had caused. You’d been ignoring it, but here it was in your face. That just seemed to be the way he was. When he had a goal, he was jet set on getting it and that had carried over.

As you got lost in your thoughts, you didn’t really notice until you slid onto the floor of the shower. You sat for a few minutes before hoisting yourself up and finishing cleaning yourself. You could almost feel the bruises darkening and hurting a bit more, but luckily most of them were in hidden spots. He heard a faint knock on the door almost instantaneously after turning off the water.

“Hello?” you called out, patting yourself dry with the towels he had left for you.

“Blue, I’m ready to go whenever you are.” his melodious tone flowed through your ears. “I have your bag and everything too, alright? I’ll be right here waiting.”

His dedication made you happy. You didn’t know him well- obviously, but the thought of having someone who you’re fated to be with that doesn’t reject it was almost alarming. A lot of people simply rejected the soulmate law. They didn’t want to believe that some weird push and pull of the world was truly controlling their destiny even if the proof was right there.

Author’s Note;; Feedback would be appreciated as I am going to write one of these for each of the BTS members. I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts and such!!

Hoseok’s installment!

Taehyung’s installment!

Jungkook’s installment!

Jimin’s installment!

Part 2 

An alternative view on Will not being ‘canonly’ gay: an analysis

Yo everyone. This has spoilers so I’m gonna do the line break thingo majig BUT I think it’s super important that we remember a few things about the context of ST before we start to get mad that Will isn’t ‘canonly’ gay. PLEASE READ. Spoilers below the link.

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also, random, but i think there’s an interesting parallel between Shigaraki and Eri’s quirks

both characters “killed” their father (and in Shigaraki’s case, his mother too) with their respective powers.

Shigaraki’s powers manifested at the worst time and he destroyed his parents. Eri’s powers manifested before she could control them, and erased her father from existence by rewinding him too far back.

neither intended to do so. Shigaraki held a grudge against All Might since it happened, since the so-called Symbol of Peace wasn’t there to help him, to keep him from killing his parents, to do anything when he needed it. and Eri was just a toddler, if that, when she accidentally rewound her father.

there’s always sorta talk about “good powers” vs. “bad powers” in MHA, about how heroes always have good, and villains always have bad. but Eri is clearly on the side of good, and i think it’s interesting that she and Shigaraki have something in common in regards to their quirks, like this. 

it’s really not the powers that determine if you’re good or bad (see: Shinsou, Bakugou, Tokoyami, Blood King, etc. all characters with traditionally “villainous powers” on the side of good)

it’s what you want to do with those powers that determine what side you’re on

Shigaraki’s hate for All Might was cultivated by All for One, but the feelings have been there since long before they met. Shigaraki was in prime position to be manipulated into evil, because he only cared about what All Might didn’t do for him. (perhaps he could still be saved. who knows; but at this point, he clearly has no regrets for his actions, or putting minors or children at risk.)

Eri, on the other hand, has been a victim her whole life. she could’ve fallen into evil, with how horrible her life has been. but she didn’t. she always retained that small hope that she’d be saved some day, and now, she is. she’s being saved. she doesn’t want to be evil. she doesn’t want people to get hurt around her. 

Shigaraki and Eri have similarities in their past and with their quirks, but their personalities determine what they do with their powers. Shigaraki let his hate as a child fester and fester until he became who he was today (with AFO’s help). 

while Eri, even in the most horrible of circumstances, tries her best to keep people safe from Overhaul. even when she wants to be saved. and now, she is saved, thanks to those people, and she can use her powers (as little as she can control them) to help the people who saved her defeat the man who caused her so much pain.

… uhhh idk where i was going with this lmao

Essays in Existentialism: Movies

Jake was a romantic at heart and a huge fan of old b+w movies, and he and Clarke went to the old local movie theatre every Sunday to watch them. So when Jake dies, Clarke carries on the Sunday tradition alone…til, one Sunday, she meets Lexa.

The funeral was at 1pm.

At six-thirty, with no will left for the rest of the people that crowded in her house, the only daughter left the wake without a single word. Wondered straight out off of the porch with no real thought at all, not even missed by anyone in particular. 

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Accommodation is NOT "special treatment" you ass.

