only a perfect dream

Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri - A Fool’s Only Tears (Love & Hope Tour 2011)

Three words: Harmonies. Adlibs. High Notes.
This right here is why we always needed a vocal line’s subunit.


“ummmmm baby” I moan lightly “uhhh your so sexy” I moan in my sleep almost every dream this month I had seen this girl she was so beautiful and almost everytime I had seen her we had evened up having sex, she was perfect a wonderful person as well as amazing body any fantasy I had she would do there was no limit to what she would do sometimes I didn’t even have to tell her even if I just think about it she would do it… 

when I woke up I sat in bed thinking about her my perfect girl, too bad she is only a dream ..

“there is someone here to see you” my sister says coming into my room 

“who?” I ask 

“I think you will know” she smirked I went down to the door and there she stood  my perfect girl 

“its you” I say happily 

“you…I at last found you” she smiled running into my arms and it didn’t even take us long to get into my real room and get kissing for real…

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but i imagine they would only post the moving video when they had finished posting all pre-move content so that there would be proper closure. like if they have a pre filmed gaming video from the old office and this moving video, wouldn't it make more sense to post the gaming video first and then break it to people that they're moving? my guess is that it might be ditl singapore bc that's neither 'new flat' stuff nor is it 'old flat' stuff. it's a perfect middle to post as they transition.

i agree it would be strange for them to post any pictures or videos regarding their new place before finalizing everything with their old flat, esp the content that was filmed there. this is why i didn’t initially expect anymore prefilmed content to be uploaded between now and tuesday, but i guess it’s still a possibility. a singapore ditl seems perfect in this context but i can only dream 😪

Kin Fighting Kin

Paring: Bucky x sister!Reader

Characters: Avengers

TW: fighting, blood mention, death, angst 

a/n: I don’t speak Russian and i’m sorry if i get things wrong. 

As Bucky clung to the train all he could think of was you and Steve. He couldn’t leave his family behind but he felt the railing start to detach. A pang of regret and longing surrounded him as he fell.

He jolted awake on the table. A metal caught his attention and soon he was engaged in battle, he felt odd and inhuman with the arm. He could focus on you and only you. 

It would become his saving grace for the decades of torture ahead of him.  

Little did he know that 5 days after his ‘death’ you were taken by the same organization, HYDRA. You were kept hidden from him but your screams filled the same hallways as his, but only when he was asleep dreaming of you living a perfect life. 

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a little bit of magic.

fandom: girl meets world
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 1,652
summary: riley matthews thinks that lucas friar’s lips are their own special kind of magic and she’s completely under their spell // or riley just really loves lucas’ lips 
notes: this is just a lil drabble that i was inspired to write, 99.9% of the inspiration came from this amazing drabble by my girl @friarlucas who also was the major encouragement for me in writing this. not much happens plot wise, but there are feelings. enjoy! 

At the tender age of twelve, Riley Matthews has yet to have her first kiss.

She knows that it isn’t that big of a deal, there are plenty of other girls her age that haven’t locked lips yet, but she’s waiting and the wants the moment to be perfect. Her only problem is that none of the boys in her class have lips that she wants to kiss. Dave’s are too chapped, constantly cracked and look unpleasant to touch. Wyatt’s are too wet, due to his constant lick lipping and smacking. Farkle’s are always moving too fast, she’s never able to get a good look at them as he’s always spewing words from them at a mile a minute, far too fast for her to keep up with it.

It isn’t until she meets Lucas Friar that she knows what perfect lips look like, and she wants nothing more than to kiss them.


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Y/N! Come on, sweetie! Your father outstretched his arms and you ran to him. Your toddler trotting made him laugh as he spun you around. You touched his time limit and looked up at him, you couldn’t read it, because if you could you would know that the next day he would be gone. Instead, your tiny smile relished in the glow of his happiness.

Appa! Superman! You screamed and he threw you in the air.

Aish, honey, be careful with her! Your mother laughed and he looked over his shoulder at his wife. There was sadness in her gaze, knowing that this would be the last time she saw her husband like this. It was a picture perfect day, one people could only dream of being there last. And it was your father’s last.

You breathed in heavily. A cold sweat covered your body as you opened your eyes. Trying to calm yourself, your eyes met an unfamiliar room, as your mind remembered the things that happened prior. You swung your legs over the side of the bed and walked over to the kitchenette. Turning on the light, you pour a glass of water and sat down at the small table in the room. Touching your time limit, you felt a tear slip out of your eye and the floodgates opened.

Oh appa. You cried as you thought back on the man that could always make you smile. I’m so scared. You murmured to the empty air. Placing your forehead onto the cold table, you continued to sob. Thoughts raced through your mind as you tried to make sense of the entire situation. Everything you had been taught as a child was now a lie and you didn’t know how to handle it. A light knock came from the door.

