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Nathan Chen vs. Victor Nikiforov

Kubo has made some comments recently about how when YOI was being created she wanted it to be a ‘little ahead of where skating is right now’. It’s not as if they had the characters doing quintuples or something. She just, jump content wise, had the characters somewhat ahead of the standard of the top skaters in competition. Victor’s program in the first episode stood out to a lot of people. It seemed a bit fantastic! 

He performed four different quads. No one had done that before. Jin Boyang had first done four quads in a program before, almost a year previous to YOI’s premiere. But… they weren’t four different quads. It did still seem a bit fanciful, although yes, it was inevitable that it would occur within a couple years. There were skaters, multiple ones, who we knew probably had the capability to do it. There was a lot of talk about a trio of teenagers nicknamed the ‘quad squad’ and which one would be first to pull it off. These three young men are Jin Boyang of China, Shoma Uno of Japan, and Nathan Chen of USA. 

Anyway, the ‘first to pull it off’ ended up being Nathan Chen of the USA, and not only did he ‘pull off’ Victor Nikiforov’s jump layout, but he did him one over and completed a more difficult one. There’s no quad toe triple toe in there, but instead the harder combination the quad lutz + triple toe loop. However, he did do four different quads, and on top of that, one more, for a total of five quads. He’s now done this twice in two months, once at US Nationals and once at Four Continents. 

Even Kubo-sensei herself expressed amusement at this. She meant to make the show a little bit in the future, but within a month of the series ending, actual figure skating surpassed it! 

So how does Victor’s (record breaking in the YOI universe) Stammi Vicino free skate compare with Nathan Chen’s (history making in our universe) Polovtsian Dances free skate? Let’s take a look! 

As a note, I don’t really have a way to know exactly the levels and base values of Victor’s step sequences and spins, so this will be based on jumps only. Also this is based on Nathan’s jump layout at US Nationals. His jump layout at Four Continents was slightly different. :)

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Nathan Chen:

  1. Quad Lutz + Triple Toe loop
  2. Quad Flip
  3. Quad Toeloop + Double Toe loop + Double Loop
  4. Quad Toeloop
  5. Triple Axel
  6. Quad Salchow
  7. Triple Lutz
  8. Triple Flip + Triple Toe loop

Base Value of jumps alone 91.96

I pulled these base values directly off icenetwork’s official scoring sheets, so if there’s anything wrong, blame them not me. 

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Victor Nikiforov

  1. Quad Lutz 
  2. Quad Flip 
  3. Triple Axel 
  4. Quadruple Salchow
  5. Triple Axel + Triple Loop + Double Loop 
  6. Triple Lutz
  7. Triple Flip
  8. Quadruple Toe Loop + Triple Toe Loop

Base Value of jumps alone: 88.79 

If there’s a mistake in these though, it’s my fault. 

Why is Victor’s so close to Nathan’s despite having one less quad? It’s mostly because his program is a little more backloaded with jumps than Nathan’s is. He puts his quad/triple as his last jump element, and he even squishes that three jump combination in his latter half of the program.  Remember that jumps in the latter part of your program get a 10% bonus on scores. This is emphasized in YOI especially with Yuuri’s character, as his stamina allows him to put the most difficult elements of his program near the end of his programs to take advantage of that. A quad flip within mere moments of your program ending is absolutely balls to the wall nuts, but Yuuri does it in both his short and long programs at the GPF. 

Nathan Chen’s original program plan at US Nationals was a triple loop where the last quad salchow is. If he had done that, he would have had four quads and his base value would have been: 85.51, which is a little below Victor’s (despite the fact that Nathan’s quadruple jump combo, the 4 lutz/3 toe is more difficult than Victor’s choice of a 4 toe/3 toe. In fact, at Four Continents it broke a record for the highest score on an individual element!). The power of those latter half bonuses is strong! 

Anyway, the scores being close w/ four quads all makes sense, as the quads Victor and Nathan have in their competitive arsenal are identical. The one quad they both don’t do is the loop (Victor apparently can but has only done it in exhibition, so perhaps it’s not something he’s consistent enough on? And of course no one does the axel). 

I wouldn’t call Nathan’s program particularly front loaded. However, if he does want his sky high base scores to be even higher, he can try to move some more of those jumps to the latter half. He is still only seventeen though, so he may not have developed the stamina for it yet. Victor on the other hand, has been working on this forever. That being said, that also proves what an athlete Victor is, because he’s twenty-seven years old and still doing this, which is incredible. Twenty-seven is still very young, but figure skating, like gymnastics, is known as a sport with a mayfly life span for a lot of athletes. It’s very hard on the body. Thus, Victor slamming out those quads at the end of his program at twenty-seven is pretty darn amazing. 

But yes Nathan is an absolutely stunning (and non-fictional!) athlete. It’s wonderful what he’s done. I’d be interested to see how Victor’s short program layout compares to his, but we don’t have any info on that, although I could do a comparison to JJ’s Rostelecom layout or Yuuri’s (planned) GPF one! 

Always Yours Part 1- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Always Yours Part 1- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Rating: T

Warnings: Mention of a gun.

Word Count: 2,155

AN: @lizwinchester16 requested a Pregnant Reader Insert. And while I was going to write a one-shot I decided to turn it into a mini-series.  There will most likely been three maybe four parts.  I plan to write it all this weekend if Hurricane Harvey doesn’t knock out our lights. :(  I also have two anony requests that I am going to do my best to write as well!  Again as long as Harv behaves!  Happy Reading!  

