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Yeah so I’ve found this cool program to make mkv files out of dvds ! And it even separates the menu sequences from the actual movie files !

Ok yeah sure you can use this on your star trek extras. In fact, I will do the same with my pirates of the caribbean special disc 2 right now.


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Summary: You have a deep crush on Peter Parker, little did you know he would be your next project when your uncle, Tony Stark, asks you to help with Peter’s new Spider-Man suit.

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: Light cursing

Word Count: 1,064

A/N: This is two requests in one since both were requested around the same time and were similar to each other! I hope you guys like it! Sorry for being so slow with writing. I’ve been resting, but also running around town doing things! P.S. Sorry for the lame title of the imagine.

@thecoffeestudyblr @misshollander1

You were in your Physics class when you received a text from your uncle, Tony Stark. Yes, you were related to the one and only, but no one at Midtown High knew that.

“(Y/N), are you paying attention?” The teacher announced in front of the class. You felt the blood rush to your face and everyone staring at you, even your longtime crush, Peter Parker. You rarely talked to Peter, only when the class had to work in groups. You both were always drawn to each other because you were both were fighting to be top of class. It was a healthy competition you both didn’t mind to have going on.

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(161006) Jooheon’s Fancafe update
Hello~ This is Jooheon~!
Right now I’m resting while doing a pre-recording for Inkigayo~ hehe
I really wanted to do the Inkigayo stage with you all so it’s such a shame that we couldn’t meet, but I can feel all your heart~
Our monbebes are very important to me so you can’t get hurt, and you can’t be put in dangerous situations
I know that you all feel like it’s such a shame so please don’t feel bad that we can’t meet~~~
Later, I’ll just imagine you guys standing in front of our stage cheering on us and I’ll have strength.
Also this is the start with Fighter! You guys will be here with us right?? keke right?? kekeke
There’s only 30 minutes left for my birthday to end, and this is the second birthday I spend as Monsta X’s Jooheon. Even then the day passed by so quickly.
Today has also become a memory that I will never forget~ hehe
Today passing by~ My members, our monbebes, my family and friends, everyone who’s beside me today that wished me a happy birthday, thank you all. Even though you are all busy you took the time to come and enjoy the day with me. It gave me a lot of strength.
Thank you for making my birthday a special day even though it’s just another day of the year.
In the future, I’ll be a hard working Jooheon. Let’s go together!

translated by sshownu ϟ take out with full credit.

Library Romance?

Anon Request: Can you do an imagine where you’re really shy but one day, he sees you at the library and starts waving and smiling at you? And then he texts you and the next day he talks to you and stuff happens alone in the classroom? Cute and fluffy? Thanks! 

Sigh. You sat at desk in the library trying to do your homework, but you kept getting distracted. There he was, (C/N). Talking to his friends, laughing and smiling. You just couldn’t get over his perfect smile, every time you saw it, it gave you butterflies in your stomach and your core would heat up and you’d give anything to be the reason for that smile. Too bad that would never happen. You were too shy. You hated that about yourself, but it wasn’t like you could change who you were. You began to daydream about him holding you in his inviting arms under the stars, listening to his heart beat while he played with your (H/C) hair. You were holding your head in the palm of your hands thinking about your fantasies and started shifting slightly to get comfortable until…

Nice move. You accidentally pushed all the books on your desk, and they loudly fell to the ground. (C/N) turns to look at the source of the noise, and you shut your eyes tight and mentally face palm yourself, hoping he didn’t catch you staring at him. You open your eyes and see him approaching you. Please don’t come over here, please don’t come over here, you thought. You started to get nervous, he was coming closer to you. You thought about running out of the library, and you were about to until he waved at you and said, “hey (Y/N)!”

There it was, that amazing smile that always had you melting. “Oh, hey (C/N), I was just, I was just about to leave,” you lie standing up and picking up your bag.

“You were?” He says picking up your fallen books and reading one of them, “You’re only on question two on the history homework,” he chuckles. “There’s 30 minutes left in the period, I could help you with some answers,” he assures you.

“Nah, I’ll be fine,” you insist. You had no clue why you were turning him down so much, this was exactly what you wanted!

“No it’s okay,” he smiles at you again, “I’ve been meaning to have a conversation with you soon anyway, I’ll be right back, I’ll get my things.” he places your books on your desk, and takes your shoulders and sits you down in the seat. His touch sent shivers down your spine and you swallowed hard. His fingers felt like icicles and your skin was lava. He’s still behind you with his hands on your shoulders, he gives it a quick rub, and he crouches down to your ear and whispers, “one sec.” You could not believe this was happening. He wanted to talk with you? Like a conversation? You’ve never been that close to  him before. Your daydreams were once step closer to coming true. Calm down, you thought. Just read your textbook, he’ll be here any second, you don’t want him to think you’re completely stupid.

It’s been about 2 minutes. That’s a little long to get a few things 10 feet away, you thought. You look around and let out a gasp, and turn back around. He was standing right behind you, watching you.

“Sorry,” he said, “you’re just,” he shakes his head and smiles, “you distracted me.” 

“It’s okay.” you say quickly, blushing a bit. “I was just reading,” you say nonchalantly.

