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Imagine walking in on Sam packing

“What are you doing?” The tone of your voice let Sam know you already knew his answer and it broke his heart to know he was letting you down, yet he never let it stop him. He couldn’t.

“I have to go away for a while.” He barely looked up at you as he continued to shove what ever clothes he could get his hands on into his duffle.

“Go?” You felt your heart sink. You knew this day would come again soon, you just thought Sam would resist a little this time or maybe even showed a bit more compassion for the relationship the two of you had shared for the last two years. “Go where?”

“It’s Dean, he needs me.” You knew that Dean needing Sam meant that they were about to go off on some hunt, a dangerous one no doubt. It was the only time Dean ever called and you couldn’t stand it.

“Dean always needs you for something!” You screamed at him, snapping finally. You couldn’t understand why Dean didn’t just let Sam be and have the life he’d wished for, for so long.

“Y/N-” You cut him off instantly with a finger pointing directly in his face, you were so sick of the excuses.

“No don’t you dare Y/N me! Dean comes calling and you go running.” You were crying now, ripping the bag from his hands as you stood in his way.

“He’s my brother.” He knew you couldn’t argue with that, deep down you knew Dean would come first. Always

“So that gives him the right to put you in danger?” You looked at his cheek, the evidence of their last hunt still lingering, even now almost a month later the cuts were still visible. “Look at the state on your face from one stupid hunt!”

“You don’t understand-”

“No Sam, I understand perfectly well.” You moved aside, giving him room for the ultimatum you about to give him. “You walk out that door don’t ever think about coming back.”

Sam stared at you in disbelief and for the first time ever he realised how much his life had really taken its toll on you, what it was doing to you emotionally to watch him walk away again and again wondering if he was ever going to come back. And it was that, that made his decision for him as he picked his bag back up and placed one last kiss to your forehead. As he pulled away, he swallowed back his own tears before whispering. “I guess this is goodbye then.”

You choked on your sobs, closing yours eyes so you couldn’t see him leaving you.

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I wanna go on testosterone for a little bit but I don't want to be sterile, I just wanna pass more. What's the irreversible but noticeable effects of going on testosterone for awhile? Asides from the voice drop of course.

honestly the only irreversible effects i’ve noticed is the voice drop and body hair (tho it’s much less dense now, and softer). tho again, i’d speak with ur doctor about it. i can only speak from my experience and everyone’s body is different. i don’t think t makes u sterile tho

What I think Tommy Oliver will be like in the sequel.

Tommy will be a female, Native American/First Nation

…and will be a bit of a jerk.

Now, before you get pissed off at me, hear me out.

Usually, Tommy is depicted as constantly switching sides and being a badass loner sort of character, so I think to update the character, she will sort of be more violent and aggressive to separate her from the others. She’s the only one of them who doesn’t want to change her personality.

After she somehow finds the green power coin, she joins the team and helps them fight off some baddies. She will completely be in love with her powers and go crazy with them, maybe getting a bit out of control. The others begin to get annoyed by her, Trini especially, so they try to find her and talk to her at her house. 

They walk over but before they can walk inside the house, they hear Tommy shouting with her parents, getting into an argument that eventually gets..violent.

It will be revealed that she’s going through some tough sh#t at home and the reason she acts like a jerk is because she wants control of her own life and fighting and bullying is the only way to get control.

The others sympathize with her, especially Trini, and don’t bring it up, acting nicer to her and bonding to her. However, Rita somehow returns or some other villain appears and tempts Tommy to join the dark side. Tommy doesn’t trust the villain but somehow, another confrontation with the Rangers (maybe Tommy accidently nearly kills one of their parents during a fight scene) turns her to the dark side.

In the final act, she’s fighting the Rangers but eventually comes back to their side and defeats the villain in a giant freaking Dragon zord.

And the movie will end with her finally getting along with the group.