Wanna read the whole thing?- Always Yours Masterlist 

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And it is always yours
But I am always yours
-Switchfoot from Always

The tiny apartment you had moved into was somber and melancholic.  It fit the mood you had been living since your breakup with your infamous boyfriend.  Living with Dean Winchester had been the bests and worsts times of your life.  It was like a beautiful nightmare- one in which you had seen yourself living for much longer than you had. You hadn’t been born a hunter- no, you were just a girl from a working class family.  The same girl that had found out the hard way that; monsters are real and that they don’t just go bump in the night.  The memories of your parents’ deaths were seared into your mind, but from that had come something else:  Your Dean.

You sighed and ran a hand down your face as you laid in bed staring at the ceiling.  It had been almost two months since you had stormed out of the bunker when Dean had insisted that he wasn’t good for you.  It was a script that you all had visited over and over again for almost two years.  You knew your lines and your role in the play, but this time it had turned out differently.  Something had gone wrong with the little dance that had always taken place and you had felt something inside you snap.  You just couldn’t do it any longer.  

You felt the guilt creep up into your belly as you recalled the look in his eyes when you had finally agreed:  That, No!  He wasn’t good for you.  In fact, he was the worst thing that had ever happened to you.  Words spoken in a time of frustration and sadness.  You inhaled deeply as the heavy feeling returned to your chest.  Of all the things that you had been through with Dean- the mark, his self-hatred, chasing angels, demons and the like.  It was simply too much when he had formed some sort of bond with the being called Amara.  You had only observed them together once and Sam had whisked you away before you could get involved.  The ominous feeling that had gnawed at you, for a week after, had been your undoing.

It was after a failed attempt to contain Amara, that Dean had confessed to you just how strong his growing connection to her was.  That he wasn’t sure he could resist becoming a part of her.   It was then that the pressures, the worry, the anger, and the hurt that came with being with a Winchester had finally destroyed you.  When Dean had begged you to save him from this- you had replied with a deafening silence.  The dam broke and you were going to let him drown. Salty, hot, and guilt-ridden tears slipped down your cheeks.  You had left him and now you didn’t even know if he was okay.  

The guilt, sadness, and loneliness were not the only things consuming you.  There was something at the back of your mind that you didn’t want to put to thought.  It had been an encounter with Castiel a few nights before you had left.  An inconceivable thought, that you didn’t want to form into any kind of truth.  It would be world ending- to your world at least.  

You had been sitting at a table in the library pouring over any lore you could find about the darkness.  There was so little information that any time you came across something that may even had been the slightest lead, you had jumped on it. Your head had began to swim as the low light from the lamps made you feel impossibly tired.  You had looked up when you heard footsteps approaching and found yourself staring into familiar blue eyes.

Castiel had studied you closely for a moment.  His eyes squinting and forming lines around the lids.  You wrinkled your forehead in confusion as he stared.

“Have you told Dean?” He asked still not looking away from you.  Your eyebrows had knitted together in complete puzzlement.

“Told Dean what?” You asked.

“About your pregnancy.”  

The shock that had run through you had been deeper than even when you had found your parents.  You felt your stomach twist into a painful knot as you stared blankly pass Castiel.  His words twisted their way through your mind and you had become instantly sick. 

You had scurried from your chair and into the restroom to vomit into the toilet.  Dean had heard the commotion and was instantly at the door asking you what was wrong.  You had prayed silently to Castiel to not tell Dean anything until you could figure things out.

The rumbling from your stomach brought you out of your memory and caused you to glance down.  The small rounding of it caused you to swallow back more tears- it was getting harder to pretend that this wasn’t just some dream.  Sooner rather than later you would have to accept that you were going to have Dean Winchester’s baby. You sighed deeply and pressed your hand to the growing bump there. Your eyes widening when a little flutter of motion tickled you from the inside.  An uncontrollable sob wracked through your body as the realization hit you like a ton of bricks.  There was a wee little person inside you and they were going to be yours.


A few months later- the morning air was cold and crisp as you made your way to the little diner down the street from your apartment.  You had been working there part-time while you attended a few classes at the local college.  It wasn’t the most exciting life, but you wanted to give the little one growing inside you a good one.  You hummed along to the song that blasted into your headphones as you got ready for the morning rush.  You sighed contently as you passed a hand over your round belly.  Only four more months until your little girl would be here with you.

You smile as you make your way to your tables for the day and are happy to find just a few customers.  Your first stop was a woman with dark blonde hair and a well tailored suit.  She is glancing over the menu and you smile when she looks up.

“Good Morning, what can I start you off with?” You greeted.

She looks at you sharply and an odd smile forms on her face. You feel an unshakable bad feeling as the smile turns a bit sinister before turning to a softer one.

“How far along are you?”  She says in a posh british accent as she motions towards your belly.

“Umm.  Five months.” You stated with a bit of a strain in your voice.  What did this person want?

She eyes you for a moment, before mumbling something just low enough so you couldn’t make it out.  Though you could’ve sworn it sounded like she said something about leverage.  

“Excuse me?” You said trying to be as polite a possible.

“ Oh nothing dear.  Just reminiscing.  Now how about some coffee?  When in Rome as they say.”  

You nod your head as you step away from the table and try to forget about your odd encounter.  You only just left behind a life of immense and constant danger.  Which of course, failed to compare to the fact that you were once very important to a Winchester and currently carrying a Winchester. The look on your face must have spelt out volumes because your manager took notice right away.  Gladys was a nice older woman and she had taken you under her wing.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”  She asked in a voice of concern.  You turned your head to look at her with a sullen expression.  You certainly couldn’t tell her the truth, but maybe a little lie wouldn’t hurt.  