“Don’t let me stop you,” he jokes, now closer to you with a quizzical look on his face, hovering over you, and observing you like you’ve never spoken before.

You bite your lip and started to write an answer, then scribbled it and started to laugh.

“What?” he asked, laughing with you.

“You’re distracting me,” you say innocently, turning around so you’re now face to face with him. You two stare at eachothers eyes for the first time, the butterflies were at war in your stomach by now, you had to say something. “Aren’t you supposed to be helping me?” you kid.

“Yeah… yeah, of course I was gonna get to that, but I was gonna tell you that I left my work in my homeroom. We should go get it if you ever want to get passed question two.” He smirks.

You punch his arm with your new found courage, “Hey!”

“Come on let’s go,” he grabs your hand and you two fly out the library doors, he’s still holding your hands and you two are giggling running through the halls. You felt so happy, and after a few moments, you find yourselves alone in a history class room.

He walks around a bit and stops at a desk, “here it is,” he smiles at you again. It’s like he knew what it did to you. On top of that, you two were alone, in a room, no lights, no one else, except for you, him, and your butterflies.

“Great,” you say and bite your lip, “the periods almost over though,” you say and gesture at the clock. “We should go.”

He slowly walks closer to you, “but I don’t want to go.”

You swallow hard one more, and your breathing becomes heavy. “you- you..”

“Do you want to go?” he asks now holding your hands so gently it was like you weren’t even touching.

“It depends,” you answer, looking at the ground.

“On..?” he asks lowering his head so your eyes would meet again.

“…What happens next.” You answer, looking at him eye to eye.

“What happens next?” he asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah,” you say and smile.

“What happens next goes a little something like this,” he says, lightly pressing his lips on to yours, one hand on your waist, and the other on your cheek. The gentle kiss lasted about 15 seconds. The bell rings.

“We never got to finish,” you smile at him, “I’m still only on question two.”

“Well,” he says pulling a piece of hair behind your ear, “meet me tomorrow, same time same place.”

“Okay,” you say, your heart filled with joy. You turn and walk away.

“Wait!” he pulls you back. “I can’t wait until tomorrow to talk to you again. My number’s in your bag,” he says, “see you around, (Y/N)”

“See you around,” you say catching your breath and biting your lip. You walk to your next class still daydreaming about that smile.

A/N: Hey guys, it’s been a million and one years since I’ve posted an imagine lol, obviously I’ve had a lot on my plate and this blog was holding me back for a bit. It just really erks me when some of you send me rude messages I’m not gonna reference them but seriously I don’t owe anyone any explanatoin to my life if that’s the way they ask. That makes me not want to write imagines. School’s done in a few weeks. I have 14 school days left, then exams, then my schedule will get more open to write more imagines for my nice, true, and understanding followers. And if you don’t fall into any of those categories, please unfollow.(((-: ILY GUYS btw if ur wondering if I’m taking requests the answer is yes

Forgetful [Vernon/Hansol]

Your best friend, Vernon, is one of the official cast members of 1 Night 2 Days’ season 4. For a special episode about their weirdest friend, he chose you to come along with him.

“Y/N! Where are you right now?!” Vernon screamed over the phone.

“I just finished recording a song for my next album so I’m about to leave the building.”

“Do you have any schedule after this?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Stay where you are! Don’t leave!”

Without answering your question, Vernon hung up the phone.


It had been 20 minutes since the strange call with Vernon ended, and you were sitting in the lobby of the Pledis’ building to wait for him.

“Y/N! Thank god you’re here! Let’s go!” Your eyes widen as Vernon burst in, with his 2 Days 1 Night camera crew following him.

“What? Where are we going?”

“I’ll explain later! Right now, I have only 30 minutes left to get to the subway station, so let’s go!” Before you could give him a reply, he held your hand and pulled you along with him to the car.


“So what is the theme for today?”

“It’s the weirdest friend special.” He chuckled as he saw your expression turning dark through the corner of his eye.

“YAH! Shouldn’t that be Jisoo hyung?! He’s much weirder than me!” You stuck your tongue out at him.

“You’re weird too. You always call guys hyung and never oppa!” Vernon rolled his eyes at you, “Plus, Jisoo hyung is filming for Running Man today.”

“Wait, isn’t 2 days 1 night famous for dunking people into the water?”

“Oh shit! You don’t have any clothes with you right?”

You shot him an electrifying glare and slapped his arm repeatedly, “Why are you always so forgetful?!”

“Ow! Stop hitting me! You’re distracting me from driving properly!”

“You already can’t drive properly in the first place!”

“Don’t worry, as long as we don’t lose, we won’t have to go into the water.”

“Yeah, no shit.” You rolled your eyes at him.


But of course your wish didn’t come true. Thanks to your amazing luck and Vernon’s memory span, you were forced to drink fish sauce, eat capsaicin rice cake and now, you’re about to get water thrown at you.

“One. Two. Three!” You shut your eyes tightly as the ice cold water slapped you in the face.

“AAH!” Vernon’s high pitched scream was even louder than yours and it echoed throughout the whole yard.

The staff members laughed at his girly scream before they stopped filming to give you some time to go and clean yourselves up.

