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This is Moose. He is a good boy. Now three years old, he was rescued from an abusive owner when he was only a few months. He loves to run around with his fellow pup siblings, eat tasty snacks, and sleep under the covers. Moose has a stuffed stress-duck that he nibbles when he gets nervous; we are so glad he is beginning to overcome is puppy anxiety! 

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- veins-of-sunshine

coran: whoo, it’s hot out here!

allura: you think it’s hot out? i have seventy pounds of hair on my body, weighing me down, making me sweat. you wouldn’t know real heat if it yelled at you.

coran: princess, i think…it would be best for you to go inside. 

🌩Yuri is like super afraid of thunderstorms but he doesn’t want to look weak or anything so nobody knows.

🌩But one day after practice otabek and Yuri are just chilling at their apartment bc they totally live together and its only been a few weeks and the weathers been nice so there hasn’t been a thunderstorm yet.

🌩And so they’re just chilling and its getting late right. And all of a sudden Yuri sees lightening flash from the corner of his eye and tenses up bc ‘oh crap oh crap oh crap not here not now oh crap’

🌩And I mean he’s the ‘ice tiger of Russia, he’s not afraid of anything’ Right and ‘good thing beka is in the other room and he can’t see me like this all weak and afraid’

🌩But then ofc beka comes strolling in the room mindlessly scrolling on his phone at that moment and yuri is just kinda frozen for a second.

🌩Then the thunder hits and that’s when he jumps. And Otabek is all like ‘wait did I see that right or are my eyes screwing with me?’

🌩So he goes and asks Yuri if he’s okay and ‘what?! Of course I’m okay! I’m perfectly fine, what are you talking abo-EEK!’ and he just squeaks and hides his face in bekas shirt, clinging to him as another roll of thunder hits.

🌩And beka just smiles and wraps his arms around him. ‘perfectly fine huh?’ Beka chuckles while mindlessly playing with yuris hair. Yuri huffs and looks up at his bf and is all like 'oh shut up!’ before clinging harder to his shirt as an especially loud boom shakes the apartment

🌩And yuri is shaking and beka is all like 'kitten, you don’t have to try to be strong all the time. Being afraid doesn’t make you weak its part of human nature. And you know, even tigers aren’t fearless’ and as yuri nods his head at his remark beka kisses his head and holds him tight until the storm passes


Gif source:  Stiles

Imagine falling in love over the summer with Stiles.

——— Request for anon ———

When you’d gone to Beacon Hills to spend the summer with your grandma, you had had no intention of finding love. In fact, you had sworn yourself off it the previous semester after a particularly bad breakup that had involved your ex cheating on you with your best friend.

You had only needed to get away.

Now, you never wanted to go home. Kissing Stiles goodbye was soul-crushing after the summer you’d had with him. You’d spent nearly every waking moment with him not long after you’d arrived in this little town, finding yourself falling dangerously in love with him in the span of a few months.

“I don’t want you to go,” he breathes, forehead pressed against yours as your lips hover not far apart, your bags sitting abandoned at your feet. You open your eyes from the kiss first, watching as his own dark browns open to give you a longing look as he confesses, “I love you.”

“You’re killing me, here,” you chuckle, feeling your cheeks flush despite the fact you’d heard him say those words with increasing frequency over the last few weeks.

“If I could convince my dad to let you stay in the spare room, and you convinced your mom…” he trails off, already knowing the half-cocked plan would never work, especially with the reality of your plane ticket sticking out of your back pocket.

“I’ll come back every chance I get, like for break! And we’ll talk everyday, Stiles,” you giggle, placing another, more chaste kiss to his lips as you wrap your arms around him for one final hug. “I love you, too.”


✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ 

Riley had never been shy of a little rain. As a kid she embraced the rainy days, she would always slip on her rubber boots and raincoat and out she’d go; splashing, jumping, twirling around in the downpour with her mouth wide open. It was almost too perfect that the boy she ended up falling in love with, loved getting caught in the rain just as much as she did.

