only a few people will get this xd

So, remember when the Battle Lovers got sassed by the students they were trying to rescue the first time they had to fight in front of a group of people?

Um, excuse me, sweater boy… Are you or any of your companions really in a position to say that when only a few moments earlier you all were literally about to kill each other over chopsticks?

Hmmmmm… I’m just saying beggars can’t be choosers here. Let these third-rate idols save your sorry asses and at least show them the common courtesy of not openly criticizing their schtick. They already know they sound dumb.

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Wah... It's personally scary to see you, Mun, to be a tad aggressive. Anyways, please, don't let others get to you and stay positive. You have quite a few people who have your back if you need support. You are amazing in your own way and know that a few of us are willing to put up a fight. Please, stay safe and don't lose yourself.

Mun: It only gets scarier from here on tbh xD Nah I’m playing (Not really) But thank you~ The one thing I will never do is use my followers to my advantage. If I am in some shit, I will deal with it myself. Thank you for supporting me and having my back but I know that this only my problem so it’s fine. I’ll figure it out myself~ You guys are not my slaves or just a number. You are all real people behind a screen and I respect that. I don’t want to pull people into things that aren’t any of their concern. Thank you~ I will try not to. I really appreciate you sending me this message, nonnie~ ilysm c:

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1. I only own geeky t-shirts, almost all of which are black, except from four of them (one gray, one red and two white ones) that I rarely wear, tbh. xD 

2. I am a total SUCKER for physical contact, especially hugs. <3 People usually refer to me as a “weirdo”, but I prefer to define myself as a “clingy bat”. :3 

3. I’m a natural blonde, but after a few experiments on my hair I got bored of it and proceeded to dye it blue black. I mess with my hair an unnatural amount of times a year and constantly try different looks and haircuts, cause I’m basically an indecisive bipolar freak! xD Within the next years I want to dye my hair red, blue and green, just for the fun of it! :3

4. Ι was born with the gift of graceful clumsiness. I have a natural talent of constantly falling and tripping over stuff without hurting myself in the process. Unless we’re talking about falling in love, which usually ends up rather painfully for me EVERY. FREAKIN. TIME. xD (Boy, that escalated quickly… xD)

5. I can do a pretty legit impression of Harley Quinn, Snow White, Mickey Mouse and a random markers’ tv commercial guy. xD I’m also pretty good with animal sounds, although that’s not my proudest talent… xD

6. I have a strange fear of walking outside by myself while holding food, cause I hate to be perceived as the fat piece of shit that I am. xD

7. As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m slightly addicted to using emojis and similar text symbols, cause I want my texts as I want my life: colorful, fun and full of fake emotions… xD

8. If I was a supernatural creature, I’d most certainly be a werecat, as I’m basically a cat in my soul :3 

9. I sleep with a big, adorable, cringe stuffed penguin called Stelios, whom I love so damn much, even though he keeps staring creepily at me with his huge blue eyes… xD 

10. One of the most hilariously epic gifts I’ve ever received is a small random epileptic dancing Xmas tree given to me by my bestie, Alice almost three weeks ago… xD <3 

11. I’m unspeakably HYPED for ‘Thor 3: Ragnarok’ and I can’t wait to watch my dark bae, Loki conquering the Nine Realms, omfgskjsf :3 <3 

Well that’s all… :3 As you’ve probably figured out by now, I suck at this “Rule-thingy” as well as socializing, so I’m only gonna tag two people… (Social Anxiety, thou heartless bitch… xD)

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Relationship status: Still single XD

Favorite color(s): Purple, black, lime green.

Pets: I have two precious doggies, and they drive me nuts.

Last song listened to: “Cool Kids” - Echosmith  (Only because i re-watched my speedpaint again)

Favorite TV show: Who can you even expect me to answer this question when i love and watch over a dozen different shows? XD

I might only reglogg a few shows on here but between internet shows, old shows,  and new shows.

i have over a hundred shows i enjoy XD

First fandom: Adventure time, basically how i ended up on tumblr anyway.

Now i’ve expanded to bunch of other ones.

Hobbies: Art, reading, video games, collecting dragons, talking about my shows for a long time.

Book(s): The Secret Series, Harry Potter, and The Mysterious Benedict Society are probably my favorites…

but i’ve read an awful lot of books.

I tag: @rage-the-human-hunter , @lazerpuppys , @nopes-dopes , @drawingsvtfoe , @officallytrash , @bloodandhedonism , @mollyandere , @meet-the-mod ,  and @tiny-rickk  as the people i’d like to get to know much more.

SvTFoE isn't the only good Disney XD show.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Star vs The Forces of Evil, it’s a really good show, and I’m really looking forward to see the second season but I keep these people that it’s only good show Disney XD has since Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder are done. Yes, it sucks that Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder ended and true they have Pickle and Peanut but there are still few good shows that Disney XD has besides Star Vs. Like

Star Wars Rebels (Third Season coming soon) (It’s felt really biased to me when they said “Rebels Sucks, The Clone Wars is way better.” I personally think Rebels is better than TCW because it felt closer to the source material and it really shows that Disney respect Star Wars more than George Lucas did)

Yo Kai Watch (True this anime series can be corny but hey CN has Pokemon)

Penn Zero: Part Time Hero (Second Season coming soon)

Guardians of the Galaxy (TV Series)

and hell even Ultimate Spiderman(I’m growing to like it and I think it’s improving despite having flaws)

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I think these shows are being overlooked and I do believe they deserves to be look at.