As the two of you went back into the house, Vernon’s stylist gave him his clothes and looked at you in sympathy.

“Wait here; I’ll go ask the other female PDs, if they have any clothes they can lend you.”

“Thanks, Hyejeong unnie.” You smiled at her as she left.

“Hey, I’m really sorry. I didn’t think we would actually lost every single round.”

“You have no idea how many times I had stabbed you in my mind already.” You groaned.

“Here, use my clothes. I’ll go borrow Jongmin hyung’s clothes. His stylist always brings at least 4 outfits for him since he always loses.” Vernon chuckled as he ruffled your hair with his towel and went back on set to borrow some clothes.

You looked at him as he walked away and smiled.

“Maybe this day isn’t so bad after all.” You mumbled to yourself before entering the bathroom to change.

Once upon a Time - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Once upon a Time – TW Imagine

Prompt: Once upon a time, there was a shy quiet girl and the lovable goofball. The two started talking and there was a school dance coming up! What happens when Stiles takes you out to dance and tell you how amazing you are?

A/N: AHHH THIS IS SUPER LONGGGGG! I really enjoyed writing this! Took me a while though but it was worth it! A tiny plot twist? Haha tell me what you think of this imagine please? Sorry if it seems rushed xx

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 2949

Originally posted by blacksimmerr

Your POV

I was always the girl that would hide behind other students. The girl that would stay in the shadows as much as she could. I’ve never really liked the attention. I mean, put me in the spotlight and I would freeze. I’m insecure of my body, of myself. I never really do anything in public since I’m so afraid of making a fool out of myself.

I wasn’t a complete loser, I mean I did have some friends. Their names were Kira and Hayden. I knew both of them since they were in some of my classes. I guess they were related – not family-wise, but Hayden was dating Liam Dunbar – one of Beacon Hills best lacrosse player. And Liam was also friends with Kira. So there was some connection there.

That was their ‘group’. Liam, Scott, Lydia, Kira, Malia and Stiles. They were kind of popular in our school. If that’s what you want to call it.

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Hoshi as your boyfriend:
  • him pinching your cheeks 25/8 and you getting annoyed smacking his hand away but he just laughs and kisses your forehead to get you blushing
  • Movie marathons where he either never pays attention bc he finds your hair more interesting trying to braid it or gets really into them and comments on every single thing that happens 
  •  Him ruining the ending for you if you’ve already seen it
  •  "soonyoung there was only 30 minutes left!!!!“ 
  • Him pouting saying "that was too much time to wait though”
  •   “Wait for what?" 
  • "This” he smirks leaning in to leave kisses along your jawline 
  •  "Babe…..“ 
  •  "cmon do u really need to finish the movie when there’s so much better things we can do?” He says while his hand creeps up your thigh 
  • The guys bursting through the front door with take out completely oblivious to what was just about to happen, ruining the moment 
  •  Him rolling his eyes mumbling about finishing things later
  •  Eating with all the boys around the kitchen table as they all talk about their schedule yet he’s not really paying attention because he’s too busy trying to feed u
  •  After you guys eat he gets really hyper 
  •  Him picking you up, throwing you over his shoulder running around the dorm yelling * “Soonyoung if you don’t put me down im gonna .." 
  •  Him starting to laugh "you’re gonna what jagi?” teasing you 
  • “Nothing will be happening tonight if you don’t put me down" 
  •  He puts you down and put his hands on your shoulders leaning down a bit so you’re both at eye level * "I think that’s up to me baby" 
  •  Then he goes from sexy to cute in 2.5 seconds because he’ll brightly smile pulling you in for a hug kissing your forehead 
  • Going to practice with seventeen and during breaks he’ll teach you some of the choreography 
  •  Even if you’re bad he’ll still be happy that you’re at least trying and having fun 
  • The guys laughing at your dancing and him trying to be protective and defending you 
  •  Him standing infront of you with his arms spread out wide blocking you from them
  •  You not being able to stop laughing because you know how bad you are
  •  Wrapping your arms around him from behind and kissing his cheek "baby it’s okay" 
  • Him immediately smiling his big ass smile bc he’s so fucking cute and he’ll start blushing
  •  "Not infront of the boys” he’ll mumble still smiling slightly embarrassed
  •  The guys now teasing him instead and you imitating what he did before when defending you to defend him
  •  Piggy back rides back to the dorm 
  •  Dropping you down on the couch before climbing on top of you with a smirk 
  •  "So it’s later, how about we get things started?“
  • Ending the night on his bed in his tshirt curled up next to him with your arm lazily rubbing circles on his chest 
  •  Him looking down at you with a small smile on his face pushing the hair away from your face
  •  "yah you’re so pretty baby" 
  • You blushing covering your cheeks "stopppppp" 
  • "Don’t hide from me” he says giggling taking your hands away from your face and intertwining them with his 
  • “I love you” you’ll say as you’re watching him admire your intertwined hands 
  • He’ll turn to face you smiling big with his teeth showing 
  • “ah now I’m the one blushing” he’ll start giggling
  •  Him kissing the top of your head “I love you more" 
  • Falling asleep with a smile on your face as he runs his fingers through your hair failing asleep not too long after
Waffles of Love

A/N: I had so much fun writing this! Thank you so much for the amazing prompt. Deadpool would be freaking hilarious at speed dating.