“I just got a text from my sister…  Her car broke down and she needs a ride. Would it be alright if I left?”  You answer.  

“Oh no honey!  Don’t worry I’ll get Barb to cover your table.  We’re pretty slow today anyway.” She stated as she gently clapped you on the shoulder.  

You expressed your thankfulness and then slip out the door- hoping that you don’t attract the attention of the woman.  Your boots clacked loudly against the concrete as you made your way as quickly as possible to the bus stop.  You knew the 10 o'clock bus would be there in just a few minutes.  The route would take you a bit further to get home, but it would give you time to think about what to do next.  The notion of calling Dean filled your mind, but your mouth became dry at the thought.  How would you ever explain everything to him?

You slouched down onto the hard bus bench as your mind raced.  You could also call Sammy, but again your stomach lurched at the thought.  You were just now settling into a life without them both and you stubbornly clung to the idea.  Breathing deeply, you try to relax as you feel your little girl kicking forceable against you. You bring your hand down to press your fingers above the motion and smile briefly.  You couldn’t help but feel that she was reminding you that she was indeed more important than your pride.

With a very heavy heart, you reach into your pocket for your phone.  Hesitating for a moment, you scroll through the contacts and push on Dean’s name.  Bringing the phone to your ear, you let out a shaky breath as it begins to ring.  Your stomach does somersaults as you wait for the other end to be picked up.  It only takes three rings and a low rumbly voice is whispering through the phone.

“Y/N. Is that you?”  You heard Dean murmur.  Tears welled up in your eyes as you tried to keep it together.  

“Yes, Dean.  It’s me.”  You said.  Your voice broke as the tears now flowed freely.  You began to cry softly as you hear Dean softly coo your name.

“Don’t cry sweetheart. Please don’t cry.”  He said soothingly.

“Dean…  I’m in trouble…” You managed to get out between your sobs.  You could almost feel the turn in Dean’s demeanor over the phone.

“Where are you?” He asked.  His voice was much harder than before.

“Greenbrier, Tennessee.” You mumbled.  

“I’m a few days drive from there.  Get somewhere safe and I will be there as soon as I can.” You heard him say with a hitch in his voice.

“OK.” You replied meekly.  You were about to pull your ear away from the phone, but Dean’s voice stopped you.  His words caused your heart to hammer in your chest.

“Please just be safe, Y/N. I love you.”  With that the phone beeped to let you know that the call had been ended.  You stared down at it in your hand and swallowed thickly.  The screeching of bus brakes caused your head to snapped up and you breath a sigh of relief.  You stood to board the bus, but someone calling out your name stopped you.  You turned slowly on the heels of your boots to find the woman from earlier smirking at you.  You hear the cocking of a gun and you glance behind her to see another brunette woman standing with a gun pointed at your belly. Your breath became shorter as your heart raced in your chest.

“Well. Well. Dear girl, I think it would be best if you came with us.” The blonde woman said with a chipper sound in her voice.  You nodded slowly as you hear the bus pull away. The woman approached you and grabbed you by the arm.  She roughly yanked you over to the brunette woman and pushed you forward.

“Now, Ms. Watt, here, will be taking care of you for now.” She said as the brunette woman yanked you over by the arm.  You scowled at her and knocked her hand away.

“Who the hell are you people?”  You snarled as you turned to your captier.

“Oh how very rude of me.  It is always polite to have a proper introduction isn’t it?”  She paused for a moment to again smirk at you. “My name is Lady Toni Bevell and this is my associate Ms. Watt.”  She stated motioning between them.  “We are here in a regards to one Mr. Dean Winchester.”

“Never heard of him.” You snapped.  Toni rolled her eyes at you and gave a stock laugh.

“Oh darling please, we know all about you and the hunter swine…  Though, I must say: I was rather surprised to find that you are pregnant.  I don’t remember reading that in my briefing.”  She mused.   Your eyes darken at the mention of the baby and your hand ghosted over your stomach.  

“Now come along.  We have appointments to keep.”  With those words, you were forced into a black SUV.


Going Down

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,113

Warnings: this is just pointless smut (oral sex – female receiving, fingering), and if you have a fear of elevators… this might bother you? Maybe?

Author’s Note: I have no freakin’ idea where this came from. It just happened. And I’m not sorry.

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You sprinted towards the elevator doors as the ringer sounded. Finally. Another convention done. Not that you didn’t enjoy them, but being the main manager of these events made life… overwhelming. Especially since Supernatural was one of the largest shows on television.

That meant a lot of people to please, and even more people to piss you off.

Your back slammed against the far wall of the elevator as you let out a deep sigh. You unsnapped the top button of your royal blue dress shirt, shaking it a bit against the heat of the small hotel elevator. Your room was on the fourteenth floor, which meant you had to endure the heat for at least another minute or two.

Just before the doors closed, a body slipped into the tiny room, joining you. Your eyes shifted over to Jensen Ackles, the man you had met only four months before, when you were promoted to convention manager. He was a kind soul, quickly becoming your friend.

“You look worse than I do,” Jensen chuckled as he leaned against the wall, just inches from you. From the moment you two had met, he was more than willing to burst your personal bubble. You nodded, sliding down the wall slightly.

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Imagine being partners with Sonny

Imagine being partners with Sonny

“Surprise!” Sonny cheered, from behind you before leaning over you and placing a cupcake smack in the middle of your desk.