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Yeah I think Harry signed with a Sony record so he could take a weight off Louis' shoulders. I feel like it's his turn to take a break, and I'm not sure if they'll end his stunts rn, just distance him a lot, like they are doing rn. So yeah Harry signed with ~Sony so that Louis would have a bit of a break. Louis have been a lot more discreet since people have began talking about Harry coming in solo, if I'm not wrong. Like, E pap walk and 1 article but that's it? + he has the court thing coming.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Like, if he goes on his break, they’ll probably publish at some moment “Louis Tomlinson goes MIA after learning his dear son was not his.” and that would explain everything.

I hope he can take a break and I hope this means it’s ending. I’m sure they talked about this and reached a deal that would benefit both of them in some way 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I don’t understand why some people seem to think the boys all had the same goals in mind. Why can’t they just respect that they’re doing different things. I think there is a huge issue with Louis and his PR obviously. But why are people attacking Harry for all of this??

I really don’t know….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:You know what JoJo? You did too much damage to come back at us your puns now. Not amused.

Exactly it’s that thing “when someone you hate makes a good joke” and you’re just like “yeah ok, next” 

I started to sew. I traced the patterns onto parchment paper. (I figured why not, I’m the only one who uses it and I mainly use it for baking cookies. Its quite a bit) When I realized I didn’t trace out one of the pieces, I just said to hell with it. I’m feeling a little lethargic again. (explains why I was too lazy to go get some more parchment paper, maybe another day)

I have some questions, how do you guys store your patterns? I’ve been using the folder where I keep the original copies of the patterns. I’ve been thinking about getting some zip loc bags for them maybe. The folder is okay but if I’m not careful smaller pieces fall out and get lost.

Do you guys use parchment paper or some kind of tracing paper? For now parchment paper is great. though not all thiings write well on it, so far pencil and pen does okay. Esp pencil.

And holy batman… I saw on “Making kid toys” youtube channel, she was making wire frame glasses D: I think I want to do that some day. I’ve got this huge mental list of what I wanna do with my dolls. I’ll link that video later, it looked kinda simple. But watch me get the wire and mine end up looking nothing like hers. but you don’t know til you try.

Septiplier Fanfiction

~Septiplier Notes~

Mark and Jack in an apartment, Jack has a cold so he decided to stay home, Mark is at work. ~~part 1 of ? I guess

-Jack woke up sleepily, today was his day off really. Jack had extra videos recorded because he knew today he had to rest. Mark let him stay home alone while he visited friends and worked outside of the apartment. Jack rolled around a bit, trying to sleep more but only to realize he was going to have to get up. Jack rolled to one side of the bed and looked at the alarm clock, it was already 11. “Mark must have let me sleep in a lot this morning.” Jack thought. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, sliding his legs over the edge of his bed and wiggled his feet around on the cold floor. Jack walked about and into the bathroom, he reached for the knob to turn the shower on, but instead started a bath. Jack looked over at the counter. Bubbles. This was going to be a fun morning. Jack grabbed the bubbles and dumped them into the tub, probably not the best choice, but the most fun. Jack waited till that bath filled half way with water. The other half was filled with bubbles and spilling over the edge. Jack was undressed and ready to soak, he stepped in and played around for a long time. Jack waited until the water was cold before he got out.

By now it was already 12:30. Jack drained the bath and dried off, cleaning up the bubbles off the floor. Jack went to the living room to lay down on the couch and watch some tv. *growl* jack realized he hadn’t had any breakfast yet! This was the best part of the day! Jack hoped to his feet, almost falling over from his dizziness and headed to the kitchen. When he got there, breakfast was already set out with a note on top. “Hope you are feeling a bit better, I set up breakfast for you to eat. Reheat it if it’s cold by the time you get to it.” Jack took the food and put it in the microwave, heating it up and bringing it to the couch when it was done. As Jack finished his show he went back to the kitchen to clean his dishes, seeing a post-it note on the wall. “You’re really cute, Keep resting” said the note. “I guess mark left me a note, that’s really sweet of him to do!” Jack thought, taking the note and putting it into his pocket. As jack finished up he turned around and saw sticky notes all about the room. “How many are their? Is this why Mark didn’t wake me up?” Jack questioned, heading off to investigate the notes.

okay so
healing in my lore is kinda weird.

magical healing is nasty, no matter who does it, no matter what element, it’s nasty and painful and damn fucking unpleasant.
The healing is always gonna be at least twice as bad, pain-wise, as the original injury.
It’s also hard as fucking hell to do, and do properly.  It takes massive amounts of concentration, training, and it is not something you fuck around with.