@vegetasvajayjay Prompt: Deadpool walks into a waffle house, gets swept into a speed dating round. Meets several quirky people that either just aren’t right or REALLY don’t fit….and at le end, the reader xD

Warning: The usual swearing because DEADPOOL DOES WHAT HE WANTS

Originally posted by monstarmagic666

“You know Dopinder, I really think we can get you over Geeta and under some new babe. Crisp high five” Deadpool raised his hand to his personal chauffeur/taxi driver who immediately hit his hand.

“Mr Deadpool, why is this speed dating taking place in a Waffle House?” Dopinder frowned at the small yellow building in front of them.

“Well I figured it would be fucking awesome to eat waffles for breakfast today, and our kidnap plan failed epically, so this is plan D” the merc waved his hands around in explanation, giggled at plan ‘D’, and walked to the diner, crumbling up the yellow flyer he found on a lamp post.

The flyer read “Waffles of Love: Speed Dating with Free Waffles”

The entrance door opened with a ding, and there were several tables scattered around with place cards on them- around 15 people were stood awkwardly waiting to find “the one”

“Well helllloooo ladies. Haaaveeee you met Dopinder?” Deadpool pushed the Indian man towards the gaggle of single ladies.

Dopinder just stared at them.

“Right. Can the ladies take a seat, and the gentlemen stand next to me. We will begin the speed dating soon” a ginger-haired elderly man declared.

“Dopinder. You got this. Pussy galore in this shindig so throw them some Marsala charm” Deadpool tapped the driver on the shoulder and headed to the counter for some waffles.

“Hey doll, what can I get you?” a middle-aged woman asked, smacking her gum.

“Waffles. For dayz” the anti-hero ordered.

“Speed dating ticket?” she held out her hand.

“The what of what now?” he shook his head- what the fuck was she talking about?

“You need to participate in the dating to get the waffles sweetie” she rolled her eyes.

“Motherfucker. Ugh free waffles or talking. Waffles. Talking? WAFFLES” he practically screamed, and rushed over to the old ginger man to purchase a ticket.

He ran back over to the server, placing the ticket down “waffles. for. days. por favor” he smirked.

“You get them after your dates” she turned away to chat with the other server.

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Homerun// Jackson Wang

{Jackson is an ass guy! No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!}

Originally posted by markjin

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” I scoffed, throwing my arms in the air. Before I had the chance to touch the base, my character was stopped by Jackson’s.

“Aha!” Jackson laughed at my downfall as I smacked my lips. I’d been hitting homeruns most of the game, keeping me in the lead. It was now his time to gloat. “Okay big butt, strip.”

Stepping away from the TV, controller still in hand, I looked down at my body. I had few options to choose from. The few home runs that Jackson scored left me in only my bra, panties, and socks. So I went for the obvious choice, my socks.

‘Don’t you dare.“ Jackson giggled, sitting up from the couch.

"Dare what?” I teased.

“Okay, I’ll let you have your fun. But this next home run,” he paused. He reached towards me and I handed him the controller, thinking that’s what he wanted. Instead, I felt his hand on my ass, gripping as much of me into his tight grip as he could. Of course, I gasped from the sudden gesture. “I’m coming for this right here.”

His voice lowered to a seductive hush.He even shook my cheek as he tightened his grip. I could hear the smirk in his voice. He knew the affect his hands had on me. It didn’t help much that I was stripped down to my underwear.

“Big talk for someone who’s gonna lose.” I spoke into his ear. Before I plopped on the couch, I gave his ass a quick slap.

Jackson’s character came onto the screen with bat in hand. Before he knew it, the ball was being thrown and he swung.

“Strike one”

“That was just practice!” he tittered unconvincingly as I laughed at him. He readied himself for the second pitch. He swung.

“Strike two”

“Let me guess,you’re still practicing?”

“Hush!” he snapped. “Watch, this one is gonna be the one. I’m not gonna lose!” He readied once more and just as he was about to swing, I had the idea to creep up behind him and slap his arm.


“(Y/N)!” he scoffed.

“WHAT?” I mocked him.

“That’s cheating. Rematch!” he pouted, already on the game menu.

“I didn’t do anything!” I put on a hard face, but failed because I couldn’t stop laughing" I tripped, I swear.“

"I’m starting it over.” he whined.

“Nuh-un. Nope, you lost. You know the rules!” I responded with raised arms. “Now, strip.”

In the span of 30 minutes, I’d left Jackson in only one thing. His boxers. From the look on his face, I could tell he was thinking of just as many dirty thoughts as I was.

“And if I don’t?” he asked all too seductively. Without a word, I brought myself closer to him and put my hand in his boxers.

“This.” I brought my lips to his as my hand worked his dick. I pumped him until I could feel him grow harder under my fingers.

Jackson was the first to break the kiss, his chest moving to the speed of his heartbeat. “Is this my consolation prize?”