Y/N? A voice called through and you wiped your cheeks. Apprehensively opening the door, Jimin stood there. Hi, it sounded like you were in distress. He murmured and then he looked to see your face streaked with tears. Oh my, uhm, here. He grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and handed to you.

Thanks. You mumbled and he gave you a small smile.

It was hard for me to get used to living here too. He said knowingly and you nodded, looking at the crumpled up tissue in your hands. I don’t know if I was relieved or terrified, or both, but I just locked myself away. He continued and you looked up at him. His eyes were off in another world and you didn’t know what to say.

Uhm, how long have you lived here? You asked, your voice a croak of groggy grief. Jimin thought back.

I was supposed to expire on my 15th birthday. He murmured and your jaw dropped. So that would mean that I’ve been here for 6 years. He continued after doing the math in his head.

15? You asked and he nodded, revealing his time limit. Sure enough it was dated 6 years. Wow, I’m so sorry. You mumbled and he smiled.

I’m fine, I was saved and brought here. He gestured to the room and you nodded.

But why? Why are certain people being saved? You asked and Jimin shrugged.

Well what’s happening is mass murder by the government. They’ve brainwashed us into thinking we are going to die naturally on the date that is printed on us at birth, but instead, we are killed. He replied and you tried to wrap your head around it, but instead your eyes blurred with tears. Aish, I’m sorry that might be too much for you to handle so soon after your expiration date. He mumbled and you shook your head.

No, I just — My dad. You stuttered and Jimin nodded understanding what you were trying to say.

We can’t save everyone. He spoke apologetically, and although you understood that, your eyes continued to shed tears.

Actually, a small part of me was happy I would see him again. You murmured and Jimin scrunched his eyebrows. The last time I remember seeing him was when I was just a kid. Your eyes blurred again as they brimmed with tears. To think they hurt him. You mumbled and Jimin rushed over to your side, hugging you close to his chest as you cried. His arms were strong, warm, and secure. You didn’t feel uncomfortable around him. Sighing, you looked up at his with a sheepish look. I’m sorry. You mumbled and he shook his head.

We are just happy to save anyone we can. He murmured. It wasn’t long before he led you back to the bed and you laid down. He closed the door gently and you turned on your side, allowing your heavy eyelids to close, but you continued to have the same dream.

Waking up, you smelled something good and sat up. Jin stood in your kitchen, happily humming as Jungkook shook his head at the elder.

Hyung, she’s going to find it creepy that we are in here. Jungkook mumbled and Jin shook his head.

You heard what Jimin said, she’s sad and misses her home. Nothing helps more with that like a home cooked meal. Jin said back and Jungkook rolled his eyes turning around and making eye contact with you.

AH! Y/N! You’re awake! Jungkook said with surprise and you bowed a little to him. Scratching your forearm involuntarily, you walked up to the two guys. Jungkook scratched his neck and looked at you with a half-smile. So how did you sleep … well Jimin said you were upset, but after that … Uhm did sleep well after that? He asked nervously and Jin laughed.

Getting nervously around a pretty girl, Jungkookie? He asked in a sing-song voice and Jungkook glared at the older member.

Hyung! He whispered and you touched Jungkook’s arm.

I’m okay, thank you for asking. You murmured and Jungkook’s cheeks tinted red.

Yea, no problem. If you need anything. He pointed to himself. I’m your guy. Then his eyes went wide. Not YOUR guy, I’m A guy, but I can help if you need it, well if you want me to be your guy I guess we can try … Jungkook rambled and Jin smacked his arm.

Enough. Jin said and Jungkook silenced, which caused you to giggle. Jin looked over at you with a smile. So she laughs. How refreshing! Much better than the terrified and teary eyed look you were displaying yesterday. Jin murmured and your cheeks went pink with embarrassment. How about some breakfast? As tradition has it, everyone eats together with the newbie. He put some plates down at the table and went to the intercom system on the wall. Guys, breakfast. Now. He said in a stern voice and you heard footsteps running towards your room.

The door burst open with Hobi and Taehyung fighting to get through the entrance first.

AH! I WANNA SIT THERE! Tae screamed as Hobi sat down next to you, pulling out your chair and helping you get settled at the table.

Good morning, Y/N! He said with a large smile, while Tae huffed, trying to run to the other spot next to you, just to have Jungkook slide into the seat.

Sorry, hyung, I called dibs. Jungkook shrugged as Tae made his way across the table and sat to look at you. You felt Tae’s gaze stare straight through you as you rubbed the time limit on your forearm yet again.

Stop doing that, you’ll rub your arm raw. Yoongi said in a monotone voice as you immediately froze your actions.

Oh, Yoongi. Jin rolled his eyes at the unenthusiastic guy. Can you not? Jin asked annoyed and Yoongi shrugged.