At my job we have a regular who is honestly a super sweet person. She always recognizes people and makes an effort to get to know us (we even saw eachother on the train while I was headed in and chatted for a bit). She is also wheelchair bound and has limited motion in her arms, and almost no use of her hands. Because her wheelchair is a fair size and we have a crowded store, when she orders food we always bring it to her table, because even if she could navigate back to the order pick-up counter, she wouldn’t be able to grab her meal without dropping it. This is something we only do as an accommodation for people who would have trouble getting their food at the counter (people with small children, elderly,mobility impaired, visually impaired, etc), but we don’t have a waitstaff or enough people to run food out. (2-3 people to cook, prep, and take orders in a made to order setting)

One day our regular comes in, we chat as I take her order, and I go out to the floor to give her price tag to her so she can pay while she’s waiting (you order with us, but all payments are made at a cash register for security reasons). While this is going on a middle age man with a suit and a damn near chronic case of RBF stepped in line and is waiting. I take his order and hand him his tag and he wants me to walk it out “like I do for the other customers”, and I tell him I walked her ticket out because she can’t reach for it or grab it, but I can put it on his box of food for him. He huff and waves his hand and whatever. Flash forward to our regular having her food ready, I get her box and bring her food out to her, make sure she has everything she needs that I already know she has trouble getting herself, meanwhile RBF man sits down in the dining room, asks me about his food. I tell him it will just be a couple minutes and we will put it on our counter when it’s ready yada yada. 10 mins pass and he comes up asking why we didn’t bring him his food after I told him we put completed orders on the counter, I explain that we call out completed orders and put them on the counter. I tell him we brought out her food because our regular has trouble getting her food with our system, but we don’t really have the staff to serve food to customers who don’t require assistance, the whole speil. He actually complained that I was giving “special preference” to my friend and “discriminating” aginst him for being able bodied, and he shouldn’t have to do more just because he’s “not a cr*pple like her”. Like wtf dude how much of a pick do you have to be to demand accommodation for your able bodied ass?! Do you also get mad at places that allow service animals but not your family pet?

Tl;dr- A disabled customer receives an accommodation so that she is able to get her meal, customer complains that he didn’t receive the same even after he says he has no need for an accommodation, and is just a lazy, entitled, prick.


I was prompted to do this by an anon. A little blurb turned into a oneshot. oops. Enjoy a little protective Shawn.

Summary: You and Shawn get mobbed outside your hotel in Brazil.

Word Count: 1.698

It wasn’t the first time you stepped out of a hotel room and you were greeted with Shawn’s fans. It surely wouldn’t be the last. It usually went over smoothly with you simply waving at them, saying a few hello’s and sorry’s because Shawn wasn’t with you at that time. Usually Ava, your bodyguard, escorted you past the handful of fans and got you to a waiting car. Usually, it was a pleasant experience despite the occasional jealous name calling that you had become immune to. Usually.

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To Own A Hybrid P.4

Pairing: Jungkoook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff (eventual smut) Hybrid!AU

Summary: The hybrid world was one y/n never really involved herself in; however, after certain events, she is tossed into a world of uncertainty in the company of a particularly rude hybrid. 

Word count: 3.5K + 

WARNING: Mentions of abuse, emotional torment, and prostitution 

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

The warmth surrounding your body was a mixture of suffocating and relaxing.

The room was still dark but you could tell by the chirping of birds and the slight blue glow entering through your curtains that the sun was coming up.

A groan of morning blues made its way through your body before you tried to remove yourself from Jungkook’s death grip.

“Jungkook” you whined as you shoved him lightly stirring him awake.

As Jungkook adjusted to his sudden surroundings he matched your whine before rolling over to the other side of the bed.

thankful for your sudden ability to move you quickly jumped out of bed and stretched your limbs getting ready to start the day.

“wait!” Jungkook yelled as you started to move away from the bed. You turned to him shocked at his sudden outburst. He had sat up to face you, his hand reaching out in a stop motion as his eyes were trained to your figure as if you would disappear if he looked away.

“where are you going? Are you leaving?” he asked calmly but you could see the slight panic in his eyes.