“I’m all yours…” My lips lingered on his skin, “daddy”.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Not pushing my hand away, he finally rid his body of his boxers, leaving his lower body exposed. Looking down at my hand, I could see just how ready he was for me. With his hand on my head, Jackson lowered me so that I was on my knees before him. “You know how I’d like my prize.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. Licking the tip only once, I took him in my mouth all at once. With his hands tangled in my hair, he held me there for a few short seconds then let me come back up for the air.

“Again.” He pleaded more than ordered, and I obliged, earning a sharp hissing from him. When he let go of my hair, I grabbed onto him and bobbed my head on his dick. He thrusted into my mouth as I moaned for extra affect, creating more sensation for him. “Fuck, (Y/n).” he growled. His thrusting became animalistic.

I popped him out of my mouth, but continued jerking him at a steady pace. “You gonna come for me, baby?” I looked into his eyes with both a look of innocence and seduction.

He chuckled, lids heavy on his eyes. “Oooh, not yet.” With his boxers around his ankles, Jackson scooped me up so that my legs wrapped around my waist. Having the 'higher up’ on him, I pulled him into a kiss. Without a fight, I let his tongue dominate mine. It caressed and massaged mine, just as his hands did my ass. Our lips attacked each other in a passionate rage.

Once again, Jackson was the first to break the kiss. In doing so, he had managed to walk the both of us to the couch and messily plop me down on it. Only my back touched the leathered couch, my legs out before me. Jackson towered over me, pumping himself as he watched me squeeze my breasts together just the way he liked.

“Turn around for me, baby.” he pleaded his command with his hand on my thigh. As always, I obliged. My knees were on the carpet while my body bent over the couch.

“Like this?” I purred with my ass in the air, shaking it to add extra effect.

“Just like that.” Jackson moaned. With my head turned far enough so I could see him, he dropped to his knees and reached for my panties. “Granny panties? Sexy…”

“Shut up, that’s all I had clean!” I defended myself.

“Shh.” In one movement, his hand landed on my right cheek, earning a squeak out of me. Grabbing the back of my panties, he pulled them up so that they tugged on my clit. I was wet beyond belief, and now Jackson knew. “Look at that.” he cooed.

Not giving it a second longer, Jackson pulled my panties down my legs and used his thumb to rub at my slit. It was now my turn to hiss. “Jackson”

“What? Like that?” He grinned.

“Yes daddy.” Was all I needed to say for him to continue his. My legs were tingling by the time he solely rubbed my clit, distracting me from the fact that he was lining up with my pussy. I couldn’t help the colorful language that left my mouth, my head dropping down.

“Ahhh, fuck me!” With a grunt, he was now in me. His hips were slow at first, allowing us both to adjust. But soon enough, he pace quickened. One hand reached up front to go into my bra while the other kept a tight hold on my cheek. If there was one thing Jackson was great with, it was his hands. He squeezed and rubbed my body as he thrusted in and out of me. “Mm, please don’t stop.”

The pressure in my stomach built up, both of our moans bouncing off the walls. “You like how deep I am in this tight pussy?” He pulled my head back so that I could look into his eyes.

“Yes!” I cried.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Jackson. Please fuck me!” I screamed. “I’m so close!”

“Is that true?” he smirked down at me.


His pace quickened as he brought both hands down on my ass, one right after the other. He slapped each cheek with enough force to add friction to my clit, causing me to squeeze both my legs and pussy. He could feel me tighten around him.

“Oh, shit.” He grunted. “My girl likes that.” He continued his attack on my ass, leaving a sting behind each time. But his thrusts were becoming sloppy as well. He was just as close as I was.

“Jackson, I’m gonna cum!” I cried. I was now shaking, my toes curling.

“Cum all over my dick, sexy.” He grunted. “Cum all on me. Let me know how good I make you feel.” He said this, tangling his fingers in my hair once more. I couldn’t hold out anymore. With one tug to my hair,I was done for. A wave of pleasure washed over my core resulting in my screaming. I felt Jackson’s cum on my lower back as had pulled out and pumped himself.

It was a while before I came down from my high, but when I did I turned back around to face him. I was out of breath, but I managed. “How about bowling next?”

Story of my Life - Part Four

Y/N’s POV:

I tossed my phone across the room and laid down on my bed, curling up in a little ball with the cover around me. I laid there for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only 30 minutes. I felt strangely.. empty. Like there was nothing left of me.

It was as if all my emotions and life were drained out of me, leaving nothing but an empty shell of what I used to be. I shouldn’t feel like this over him, it wasn’t like Harry was mine to begin with.

But still.. how could he have said that about me just to impress a girl? The more I thought about it, the more tired I felt. I closed my eyes and tightened the covers around my body and willed my body to sleep.


Harry’s POV:

“Yer such a dumbass Harry. Y/N has been there for you for so long and you just had to go an’ say all these stupid things about her so you could impress Kendall.” Niall said. Annoyance was dripping from his voice from the other line.

I called up the boys to tell them what had happened and they all had been very pissed off at me. “I didn’t know that she could hear me!” I huffed.

“That still doesn’t give you the right to talk shit about her behind her back. All to impress Kendall? Who, by the way, isn’t even that great!” I heard Liam say.

