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Liam Dunbar - more than just best friends

Hey guys! This is my first ever imagine so sorry if it’s bad. I kinda got carried away while writing it so it’s kinda lengthy and tbh i dont even know if it makes sense. Please do tell tell me what you think about it. let me know if it’s horrible or if it was good and if you did like it and you want me to write an imagine for you just leave a request! Thanks :D

Your POV|

Liam has been acting really strange lately and I have no idea why. All week he has been avoiding me. It’s killing me! I’ve known Liam almost all my life and now it’s just like he doesn’t even know me anymore. It hurts to think that the person you love doesn’t want to be around you. Yes, I said it. Love. I, Y/N Y/L/N, am in love with my best friend, Liam Dunbar. He doesn’t know though. I don’t want to risk our friendship, which I don’t even know if we still have. Mason and I have been trying to talk to Liam all day today. Today is Friday and one of our friend, Carter,  was throwing a party tonight and Liam had told us last week that he was coming.  It was almost lunch and I was just itching to get out of Chemistry so I could go look for Liam to try to talk to him today.  " Ms. Y/L/N, are you paying attention?“ Mr. Harris snapped me out of my thoughts. Just as I was about to reply, the bell rang. Saved by the bell, thank god. I quickly grabbed my bag and ran out of the class room to go look for Liam. Just as I exited to class room I saw Liam walking down the hall with his back towards me. I ran and jumped onto his back almost knocking him over. "Liam!! Oh my god! I haven’t seen you all week. Why have you been avoiding me?” I asked getting off of his back. “Oh! Y/n, I haven’t been avoiding you. I just… uhh… I’ve been busy.” He stuttered. I knew he was lying but I just shook it off since after all it was the first time he talked to me all week. “ Okay… well anyways! Are you still going to Carter’s party tonight?” I excitedly asked. I was literally bouncing with excitement. People who were passing by were giving me strange looks but I didn’t care. Liam looked to the side for a quick second and then replied, “I don’t think I can make it.” He was looking all serious. I looked at him confused. All of last week him, Mason and I have been talking about this party. We were so pumped and now he doesn’t even care. “Really Liam? Why can’t you? I haven’t seen you all week and I was so excited to finally get to hang out with you tonight and now your blowing me off!” I yelled, I was beyond pissed at this point in time. Liam looked surprised. I’ve never yelled at him before. “Look Y/N I’m sorry. I just… I can’t tonight okay?” He said looking straight into my eyes. “Tell me why you can’t Liam. Tell me what’s so important that you can’t hang out with your best friend who hasn’t seen you all week.” I softly said. “I…I can’t tell you Y/N.” “Why can’t you tell me Liam?!? I thought we told each other everything? I thought that’s what best friends do? I guess I thought wrong.” I quietly said the last sentence. I then turned around and walked straight out the doors of the school, not turning around to give a second glance at Liam. I texted Mason telling him that I went home early and to pick me up at around 8 for the party.

Liam’s POV|

I watched her walk away. I felt terrible. I’ve never blown Y/N off, ever! I sighed and walked towards Scott and Stiles who were standing by the lockers watching the little conversation going on between Y/N and I. “Some girl you got there little one” Stiles said with his usual  hint of sarcasm. I just glared at him and turned to Scott waiting for his stupid comment about what just occurred but what he said took me off guard. “You should tell her. I saw the way you were looking at her when she was walking away from you. I know how it feels not being able to tell the one you love your secret.” I stood there looking shocked as ever. Even Stiles shook his head in agreement that I should tell her. But, Stiles just being Stiles had to say something stupid. “It’s not like anything can go wrong with you tell her. I mean the worst that can happen is that she gets freaked out and never speaks to you again.” Right after he said that he received the meanest glare I have ever seen from Scott. “Don’t worry Liam. I know she won’t ever stop talking to you. Go talk to her and you can go to the party but since you’re still learning I’m going to have to be there to supervise you to make sure nothing goes wrong.” Scott said with a slight smile. I thanked him but right before I ran off to go tell Y/N what’s really going on, he said “Oh and Liam, just tell her how you feel, I’m pretty sure she feels the same way.” I then ran off.

Your POV|

When I got home the house was empty because both my parents were at work. I just quickly locked the front door and went up to my room. I decided to choose my outfit for tonight since I had absolutely nothing to do. While going through my closet, I heard a knock on my window. I just ignored it until I heard it again. I walked towards my window and pulled open the curtains only to be greeted by those dazzling blue eyes that I fell in love with. I quickly opened my window and pulled him into my room. “What are you doing here Liam? Aren’t you suppose to be in school?” Liam just grabbed me and hugged me, almost squishing me. “Y/N, I’m here to apologize. I’m sorry I made it seem like I was blowing you off and like I was avoiding you but there is a very good explanation as to why I was acting like I was.” Liam rambled. “Then explain Dunbar, I don’t have all day.” I said with a bit of attitude. “Okay, this might seem unbelievable but you know that I would never lie to you. The reason I’ve been avoiding you all week is because… I was bitten by a werewolf and now I’m a werewolf too, and since I just turned I don’t know how to control myself and I’ve been staying away from you because I don’t want to end up hurting you. I care about you too much to let you get hurt Y/N.” Liam rushed only slowing down as he reached the end. “Wait, let me get this straight. You’ve been a werewolf for a whole week and you’re only now telling me this? Really Liam? I thought you knew how obsessed I am with supernatural things? So tell me is there more? I mean like is there more werewolves that you and the one that bit you? Who bit you? Does the person go to our school? Are there more supernatural creatures? OMG!! This is soo exciting!!” I literally just had a fan girl moment over supernatural beings. (I’m weird I know! Don’t judge!) Liam just stood there watching me ramble on while smiling like a mad man. “You are so cute, you know that?” said Liam looking at me with adoring eyes. “Oh, believe me, I know” I said while flipping my hair. I then burst out laughing and Liam joined me shortly after. When we cooled down from all our laughing, we just stood there string into each other’s eyes. Suddenly Liam started leaning in. My heart started pounding so fast that I was pretty sure it s about to pop out of my chest. I started leaning in as well. Then I felt his soft, smooth lips on mine. It felt so right. It felt magical. I felt like if I was on cloud 9. It was just perfect. I wished that that moment never ended. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Liam slowly pulled away looking me in the eye. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to do that?” said Liam with a slight chuckle. I replied with “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that?” and then we both started laughing. “Seriously though, Y/N, I’ve been in love with you for the longest time now and I only now have the guts to tell you how I feel. I hope you feel the same way. If you don’t it’s totally fine I just wanted to - ” and I then cut him off with a kiss. When I pulled away I said “Of course I feel the same way Dunbar! Who wouldn’t? you’re perfect” he then blushed and I kissed his cheek. “Y/N, would you do me the honors of being my amazing beautiful girlfriend?” it was now my turn to blush “Of course I will Liam”. “Yay! Okay so let’s tell Mason to meet us at my house so we can go to the party” Liam excitedly said while taking his cell phone out of his pocket. “wait so you’re going to the party?” “Yea but only if my alpha comes to make sure everything runs smoothly” he said with a smile. “Wow, slow down there mister! You got bit by an alpha?! OMG!! That is so cool!! You so have to show me who he is!” and that was the start of our odd yet very romantic relationship.