So when the wind picked up on their afternoon walk through the park after school, she glanced up at the black cloud that consumed the sky above and felt a rush of excitement.  They were only a few blocks from Lucas’ apartment complex but there was no way they’d make it there before the storm started.  

Lucas furrowed his eyebrows as he looked to the now dark sky, clutching Riley’s hand in his as if he was preparing to run. “Is this why you wanted to walk to mine?” His mouth curled into a small smirk as he gazed knowingly at the brunette before him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She smiled, resting her head on his shoulder as they continued their trek to his house.

The scent of rain is heavy and a stillness falls over the street, and in the silence comes a low crackle of thunder. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of lightning splits the sky, and the downpour begins.

“Run!” Riley shrieked, as they ran across the slippery sidewalk, weakened by the weight of their now soaked clothes. Neither of them could stop the smiles from forming on their faces as they leaped across puddles while Lucas hovered his jacket over their heads to shield their eyes from the rainfall.  

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pansy x neville headcanons
for the @hprarepairnet​ & @slytherdorneton the job challenge | hogwarts professors | 1k+ words

  • even with a year of teaching under his belt, neville still felt out of place standing in the professor’s lounge
  • like he’d just sneaked in and would be caught and given detention at any moment
  • so he wasn’t surprised when he jumped a little at hearing mcgonagall greet him by name as she entered the room
  • “alone, are we mr. longbottom?”
  • he shrugged. “still just trying to get used to it.”
  • a look of something neville thought might be pity flashed across her face before she let out a small hum. “yes well, it seems being the only one in the lounge has made you the odd man out. our new care of magical creatures professor will be here in half an hour, and as i have meetings at the ministry all afternoon, i’m entrusting you to help them settle in.”
  • he almost protested. he had a few more trunks to unpack and lesson plans to revise and three and a half greenhouses to tend to. but as soon as he opened his mouth mcgonagall leveled a severe stare at him so instead he smiled and gave a curt nod
  • “of course headmistress.” she thanked him and left, her green tartan cloak fluttering behind her. he wondered for a moment if she’d have given such a parental scolding glare to any of the other professors, or if she knew that given his young age and the previous nature of their relationship allowed her to do so with him alone 
  • his thoughts were interrupted when she popped back in, holding the door open just enough to take a step into the room. “and longbottom, do try to be civil.” and she left again, just as quickly as she’d returned 
  • try to be civil? since when was he anything but?
  • in any case, he decided to use his remaining half hour to unpack before heading to the entry hall to wait for the new professor 
  • he opened one of the giant doors, thinking it might let in a nice breeze, and that it would be easier to spot the newest faculty member when they arrived
  • “it’s about time you showed up.”
  • the voice behind him was familiar but odd. familiar because he knew just who it belonged too, but odd because where it should have been genuinely mean and scathing it was playfully sarcastic and self aware. 
  • he turned on his heels with one last hope that it wasn’t who he thought it was
  • pansy watched that hope drain from his face as locked eyes with her. she smirked, taking joy in his displeasure. “my trunks are in the carriage,” she said, turning to head further into the castle, not waiting for him
  • a moment later she heard a scuffle behind her as he scrambled to catch up with her
  • “what are you doing here?” he asked, half upset, half confused
  • she shrugged, not breaking her pace. “waiting for you to show me to my chambers. i’d prefer something overlooking the lake, but i supposed i could settle for cliff-side view.”
  • neville glanced back, making sure the house elf he’d summoned was retrieving her things. “this can’t be right,” he mumbled
  • that stopped pansy in her tracks and she spun to meet him so quickly that he almost tripped backwards. “why?” she spat. “because i’m not some golden gryffindor killing myself to be a hero? because i’m not some doe-eyed bleeding heart with a savior complex?”
  • neville shrank under her words. not because of the venom that came with them but because of their actual impact. 
  • “let’s get one thing straight longbottom, i got this job because i was the most qualified candidate. over-qualified, actually, as i had to claw my way out of a reputation that was put on me before i could even walk just to even be consider for the position.
  • he averted his eyes, guilt over taking him. 
  • “i wonder if you were the most qualified,” she continued. “or did your war hero status get you a free pass? or perhaps it was your old head of house being the new headmistress that did it?”
  • he glared at her. at least that much he knew wasn’t true. she may not have known mcgonagall well, but he did, and she wouldn’t do anyone any favors if it meant giving the student’s a sub-par teacher. 
  • that was it, though, wasn’t it? if pansy said she was the most qualified candidate, then she must of been. mcgonagall wouldn’t have hired her other wise. 
  • pansy saw his glare soften before he pushed by her. “come on,” he mumbled. “i’ll show you to your room.” 
  • her trunks were waiting for them just inside of the small apartment that had been allocated for her, and the elves had even put a kettle on and laid out some biscuits. 
  • “not too shabby,” pansy mused, checking the view from the windows in the lounge area. having a view looking down on the lake was much better than the one into the lake that the slytherin dungeons had provided. 
  • she’d have to change the dust old lace curtains, and transfigure the heavy and worn furniture, but the space was nice
  • there was a lounge with two big windows and a fireplace, a small kitchen with a little round dining table for two, a bathroom with a large clawfoot tub, and a bedroom with a canopy bed similar to her old dorm one and plenty of room for her clothes. not too shabby at all. 
  • neville was still standing by the door when she came out from inspecting the bedroom. “i’ll let you to it then,” he said, hand on the door. “there’s a staff meeting before lunch, in the great hall. i’ll show you to the lounge after that.” 
  • she nodded and he opened the door, but stopped just short of stepping over the threshold. his shoulders heaved with his sigh. “i’m sorry,” he said, his voice low but genuine. 
  • the door was nearly closed behind him when she let out a sigh of her own. if she was ever going to fit in, to enjoy her time teaching, she had to start now. 
  • “neville wait.” he stopped and opened the door more, looking at her in confusion. “you should at least stay for tea.” 

