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Do you think this will really never stop? This will last forever??

Hello my Anon and i think we should define “forever”! If you mean when we’ll get rid of Simon, my answer is probably never cause he’ll be around in some degree.

If you mean “Rosemary’s baby”, I expect it to last a couple of years (these stunts usually take time) but in the meantime be prepared to see articles about liam who goes out partying and drinking while poor Cheryl stays at the hotel at home taking care of the baby and sacrifices herself as only a model mother could (”buy Cheryl’s book on how to bring up kid”, “buy Cheryl’s clothes line for your kid”, etc).

And I can understand Cheryl; she’s 33, her biological clock was ticking, she wanted a child; but the question that any sane people would ask themselves is why Liam, aged 23 (meaning he’s got many years ahead of him) and ready to launch a solo career (which takes a lot of work) would want a baby at THIS point of his life. As you see, my Nonnie, it does not add up. And since Liam is always the reasonable one, I’ll say that he didn’t . So my bet is that he’ll do his best to focus on his career and leave this charade behind him as soon as contractually possible

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Top five OTPs from ANY fandom :)

Only five, though? What have I done to make you hate me??? ;-)

In no order…

1. Jim/Pam - The Office

We’re often told that certain fictional couples truly love and understand each other, that they have a lot in common and are best friends as well as deeply in love, but with Jim/Pam we actually SEE it over and over. In many ways they differ from the usual romance ‘types.’ He’s not the mysterious brooding loner or a reformed, rebellious bad boy, she’s not super sassy and plucky, and they’re not glamorous, wildly successful people in exciting or dangerous careers. They’re just two very relateable, good yet flawed people who happen to be soulmates.

2. Elena/Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Speaking of soulmates…I just felt and saw it, whatever that mysterious “it” might be, from their very first scene. Despite all the melodrama and angst and in some ways even because of it, I never doubted that these two love each other, have a truly transcendent connection and are destined to be together. The show’s writers disagreed, but I don’t let that deter me! 

3. Buffy/Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Oh, hey, so while we’re on the topic of passionate people/supernatural creatures who endure nonstop angst but who I happen to believe are epic soulmates…

I love Cangel too, by the way. I realize that makes no sense, but fictional and real love almost never does! .

 4. Elizabeth/Darcy - Pride and Prejudice

Unlike many Jane Austen fanatics, I don’t think of Darcy as the ultimate romantic ideal. I think he has a boatload of flaws to go along with his obvious assets, but that’s what makes him such a unique and entertaining character—and so perfect for Lizzie, who is also interestingly imperfect despite having so many great qualities. I relate to Darcy’s intense dislike of socializing and her impulsive snark and both of their stubborness and tendencies to judge too quickly. They’ve got just enough in common to connect yet enough differences to challenge each other, compensate for the other’s weaknesses and always keep things interesting. 

5. Caroline/Klaus - The Vampire Diaries 

Maybe I shouldn’t adore them and they shouldn’t adore each other, but “it’s not a crime to love something you can’t explain” (Klaus), right? :-) They just have this special chemistry that pulls me in. And to me it’s not just the “good girl tames bad boy” trope, but more that she taps into his buried but resilient humanity while he encourages her to do, see and BE more than she might have otherwise. 

Thak you so much for the ask! This was so much fun to do! 

things that house buying/renovation shows made me realize about the world:

- everyone hates carpets. no one wants their feet to be comfortable. no one wants them to be warm. no one wants to be able to lounge on the floor. they all want to throw their back out on hardwood.
- everyone hates walls. i thought that houses having walls was normal, but everyone wants the only walls to be around the bathrooms and the bed rooms. children cannot leave your sight or they will be sucked into oblivion. you need to be able to see through the entire house and into hell.
- people demand double vanities. when you’re a couple, apparently you have to use the bathroom in tandem. you get shackled together and you’re brushing your teeth at the same time, there are no other options available so you NEED two sinks.
- showers must be separate from the tub. not counting people with disabilities and the elderly, i don’t understand why people can’t stand in a tub and take a shower. my whole life i thought tub showers were normal but apparently they are for peasants who don’t deserve to do cartwheels in their 10 by 10 shower stall.
- people don’t have kitchen tables, they have islands. they need them for cooking prep, which is impossible to do at a table. they also need them to eat at in absurdly tall stools, despite the fact that the breakfast nook is 10 feet away and the dining room table is 15 feet away through their open floor plan.
- stainless steel appliances are the powerhouse of the home.