“to the toilet… you can stand at the door if that makes you feel more comfortable” you joked as you sat back on the bed scooting closer to a previously shaken Jungkook.

He rolled his eyes before staring down at his hands.

“Jungkook what happened last night? Who are you afraid of?” you asked softly as he bit his lip nervously.

“its fine, I’m just not used to not having to worry or be on guard” he argued as his eyes travelled back up to yours.

“well…if you need any help getting used to it, I’m here! I can’t do much but…if there’s anything you want or want me to do, just ask, okay?” you stated shooting him a wide smile.

Jungkook was speechless as he stared at you with emotionless eyes.

“don’t you have to pee”

“oh, right!”


While you waited for Jungkook at the table your stomach decided it couldn’t hold back its lust for the waffles that sat in front of you.

“you really couldn’t wait?” Jungkook asked as he walked towards, disappoint painted over his features.

You merely shrugged as your attention couldn’t be torn from your one and only.

“what are we doing today?” he asked as your phone repeatedly lit up.

Both of you stared at your phone in annoyance as the light bleeped up and down. You groaned before replacing the fork in your hand with the hard piece of metal.

“who is it?” Jungkook asked before downing his glass of cold water to wash down his waffles.

You furrowed your brows at the frantic texts you had just received from Namjoon.

‘y/n can you please call me when you get this’

‘it’s urgent’

‘it’s about the route you created for Mr. So please call me’

You quickly fumbled with your phone trying call Namjoon in a hurry. As your phone began ringing you pressed it to your ear, balancing it between your shoulder as you continued eating.

“Y/n! thank god you answered!” Namjoon rushed as you heard him try to compose his breathing.

“are you okay? What’s wrong?” you asked quickly, confused as to why he was so panicked so early in the morning “you said something was wrong with my route?”.

“can you come over? Feel free to bring Jungkook! You. You just need to see this for yourself to believe me” he said in a low voice. You could literally hear the sweat dripping from his forehead as you left the phone silent.

“okay sure…just send me your address” you confirmed before hanging up. After a moment of staring at your phone in confusion your eyes slowly connected with Jungkook’s’.

“all you had to do was create a route, right? What could go wrong with that?” Jungkook asked before grabbing your plate and his and taking them to the dishwasher.

You furrowed your brow before your phone lit up indicating that Namjoon had sent you his address.

As you pulled up to Namjoons driveway you almost gasped at how beautiful his house was.

From looking at Namjoon you would guess that he was a wealthy man, but not this fucking wealthy.

“don’t you work the same job?” Jungkook asked in almost a whisper as he admired the three-story house.

“kinda, Namjoon is basically my superior. I never knew how superior though” you replied as the two of you walked towards his front door.

The wooden block in front of you didn’t hold a doorknob, nor a door bell. It was just a large plank of wood.

“what the fuck” you stated as you looked around it to see if there was a hidden button or something.

‘are your y/n y/l/n’

You let out a shriek of surprise before staring at the door in complete shock. His door fucking talks?!

“did it just talk?” Jungkook asked in disbelief as he got himself ready to bolt back to the car. You looked at Jungkook before clearing your throat and turning back to the door.

“er, yes?” you spoke uncertain.

The door didn’t reply instead it opened widely, letting you and Jungkook marvel at the all-white decorated inside, a complete contrast to the dark brown outside.

All you could do was walk with your mouth hung open as the two of you entered the gates of heaven.

“you’re here! Great! Jungkook please make yourself feel comfortable, Taehyung and Yoongi will show you around! y/n, just this way” he stumbled as he grasped your arm in his hand and pulled you in the direction he had just come from.

Even though Jungkook had been instructed to a certain direction you could hear the hesitation and anger the further you were pulled away from him.

“Namjoon, what’s all this about? What’s wrong with my route?” you asked as he shut his computer room. As he fumbled with a small panel near the door, you took the time to look around the darkened room.

This is probably his porn room…

The multiple desktops staring at you was kind of overwhelming, but not as overwhelming at the live streaming anti- hybrid protest playing on the main monitor.

Your eyes narrowed as you stalked closer to it, trying to pay attention to what they were saying.