You told me to treat her like all the other expired. He mumbled and you looked at Jin who scoffed.

You’re being meaner than usual. Jin responded and everyone’s heads swiveled to look at Yoongi, whose eyes squinted.

No, I think I’m treating her just like ANYONE else. He emphasized that and Jin’s mouth turned up into a grin.

Orrrr, you are being mean just like little boys shoving little girls they like on the playground. Jin said back.

Can we talk about something else? Namjoon said, clearly uninterested as he sat down at the head of the table. Everyone at the table, including yourself, started to find other things to focus on, such as piling food onto their plates or into their mouths. So how is everything, Y/N? Namjoon asked in a professional manner and you nodded as you swallowed the bite of food you had just shoveled into your mouth.

I actually need something. You murmured and Namjoon looked at you.

You can’t leave the house. He replied and you rubbed your forearm yet again. Namjoon raised an eyebrow as he noticed the nervous motion. What do you need that we didn’t get from your apartment? He asked and you looked around.

My undmer … You mumbled and he scrunched up his face.

Your what? He asked more clearly and you sighed.

My underwear. You said loudly and everyone stopped. Jungkook’s eyes went wide and his face went red.

Jungkook, you were in charge of her clothes. Yoongi said and Jungkook laughed nervously.

I didn’t want to touch her private garments. He said in a higher pitched voice.

So you didn’t bring any of her underwear? Namjoon asked in a confused voice.

Can we not talk like I’m not sitting right here? You asked exasperatedly and Namjoon shrugged.

I’ll go with you to grab things. Namjoon replied and you looked at him.

Can’t Jin oppa go? Or Jimin? You asked and both Jin and Jimin went red. Namjoon looked at the two of them with skepticism.

Laying the groundwork, huh? Namjoon rolled his eyes as he asked the two guys, before turning to you. I’ll take you because you’re technically my responsibility under the Order. He said matter-of-factly and you remained quiet even though you were cussing at him in your mind.

Fine. So can we go back to my apartment? You asked and Namjoon shook his head.

The government will have already ransacked the place, we will go a few towns over and you’ll just buy new stuff. He said and you glared at him in disapproval, but remained quiet.

As breakfast wrapped up, Namjoon tapped his watch as he looked at you.

C’mon, I don’t want to make this a full day thing. I got things to do. He mumbled and you rushed to button your jeans.

I swear to God. You mumbled and Namjoon shook his head.

Don’t speak to quickly, I could leave you there and then you can see God for yourself. He replied and Jin smacked the back of his head.

NOT NICE! He screamed and Namjoon held up his hands in defense.

Alright, alright. C’mon, let’s just go. Namjoon replied and turned on his heels as you followed quickly behind. This was going to be interesting.

Sweet Caroline

Request: Hi. Can you do one with modern!kylo based off the song sweet Caroline by Neil diamond please?            

AN: This was such a good idea, I hope you like it!! Sorry it took me so long to post though!

Word Count: 1K

Where it began, I can’t begin to know when.

It was really like the world had stopped when Kylo had laid eyes on you for the first time. You were like a shining light in his dark world, especially the way you smiled. He couldn’t help himself, he was smitten from the first glance. It was outside a coffee shop he was trying with his friend, Hux, who felt very unlucky to be sitting next to Kylo at that point.

“Ren!” Hux yelled from beside him, causing Kylo to look at Hux with a look of confusion on his face. Hux had a smirk plastered on his face.

“If you like her, why not talk to her?”

At Hux’s question Kylo’s face dropped and his brows furrowed. As if it was that easy. Kylo let out a sigh before turning back to where you had been, only to catch you staring at him this time. When you realized you’d been caught, you whipped your head forward, heat rising to your cheeks as a blush painted your face before grabbing your coffee and heading out with your friend. Kylo found himself smirking this time.

That would not be the last day you saw Kylo either. In fact, he made a point after that to frequent that same coffee shop, much to Hux’s annoyance. After a while, Hux refused to come with him, and he practically forced Phasma to go in his place. Upon seeing Kylo watch you, a blank expression on his face- which was better than the usual brooding face he had- she decided that Hux was right, and enough was enough. With a heavy sigh, she stood up and walked over to the table you were sitting at, causing Kylo to sit up in panic.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt you,” she said, placing a hand on her hip as she smiled warmly at you, causing you to furrow your brows in confusion. “My friend over there, dark hair, dark eyes, really tall, think’s you’re cute, and I think you’d find you like him if you have a pleasant conversation. Thanks!” After that, she walked away, leaving you blushing furiously. You looked over to Poe, who was wearing a Cheshire grin on his face.