10 Things About Love Only Introverts Understand

People assume introverts are not as romantic and affectionate in relationships, but they’d be surprise to find the opposite. Relationships are almost sacred, and our most significant aspect within our heart. We only open up to a select few. We aren’ snobby, but it is important for an introvert to feel safe in their vulnerability. The open up to people they feel they can trust. Everything, especially emotions are magnified exponentially. Some may say we even love more. Since we don’t give ourselves away freely, it’s hard for us to let go of the people we let in our weird little world. The kind of love we get immersed in is different from your usual high school love story, and takes on a more matured and meaningful depth, and here’s the top 10 reason why being in love with an introvert could be the most special thing you’ve experienced :

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I have to get this off my chest

I’m genuinely curious why people have such an issue with people shipping Tarjei and Henrik.

Shipping is not stalking. I do not spam their social media asking about it (I have never even asked once) I respect their privacy.

All I am doing is simply appreciating their chemistry and thinking they’d make a cute couple, what’s wrong with that!?

I’m seriously wondering. The only argument I’ve seen is that they’re real people; NEWSFLASH! People fall in love literally every single day. Why does them being actors make it any different for them!? Do you know how many co-stars have fallen in love for real? Thousands. If not hundreds of thousands. Hell, it might even be millions! They are not robots. They are capable of love, why is me thinking they are in love such a horrible thing to some of you? I truly don’t understand…

At this point it’s pretty obvious that people on the show like Arwel know what we think about the elephants so like tbh either TJLC is real or people on the show purposefully tease us with the elephants in some sick form of Advanced Subtextual Queerbaiting that literally only a couple thousand fans would even understand, and I know which option I’m putting my money on


@kaistrex, from @sterektbh

On one level, Stiles knew that Scott was just trying to be a good friend. He cared about Stiles’ social life and wanted to spend more time together.

On basically every other level however, Stiles knew that shoehorning him in as a last-minute addition to a couples-only dinner party was about the biggest bro violation Scott could ever commit.

It’s not like Stiles could really blame him. Individually, most of the people at this table were all right. But as couples? A nightmare. It was like there was some strange switch that flipped in their brains when married couples came together. Suddenly all that mattered was whose wedding was the most expensive and how rewarding it is to trade sleep for a tiny, ugly human that only knows how to cry, sleep, and shit.

And, of course, how to peer pressure the last remaining single person in the room into adopting their clearly superior lifestyle.

The thing that married people didn’t understand about singledom is that being alone wasn’t a state that Stiles needed to be saved from. In fact, it was a state he’d much rather have been in, instead of sandwiched between what appeared to be the world’s smuggest gathering of people and their patronizing concern for his sad, lonely life.

He knew the drill by now, and it was all he could do to grin and bear it through the usual third degree.

“So? Any ladies in the picture?” No, not a single one. Not to mention, wow, heteronormative much?

“Well you better act fast. Most of the good ones have already been snapped up. You’re not going to be young forever, you know.” No, really? Shit. Thanks for the reminder, Greenberg.

Or his particular favorite:

“Tell me, why is it that so many men your age can’t hold down a serious relationship?”

It was like none of them had ever been single before, the way they were all treating him like some sort of adorable but pathetic zoo animal. Like each and every one of them emerged from the womb with a ring on their finger and a bowling pin shoved up their ass. He wanted to take them all and throttle them. He wanted to scream, Don’t act like you’re above this. This time last year you were sitting on my couch in your underwear eating rice krispies out of the box, Jackson! Don’t think I’ve forgotten!

Then again, everyone knows what happens to zoo animals who go rogue on the people come to gawk at them. And why give them more of a reason to look down on him?

Or maybe more accurately, why give Hale more of a reason to look down on him? It’s not like he didn’t have all the ammo he’d ever need and more.

Stiles let his eyes slide over to where Hale was sitting, looking way better than he had any right to. Hale had never, ever, in Stiles’ memory looked flustered or uncomfortable in public. No, unbearably sexy was, sadly, a better descriptor. He was always perfectly stubbly and muscly under heinous sweaters that somehow still looked good on him, usually with a gorgeous girlfriend on his arm or some relative poking around and begging for a story from the bottomless well shared experiences he and Hale had joint custody over, all of them featuring Stiles making an extraordinary ass of himself.

By the time the rallying cry of didn’t you used to run around naked in Hale’s backyard made its way around the table, Stiles felt he was perfectly justified in calling an Uber and making a fucking break for it.