Plus there are two upcoming Disney XD shows that I think they’re might be good

And besides, there’s a petition for bring back Wander and who knows, maybe it will happen like it happens to Kim Possible and Futurama. (I’ll give a year to see what happens)

I still have hopes for Disney.

Bye 2016 and Hallo 2017!

Hallo everyone,

I hope that everyone of you had wonderful holidays and that your new year began on a good note! :)

For me 2016 was, I bet for everyone, kinda shitty. But I don’t want to talk all about the stuff that went wrong, because I think that everyone already knows about that. But I just wanted to say that I met so many awesome artists, got in contact with them and I even met new friends. Some of them in persona and a few via internet only (yet >D). And to be honest? For me it’s hard to get in contact with people, especially with artists I admire. But I got better with it to really write comments. Is it either on this account or oin my BJD one.

What do I hope for 2017?
Getting a job, maybe getting back to my favorite town (with a job plz XD) and getting better at art. I realised again that my style lack something interesting and when you look into my gallery - there is nothing *really* special. It’s more or less kinda boring? D: So I’ll try to do more studies and such and try to be even more productive as long as I have the time to.

What do you wish for this year? I mean, personal stuff. Don’t let us think about all that shit that’s going around in the world for once ; v ;“

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Seeing that post about women over 30 not allowed/thought of to have hobbies reminded me of an awesome memory from a few years ago.

My mum is that sort that doesn’t see the point of video games, the typical generation gap ignorance where she’s never played them, but thinks they’re a waste of time, only for kids, etc, etc.

One weekend, we arranged to have lunch with her family - her cousins, her mum, her aunt. This is a very rare occurrence - her family are very quiet, private people. We all get along, they’re just not the big shindig types xD Anyway, cue small talk, lots of questions about work, partner, blah blah blah. Then her cousin asks me about my interests. I start to talk about gaming. I can see my mum rolling her eyes, sighing, shaking her head, ‘ah, immature daughter’ type crap.

Then this mid-60’s woman, quiet as a mouse, gets super excited talking about how much she loves Skyrim - in particular dumping dead bodies in the river and watching them float away.

The look on my mums face is one I’ll never forget.

So carry on, Tumblr is in no way indicative of 'real life’. Fuck, 30 isn’t old. I wanna see your wrinkly ass 80 year old self telling grandkids, nieces, nephews, whoever, how much you love watching your vanquished foes sail down a river.

Eyes on You (Monster AU)

a/n: Hello all :) This is my first EXO fic I’m posting here. It’s based off I dream I had probably from watching the trailer so many times XD. Anyway, this is the intro and if this gets even a few notes, I’ll post Part 1 before I go to bed!


Monster AU

word count: 1207

As close to impossible as it was, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t inevitable. They happen, not often enough that many people remember, but it’s a memory that will last a life time. The staff usually only stick around to witness maybe one break out. If they’re lucky enough to escape it alive, then they just quit on the spot. Who wouldn’t though? So many lives become at stake, it’s the perfect situation to be selfish. That’s what most people would do. That’s what smart people would do.

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Not Fairy Tail related

… but I was going through some old boxes in a closet and found some really old sketchbooks.  Like, I haven’t put effort into drawing anything for at least 10 years.

So, if this gets enough notes, I’ll post some of them for your amusement.  I’ve had a few people over the years request to see “my drawings.” Mind you, this is like 12-14 yr old me’s art.  I’m not an artist by any means XD


I 100% love my boyfriend. He calls me beautiful, adores everything I do with my hair, and doesn’t want me to lose anymore weight (I’ve lost 30 pounds since we first met and I’m close to my goal of 115 pounds-), and apparently I have “Eyes more beautiful than all the stars”. He helped me feel better about myself through out these last few months we have been together, and the two years we have know each other. I adore him. There are challenges, but I love him and he constantly stays he loves me- and he gets upset when I talked to other guys. He’s protective, what can I say. XD The only weird thing about the relationship is people telling us how cute our kids would be because they would be mixed/more white passing. Uh. No. They would be cute because both of us are cute. :)

But the point of this confession- I hope all of you wonderful ladies will find someone that makes you happy. You’re never to old to fall in love and meet someone that makes you feel wonderful. Sending good relationship vibes all around!


These are the only photos I have atm. One of my staff peeps took a set of me and when I am able to get some copies I will share them. I also had quite a few people at the con take some of me from roaming the halls so I’m hoping to track those down at some point. I know it takes a while for people to post stuff after a con so I’m both patient and won’t be upset if they choose not to post them here. There is always facebook. Anyway.

If you see yourself here please let me know! Like a dummy I forgot to ask if these lovely people had a tumblr or facebook I could tag them. Honestly, I was so nervous just asking to take photos that was the last thing I was thinking about lol I will scroll the metrocon tag in a week or so and see if anything pops up. For now, have these lol