Anger started to rise inside of me. “Oh, shut up Liam! Kendall is an amazing girl! Y/N always fucking clings to me and I wanted to make sure Kendall didn’t think there was something going on between us. Maybe if Y/N wasn’t such a clingy bitch, I wouldn’t have had to said what I did!” I shouted.

“Mate, do you fucking hear yourself? You didn’t say any of that because Y/N’s clingy, it’s because you are so blinded by your dick lusting after Kendall!” Louis yelled. “You have no right to make it seem like you’re some kind of victim when it’s Y/N who is suffering right now.”

I ran my hands through my hair and groaned. “Oh fuck.. I really messed up didn’t I?” I could hear all of them scoff and could practically see them rolling their eyes.

“Ya think?” Liam retorted before hanging up on me.


Y/N’s POV:

I woke up to the sounds of knocking coming from my front door. I sat up a bit and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Looking at the clock that sat on my bedside table, it read 12am. 

Who the fuck is knocking on my door at this ungodly hour?

I got out of my bed and walked into the living room. The knocking continued as I walked. “I’m fucking coming,” I yelled as I got to the door, flinging it open. “Don’t get your fucking panties in a…” I trailed off as I looked into the green eyes of the one person I didn’t want to see.

Before I could even slam the door in his face, Harry pushed his way into my house. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here? Get the fuck out.” I said, pointing to the door.

He ran a hand through his curls and sigh before he looked at me. “I came to talk to you.”

I let out a laugh, “I think you’ve said plenty. Now, get out of my house Harry.”

He walked closer to me and I took a step back. “Y/N, please. Just hear me out.” he pleaded. I shook my head and shifted my gaze to the ground. “No, I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. I want you out of my god damn house! I’ve heard enough from you!” 

I looked up at him, tears streaming down my face. “You said you wanted me to fuck off, so guess what? I WILL! You said I’m so depressing, so then leave me the fuck alone so I can be depressing by myself! I can’t believe I was in love with you!” I screamed at him, sobs coursing through my body.

I felt him move closer to me and wrap his arms around me. I fought against him. “LET ME GO YOU DICK! I hate you! I fucking hate you!”

My hands were on his chest, trying to push him away from me but I was failing miserably. “I said fucking let me g-” I was cut off by his lips pressing against mine and his arms wrapping tightly around my waist, pulling me closer.

high tide.

here’s that ooc domestic / high school AU that no one really asked for but i provided anyways. im going to make this a one shot, just a project before i actually start on the avatar AU. instead of juvia liking gray .. ; )

gruvia + nalu, jerza*, gajevy — high school / modern AU — fluff? sorta, language

gray and juvia have known each other since they were kids, much like everyone else from their group. best friends is one way to put it.

“That’s fuckin’ gross.”

Gray had spit all of the popcorn from his mouth due to a funny part in the movie, resulting in Juvia giving him a mildly playful disgusted face—much to his amusement.

“Wh-? N- -t’s -ot!” Gray half laughed, half choked on his food while pausing the movie so he could jump over the back of the couch and make his way to the kitchen.

“Yes, it is! Be quiet!” She argued in a mock tone of irritation, moving her body around to see him fade off into the dark of the room. The only light was the that of the flat screen, until he had flipped the switch for the kitchen lights. As loud as he was, he could’ve easily woken up the entire house. It was clear that he didn’t heed her warning, stomping around and slamming the fridge proving it only further.

“Gray!” She hissed in a low whisper, leaning over the back of the couch.

“.. What?” He replied back in the same tone after a pause, and she could’ve sworn he was trying to keep his laughter in.

God, he was so annoying.

“Shut up!” Juvia laughed while keeping quiet, turning back around to stretch her legs and stand. The last thing she needed was this asshole making a mess of her house in the middle of the night. She tip-toed the same way Gray had gone, peaking her head around the wall to only see him raiding the fridge.

“If you eat all of my food, I’ll strangle you.”

“No. No, you won’t.” He muttered sarcastically, licking his fingers and finally closing the door for the third time to keep the food cold, “I totally just called you out on your bluff, Juv.”

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Continuation (iii)

Note: Here are parts 1 and 2!

Pairing: Taeyong/ Y/N / Ten

Originally posted by kimjin4

“Y/N. Y/N? Y/N.”

“What?” You were annoyed. No, beyond annoyed. The glare you gave Taeyong says that much.

“Talk to me~” Taeyong was pulling aegyo moves.

That made you cringe. Hard.

“Ew, Taeyong. Aren’t you too old for that?”

Taeyong became serious. “Where’s my ‘Tae?’”

You rolled your eyes. “I’m never calling you that again.”

“Aw, come on, Y/N. You once pleaded to use that nickname and I agreed.” He smirked like he was revealing the biggest secret ever.

Everyone suddenly became interested in your conversation.

“She did?” your sister piped in.


Everyone laughed while you were red in the face.

You were currently in a van. Only, your parents weren’t around. Well, not only yours. It was decided that all the children of the three family would be in a van together and all the parents would be in another one.

You wanted to protest but everyone else, most especially Taeyong and Ten, were so passionately into the idea that you didn’t have any choice.

It was to go or be left behind.

That had you sulking. You were no longer looking forward to ride going to the beach.

Taeyong also had to pick the seat on your right while Ten chose the obligatory ‘best friend seat’ on your left.