“Groups of Hybrid haters from all around the nation gather here today as various hybrids are being shipped for the pristine hybrid contest. The angered locals are all fighting for one thing. The decrease of hybrids” the news lady reported as numerous citizens thrust their signs in the air and strained their throats as they shot rude comments towards anything with ears.

“what does this have to do with my route?” you spoke softly as you watched the news report with sadness.

With a sigh Namjoon shut the monitor off before sitting down next to you.

“Namjoon, what’s going on?” you asked in utter confusion.

“I know you literally just got into the whole hybrid world and this is confusing but I need your help. Once every year, hybrid owners from all around the world come here to participate in the world-famous hybrid contest. I don’t know if you know this but I’m a leader of a hybrid protection group, basically we just make sure everything goes down smoothly, and even though I hate the idea of using hybrids as show animals a lot of people try to hurt them so it’s best to have everyone on guard. Lately our spies and intel have been informing us that an Anti-hybrid group known as S.T.M is going to try and kidnap the contestants, these people are known to sell hybrids, torture them…kill them. we can’t let this happen- “he explained.

“yes- and that’s terrible, don’t get me wrong…but how do I come into this?” you asked nervously.

“we recently just got a copy of the blueprints their going to use for sneaking the hybrids away without being caught.” He stated as he clicked away on his computer.

You voiced your shock when you laid your eyes on the route you had slaved so hard over. Trying to find the perfect nooks and cranes of the town, finding places that were discrete and narrow…

Your eyes were glued to the work that you had produced, completely confused at how they ended up in the hands of the enemy.

“w-w-what…no way…there’s…it was for Mr. So” you stuttered as a small tear fell from your eyes. You had been used. Not only used but used for such a disgusting and morally incorrect cause.

“we…we think Mr. So is the leader of S.T.M…and we think some people that work in our office are part of it too” he spoke softly, clearly seeing you were having trouble taking in all this information.

“you…y-you don’t think I’m part of this right?” you asked worriedly getting ready to defend yourself.

“no! of course not! Oh god y/n that’s not what I intended!” he exclaimed as his hand rose to grasp yours comfortingly.

“you took in a sassy hybrid” he said with a smile “of course I didn’t think it was you”.

You took a deep breath before staring back at Namjoon.

“who do you think it is?” you asked with a low voice, still refusing to believe the fact that someone you know would help in ridding the world of hybrids.

“I really don’t know y/n…all I know is we have to stop it. Now I need you to think. I know your far from slack and you never cut corners but…there has to be something you missed…some way we can both provide evidence to lock Mr. So up just in case we can’t stop this from happening” Namjoon pleaded.

“I-I don’t know…” you said as your eyes glazed over the prints. You were extremely tired and constantly thinking about Jungkook, there must be a flaw somewhere…

“y/n…Right there!” Namjoon pointed out excitedly

Your eyes widened as you saw the intersection between the main street and the back alley, right where they would be crossing a small door guarded by an even small camera stood, ready to film it all.

Your sudden excitement was demolished when you realised something.

“that was too easy…no…we need a backup, they had to of seen that” you said shaking your head, going straight back into searching mode.

“what night is this taking place?” you asked as your eyes magnetised towards watch tower building. One that stood taller than all buildings in the city.

“the 23rd…why?” he asked before pulling up yet another language.

“isn’t that when the mayor is supposed to be Leaving town?” you asked curiously as a plan started to form.

With a quick nod from Namjoon. A smile made its way onto your face.

“you won’t need evidence, you can just catch them in the act” you said quickly before writing a few numbers down.

“Kasey from floor 2 told me that instead of flying him from the watch tower per usual, they’re driving him to the airport and transporting him by plane, she had the honour of designs roadworks. She’s the only one who will know the blocked roads. I’m betting one of them will be the intersection between here…and here” you said pointing towards the blue prints.

“cutting them off at the fish porting sight…of course! They wouldn’t fly the hybrids out. They’d ship them. the doc would be quiet and everyone would be to focused on the welcoming of hybrid watchers to notice!” Namjoon said excitedly.

“you can trust Kasey, she owns a hybrid and never leaves her house, only to hand in her work” you smiled as you passed him the slip of paper.

As Namjoon carefully slipped it in his desk you bit your lip anxiously.