You looked at the cupcake suspiciously, it was your favorite flavor from yours and Sonny’s favorite place. You narrowed your eyes at it before turning and looking up at Sonny with wide eyes and a confused expression.

“Sonny…What is this for?” You questioned, cautiously, purposely not touching it.

“It’s for our anniversary,” He said as if it obvious.

“No, did I forget again? I put a reminder on my phone.” You sighed disappointed, slumping in your chair, “I swore that our anniversary was in March.”

“No, not our dating anniversary.” He corrected chuckling.

“Then what?” You asked confused yet again.

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anonymous asked:

Hi could I get a sceario on Toshinori bumping into the reader and they develop a strong friendship and she starts falling for him but doesn't know he's All Might. So when she starts at UA as a older student and realises it and is mad at first but soon forgives him and confesses her feelings?

i’m going to make her a new teacher because an “older student” is something i’m not comfortable

toshinori yagi 

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It had been four months since you bumped into the man you would end up crushing on. You were starting your new job at Yuuei academy and you couldn’t be more excited. You knew they took only the best heroes and you were honoured that they chose you! You walked to the teachers lounge to look over your lesson plan but you were greeted by the number one hero, All Might! You stumbled back when he looked at you and if you weren’t mistaken, you saw him look a bit shocked also.

“Oh hello! Are you a new teacher?” He asked, his chest puffed out. You nodded slowly a small smile on your face. He nodded before laughing.

“Well, I must go because I have somewhere to be.” As he tried to leave, you noticed that a fog began to emit from him, scaring you.

“Hey you’re fogging!” You said as you grabbed him and before he could say anything, a big poof of fog surrounded you and when you opened your eyes, you saw the form of Yagi, your best friend and crush. 

“Wait…” He began, holding his hands up defensively and it clicked with you. He was All Might. 

“What the hell Yagi, you couldn’t tell me that you’re All Might?!” You sounded angry because you were! How could he not tell you about something this big!

“Okay now listen to me!” He said, sighing softly.

“I can’t believe the man I think i’m in love with-” You stopped, your heart jumping in your throat. Fuck.

“You love me?” You could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Think!” You said before stomping off and shouting, “We’re gonna talk about this later!!”

Slight Confusion, More Joy (stiles and derek celebrate the news)

“Derek. Derek. Derek! DEREK! DEREK!!”

Derek wishes he could say that he was surprised by this, but really, Stiles waking him up by jumping up and down on their bed and yelling at him is a fairly common occurrence.

“I’m up,” he mumbles, opening one eye to try to prove it. He opens the other to see the time.

Aw, hell. It’s barely 10am. Considering he and Stiles hadn’t gone to bed until 5am the night before due to a fight with rabid pixies, that is still much too early.

“WE CAN GET MARRIED TODAY!” Stiles yells, bouncing Derek a bit more.

“Okay,” Derek agrees. It’s only been four months but he and Stiles had been friends for years before getting together and they’ve already said “I love you.” Derek already knows Stiles is it for him. If there’s some reason why Stiles wants to get married today, then Derek will do that. He’ll do anything Stiles wants.

“I’VE GOT TO CALL SCOTT,” Stiles exclaims, dropping his phone in his excitement and then fumbling to pick it up. “THE DOUBLE WEDDING CAN HAPPEN!”

“Okay,” Derek says again and then rolls over. He highly doubts that Kira is going to be willing to plan an entire wedding in a day. Whatever strange idea that Stiles has that they should get married today, it’s probably just going to be them.

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Stiles screams and then Derek can feel him frowning down at Derek. “I can’t believe you’re asleep!”

“We went to sleep at 5am,” Derek mutters. “I’ll be excited later.”

“Ugh,” Stiles says, but he sounds fond. Derek has learned the difference. “You’re the worst.”

“Marriage,” Derek mumbles, his eyes sliding closed. He’s marrying Stiles. Apparently later today. That’s the important thing. He’ll figure out the rest later.

“Go ahead and sleep through history,” Stiles says, leaning over to give him a quick kiss. “I’m off to start celebrating.”


Derek hears snatches of Stiles’ excited phone call to Scott before he falls back to sleep.

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Reckless, Chapter 3

I finally got Reckless updated!!  It only took me what, three months?  Sorry about that.  I blame life, Sparks, and MariChat May.  You can expect an unexpected ally, a bit of angst, and a lot of sin.  You’ve been warned.  :)

Sneak preview:

That night, they were celebrating.  Adrien and Nino had ordered take out, and Alya and Marintette brought wine.  All four were draped over one another on the couch, the remains of their meal spread on the coffee table before them and the second bottle of wine more than half empty.   They were all laughing, teasing Marinette for being a light weight, when the buzzer sounded.

Adrien frowned at Nino.  “Were you expecting someone?”

“Nope. Sit tight, I’ll get it.”  He patted Alya’s legs, and she obligingly removed them from his lap with a groan.  “Sorry, babe.”

At the door, he hit the intercom.  “Yo.”

“Nino?  This is Nathalie Sancoeur.  I need to speak with Adrien, please.”

His expression darkened.  “I don’t fucking think so.”

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‘Requiem for a Loud’ progress...

This is what I have so far:

Almost 22 pages and a little bit over 12K words. I’m only a couple scenes away from finishing it. And then I’ll translate it.

My guess? I’ll finish the Spanish version this weekend and it’ll be ready to be published on next Friday.