Any element can do it, they just go about it in different ways.
(Ironically, Nature is the absolute worst at it for a bunch of reasons I’ll go into when I write up my “Nature and Plague differ only in vague bits of ideology” essay)

Magical healing is basically reserved for the battlefield.
cough Rogue cough
She can juryrig you back together until you win, but you’ll need someone to carry you to a proper doctor.  It counts on your system being full of adrenaline to counteract the agony.
She’s capable of doing more permanent healing (see Laruda post-Phaseshift) but it’s really not her strong suit and holy FUCKING HELL we need an actual doctor.

Her fixes will keep you alive, and everything will be functional.  But it will hurt every time the fixed part is used, and it’s liable to have some wicked nerve pain, hella impressive scarring, and probably will never feel the same again.
It will work, without doubt.  It’s just not gonna be fun.

Essentially all magical healing is like this.  
You have to really need it before anyone will consider using it for anything.  You basically have to be dying.


A lot of the fandom seems to be freaking out about this so let’s talk about it!

This was actually one of my favourite scenes from the episode. Not because of any kind of impending drama but because this conversation has honestly been a long time coming.

After episode 7, there was no relationship talk. Victor and Yuuri have yet to sit down and tell each other straight up what they want out of their relationship (both personally and professionally). Flash back to episode 4 where Victor was asking what he should be to Yuuri. Now they actually are boyfriends (well, even more than that, fiancés) but same as we’ve never heard them state it, I don’t think they’ve really made it explicitly clear to each other either.

I feel that so far they’ve just been letting things evolve as they go. The Cup of China was actually only a bit over a month ago in-series. Their intimate relationship is still very new and it’s been moving really fast. They’re definitely physically intimate (as you can see by the pushed-together beds) but they haven’t quite connected the same way on the emotional level. They definitely love each other and want to stay with each other, I don’t doubt that for a moment, but they haven’t sat down and said “I want to spend my life with you” to each other. They haven’t told each other what their plans are for their professional relationship either.

We know that Victor has been doing a lot of thinking, and it was very obvious in this episode that he is grieving his career, but it’s also obvious that he doesn’t plan to go back to skating competitively.

Yuuri however, being the anxious person that he is, is reading Victor’s grieving all wrong. Yuuri is thinking that not only is their professional relationship (which he could end simply by retiring) but also their personal relationship is holding Victor back from what he “wants” – to go back to being a competitive skater. And thus we get the line that we did here. This is Yuuri’s attempt to “free” Victor to allow him to chase what Yuuri thinks he actually wants, which turns out could not be any further from the truth.

They aren’t going to break up. I can tell you that right now and with absolute certainty. Rather than this being something that is going to create drama, it is actually going to work to solve it. Yuuri needs to hear from Victor that Victor has no intention of leaving and that he wants to stay with Yuuri more than he wants to continue his skating career. Also very important is that Victor needs to say it out loud. Victor is a thinker, he rarely makes big decisions on a whim. He’s been processing what he wants to do with his life for a year now and he has definitely come to his decision (as was evident in episode 10).

Victor has chosen Yuuri over his skating career and this line from episode 11 is just the gateway to the discussion that will firmly cement their personal relationship in place. And the final bow-tie on the gift that is their relationship will be the duet skate at the end of the episode.

I’m honestly looking forward to seeing it.

Is there such thing as way to many posts about ep 10 victor’s engagement scene? The answer is NO, so here’s another one

prepare for a long post

I spot something round made of gold

“lucky charm”

cue in church scene… you know what happens in churches??? this

from what I’ve been told, marriage proposals in Japan are discreet. They are not the usual “will you marry me?” that we, westerners have. The “will you take care of me” from the last episode was a good example of that and this “I’ll try my best from tomorrow”, which refers to the figure skating routine is even more discreet. Yuuri learnt to show is love to victor through ice skating, so it only makes sense that his proposal is somehow related to that.