“this is quite dangerous huh?” you asked quietly as you observed Namjoons’ behaviour.

For as long as you’ve known him, Namjoon has always been a brave soul. Rushing into action. Leading those who need to be lead… anything you needed he’d help with.

“just a little…yer” he smiled softly as you played with your hands “don’t worry! I’m careful!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at his supposed to be comforting statement. The boy was anything but careful. If anything, doom and destruction seemed to follow him everywhere.

“I…just feel like I should be doing more, but…I’m not sure how I would help” you admitted guiltily.

“hey, don’t feel guilty…you were literally thrown into this world. You’re doing well, don’t sweat it for now” he said soothingly, his classic dimples presenting themselves for you to swoon over.

“okay…hey, what does S.T.M stand for?” you asked curiously.

“Superiority Too Mankind”


“were never coming back here again!” Jungkook hissed as he slammed the car door shut angrily.

You laughed before reversing the car, getting ready to head home.

“what happened? Too much joy and happiness for this little kitty?” you teased in a baby voice, knowing he’d hate every second of it.

“Jungkook do’ya wanna see my collection of Star Wars figures?! Do’ya play! Do’ya wanna this, do’ya wanna that!” he imitated mockingly.

He groaned before slapping his palm to his face.

“and don’t even get me started about that other fucking pompous filthy dog” he said seething before letting out a huff of disbelief. All you could do was laugh, you would certainly be seen Namjoon again which meant somewhere along the line, Jungkook and his ‘new friends’ would meet as well.

“So, what’s the big deal? Why was he so nervous about your route?” he asked curiously as he turned to you.

Keeping your eyes on the road you contemplated telling him or not. Even though this was the beginning of your new relationship you didn’t want him to feel like he couldn’t trust you with his thoughts, feelings or past.

If you kept this from him now, who knows what he’d keep from you in the future. It wasn’t a good foot start on. But then there was the whole ‘hybrid thing’. Would he get upset? is that Namjoon kept it between just the two of you?

“do you really wanna know?” you asked cautiously causing Jungkook to raise an eyebrow and heighten his curiosity.

He nodded quickly before perking his ears up.

“okay but you can’t tell anyone” you stated knowing full well that he has no one to tell, which is kind of sad…oh shit.

“okay, well…That route that I created turns out to be for not just one of my company’s biggest CEOs but for the leader of S.T.M only just the biggest anti- hybrid groups out there” you sighed in disappointment.

Jungkook stared at you in shock as you sent him a nod of confirmation.

“what’s he gonna do about it?” Jungkook asked, with a tinge of…something you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

“well, Namjoon is the leader of a protection group; they stop stuff like this all the time” you assured confidently to which you were responded with a scoff.

“please…rescue missions never work out. In the end, the hybrids always end up burnt” he said, venom dripping from his lips.

You sat in shock at Jungkook’s comment as if he had experienced it himself. You wanted to ask but didn’t want to push any boundaries.

“I think he’ll do it” you shrugged before silence fell over the car.

“Hey girl!”



You had momentarily forgotten the promise you had made to her.

Shooting Jungkook an apologetic look before reading yourself for an unwanted hug.

“are you ready for our movie marathon!!” she screeched excitedly, blocking your pathway too your door.

Your eyes trailed over to BamBam’s who looked like he wanted to end his life.

“didn’t I say…Thursday?” you said suddenly questioning everything. She nodded excitedly as you checked your phone….it was Tuesday…Tuesday morning.

“I just couldn’t wait!” she said before grabbing your keys and unlocking your apartment. As she skipped inside you, Jungkook and BamBam exchanged looks before groaning in defeat.

It’s going to be a long day.

Jungkook was three seconds away from screaming as Krystal, for the twentieth time in two hours tried to touch his ears.

“Krystal! Maybe we should switch places” you said as you stood up from your spot next to BamBam. Krystal pouted before nodding her head and starting to move.

“noooo, please y/n, don’t leave me!” BamBam pleaded quietly. You sent him a sinister smile before going over to join an angered Jungkook.

“how much longer?” Jungkook asked as he shifted in his spot.

“a long time” you sighed as you sunk into the couch, trying to focus on the movie and not Krystal’s constant blabbering.