FYI, I wrote half those pages in the last four days. It’s not that I was writing slowly during these two months; it’s just that I couldn’t write at all.

EDIT: Mind you, by “a couple of scenes” I mean 2K more words at least.

Family Secrets Ch1

As they drove, Mark was nervous and excited all at the same time. He and his girlfriend Erica had been together for almost a year now and this trip wasto be the first time he met her parents. The problem was that the whole trip was set up because Erica’s sister was pregnant and the family wanted to have a get together before the birth. Not just pregnant, but Very, VEry, VERy, VERY pregnant, with quadruplets!

As far as he could remember he adored pregnant women. He remembered being a kid and watching the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” and seeing the girl from the Nickelodeon show “Secret World of Alex Mack” with asympathy belly. He was turrned on back then. His love for pregnant women had only grown throughout the years. And, Jamie, Erica’s sister, was supposed to be huge, and only just beginning her fourth month. He overheard a conversation between Erica and Jamie, and Jamie had said that she was already so big that before too much longer she wouldn’t be able to walk! Now at 5’ 10", brown hair, hazel green eyes, and a 40 D- 28-40, Erica was gorgeous. Mark especially loved her wide"child bearing hips" as she called them. But if Jamie was half as beautiful as her sister and with that huge belly, Mark wasn’t going to be able to keep hiseyes off her.

Erica slept in the passenger seat next to him. God she was gorgeous. He was always turned on by the way the seat belt showed off he ample breasts. He noticed a sign for a rest stop so he grabbed her inner thigh to wake her up. “Mmmm, Hey baby” she said as she stretched.

“There’s a rest stop coming up. I didn’t know if you wanted to stop.”

“No I’m fine, but you look like you could use a little break from the wheel.”

“I’m alright” he said, “but I’m just a little nervous. That’s all.” They had talked a few times about his desire for pregnant women and she was completely understanding. She would even role play sometimes and tell him to make her tummy huge. She would say that she wanted it to swell. But it was all just play. She was on the pill, he knew that. Sometimes it was just hard to separate his desire from reality. That’s why he was so surprised and excited to go on this trip. He didn’t know how Erica would take it.

“I told you baby, everything will be alright, my parents will love you” she said as she put her hands between his legs and massaged his crotch. “And I know you’re going to love how big my sister is” she purred. With that, she slowly raised herself up and pushed her body next to his so that her breastswere firmly pressed against his right shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Maybe someday you’ll be able to get me that big. Hopefully I’ll grow so large that you’ll have to sell this old four door and buy a van so you can carry me around in the back. Now why don’t you slow down to 65 so you don’t have a wreck on the interstate.” Then she unzipped his pants, lowered her head, and began to work feverishly.

He loved road trips.After hours, the trip finally ended. It was great to get out of the car and stretch. As Erica got out of the car she wiped her mouth and smilthe most glorious sight he had ever seen.

Not only was Jamie gorgeous but….“You never told me you had a twin!”

“I don’t.” replied Erica.

“She’s a triplet.” said a voice from behind the wall, and in walked another girl as beautiful as Erica, only a bit shorter with slightly smaller breasts. “Hi, I’m Carrie. I can’t believe she never told you about us!”

“Well,” said Erica, “I can’t let out all my secrets just yet.”

Jamie was stunning. As she walked over to shake Mark’s hand she had a distinctive waddle. Her belly was enormous! It looked at least full term with twins and she was only four months! “Are you sure you’re only four months along?” Mark stammered.

“Well hello to you to. Of course I’m only four months. I’m just having large babies. But, I might have more than four in here. Who knows?” As she said this she just smiled and patted her large tummy. It stuck out at least a foot and a half from her and she was clearly pregnant from behind. She was standing in front of him with mid-thigh shorts on and a shirt so tight that a third of her huge belly was showing. She clearly didn’t have a bra on and her large E cup breasts were spilling out. Mark was in heaven.

“Well (Mark cleaed his throat) where are your parents?”

Erica pulled out one of the new diet shakes she had just started drinking about a week ago and laughed, “This isn’t their house silly. I told you I’m from Tennessee, and last I looked we were in Georgia. We’re at Carrie’s. This is your test.”

Mark was stunned. He had just guessed her parents had moved. “What test?’

"Well,” chimed in Carrie “it seems our sister really likes you, and we don’t want what happened to Jamie to happen to her. When Jamie’s husband found out about our condition he left her. Silly Jamie,” she patted her sister’s belly throwing Jamie off balance, “she decided to wait until this happened to let him know. We have to be sure you’re the one for our sister before she gets too serious. Now take off those pants!”

“W-What?” stammered Mark.

“You see,” said Jamie as she waddled closer to him exposing the curves of her body “the women in this family have multiple and very large pregnancies. So we need to be sure that you’ll still love her when she gets this big. And besides, I haven’t had sex in a long time.” Before he knew it, Erica and Carrie had his pants off and were lowering him onto the ground. He needed no further encouragement. Although he felt weird about his girlfriend having him fuck her sister, his cock didn’t mind at all. He quickly sprang to life as Erica helped Jamie take off her incredibly tight shorts; she was obviously too big to easily take them off herself.