And Victor understood what Yuuri was implying. That face is a bit of shock and surprise, but it’s much more a face of understanding what’s going on, what Yuuri’s words imply

The fact that he pull off a ring and did the same kind of vow, shows that he was also thinking about it for some time

And even though Yuuri did the first move, even though he took the initiative, he was still insecure, because as you can see, the decision of buying the rings was kind of impulsing. He was shocked when Victor put a ring on his finger, because, although he was sure he loved him, he wasn’t sure that Victor loved him back. That was the confirmation he needed. That is the reason behind these smiles

And then, of course, we have the restaurant scene

(victor looks so happy!!!)

and this is the precise moment that the truth hits pichit

the yoi fandom in one picture:

(don’t even try to deny it, yuuri)

Their reactions!!!!

Christophe: oh my, my friend just got engaged, I’m so happy for him. when will I find my true love?

Otabek: marriage is good. I applaud this union between to people


minado and mari: uh… I did not see that one coming. finally…


minado and mari: dammit victor, you ruined everything. you had to do that. did you not see yuuri last year? you will never get married

Christophe: cute, but I’ll win

yurio and otabek: GAME ON. there’s no way in hell that’ll happen. I’ll win and you’ll remain single forever

pichit: uhm… I want to win, but I also want them to get married…. What should I do in order to get both?


Boom!Cafe Au ! Where Amy opens up her dream Cafe with the help of her friends, assisting around the place! ( 6//v//6) A borrowed au from soaspersonal on Twitter!

170101 Rap Monster’s Blog Post

작년 초에 작업해놓고 간단한 녹음만 해두었던 곡입니다.
마음이 힘들 때, 그 감정을 그냥 흘려보내기 싫어 기록해두었는데
다행히 지금은 마음이 많이 좋아졌어요!
그래도 감정이 지나갔다고, 그냥 버리기엔 조금 아까운 곡이라 공개해보아요.
다시 수정하고 정리를 좀 하려고도 했는데
그냥 그때 그 느낌으로 남겨두려고 굳이 안 그랬습니다.
슬플 땐 슬픈 노래가 가장 큰 위로가 되기도 하니까요.

Happy 2017 ! !

I worked on this the beginning of last year and only did a simple recording.
When I was going through a tough time, I didn’t want to just let that feeling go so I recorded it. 
Thankfully, I’m feeling a lot better now! 
Even though the feeling has passed, I felt like it was a waste to throw away this song so I’m sharing it.
I wanted to edit it and clean it up a bit more but
I didn’t, so I could leave it as it was back then. 
Because when you’re sad, a sad song can make you feel a lot better.

Happy 2017 ! !

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Save him. Don’t think anyone else is going to save him, because there isn’t anyone. It’s up to you. Save him. But I do think you’re going to need a little bit of help with that, because you’re not exactly good with people, so here’s a few things you need to know about the man we both love. And more importantly, what you’re going to need to do to save him. John Watson never accepts help. Not from anyone, not ever. But here’s the thing - he never refuses it. So, here’s what you are going to do. You can’t save John, because he won’t let you. He won’t allow himself to be saved. The only way to save John is to make him save you. Go to hell, Sherlock. Go right into hell and make it look like you mean it.


Shiny Pokémon arrive in ‘Pokémon Go’

  • Pokémon Go’s Water Festival is now officially underway, and players are already reporting that they’re finding shiny Pokémon: shiny gold Magikarp and shiny red Gyarados to be exact.
  • Although the inclusion of shiny Pokémon has been hinted at in leaks, this is the first we’ve actually seen the ultra-rare Pokémon in-game.
  • Although shiny Pokémon are now in the game, users reported that they only appear that way on the encounter screen. Read more (3/23/17)

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Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast (spoilers obvs)

I have to say that, being a huge fan of the original , I was very sceptical about this live action version. But it completely won me over. I’ve seen it twice (once in IMAX which I definitely recommend) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for 3 days. The movie was an absolute delight and I wanted to highlight my favourite bits :)