“hey, question” Jungkook said as he leant closer to you.

You hummed in acknowledgement, signally him to continue.

“are…you and Namjoon a thing?” he asked.

“what? No, of course not” you said shaking your head. Namjoon was a friend and a work college, nothing else.

“it’s just…in the mall when we first met the hybrids from hell, he said ‘you’re y/n?’ that means Namjoons been talking about you. He always calls you for help, like does he not know anyone better?” Jungkook argued curiously.

“maybe Yoongi heard of me because I was the one Namjoon called for that whole robot disaster. I could hear other people when we spoke. And excuse you, I’m more than capable of helping! And maybe he just trusts me?” you argued back.

Jungkook shrugged before stretching out his limbs.

“to be honest…I’m not sure if I hate this more than being over there” he admitted causing you to laugh as he stared at the still rambaling Krystal.

You grabbed one of the couches cushions before putting it on your lap.

“here” you said before shoving his head down to lie down “it’ll go much faster if you sleep” you whispered before turning up the T.V in hopes of drowning out her voice.

Jungkook mumbled a couple of things that weren’t audible before shuffling his head around and repositioning his body.


Seeing that Jungkook had fallen asleep, Krystal and BamBam left.

You didn’t want to wake the sleeping kitten so you just continued with your marathon before eventually getting uncomfortable in the position you had successfully remained in for 5 hours.

Before a sigh of boredom could escape your lips Jungkook’s body shot up. His eyes were dazed and confused but his breath was shaky and frantic.

“whoa! Hey there!” you exclaimed in shock as your hands hovered around the alarmed boy.

“y/n?” he asked unsurely as he calmed down.

“yer, hey, I’m here” you confirmed as he moved his body back to the sitting position he was in before. He took a deep breath before resting his head against the back of the couch.

“are you ever going to get a peacefully sleep?” you asked as you watched him carefully.

He sighed in uncertainty before lifting his head and meeting his hard eyes with your concerned ones.

“I was told once…ya’know by a friend that…that if I talk about my problems and fears, that they’ll go away…is that true?” he asked softly as he searched your eyes for the answer.

“I-I-I wouldn’t say go away…but they become easier to manage; and instead of them controlling you, you control them” you answered as his eyes trailed to his hands.

“it’s a lot…and…I don’t want to talk about all of it…I don’t think I could even if I wanted to. But if I do talk about it…will you listen?” he asked as his ears flopped down, his eyebrows furrowed as his hands slightly shook.

“of course, I’ll listen” you replied instantly.

His eyes connected with yours once more as the setting sun shone through the windows. The silence was comforting and warm as Jungkook’s walls began to chip away.

“then I think I’m ready to talk about it”

I usually post on fridays but this ones late! Hope you enjoyed it xx - Awkward Nugget

Quiver: Part Three

Part One // Part Two


You were hired on a new team Tony Stark put together as the Tech support. However, you weren’t expecting to crush on none other than Bucky Barnes.


Angsty, but the SMUT I have planned for this is gonna be SO GOOD. (wrote the outline for it, and honestly its the hottest I’ve done like fuck.) If this gets to 300, or if there is a large demand for it I’ll continue! Hope you enjoy and FEEDBACK! I love it!!! I promise. It helps me as a writer.

Word Count: 2,619

(added my previous tag list)

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Golden Dress [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader is Lin’s date for a pre-Oscars party and decides there’s no better way to celebrate than with a little teasing. 

Word Count: 5,286

Warnings: smut, papi kink,a slow burn??? - it’s long u guys.

Authors’ Notes: 

Mickeyi’m bad at this but ren is good at it & i will love and support her always (also the word vajajaja has been removed 4 more sexy reasons)

Ren: So as you can see I had a little help! This is my first smut you guys so take it easy on us, okay? I really loved writing this fic and Oscar season just got us really inspired! Hope y’all like it <3 

mickey’s masterlist | ren’s materlist | askbox

When Lin hired a whole crew to assist you getting ready for one of the many Oscar’s press parties, you were sure that was too much.

That didn’t stop you from making the best of it, though. A silky blowout, beautiful makeup were done, a gorgeous golden dress with a seductive thigh-high slit was waiting for you on a hanger near your vanity: you were almost red-carpet ready.