She rubbed her hands up and down her huge swollen belly and smiled. “I’m going to enjoy this, and I hope you do to, for your own sake. You don’t know what you’d be missing,” she said as she grabbed a hold of Erica and the couch as her other sister slowly lowered her onto Mark’s erect and waiting penis. Her warmth could be felt from miles away. As she sat down on top of him he ran his hands all over her swollen body. He couldn’t believe it! Not only was his dream coming true, but it was at the wish of the girl he truly loved. If he did this right Erica would be his forever. Her juices were sweet and flowing out of her. He could feel her as she rocked back and forrth on his cock. Her moans were ringing in his ears as he did his best to please her. Her belly was so large that it was impossible for her to sit straight up. She had to lean back on his bent knees to rest herself. Try as she might however, she was unable to hump him. She grabbed the couch next to her and her sister’s hand for support, and with great straining and moaning able to do it a few times, but she was just to heavy to sustain it. “It’s…huff huff huff…good…uhhh…but I need….Ahhh… you tooooooh pound me!,” she gasped.

Mark saw his chance. He tried to raise himself but he quickly realized Jamie’s belly ended right below his sternum. So, with the help of her sisters he raised the moaning preggo to her feet and directed her towards the couch. “I’ve got to get you out of this shirt!,” he said in desperation.

“Just rip it off…ummmm… it’s way to small anyway. I grew out of it weeks ago.” He grabbed her shirt right below her chin and ripped it off exposing the most beautiful set of tits he had ever seen. Not only were they huge, but nice and perky. In fact, she didn’t have a single stretch mark on her whole body. “Those things are way too full, empty them please, I beg you,” she pleaded.

He immediately began to suck and before he knew it her sisters were milking Jamie for him. “Just rub it in,” Erica told him, “It’s the best tit lotion in the world, right next to cum. You better give me plenty of both before long.”

When he had his fill he laid Jamie on the couch with her feet on hisshoulders. Her tits bounced off each other and her belly as she climaxed. “OH!Mark. YES YES YES! FUCK ME HARDER; COME ON… OH GOD, OH God. FUCK, YOUR GOO…AHHHHUHH UHH UHH!”

He drilled her harder than he had ever fucked Erica. He was so hard he could have fucked his hugely pregnant partner for hours, but when she finally climaxed again he had to release.

“Put it on my belly Mark. Spray your load all over this huge belly of mine. I want it to drizzle down all over these huge tits!” With that he came,and came, and came. He gave her all he had, just how she wanted it and with that, they both passed out in ecstasy.

That’s A Record Part 2

Originally posted by biderek

Request: Part 2 to that’s a record?? By the way I really love your writing you do a wonderfully job!!!

Author’s Note: This is pretty short and fluffy, so I hope you like it! I wanted to make it different from the other pregnancy fics I’ve done, so I tried this out c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; so much fluff


“We’re gonna be late if you don’t get your ass down here!” I called through the house. I could hear Derek running around somewhere, but Lord only knows what he was doing.

“Hey! I thought we talked about the language thing,” he shouted back, slight reprimand in his tone. I rolled my eyes, mocking him a bit since he wasn’t around. I stood and waited, arms crossed over my chest, for what seemed like several more minutes.

“Derek, would you-”

“Alright, I think that’s everything,” he announced, rounding the corner into the entry way and narrowly avoiding a few boxes.

“We really need to get the rest of this stuff unpacked,” I mumbled, my thoughts trailing off. “And then we still have to finish buying everything, and-”

“I know, sweetheart, I know. But don’t worry,” he assured, leaning down to press his lips to my forehead. “We’ll get it all done.”

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Better Luck Next Time (JB)

Request: a fluff and smut scenario with jb where you’ve a one sided crush on jaebum and ended a relationship with bad terms with your ex and now that you’re a idol your ex comes back for you begging and jaebum witnesses that happening

Length: 1,481 words
I didn’t make it smutty mostly because the drama played more of a major part of it so I hope that’s okay! But nonetheless, it’s dramatic and emotional, it’s great hehe. Hope you like it!

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Doctor Who - Whouffaldi - A Phone Call Away
An after-Hell Bent Whouffaldi fic for our favorite couple

Four month after Hell Bent. Clara can’t forget the Doctor, neither can the Doctor forget those fussy memories of the woman in his head. Then his phone starts to ring.

I had this idea while having a sleepless night after Hell Bent. I am actually very sad and can only slowly accept that the Doctor got a memory wipe. But we all know he hasn’t forgotten completely. This is my attempt to deal with the series finale and Clara’s departure.

It had been four month since she had left the Doctor. Four month since she had stolen a Tardis and had decided to go back to Gallifrey — the long way round.

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bowsinherhair  asked:

roommates au. ROOMMATES AU. ROOOOMMMMAATESSS AU!!!! (aka #8.... although feel free to make it 'not so au'. We both know what I'm talking about... right? RIGHT?!)

The only reason I cheated this one and set it in canon ‘verse is because Anna and I have been talking about this for months, since we had “Daniel” instead of Ray.

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

He’s been living with Felicity for the past five months and honestly, it’s the only place he’s felt at home since… well since he returned from the island.

The mansion had been home once, but not really. It was huge and ornate and staged, far too big for a family of four even with the house staff.  When Thea was born it had become a bit more of what a young Oliver imagined home to feel like. He and Tommy would let her chase them down the halls, picking her up when she fell over on her chubby little legs and pretending to trip when they got too far ahead of her. That’s the closest he’s ever really been to feeling at home.