  • The fact that the Prince is an adult (and no mention of how long ago he was cursed)
  • The memory charm!
  • The group scenes with real crowds (I get really annoyed when movies have street scenes etc. with only 4 people in them)
  • Diverse Cast!
  • The priest giving her the books (makes much more sense than having a bookstore in that village)
  • “Ugh!”
  • Belle the tinkerer/inventor
  • Belle teaching the little girl how to read
  • Cadenza playing a bit of Be Our Guest when Maurice arrives in the castle (reminded me that the song was originally going to be for him)
  • Maurice stealing a rose
  • The entire Gaston song, but specifically:
  • LeFou paying the people to participate and sing along (Gaston is not blindly adored by all the townspeople)
  • The clapping/instrumental bridge
  • ‘And his name’s G-A-S-T’ which was in the soundtrack for the original but cut for the movie so I was super happy to see it was included
  • The castle crumbling and the servants going through changes every time a petal falls (I remember that last bit was in the Broadway musical too)
  • Mrs Potts being understanding of Belle’s escaping
  • Belle not eating a thing during Be Our Guest ^^
  • The Beast reacting to Romeo and Juliette and also the King Arthur bit
  • Belle’s reaction to the library
  • The magical book literally lets her travel as a reference to her ‘travelling’ with the books she used to read at home (I only realised this two days after I saw the film…)
  • The Beast in make-up
  • Why is she running away in her yellow dress surely it’s not very practical oh wait it’s so he can see her in the distance as he sings Evermore (my heart!)
  • Speaking of, Evermore was so dramatic™ I loved it
  • Stanley’s reaction to being wardrobed
  • The servants changing back (and the heart attack I almost had with Chip)
  • The way the castle changed as the rising sun hit the different sections (I miss the glitter magic but this worked nicely)
  • The beard line (again, almost made it in the original so a nice touch to have it here)
  • The village being called Villeneuve (reference to Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve who wrote the original fairy-tale!)
  • The entire aesthetic really
  • Celine Dion and Josh Groban <3
  • Alan Menken’s score, oh boy had I missed his music!

Basically being such a big fan of the original only made me love it more. It feels like they added certain things specifically for Disney nerds. And it also feels like they had fun making it? I really was not expecting to love it was much as I did. I wasn’t expecting to like it at all really, so it was a nice surprise 🥀

Dating Jughead Jones would include...



Authors note:I fell in love with Riverdale in SECONDS + with Jughead also, so i decided to write a “Dating ****** would include…” imagine. I did not added any sexual things cuz as far as I know is Jughead in the comic asexual but I don´t have a clue if this is also going to be like that in the show.

PS: It´s a little bit short cuz 2 episodes weren´t enough to find more detail about him, sorry

Originally posted by riverdalesource

  • “most mysterious couple riverdale‘s” 
  • sitting all night in pop‘s (the diner)
  • “What are you exactly writing about.”
  • “Nothing relevant.”
  • he only trusts you
  • but he still won‘t tell what he‘s writing about
  • he would literally fight everyone who‘s trying to hurt you mentally and physically
  • he‘s for you an amazing advice giver
  • he hates it when you´re wearing makeup
  • you guys don´t have any nicknames for eachother
  • his lap is your all time favorite chair
  • neck kisses
  • when he´s working on his novel, you secretly drawing him
  • you use as much sarcasm as Jughead does
  • rarely holding hands
  • protective Jughead is the best Jughead
  • Reggie is you new enemy
  • knowing Jughead since the 3rd grade
  • trying to find out why Jughead and Archie aren´t friends anymore
  • Roadtrips
  • Your Mom (or Dad) thinks that Jughead´s creppy
  • stealing his hat 24/7
  • jaming together to music
  • walking thru´ the streets at night with Jughead
  • baking something when you guys are bored

a LOT of the time, I see a literally everyone exhausting themselves to write. they lose sleep, they turn in assignments late, or just genuinely aren’t taking care of themselves. you’re doing GREAT, but here are a few reminders that EVERY roleplayer should know ;; 