It’s only been around 30 minutes and Taeyong was already annoying beyond belief. You didn’t think ‘annoying’ was enough of a word even.

“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes at him. “I’m going to sleep. Ten?”

You glanced at him then at his shoulder.

Ten smirked. “Of course.”

That was what you loved about Ten. He always gets what you want with just one look.

“Thank you,” you sang.

You eyed Taeyong and saw him frown. An idea came to you. To irritate him more, you leaned towards Ten and used his shoulder as a pillow. Snuggling to him, you inhaled the scent of his perfume.

'Wait. Irritate?’ That made your thoughts halt. Why on earth would Taeyong even care?

You were so caught up in your thoughts that you were thankful Ten pulled you out of it.

“Tired?” Ten asked in a voice low enough for you to only hear.

“Tired of Taeyong,” you deadpanned. “His constant bugging is draining.”

Ten chuckled. Then in a voice loud enough for everyone else to hear, he said, “Awww, Y/N,” then he looked at Taeyong intensely, “you can use my shoulder anytime.”

Ten even made a show of wrapping his arms around you, pulling you even closer.

You felt your face go red, right up to the tips of your ears. Sure, you two flirted and stuff but it was only between the two of you.

The girls, namely your younger sister, Ten’s younger sister, and Taeyong’s older sister, all whooed.

“Aww, Tae,” his sister said. “What'chu gonna do now?” 

Then she laughed, teasing him.

“Shut up, noona.” You saw Taeyong roll his eyes at his sister while she continued laughing at his brother’s demise. “I don’t care.” He added as he shrugged.

“Not jealous, Tae-oppa?” It was your sister asking him now. Tease was obvious in her voice. “Not one bit?”

“Why should I be?” Taeyong said coolly.

“Aaawww. Too bad. I was rooting for you!”

You glared at your sister.

“What?” she asked as if innocent.

“Should I be hurt now?” Ten asked your sister, pouting.

“Sorry, Ten-oppa,” your sister said, holding up the peace sign. “You’re still the best.”

“But I thought you were rooting for me!” Taeyong said, a look of betrayal on his face.

“Of course I am!” your sister said, now panicking. “Okay. You both are the best!”

“I still think my brother’s the best bet for Y/N-eonnie though,” Ten’s sister said flatly.

Both Ten and Taeyong had smirks on their faces. They were now entertained watching the girls volley their opinions.

“I’m sorry, but my brother’s not too bad,” Taeyong’s sister spoke.

“Well–” What your sister wanted to say got cut off as you stopped further bets of who should be with you.

“Okay! Okay!” You held up your hand. “I still get to choose between the two of them, okay?”

You then realized what you said and blushed a deeper shade of red. The girls laughed while Taeyong and Ten hid their smiles.

“Of course,” Taeyong smirked at you. “But I’m not losing.”

The girls ooh-ed at his bold declaration.

“Don’t think I’ll make an easy rival,” Ten said.

The two of them stared into each other’s eyes and you could feel the tension.

Great. Everyone’s betting of who should be with you when you didn’t even know yourself.

It was turning to be quite a show.

Without saying anything further, you closed your eyes and just laid your head on Ten’s shoulder.

But not before seeing the smirk on Ten’s lips as if sending the message to Taeyong that he won this round.

It was the perfect day for the beach. The bright sun was so high in the sky making the clear sea glint. There were a few clouds scattered. The scene was accompany by the melodious sound of waves as it hit the hot sand.

'Finally,’ you thought as you stretched out your limbs. After hours and hours of travelling, the scene that greeted you was worth it.

You and your sister met up with your Mom and Dad.

“Was the ride any good?” your Mom asked, smiling, as she unloaded your family’s stuff from the van. With the help of your Dad, of course.

“Mom! You won’t believe what happened!” your sister gushed.

You rolled your eyes at her. As your sister relayed the events that happened during the ride, you helped your Dad get the bags out of the van and into the tropical house you and your family will be staying for the night.

“Whoa.” You let your eyes roam once inside. 

It took your breath away. The living room featured a glass door that offered the fantastic view of the beach.

You went ahead to your room and your jaw dropped on the floor.

You loved it!

It was the perfect balance of girly and classy. The white curtains swayed, letting a light breeze  and the sun’s rays into the room, showering it with light.

“Perfect,” you said as you plopped down the soft bed. Its sheets meticulously white and clean.

After a few idle moments, you stood up and changed into your swimwear.

Your choice being a two-piece red swimsuit. However, you thought of covering it up with a lace beach cover-up and cotton shorts.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you smiled. It was time to hit the beach.

Apparently, you took a lot of time to change because everyone– the girls and Ten– was already enjoying the beach.

“Ten!” You called to him. But Ten hadn’t heard because he was swimming at a distance. 

Ten was a great swimmer whereas you weren’t. That was the reason why you always clung to him when you guys swim. To save yourself from drowning.

You pouted. You wanted to swim, too. Sighing, you made your way to one of the wooden beach lounge chairs and laid on your stomach.

“I needed him to apply sunblock, too,” you said as you closed your eyes, the summer heat lulling you to sleep. The bottle of sunblock in your hand was soon forgotten.