fan meeting ft jimin

lil fluff

now was your moment. you were about to meet the men that you loved, appreciated, and watched for the longest.

just as you were on/in the planes and car, you were a shaking mess. not only were you nervous about meeting them but you were also nervous about how your korean would sound. you learned a few phrases and things to say to them but you were unsure if you could say it…to their faces.

“was this real? did i really? how did i get so lucky?” you asked yourself in your head as you moved up in the line.

now was the moment.

first in line was jin ; the talk with him was bless to you because it calmed your nerves. he was a funny (and handsome) guy and he even complimented your hair in english. he was cute. “do you know annyeonghaseyo?” you told him yes and then said it. he was shookt.

namjoon ; he was really happy to see you. “you really came here to see us? we really have the best fans inda worrl.” his dimples seemed much deeper in person and so did his voice. he was fine as hell, he even held your hand and his were soft. those calmed nerves? weren’t so calm now.

jungkook : he told you how pretty you were at least ten times. he told you that you really stood out and that being different is a good thing when he realized how nervous you were. he said it in broken english but it was cute.

taehyung ; he made you laugh more than jin. and damn, he looked good. you kept wondering about the type of highlight they used. he played with your fingers..a lot. he raised his eyebrows and did that proud smile that he loves to do everytime he talked to you (in english ofc).

yoongi ; stared into your soul. now he really sucks with english so the sentences that you learned came in handy. he did try is best to talk to you in english. “you’re foreigner?” “how are you?” he high fived you at least fifty times.

hoseok ; yeah he was/is a literal sunshine. his smile had you weak at the knees. he’s a sweetheart and he smelled so good. he let you touch his dimples and you let him poke at your cheek. the whole interaction was cute af.

after you said goodbye to hoseok and moved on to the next and last person, your bias (jimin) was right in front of you. at this point, you were on the verge of tears cause damn..park jimin looked like an angel. the angel that you were finally about to meet. he smiled brightly at you and reached out his hand for you to high five.

after you high fived him, he spoke. “uhh..what is…your name?”

although you were nervous, you couldn’t show it now. you could’ve been sweating bullets at the moment but the pep talk that you continuously gave yourself prevented you from doing so. you opened up your mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“hey? are you..okay?” jimin asked as he started to get worried.

after he said that, you finally came back to earth. you started to smile again once you saw his face. “sorry. my name is y/n.” you spoke in korean.

