only 30 rock


Lars: So let’s run Blackened…

James: How does it go?

Lars: That’s the gallopy one.

James: They’re both gallopy! THEY’RE ALL GALLOPY!

Rob: That’s the problem…

Lars: It’s the one with the note in it.

Kirk: The one that has the guitar!

I present to you- one of the biggest bands in the world…

I’m sorry but I refuse to believe the Cullen vampires didn’t wear makeup because they “don’t need too” and that their skin’s too impermeable. It just doesn’t make 100% sense to me because makeup is an easy way of adding “human” colours to themselves.

At most, I think they would probably only use powders because creams wouldn’t set or sink into the skin. And you bet your arse Rosalie wears at least mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick, Alice mascara and lip gloss, Esme favours apricot blush and a touch of mascara. 

Concept: Holster and April bonding over their unrequited love for their best friend. Being sad and salty together, and having each others back when it all feels too much. Ransom and March dragging them along on a “double date” and Holster and April spending the entire trip walking slowly and pretend throwing up whenever Ransom and March do something cutesy. But also slowly developing a really strong friendship with all the salt as a base, and trying to help each other get over their best friend. Movie nights where they only watch 30 Rock episodes back to back or Legally blonde (because Legally Blonde is a masterpiece and I will never get tired of it - April 2k5ever). They go to each others games whenever they can. It gets to the point where people think they’re dating, they’re just saltmates. Giving each other heavy and significant looks whenever Ransom or March does something that makes Holster or April want to kiss them. Calling each other when ever the feels are Too Much™. Getting to the point where Ransom and March start getting a bit jealous of their friendship. (“Bro, wanna watch Parks and Rec tonight?” “Oh, uhm. Actually April and I have been planning a 30 Rock marathon for the past week, sorry bro. Tomorrow?”) April kicking Holster out of her dorm when he tells her. But is also kind of touched that he would give up time with Ransom to watch 30 Rock with her.
March noticing the longing and confused looks Ransom gives Holster whenever they’re in the dining hall at the same time and vice versa. Holster noticing March giving April The Look™ but not noticing Ransom doing the same like five seconds later. April kicking him under the table when she sees it. Holster being confused. April being 200% done with him.
Just. April and Holster being really good friends. And March and Ransom not understanding they’re own feels.