“Told ya,” he said, causing you to look away and in Kylo’s direction. He was staring incredulously at Phasma as she gathered her things and gave him a wink before exiting the coffee shop. He then turned towards you and saw you watching him. His eyes widened as he caught you, and then he gave his best attempt at a smile. Looking back at Poe, who nodded, you started picking up your things before heading over to the same table as Kylo. Sitting yourself next to him, you smiled warmly at him, a light blush still dusting your cheeks.


Who’d believe you’d come along?

From there, it was almost as if the two of you had known each other your entire lives. For Kylo especially, the affection you gave him made him feel almost like a completely different person. You understood him like no one ever had, like no one had ever tried to, and that made him feel so alive. You were the good he’d been hoping for his entire life. The breeze blew the long grass softly, creating a soft shuffling sound. It was so calming, the sun shining down on the two of you, the light fall breeze, and the changing colors of the leaves on the trees adjacent to the field. It almost seemed too good to be real.

“Hey, (y/n),” he said one day as the two of you sat on one of the blankets from your apartment, looking at the empty field ahead of you. This was yours and Kylo’s favorite place to have dates. It was a private place where he didn’t feel any pressure to express his emotion. It was also one of your favorite places because of that.

“Yeah?” You asked, looking up at him as you took his hand in yours. He grasped your hand back and squeezed lightly.

“Will you…will you move in with me?”

You stared up at him in disbelief. You knew this was a major step for him, he’d never shared anything with someone he’d ever cared about before. Smiling widely, you reached up and placed a soft kiss on his cheek before turning back around and lying against him.

“Of course I will,” you said.

Good times never seem so good. Oh I’ve been inclined to believe it never would.

The night was young, and the two of you were sitting together on the balcony of your shared apartment. It had been a few years since he first asked you to move in, but it almost felt as if nothing had changed. You had your head laid on Kylo’s shoulder as the two of you watched the stars together, the warm summer night so relaxing that you felt yourself dozing off. This was the perfect life you only could’ve dreamed of before you met Kylo.

“(Y/n),” Kylo said, breaking the silence between the two of you. He had your hand engulfed in his own, his thumb rubbing across the top.

“What is it, Kylo?” you said with a yawn, scooting closer towards him.

“I know I never really get emotional…but we’ve been together for so long…and I’ve never had someone love me the way you do,” he said softly, lying his cheek on top of your head. You smiled warmly, nodding your head in response. Over the years, he’d become more open with you, and you knew you were the person he trusted the most.

“You make the nights seem so full when they used to be so lonely… I want…I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he said, causing you to look up at him, your energy suddenly returning to you. Was he…?

“I don’t have a ring yet or anything, but I just…can’t wait anymore. It doesn’t have to be small if you don’t want it to be-“

“Yes, Kylo. Yes, I’ll marry you,” you said, cutting him off, feeling tears prick at your eyes as you pulled him into an embrace. He let out a shaky sigh and hugged you back, pressing a kiss against your cheek. It felt so good to hold you in his arms, it always had.

How can I hurt when holding you?

Valentine’s Day Special ;)

Oh ho ho? What is this? Well judging by all the gaudy decor hanging around the bureau and the multitude of glittery cards and chocolate stuff under our door, it must be Valentine’s day! That’s right guys, gals, and nonbinary pals - it’s that special day and Taako has a sizzlin’ special date ;) 

…ha. Psych. 

No fucking way, man, Valentine’s day is dumb as hell. And I’m not just saying that ‘cause my date cancelled on me or some equally lame excuse. I just honestly, genuinely, don’t care. This wizard slash chef has bigger things on his metaphorical plate, thanking you VERY much.  

Also? Company parties are the pits, my guys. Like hell I’m going to that blah fest. 

Nah, boy, instead this seems like a great opportunity to chillax with my boys, throw on my comfy pants, ring of frost some sweet bevs, and kick it with a Boy’s Night In! 

And what do all good good adventure boys need for a perfect Palentines day? 

Hot diggity shit, that’s right! Today’s dish is…


Now, just so you know, this one dooooess take a bit of prep work, so be sure you either prepare in advance, or start early! 


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Niall-- Late at Night

It always surprises me, the moments that make my heart so full it could explode.

The moments where everything I have in life just seem so overwhelming in their normality that it fills me with warmth.  I can remember a time when I thought my life with Niall would bar me from these sorts of moments, but even in our privileged life I can find those moments where things just feel… normal.

I can’t sleep.  Insomnia has taken me hostage once more and not even the soft sheets pressed against my skin can will me restless mind to sleep.  I knew if I rolled over and poked at my husband, he’d be awake in a moment.  He’d only grumble a little that I’d ruined his dream of a perfect round of golf before keeping me company in the dark hours.  Cuddling with me and talking about silly nonsense or just sitting awake next to me as we both did our own things on our phones or read books.

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