So it’s a strange yet overwhelmingly good experience, spending these past few months at Felicity’s. Her apartment is so vibrant and lived in, so much the opposite of what he’s used to. The halls are a bit small and the living room teeming with stuff, but it’s so Felicity that it makes Oliver smile the first time he spends the night there, sans one blonde genius who was pulling an overnight shift at Kord Industries. He’d slept in her bed that night, which was both the best and worst decision he’s ever made. It was the best because he can’t remember a time within the last six years, maybe ever, that he’s slept so soundly. But it was the worst because her scent was everywhere, sending his senses and his imagination into overdrive picturing all the scenarios in which Felicity would be in bed with him. He’s sure to get up early the next morning, before she gets back, and make her a fresh pot of coffee as well as take a jog down to the local bakery for those scones she loves so much.

After that it just became a routine. Oliver would come back from patrol and Felicity would insist he spend the night at her place until eventually it turned into an unspoken agreement. There was never any official conversation about it, but after a month of doing this Oliver had his essentials and an adequate amount of clothing at Felicity’s apartment. She apologized profusely for the lack of space in her guest-turned-storage room but even then it was still more comfortable to live in than the damp, cold basement of Verdant. Or what used to be Verdant.

It’s funny how one encounter can change that feeling so completely.

Since their ill-fated date three months prior, Oliver has done everything he possibly can to encourage Felicity to move on. Just because he can’t have the life he wants with the person he loves, doesn’t mean she should be deprived of that happiness, too. Which is why when Felicity blurts out over Chinese takeout and red wine that her and Ray Palmer are seeing each other, Oliver plasters on his widest “Oliver Queen, reformed billionaire playboy” grin and offers his utmost support. He can see in her eyes that she knows he’s lying.

“I don’t want this to change things between us. You’re still my best friend and I love having you here as my roommate. That doesn’t have to change, right?”

“No, of course not.”

Only Oliver feels like someone just stabbed him in the back with his own arrow.

He has absolutely no right to feel this way. After all, he’s the one who put a stop to things between them before they could really even begin. He’s the one who encouraged her to see other people, to go visit Barry in Central City. But Ray Palmer, the man hell-bent on buying up his company, was not who Oliver had in mind.

“You’re sure? Because if this is going to make things weird I’ll…”

She trails off, unsure of how to end that sentence.

Exactly. What is she going to do? Break up with the guy? No, Oliver is too much of a masochist to let that happen.

“It will be fine. I promise.”

He promptly downs the rest of his wine and refills the glass immediately after.

But that’s not what taints the sense of home he’s found at Felicity’s. No, that comes at eight ‘oh seven AM the following Saturday when Oliver returns from his morning jog to find Palmer standing in their, Felicity’s kitchen with only a pair of sweatpants on and casually cooking eggs on the stove.

“Oh, hey, Queen. Question for ya, does Felicity have any cinnamon around here? I wanted to make her some of my homemade French toast. We had a… long night and I thought she would enjoy breakfast in bed.”

 The way this man so casually adapts to their, Felicity’s living space has Oliver gritting his teeth and talking himself out of going over and decking the guy. He knows exactly what Palmer means by having a long night.


“Spice cabinet is above the stove.”

The words come out as a near growl and Oliver clears his throat in an attempt to cover it up.

“Thanks, man. She likes French toast, right? Probably should have asked that first.”

“Yeah, French toast is good. And she likes her eggs scrambled with a little bit of paprika on them, ketchup on the side.”

Oliver honestly doesn’t know what compels him to share this bit of information with the man, but Ray looks a little surprised by his knowledge of Felicity’s eating habits. Turning down the stove to the lowest setting, Ray turns to face Oliver and leans back against the counter, his gaze calculating.

“Listen, man, I’m not trying to get in the middle of anything here. Felicity assured me that there was nothing going on between you two, that you were strictly platonic.”

Very… platonic circumstances. Yeah, that’s exactly what they are.

“There isn’t. We are.”

“You sure? Because the last thing I want to do is cause any problems between you and her. You’re important to Felicity and I can see that she’s important to you, too. I’d be a dick to come in and ruin that. So just say the word and I’ll bow out. But you should know that if you don’t, I’m not going anywhere.”

This is his chance, his chance to stop anything between Felicity and Ray before they get too serious, before it’s too late. But he can’t. Because just like it would be a dick-move for Ray to knowingly come between Oliver and Felicity, it would be unforgivable for Oliver to keep Felicity from what he has so desperately been urging her to do.

So instead he just shakes his head and gives a terse reply.

“There’s nothing between me and Felicity.”

The paper bag from the bakery down the street gets dumped in the trash on his way out.


Prompts closed for the time being. Will reopen once a few have been filled :)

The only thing worse than having cancer...

Last week, Sabrina, my 8/9yo, healthy, happy French Bulldog, had a grand mal seizure in the early morning. I rushed her to the emergency vet, who couldn’t find anything wrong with her, so the next day we took her to the veterinary neurologist and she had an MRI. They diagnosed her with a brain tumor. Inoperable. But not untreatable.

So I write to you from the cancer clinic, which is like the animal version of something out of TFiOS. There is a shepherd mix here named Paige getting chemotherapy for her lung tumors. There is a Greyhound with osteosarcoma, who is missing his right front leg. They even have a therapist here (for the humans, not the dogs). Sabrina is going to be treated with all of the stuff they give people, but at much lower doses. Dogs don’t lose heir fur, they don’t throw up, they don’t get radiation burns–vets aren’t trying to cure the cancer completely. They’re just trying to beat it for a while. In Sabrina’s case, I was assured over and over again that there’s a 90% response rate to treatment, and the rate of side affects for where her tumor is located is less than 5%. But if I elect not to treat her, at best she’ll only have 3-6 months, and they will not be good months.

So we’re doing it. If I can add more good time to Sabrina’s little infinity, I will.