And, of course, leave it to Hale to come between Stiles and his last steps towards sweet freedom.

“I liked your report the other day,” Hale said. Well, grunted really. And with a face that made it seem like he was personally offended by every word that escaped him. Stiles had seen more willing expressions on people getting root canals.

“On the Beacon Hills Fire Department,” Hale elaborated just as painfully.

Stiles suppressed a wince. That piece. His journalistic debut, and he’d fucked it up royally by crashing ass-first into his cameraman just as the fire chief received a congressional medal of honor for his services. Every other news station had gotten the shot of the fire chief shaking the congressman’s hand. Theirs had gotten a shot of Stiles’ lucky Spiderman briefs. There were already gifs of it. Plural.

And thank you, Hale, for bringing that up.

Which, you know what? Fuck that.

“Is this all part of some master plan?” Stiles snapped, letting all the annoyance he’d been biting back tonight leach into his tone. “I mean, you seem to go out of your way to be there every time I fuck up and make a fool of myself. And I have to wonder if it’s on purpose. If you just want to make sure I feel like a complete idiot each and every time I see you. Which, if so? You really don’t have to bother.”

Hale’s eyebrows slammed together, making him look kind of constipated. “Stiles, I…”

“You what?”

“I’m sorry, if…” Hale’s frown deepened, then he continued. “I don’t think you’re an idiot

Well, I mean, there are… some situations that seem to happen to you more often than anyone else. You trip over things a lot, and you do let whatever mean thing’s in your head pop out of your mouth without thinking it through, and that Chippendales thing– that sort of thing happens a lot more than normal with you…”

“Really, dude?” Stiles was compelled to interrupt. Because seriously.

“Right.” Hale grimaced. “Well. The thing is, I know that when I met you I was rude. I didn’t give you a chance. And I think, maybe despite everything, I like you. Very much.”

Stiles rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure. Just not the asshole tendencies, the awkwardness, and the sarcasm, right?”

Hale shook his head, then fixed Stiles with a look that had his heart thundering for reasons he was unwilling to examine.

“No, Stiles. I like you very much. Just the way you are.”

Fifty Two Weeks Of The Dead

So here’s the thing – around about April this year, when it seemed as though so many famous and beloved people were dying, a couple of articles ran about why that might be. The predominating theory was not that more people were dying but that the people who were dying had achieved more prominence than people had been previously capable of. The idea was that celebrity, as we came to know it, really only began in the sixties and seventies, at a time when television became ubiquitous and the real power of mass media began to be understood and utilized by media corporations.

And that ties into the fact that a lot of the celebrities who are dying were people who had led the charge for increased understanding of marginalized communities, because that’s when those communities began to demand to be noticed and given equal standing. And if you’re a gay artist or a mentally ill artist, in the new saturation levels of the media that began in the sixties and seventies, it couldn’t be brushed away, hidden, or kept quiet the way it could in lower-publicity eras.

But what this means, if it’s true, is that this will continue. People who became celebrities under this new mass-media, mass-consciousness situation will continue to die, because they are getting older, and we will continue to mourn them. As much as we might blame 2016, this won’t end with 2016, at least if the theory is correct.

But I think the whole idea of hating 2016 for killing so many of the people we love is still important, because it allows us to adjust. Once this year passes, the deaths of celebrities at what we see as an increased rate will still continue. But by assigning this glut of death to 2016, we’ve processed it a little – it’s not that we’ve become numb, or that we’ve acclimated to it, but that we’ve spent this hell year learning to cope with it, and our awareness will drop a little when it’s over – we will be less raw and bleeding with it. We can enter 2017 with more peace in our hearts, even if there isn’t a change in 2017 – just the turning over of the year will provide a sense of respite that I think is much needed.

2017 is going to be a hell of a year, but at least it won’t be 2016.

My mum has a theory that odd numbered years are better than even numbered ones. Most people disagree but I think she’s onto something.

Zuko is the only person Katara felt comfortable enough to let in about her mother’s murder- twice.

Katara is the only person Zuko get comfortable letting in about his father’s abuse.

There’s so much mutual trust, empathy, understanding, and communication with these two on screen. Their compatibility has nothing to do with what people often dismiss as some kind of “dark” ship or “hot couple” or whatever. It’s not that at all, it’s so much better than that false perception.


It’s so freaking poignant and significant that Min Hyuk’s reaction to Bong Soon’s demure act  is exactly the same shocked, aghast and judgy expression people usually have when they see her super power. GD wants a girl gentle like a cosmos flower, MH freaks out when BS acts like one.