“ohh you can speak korean? that’s good, I thought that I was gonna have to speak english. i’m so bad at it i should improve my ski-”

“i can’t speak korean. i can speak a little.” your cheeks started to get hot because for one, you wanted to slap his neck and for two, you were embarrassed.

he laid back in his chair and mouthed ‘ohhh’ but quickly sat back up. “your..way you talk is..cute!”

“pronunciation?” you asked in korean.

“yes! what…are you…here in korea for? just us?” he asked you.

you nodded and smiled widely. “yes, i came from w/y/l just to see you guys.”

“wow… heart…special…feel.” he put his hand over his heart and grabbed one of yours. “y/n you’re amazing.”

you were basically putty in his hands once he said your name. never in a million years did you think that you would be this blessed. first off, he said your name which sent chills throughout your body and secondly, he was holding onto your hand like his life depended on it.

“i love you..” you said, completely mesmerized in his eyes. although that was a slip, you just pretended as though you didn’t just say that. it was true though, you loved him.

“i love you too y/n.” he said, with the most sincere tone that you had ever heard.

suddenly, you were told to move to the right and away from the table. for some reason, jimin didn’t want to let go of your hand. he said one last thing before your hands were completely separated. "come back…to see me…us! i want to..see you again!“

“okay!” you shouted back at him before you were guided out of the building.

you were now determined to see them/him a second time. and little did you know that jimin was thinking about you back there just as much as you were thinking about him.

anonymous asked:

If personality disorders are fake then how are people who have them helped by medication? 🤔 that's like saying depression isn't real because everyone gets sad

OK we have different definitions of “real” and my personal view from experience is that i know im not defined by the problems i have and its not some lifelong biological thing. that would be like me saying just because i had severe life-interfering ocd in middle school that i would have it for my entire life because its the disorder im defined by even though i just channeled the trauma underlying my ocd into an eating disorder and anhedonic depression after a few years. this is the only anon im answering about this

I’m crying because you guys are awesome

Originally posted by coporolight

Seriously, I will forever be in awe at the support in this community (save for some jerks who just likes to ruin things for people). A few days ago, I surpassed another remarkable followers milestone and to celebrate it with you guys, I’ll be doing a Steve x Bucky x Reader mini thing!

Also because Chamber of Secrets is being a bitch and giving me such a hard time

If you want to be tagged in that, please comment on this post ONLY (please dont send me asks or reblog because it gets hard to track and I dont want to miss anyone) 

FYI. those who are on my forever list will be automatically tagged. 

A tiny hint. 

It’s a firefighter AU 

Originally posted by espressobuns

Thank you to the people of Reddit who overwhelmingly support Roxy being alive…and to those who suggested a homage to the last movie with someone doing it in the arsehole again…with a twist. Let’s just say Agent Tequila is up for the ride with her Majesty and Goddess and Totally Alive Roxy Morton. 

Dedicated to @notbrogues, who is an enabler all the way.

A03 Link!

The first thing Tequila says after they save the world is “So, anyone up for a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Eggsy sighs.

Of course, it doesn’t happen right away—there’s damage control and clean-up and confiscation of Poppy’s notes to contend with—but when everything’s wrapped up, they finally do get that drink. 

The Statesman bar is still miraculously standing and empty for the evening, shut off to outside patrons. Roxy orders a few tequila shots, Eggsy grabs a martini, and Merlin requests bourbon, while the Statesmen get various brands of whiskey or beer. The only person who doesn’t order something alcoholic is Harry, who accepts a glass of water. 