My visibility might be a bit spotty during treatment, which with a book coming out in less than four months, isn’t great. But I have no choice, so I’m asking for your help:

If you like my books, tell someone about them. If you really liked them, write up a review and post it on Amazon or B&N or Goodreads or somewhere. This stuff really helps. It helps so much I can’t even tell you, and right now, I need all of it I can get.

Thank you, always.


p.s. Below is a picture of Sabrina’s reaction to her post-MRI treat.

anonymous asked:

1/2 Story time! I was watching the new interview and mum was looking over my shoulder and when Liam said 'a song about beards because that's new' or whatever, she went 'huh no it's not, that tiny one and his twin have been pretending to be dating for a while now' and I just about choked to death. She knows bits and pieces about Larry and tidbits about Elounor but I kept it as unbiased as I could being Larry AF and she didn't need to hear a single thing more when I mentioned four matching tattoos

2/2 but we’d only spoken about it once MONTHS ago. And then when I gave her a wide eyed look after she said that she just went, “What? Is it a secret? Lauren (her friend) didn’t know how to tell her daughter that her favorite was right in love with his pal.” and I just. Omg. My mum doesn’t mind their music and now she keeps asking me if Happily was written for ‘Teeny’ and 'what the fuck is No Control about Caitlyn’ and I now have a Larry shipper mother and group of mothers asking me about it omg

'the tiny one and his twin have been pretending to be dating’ and 'what the fuck is no control about’ I love your mother


I offer some words from my own experience for those who have been suffering this week.

Until my mother died, I did not realize I had been in grief before. But when I entered that gray state after her death, I realized I recognized the place.  That’s the thing about grief, it can come from any kind of loss, broken heart, broken dream, broken wrist, betrayal, disillusionment, loss of self, loss of other. It still hurts and clouds our lives.  I teach a course for college students called Writing to Heal.  I’m not a therapist, not a counselor, just a writing teacher, who has been around a long time and suffered loss.  Here are a few things I’ve learned:

o   Grief takes its own bitter time.  We will move through grief in our own time, and move through even our own griefs differently and at different paces. No one else should tell you when you are done.  They can tell you to get out of bed, put your clothes on, and eat breakfast, but they should not tell you how and when to feel.

o   We shouldn’t judge each others’ griefs. How do you know what someone else is feeling or what that person is not sharing?  I lost my cousin, but she was like my little sister. Maybe your grandmother was like your mother. Maybe your dog was the only one who really loved you. Maybe the whole weight of your self worth depended on the game you lost on Saturday night. Maybe you are grieving about people you never even met. Don’t judge my grief, and I won’t judge yours. Don’t tell me your grief is worse than mine. What’s the point? Is there a prize for worst grief? Who would want that, anyway?

o   Healing is not a single upward trajectory. You don’t heal just a little bit more each day. It’s more like two steps forward, one step back, or fours steps back and one step forward.  You are never over it; you are only through it. It can come back in waves out of nowhere, a smell, a piece of music, one day that reminds you of another day. But you can heal. You can come back. One day, you can feel the sun on your face, and be happy again.

o   Unresolved grief will come back to bite you. At some point you need to face your loss, maybe not that day, week, month, or even year. But at some point, you need to look it in the eye and name it. Maybe you talk to a friend or a therapist, maybe you meditate, or write about it, or dance about it, or paint about it, or climb a mountain about it, but you shouldn’t hide from it forever. Trust me on this. It will come for you at a very inconvenient time.

o   Grief and mourning aren’t the same. Grief is the feeling. Mourning is the act of facing and dealing and adjusting to the loss.

o   Unless they are being harmful to themselves or others, don’t judge the way other people grieve. Maybe they need to throw themselves back into work, or tell really bad jokes, or come up with a physical challenge, or stare out a window, or be alone, or start a foundation, or plant a garden, or learn to rumba, or move across town or to another country. Just because it isn’t your way, does not make it the wrong way. Don’t judge unless it’s dangerous or harmful.

o   Multiple griefs and complicated grief can extend the process of healing. I don’t really believe things come in threes, but several times I have suffered multiple losses in the span of a few months. I felt I had turned on the grief channel, all grief, all the time. These states did not last forever, but probably longer than a single grief would have. Having a friend, loved one, or family member with a protracted illness can cause complicated grief. We start grieving or mourning for a living person and know the only relief or end is the total loss of that person. All grief, all the time.

o   Here’s the good news: You’ll probably live through it. Here’s the bad news: You’ll probably live through it.

o   One positive thing that came out of my grieving experience is that I put together a course to help students use writing to move through the grief and mourning process. I’ve taught this course almost once a year for the past 15 years.  I’m still moving though my most recent grief, but I know now that things will get better one day. They have before. They will again. In the meantime, I’ve done quite a bit of writing and a good bit of crying, too. I’m a firm believer in the healing power of a really good racking cry. Unfortunately, sometimes we are so tightly bound up against out grief, that we can’t or dare not access our tears. Art can bring catharsis. Just ask Aristotle.  At one of the most bitter, unhappy times of my life, I read the saddest novel I could get my hands on. It helped me climb out of the pit of grief.

o   You can see my own writing or some of the works I use in my course here.  If you are interested in reading an article I wrote about my course, DM me.

o   If you are in grief, be kind to yourself. Admit it to yourself. Seek help if you need it. Forgive yourself. Do not feel guilty about your feelings. Take the time you need. You are not alone, nor unique. Many of us have been where you are and survived and laughed again.