“I don’t know how you do it; you’ve got the seduction of Marilyn Monroe with the elegance of Audrey Hepburn!” The compliments from the hired makeup artist made you blush under the contour you didn’t necessarily need, but made you feel like a million bucks.

“Lin messaged me to tell you that he’ll be downstairs in the limo in 15, okay?” You nodded at Lin’s assistant, Sarah, who’d joined you while taking care of the press calls.

“All that’s left is the dress and the shoes, [Y/N]. Slip those on and you’re Oscar-ready!” your stylist beamed.

“Of course, just slip them on quickly.”

“Right, of course - and thanks for the dress, Marc,” you smiled sheepishly, watching him gaze at the gown on the hanger. You were still mind-blown by how amazing the team made you look. Only three people did the job you thought an entire army wouldn’t be able to; you were mesmerized by your reflection in the mirror, to say the least. “You think Lin will like it?”

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Schuyler Sister Modern Headcanons

requested from anonymous: Angelicaaa ELIIIIIZA and Peggy Schyler headcanons (please and thank you)

a/n: this was really vague so i just interpreted it as if the three of them were roomies together, please let me know if you meant it differently!

  • what is their morning schedule?
    • angelica wakes up pretty early and she showers in the morning, her showers don’t take very long so she takes her time getting ready for work
    • she has a habit of skipping breakfast but eliza and peggy usually bug her until she takes a granola bar or something, just in case she gets hungry
    • she has like twenty granola bars just stuffed in her purse and she just hands them out when her coworkers complain of being hungry or something, angelica just throws a granola bar at their head
    • although angelica wakes up pretty early, eliza wakes up before angelica does. eliza prioritizes cooking over getting ready and she makes pancakes and coffee for everyone
    • as soon as angelica finishes showering, eliza goes in and she showers
    • she gets ready for work while checking up on her sisters and nagging angelica to take a granola bar or eat the pancakes but nope, the only thing angelica does is down all of the coffee and then asks eliza nicely to make more coffee since angelica can’t make coffee at all
    • eliza makes more coffee and goes back to getting ready peggy on the other hand is one of those people who sleeps through alarms
    • the only thing that makes her wake up by herself is either a, the smell of whatever eliza is cooking or b, eliza singing in the shower
    • peggy gets ready relatively fast and she eats her food pretty fast as well, downing maybe four cups of coffee before she is bouncing with energy and she is ready for anything
    • lafayette picks peggy up since they both work in the art museum and he has a giant small crush on her possibly 
  • what is their night schedule?
    • they usually spend a good portion after work talking about how their work went, mostly asking if either lafayette or peggy have made a move yet.
    • they all agree that laf and peggy would be a very cute couple and that peggy should ask him out the next day.
    •  she doesn’t
    •  angelica usually cooks dinner while eliza usually bakes brownies or some other kind of treat for dessert afterwards
    • peggy doesn’t really understand cooking, like she is great at gardening and at painting and at eating but she doesn’t understand how to not be bad at cooking
    • angelica giggles whenever peggy insists on cooking something for angelica and eliza, they usually end up ordering take out but she never gives up, not even when she’s almost burned their house down several times
  • what do they do for fun?
    • peggy loves planting and she has this huge garden on the roof of the apartment building (this is a reason why peggy absolutely despises living in an apartment, she much rather live in a house with a yard)
    • peggy mainly grows vegetables and herbs but she also loves planting flowers. she tries and raises awareness about the bee population decline 
    • eliza loves baking, as mentioned before and when she gets stressed out, she’ll make like ten batches of muffins. eliza also loves shopping and learning how to do things from like diy tutorials. she is an amazing piano player and plays it all of the time
    • she also is a natural photographer, she loves taking pictures of the city and of the flowers and food peggy grows. peggy shoos her away and sprays her with the hose if she still takes photos
    • angelica can actually demolish both of her sisters when it comes to any game that involves strategy. the only person who can actually beat her without cheating is washington. alex has cheated before and was called out on it two seconds after the fact.
    • she also lives to argue with everyone which can result in her not getting any sleep as she is too busy tweeting at thomas and alex to point out the seventy different ways why they are both wrong