Someone turns the radio to a country station—of course—but no one seems to mind. Ginger and Merlin settle themselves into a booth, pulling out their tablets. Whiskey and Tequila start a round of pool, howling every time the white ball misses or their designated one sinks neatly into one of the holes. Amongst the laughter are Harry and Eggsy, squeezed together in one end of the booth, heads close together.

Roxy sidles over to the pool table, and Tequila looks up, grinning. “Want to be on my team?”

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BTS reacting to their solo-idol crush getting sexist remarks

Requested by; anon

hello 💕 Could I get a BTS reaction to being in an interview together with few other artists and their Solo-Idol crush, and her getting a lot of sexist/shady remarks from the interviewer, e.g “Let’s be honest, your MV only got the amount of views cause of your looks 😜😆🤷🏻‍♂️💯”. Like, who’d step in and say something, who wouldn’t. (btw english isn’t my first language, forgive any mistakes) Have a nice week <3


Once he realised she was getting lots of sexist comments; he immediately would stand up for her and protect her from any harmful comments.

“She worked hard for this and it’s rude of u to think it’s only about the looks; she brought out an amazing song!”


It wouldn’t be extremely obvious; but he’ll have her back and will here and there would react to the comments. He’ll try his best to change the subject quickly.


Angry Hoseok doesn’t happen often; but this time, he’ll get extremely irritated and angry at the interviewer.

“Excuse me but is that all people look at? It’s supposed to be about the song and you shouldn’t say these negative comments!”


Even he; he’ll jump into the conversation and would take her side. He’ll immediately argue back and tell them it’s extremely rude of the interviewer to be this huge of a sexist.


Angry Jimin is scary; the interviewer will quickly notice that. He’ll angrily stare at them and would easily fight back; he’ll still be respectful, even if it’s hard for him to do so.


Taehyung would be quiet and just stare at the interviewer with pure disgust in his eyes. He’ll make sure she was okay and would privately tell her she brought out an amazing song and that she shouldn’t listen to the interviewer.


He’ll remain quiet; during breaks or at the end of the interview, he’ll walk up to her and awkwardly tell her not to listen to them.

“It’s an amazing song and it’s so mean of them to only care about the looks!”

anonymous asked:

I saw your reply about the Vette post and wanting companions to react more to the player. I was wondering where you think Bioware went wrong with koth to get such a negative reaction. I thought his motivations were pretty understandable

I think there’s a few factors in play.

  • There was a lot of mixed to negative reaction over the way Bioware was handling companions in kotfe, something that’s only gotten worse as we’ve seen the limitations of the returns and Bioware’s failure to do much with them other than give you the chance to kill them/drive them away. So I think there was some pre-disposition to not necessarily accepting or liking the new companions that were forced on you.
  • Koth doesn’t have nearly enough time to be fleshed out in conversations (especially regarding his positive reaction to Valkorion, which gets brushed over in a couple of lines). He doesn’t show up until late in Chapter 3 and can potentially be gone by Chapter 10 (with inconsistent amounts of content in between).
  • While Koth’s dedication to avoiding Zakuulan civilian casualties is a good thing, it probably didn’t resonate as much with some players as Bioware expected - Zakuul is the enemy of your character, the Zakuulan civilians are either unknown to you or are to some extent portrayed as complicit in/supportive of the galaxy-conquering and Koth’s attitude was sometimes (and incorrectly) seen as him only caring about Zakuulan civilians.

So Bioware basically introduced a new character you have no connection to (while removing the characters many/most people DID care about), gave him somewhat limited characterization (which included idolizing the Big Bad), based his approval/reaction on how you treat the civilian population of your enemy and expected this weird/poorly put together mess to work itself out in a very short period and small amount of content.

I really don’t see how it could have worked properly as a character arc unless the spent way, way more time on Koth as a character to flesh him out and explore his attitude toward Valkorion (and do more/better world-building with Zakuul).