Putting the three of them together is brilliant because it shows everything that is wrong with BS’s relationship with GD. During the whole scene GD looks like a complete outsider and intruder in a couple’s home; he is completely oblivious to everything that is transpiring between BS and MH - from their silent communication to innuendos only they understand. When GD leaves it’s the atmosphere changes completely - is like one of those time you have a visitor you want to impress and you act all polite and then he leaves and you return to normalcy - AND FOR BONG SOON, NORMALCY MEANS BEING WITH MIN HYUK. Normalcy means comfort and security and it’s clear from BS’s body language and behaviour who is the man she is the most comfortable with; in front of whom she drops her sweet-girl act and reverts back to her real self. When she is waving to GD she is holding the back of MH’s chair, she good-naturally hits his arm and then she even sits next to him and eats breakfast with him while they bicker.

I love that while MH might tease BS about her act in front of GD  but when it comes to revealing her powers and feelings to GD, he has BS’s back and respects her choice to keep it a secret; a secret MH knows is not his to tell. He respects it the same way as he respects the fact that she now wants to fight the villlain. It would be so easy for MH to reveal that it was BS who thrusted that spike in there, but instead he has her back, as always. By the way, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT HE PUT ON IT THE NATIONAL FLAG AS IF BS WERE A NATIONAL HERO?! I think for MH she means even more than that.

On final note, my heart broke a little for MH because of that sad, wistful look he had while he was watching BS feeding GD chocolate and smiling at him.

I don’t believe in the saying “weren’t meant to be” when discussing a relationship that ended. I understand it as a useful coping mechanism, but to me the universe is only in control to an extent. I feel like we are all on paths created for us that are flexible. Now don’t get me wrong, there are certain couples that shouldn’t be together. But the phrase “weren’t meant to be” takes away all the blame from the people in the situation by blaming the universe and saying their actions were justified because it’s what the universe wanted. I don’t think this is the case at all. I think in relationships even if two people are constantly dealing with road blocks set up by the universe, if they work together and want their relationship bad enough they can fight to make the universe listen and agree. I think saying “weren’t meant to be” is a weak response to the failure of two people to care enough and try to save their relationship.

I really thought we were worth saving.

does ace tumblr know that people face a significant social stigma for having and liking sex?? do they know that’s one of the major things lgbt+ people have been historically persecuted for??? do they know that sexually liberated women were literally called witches and put to death for their sexuality??? does ace tumblr understand that our society punishes people who have sex, unless they’re a conventionally attractive, cis, upper-class white married couple with the man in top missionary-only?? like goddamn doesn’t ace tumblr understand that sex positivity is a very new concept and is not the public’s majority view of people who have sex???

Diverse M/F couples o(≧∇≦o)

Breaking stereotypes in M/F couples (≡^∇^≡)

Not just White person/Black Person interracial M/F couples (*^▽^*)

Showing that a bi/pan in a nonsame-sex relationship is still valid and not “choosing a side” or “basically straight” (*≧▽≦)

More healthy and happy ending relationships for trans/noncis people in M/F couples (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

Understanding that doing all of that will help people in the LGBTPIA+ community and society as a whole normalize bi/pan/trans/noncis people and break gender roles and the race barrier in media and show more positive representation leading to less suicide rates and internalized phobias and more personal and worldly acceptance (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

That of course doesn’t mean don’t make more same-sex relationships in media, but please understand that gay people and same-sex relationships are not the sole representation we need in the community, by showing bi/pan people in only same-sex relationships, it gives off that they are only valid in those relationships and that is not true. Let’s be more accepting of every identity in our community and show that EVERY aspect of them matters (*^▽^)/


We have this reaction from Blake, as you can see for that split second where she thinks Sun understands, she’s happy, she feels like she’s justified, and that she’s understood but in that moment when she realizes he’s wrong, it hurts her, cause it makes her realize that she really is alone, and that people don’t understand her reason for leaving. This is a genuine reaction someone would have in a situation like this, it’s not cause she’s mad at him, but more hurt at the fact she feels alone, that the man who showed so much interest in her before, who she thought understood her (just watch the last couple of episode of volume 1 when Sun turns up for that) she realizes even HE doesn’t get her this time, and it hurts so she reacts the only way she can think of. 