  • please please take a break. every few minutes after you do a few replies ( ESPECIALLY long ones dear lordy ) don’t be afraid to stop and take a break for a bit. letting your mind REST helps it not wear out so easily, so not only can you get more done, you can also not exhaust yourself !! 
  • water is great and you probably need some. go get yourself a glass!!
  • whatever is going on ooc where no one can see behind that screen, don’t ever feel bad. real life is supposed to come first no matter what. the roleplayers that genuinely understand are the ones you wanna keep close!! don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad
  • do not feel guilty about late replies 
  • seriously. don’t. 
  • that person that plays the same muse as you ??? they might be super duper wonderful, but so are YOU!! different portrayals are what make roleplaying unique. don’t compare yourself to others. instead, embrace the individuality!! 
  • and finally, remember that this is for FUN. if anything is ever stressing you out chances are you shouldn’t be doing it, so be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself. this is a HOBBY, not an OBLIGATION. 

extracurriculars can take up so much time and it can be hard to find time to start and finish assignments, projects, and study for tests and exams. here are some tips to help you pull through it!

get some sleep

go to sleep early or take a nap. do whatever you need. without sleep, you’ll only feel more miserable and tired and irritable. you’re more likely to do poorly during practices and classes. don’t force yourself to pull an all-nighter. instead, go to sleep early and wake up early to finish up the last bits of work left to do.

write it down

if you get an assignment or find out a deadline, write it down. don’t tell yourself that you’ll remember it because you won’t.

schedule your time

a planner or a bullet journal or a calendar app are the most common ways that people keep track of the things that they need to do. jot down the events that you need to be at + the starting and ending times. schedule study time like an event too. school is important too!!

find spare time and use it

use spare time during lunch period to get that last question done on a math assignment. use the downtimes at meets to start the first paragraph of that essay you need to turn in. finish up language homework during transportation time. use worktime in class to get a head start on things. you actually have a lot of time if you add up all the spare bits.

do what works for you

use study methods that fit you. you don’t have to force yourself to write notes if you find that it doesn’t help you. if reviewing flashcards helps you more than writing mind maps, then do that instead. don’t get caught up with thoughts of what you “have” to do based on the overwhelming aesthetics and popular methods commonly displayed in the studyblr community.

get an early start on things

start homework as soon as you get it. begin projects on the first day and not before the deadline. since you’ll be busy most of the time, it’s better to get a head start on things and have a few extra days and bits of time to spare for those emergency club meetings and matches that drain your time.

stay healthy

your body needs to be in top condition in order to do all of those sports and keep up with those clubs and stay on track in school! drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals, and have healthy snacks and breaks when you need them.

weekends are your best friend

even if you have games and matches and events during weekends, you can still wake up early and find time in the morning. you can also find time in the evenings too! you have a lot more time on weekends. remember to use some of that time to also relax and wind down too!
don’t make up flimsy excuses if you know that they’re not true. you can’t help it if you’re tired, but don’t pretend like you’re tired and push off those essays until another day.

talk with your teachers

if it gets really bad, try to talk with your teachers, advisors, and coaches to see if you can work something out. school is still important and balance is key. i’m sure that you can work something out.

drop something if you have to

in the end, your own physical and mental health is what matters the most. please take a day off if you have to, and if you can’t handle it anymore, then you need to acknowledge that and drop something (not school).

you can pull through it!!! it might seem overwhelming, but you can get used to it. however, remember that you are only human. don’t disregard your own health and education. don’t stress yourself out too much! if it is too much for you, talk to a teacher or advisor immediately.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

[ENG] 170111 Mingyu’s Twitter Update

[17’S 민규] 캐롯들~~~보고싶어서 내마음이 뽀글뽀글 끓어요…우리 곧 만나니까 아주 조금만…참아야지..날씨많이 추우니까 단추꼭 잠그고 목도리하고!!! 많이 추우니까 단추 꼭 잠그고 목도리도 하고!! 감기 걸리지 마요~!

[17’S Mingyu] CARATs~~~ My heart is boiling because I miss you so much… We’re going to see each other soon so just hold on… for a bit more.. The weather is very cold so make sure to button up and wear a scarf!!! It’s very cold so make sure to button up and wear a scarf!! Don’t catch a cold~!

cr: wonuyu @ what17says
© take out only with credits