Then there’s the fandom-side stuff:

  • Bioware fans don’t tend to react well to characters criticizing them, let alone walking out on them (let alone walking out on them while taking the Gravestone!). And Bioware is often times complicit in this by writing player characters as being above reproach and getting away with a lot of things they shouldn’t. Koth is no different.
  • As mentioned above - because there wasn’t much time to really get to know him or get attached to him, it was far less likely that people would be accepting of his words/actions, anyway. Compare that with the reaction to Elara possibly refusing to rejoin a trooper on Iokath (which has actually gotten positive feedback from a lot of people). Elara had an entire class story, particularly as an oft-used/popular companion, for people to get to know her and she’s written in a manner consistent with her characterization on Iokath. Koth didn’t have the time (or writing) to support that kind of reaction.

I also suspect there’s some level of…I’m not sure how to put this without making it come across too strongly. Let’s just say that some Bioware fans don’t seem to react well to black companions - both in terms of being fans of/liking them and sometimes more blatant racist crap (like posts [not on Tumblr] I’ve seen from people reacting to finding out Koth and Lana used to be together by saying they see her as contaminated).

Given all that, I’m not surprised that Koth did not go over well with the fandom at large. Which is a shame, because he had (and still has!) a ton of potential and it was refreshing to have someone that would actually stand up to the Outlander ™.

anonymous asked:

Can you think of anytimes IW has directly done something to CS. There are times BA disregards her and is not at her beck and call, but Iris never has betrayed or hurt CS. It seems Barry neglecting CS somehow gets anger redirected at Iris. 100% certain if BA physically harms KF repeatedly and later apologise the anti will pretend like the violence never happened and still ship them! S4 without a certain fandom would be glorious!!!

Iris is the only character that consistently remembers her ass in a crises. She’s said “what about Katrina” or some variation there of far more than Katrina has done the same for her. I know if my ass was about to die in a few weeks, I would not be worried about any associates.

Maybe Piano Will Be Our Always

Part 2 of this ask! 

Description: I’m taking this one and running with it. Came up with the fluffiest idea ever that also incorporates this and I’m quite proud of myself. You probably expected Phil to fail completely in a hilariously fluffy mess, but I’ve done pretty much the exact opposite. You’ll love it though. I hope. 

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 638

“Damn it!” Dan couldn’t figure out the last few measures. He’d been trying for ages to get this song down for Phil. Learning piano by ear was never that hard for Dan, but when he tried to add singing into the mix, it got monumentally harder. 

Dan didn’t have the best singing voice. However, there are some things important enough that the best, and only way to Dan, is to express them through music. Especially with the grand piano in their new house. 

This song was probably the most important thing Dan would ever play. In fact, it was definitely the most important thing he would ever play, and he knew it. His struggles in perfecting it were really stressing him out, so he decided he’d do one more run-through and then take a break. Phil would be home soon anyway. 

He fucked up. Again. Dan hit a sour chord in the very last measure, and that sent him over the top. He didn’t hear the door open, as the sound of him bashing every key at once was very loud. “I’ll never get this right!” 


“Oh, hey, Phil!” Dan flipped over his sheet music immediately, not wanting to ruin the surprise for his boyfriend. 

“What’re you playing?” 

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a little song.” 

“Can you teach me?” 

Dan was taken aback, as Phil had never expressed an interest in learning to play the piano. Now was a horrible time, but Dan couldn’t turn down the chance. “Okay. I’ll teach you how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb. It’s probably the easiest song I know.” 

Phil plopped down on the bench beside Dan, grinning ear to ear. Dan demonstrated the first few notes, and Phil played them perfectly. After Phil learned the whole song, Dan decided to show him how to place his hands on the piano. “Here, let me show you the playing position.” Dan took his boyfriend’s soft hands in his own and placed them delicately on the keys. “Play like this.” 

Phil played Mary Had a Little Lamb effortlessly with the correct playing position, and Dan was, quite frankly, very surprised. “Phil, you’re a natural!”