Seriously tho just look at Sun’s face, LOOK! You can see the anguish and regret and concern in his face when he realizes his theory was wrong, the way his arm reaches up a bit and his tail drops, he realizes he’s messed up and hurt her, bad, and instantly feels the pain because of that. If anyone thinks THIS is really abusive you have literally no understanding of how fucking mistakes work, love is not always full of happiness and perfection, there are flaws, mistakes are made along the way and quite often these mistakes make relationships stronger. A relationship in a story starting off as perfect is boring, you need problems and mistakes so characters can make up for that and solve them, it’s story writing 101. THAT MAN IS IN LOVE!!!!

This entire scene sets up the progression of these two’s relationship perfectly, they’ll become stronger as friends, and even lovers as I hope, this is a very common scenario in writing and it allows for the progression us Blacksun fans have waited for, and other shippers complain about. Heck their entire set up for relationship progression is very real, my most recent relationship (although it did end up badly sadly) did go like this, and I know I’m not alone when saying that.

P.S. I bet if it was Yang in Sun’s place here, most people wouldn’t complain, just sayin.

Be kind to Retail Workers

Was gonna make this post sooner, but now is a good time as any.

Black Friday is coming up so this is just a reminder to please be kind to retail workers. A lot of us hate this tradition and it is the most stressful time of the year. Being nasty to people who are only trying to do their job and have literally nothing to do with the sales themselves any time of the year is extremely shitty. Yelling at us/treating us like shit won’t help you or us. Where I work I have been lucky the last couple years in that the customers are more or less pleasant and understand how hard we work on Black Friday, granted it’s a fabric store and not the big places like Walmart or Best Buy that get totally slammed.

PLEASE BE KIND TO RETAIL WORKERS. Not just this holiday, but any day. We want to help you get your products in a timely fashion so you can enjoy your shopping experience.

Happy shopping and Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate that kind of thing❤️

Anti-Gency starter pack

•"Gency is boring"
•"Kys if you ship Gency"
•"Unfollow if you ship Gency"
•"But Genji’s gay????“
• Forced homosexuality
•"They’re forcing Mercy to be straight”
•Against Doctor-Patient, but fine with Teacher-student
•Only cares about their ship porn
•Doesn’t understand the concept that Genji and Angela are two very different people not only in color, but backstory and personality, and had a 1 in 9 billion chance of meeting.
•Only cares about their own opinion, doesn’t listen to anyone else
•"So that anti-Gency post I made everyone’s attacking me because of it"
•Pharmercy is obviously superior cause it’s an interracial gay couple with two unbelievably attractive women
•But Gency is bad because it’s an interracial straight couple with a mortally wounded man

10 Reasons Kyoya and Tamaki Make A Good Couple

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I’M A MULTI-SHIPPER. I like them each with different people, but they’re my favorite together. Please don’t yell at me for my opinion, and I won’t yell at you for yours.

1.) They understand each other and why they’re the way they are

2.) They’d never try to change the other

3.) They already call each other “Mama” and “Daddy”. I mean, really!

4.) They look out for each other

5.) They will stand up for one another without a second thought

6.) Tamaki is pretty much the only one who has seen every side of Kyoya and has stuck around

7.) Kyoya is pretty much the only one who would go to France and spend his entire vacation looking for Tamaki’s mom to make sure she’s okay, and to see if he can do anything for her. Why’d he do this? He knew it would make Tamaki happy, that’s why.

8.) Kyoya knows about Tamaki’s family troubles (Grandma, Dad, and Mom) and is understanding.

9.) Tamaki knows about Kyoya’s family troubles (Father and all his older brothers) and helps him get in good with his Father. (By making sure Kyoya’s dad knows he’s in league with Tamaki’s family)

10.) They’re just really freaking adorable together, okay?!?!?

The Addams Family Musical
  • Wednesday: I didn't understand why people care so much about their dumb boyfriends until I got a dumb boyfriend myself
  • Lucas: Hello
  • Wednesday: I've only had Lucas for a couple of weeks
  • Wednesday: But if anything happened to him, I'd kill everyone in this room and then myself
  • Lucas: I love you too babe
new years party with exo (OT9)

I’m going to be doing TWO separate posts for the new year’s edition; one for crack and one for fluff.