“I may have had a bit of practice whenever you were out…” Phil grinned, going red in the cheeks. 

“Really? What did you learn?” 

“Here. I’ll show you.”

As Phil started to play, Dan recognized the music immediately. It was the same song he had been learning for weeks to play for Phil. He set up his hands on the octave below Phil’s and began to play the same music he knew. Together they began to sing. “105 is the number that comes to my head when I think of all the years I wanna be with you…” 

They looked in each other’s eyes as they sang the one lyric that meant the most to them both. “Will you marry me?” 

The song was nearly at an end as both boys fumbled over the keys, playing multiple wrong notes as their eyes blurred from the accumulating tears of joy. “Wake up every morning with you in my bed. That’s precisely what I plan to do.” 

As they played the final chord, they each pulled out ring boxes they had stored in their pockets. “Will you marry me?” They spoke in what would have been normal voices, if they weren’t both so shaky. Without giving an answer, they collapsed into each other’s arms laughing and crying. 



“How did you know that song?”

“I’ve been trying to learn it to propose to you for weeks, you spork!” 

“Great minds think alike.” Dan’s fiance grinned at him, and he grinned back. It wasn’t that he found the statement grin-worthy. No, Dan was beaming because he would get to admire that grin of child-like happiness on Phil’s face for the rest of his life. 

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How about Widowmaker's s/o as a special birthday gift (or just a regular gift in general) getting her a pet Black-Widow spider? (I've always kiinda hc that Widowmaker loves bugs and spiders (especially black-widows) the most so it's kinda of a hc idea, sorry to bother!)

Don’t do this, pretty sure it’s illegal as they are venomous (Not really deadly but they will mess you up and hurt). We actually have a species around here, we’re just barely in their range so you only see them every few years when the weather permits.

  • She used to hate spiders and bugs
    • Her fear wiped away by Talon
    • Now she adores them
    • Especially the infamous Black Widow
    • Sensing a connection between them and her
  • So you manage to get her one
    • And present it to her in a cage
    • Her face doesn’t change much when she sees it
    • But you can sense a positive lift deep inside
  • She loves feeding it
    • Sitting there for hours until she feeds
    • Something resembling a smile when the spider finally goes for the kill
  • You make her promise not to let it out
    • She wouldn’t regardless
    • She isn’t a fool
    • She just respects the spider
    • But knows that could be turned on her

gsut  asked:

i'm not on anon buuuut that doesn't matter! i wish you'd write a fic where Levy lost her memories, and only remembers Gajeel from the phantom lord arc! i feel like you'd carry the story so well and it'd just be so engaging ;_;


I think I’ll make it a few chapters, too! Like a mini series. My final assessment is in two weeks. I’ll have months to work on new projects! I’m super excited. Thank you for this blessing @gsut.

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can you write more about mary and kayleigh's wedding?

alright, ive been putting this off for days because i’m an asshole but. but. i want to get this right, so i give you: the disaster that is kayleigh day and mary hatford’s wedding

  • the wedding is incredibly small, incredibly contained, and the ceremony itself lasts for a few hours at most
  • the guest list consists of: neil, kevin, andrew, aaron, nicky, dan, wymack, stuart, and a scattering of friends from both families that ends up with a total of 75 people in total. nathan wesninski cannot get within 200 feet of mary hatford without being arrested, so he was very clearly not invited to the affair
  • the trouble comes when neil and kevin have four separate realizations that they’ll actually have to be legal brothers from that point on, and are going to start their official sibling life with a bang
  • understandably, they freak out a little bit at first
    • neil: kev, we’re gonna be related. like, actually related. i’m almost on the same level as dan
    • kevin: shut the fuck up, i might puke
  • these first several realizations do nothing to deter them from wreaking havoc on both of their mothers mental stability on the already-stressful day of their union

so now that the basics are down, i’ll give you what kevin and neil will call ‘the great wedding heist of 2k17′ for the rest of their lives

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