genre: crack

fluff is probably going to be up on new years eve


suho: the person who hates everyone that’s there but acts fake and puts on a smile; also in the corner on his phone the whole time

chanyeol: *some drunk person hits him up*

baekhyun: *starts hitting on random people while he’s drunk* probably chanyeol

lay: *feels really attacked and doesn’t understand his life decisions on attending this party*

kyungsoo: *snaps at anyone who comes near him,, judging the people and the food*

chen: honestly only attended the party for blackmail opportunities

sehun: screaming at every couple to get a room probably chanbaek

xiumin: *sitting with kyungsoo because let’s face it, minseok is the only one who doesn’t fuck with him*

jongin: *throws confetti at everyone*


LEAVE REQUESTS! ill be happy to do any that y'all want

"It's a shonen not a shojou"

I don’t understand, so if Naruto is a shonen it means that it can have a shitty ending, because Naruto’s ending not being logic or good is not only because of the pairings but the history itself. There were infinite of holes, like for example the way in where they were going to help the ninja system, or the Uchiha’s true coming to light for everyone, etc. Is not just about couples, but couples are important. Why? Because when you create two couples out of nowhere people are going to he confuse and it depends of who is the love interest that the other character is going to change for better or for worse. I can’t just create feelings in a character in a day and write how deep his feelings for this person are if they don’t have any kind of moments or reasons to support this pairing. For example, Naru/Hina this couple was going to be rare always. It doesn’t matter how many movies Pierrot wanted to create to try to explain their love, why? Because what happened after that was that they created a lot moments that aren’t real in the manga. Moments that the mangaka never draw, moments that non of us saw. So where is the logic? Why was Naruto alone all that time if in the movie says that Hinata was with him? Why was Naruto in pain if he said that he had a bond with Hinata? Why was he so desespare to save Sasuke if Hinata was the one who he wanted to protect?

It doesn’t makes sense. And that, just destroys the logic of the manga.

It doesn’t matter if is or not a shonen, SS fans and NH fans always have this excuse of “is a shonen not a love history” just to try to excuse their sad and illogical pairing.

Why? Because non of the two had moments, both of the main characters aren’t they when they are with them. They are OOC. Naruto and Sasuke both that knows how is to be alone and the lack of a family, both ignored their own children and are shitty fathers. Sasuke who knows how important bonds are just leave his wife for 12 years. They tried to show how Sasuke is in love with Sakura but Sasuke had never show any kind of affection for Sakura apart of friendship, so then we have all this moments of Sasuke ignoring her again or rejecting her. Because he doesn’t love her. And the canon Sasuke is like that. “I don’t have any kind of attraction for her. Was she daydreaming about love? ” that is the canon Sasuke. And he hasn’t change that much, he let clear that the one who tied him to Konoha was Naruto.

SS fans get angry with Pierrot for the lack of moments of their pairing but their pairing doesn’t have any. How is romantic when you had to look after your husband while pregnant? Is that a love history? Your daughter not knowing anything about her father for years? Is romantic how cold is Naruto to Boruto or his family in plural?

They don’t have a base. And that is important. Is not just romance, is a part of the history. It doesn’t matter if is a shonen or not, is not a excuse. FMA, Hunter X Hunter, Inuyasha, Fairy Tail, Boku No Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Kenshin, Re life, Digimon, ha! even Pokemon, all of them had love relationships that are deep and obvious and some of them canon. All of them are SHONEN. That is NOT a excuse. Love is not for shojou only, is a gender important in all histories. You can do it right or wrong. Kishimoto created two obvious and logic pairings, NS and SNS. Both of them with moments and a base, in both non of the two characters would be OOC. Because they have a history, it wouldn’t be of need to create fake moments or fucked up a manga.

But he decided to choose NH and SS. Why? Simple. For kids out of the two main characters, he couldn’t had kids from Sasuke/Naruto if both of them ended up in a romantic relationship nor from Sasuke and an “important” someone if Naruto ended up with Sakura. He needed kids from both so what he did? Simple, leave Naruto with Hinata and Sasuke with Sakura and the rest with someone, it doesn’t matter if they barely speak in all the manga. He needed kids from the two most popular characters, and he couldn’t leave Sasuke with a nobody so he leaved him with the ex heroine of Naruto, Sakura. He ignored Sasukes and Narutos feelings and created the most Disney fantasy for both of the female character, a side one who he knew was famous for two big reasons and the heroine who a lot dislakes but likes when is suffering with the black haired guy. :)

You can ship NH and SS, but please don’t use the excuse of is a “shonen, not a love manga” to try to explain your ilogic pairing, is ridiculous. And I can give u a list of anime shonen that have love and aren’t ilogic or was needed to destroy a time line of manga to work. :)