You heard footsteps in the sand, slightly stirring you from your nap.

“Sunbathing?” You heard a guy say.

You didn’t know why but your mind registered it to be Ten.

You sighed in your sleep. Finally, he’s here to apply sunblock on your back.

“Ten,” you mumbled in your sleep.

“Ten?” The guy’s voice sounded confused.

“Apply sunblock on my back.” Still half-asleep, you handed him the bottle sloppily.

The guy chuckled. “Okay, Y/N.”

At the back of your hazy mind, a thought hung. The guy didn’t sound like Ten.

However, the way he moved his fingers on your back as he applied the sunblock made the thought disappear. It was like magic, doubling as a massage.

You sighed again. “Thank you, Ten.” You were slipping into dreamland again.

The guy chuckled. There was a movement in the sand and it stopped closer to you.

“You’re welcome, Y/N.” A shiver ran through you as you felt the guy’s breath on your ears. “And my name’s not Ten. It’s Taeyong.”

The name barely registered in your sleepy mind.

'Taeyong? Taeyong? I haven’t seen him at the beach?’ Your sleepy mind was reeling with questions.

'Taeyong, Taeyong, Taeyong.’ Your mind was repeating his name like a mantra until you slowly freaked out.

'Wait. Don’t tell me–’

The rest of that thought got lost as you felt someone shaking your shoulder.

“Y/N, wake up! You’re at the beach! We should be enjoying this!”

You opened your eyes and a wet Ten greeted you.

Rubbing your eyes and covering your yawn, you said, “Thanks for the sunblock. As usual.”

Then you frowned. It certainly didn’t feel right.

“You’re welcome?” Ten answered, confused. A frowned crossed his handsome features. “Come on!”

Ten took your hand in his and the two of you took off running.

The water splashed as it hit your ankles. You halted for a moment while Ten hit the water face on.

You laughed as he rose from the water, sputtering.

“Y/N! You’re no fun!” Ten splashed the water at you.

“Ten! Stop!” You screamed at him all the while smiling and laughing. You didn’t want to get wet just yet.

You went back to the beach to take your lace beach cover-up and shorts off.

You heard Ten whistle and you glared at him.

He laughed good-naturedly. He has always teased you with his flirtations.

“May I get your number, miss?” Ten asked cheekily as you finally went into the water.

“Ha ha. Very funny, Ten.” You scoffed.

But the smile on his face was never gone.

“Let’s get on that raft!” Ten pointed at a wooden raft floating nearby.

“Yeah! Let’s!” you agreed.

“Race you to it?” Ten challenged.

“Sure?” you replied even though you felt unsure.

“Last one’s a rotten egg!”

With that, the two of you swam towards the bamboo raft. As always, Ten reached it first with you as a ‘far’ second.

You were never really a swimmer in the first place, anyway.

“Want to get on it?” Ten asked.

“Of course!”

You positioned yourself on one of the edge, readying to hoist yourself up with Ten’s help.

Ten smiled at you before diving down, pushing you from underwater so you could get on the raft.

It was a tricky maneuver but the two of you managed.

When you were safe on the raft, an idea came to you.

Ten held out his hand, expecting you to help him up. Instead you fell on you stomach and gripped his hand.

“I’ll never let go, Ten,” you said, copying the line from Titanic.

Ten looked at you wide-eyed before finally getting the reference.

“Y/N, you’re going to get out of this,” Ten mimicked Jack. His voice was shaking as if in cold waters. “You’re going to go on and you’re going to make babies and watch them grow and you’re going to die an old lady, warm in your bed. Not here…Not this night. Do you understand me? ”

You burst out laughing. Trust Ten to just go with whatever you had in mind.

You were about to reply when someone from above yelled, “Cannonball!”

Seawater sprayed on you and Ten. You might have even drank some, making you gag.

You two hadn’t realized the raft floated to a nearby rock formation. It was the perfect site for cannon-balling.

A mop of white hair floated near the raft and you knew who it was.


Trust him to destroy a perfect scene. You were about to bust in some award-winning performance.

Taeyong only laughed at the two of you. “Did I disturb something?”

You stood up on the raft, hands on either side of your hips.

Taeyong grew silent as he regarded your form. He slowly turned red and averted his gaze.

He hesitated for a moment before swimming away from the two of you.

You smirked in triumphed, thinking it was your intimidation that drove Taeyong away. You were unaware of how Ten also grew silent.

“Come on, Y/N, let’s go back.” Ten’s voice lacked the quality of fun it had only a few moments ago.

You looked at him and followed his line of sight. It was still at Taeyong. You noticed he was somewhat glaring at him, too.

Sighing, you agreed.

The day went by a blur because you having so much fun. The only weird thing was Ten now insisted you cover up.

“I thought you wanted to see me in a bikini?” you teased. Of course, you didn’t really wear a bikini for him.

Ten wasn’t that lucky.

“Just cover up, okay?” Ten handed you your clothes back.

“Okay, Mr. Grumpy.” You stuck your tongue out like a kid.

The night was spent with a sumptuous dinner and everyone was in good spirits. 

Until bedtime came.

You tossed and turned around your bed, unable to get sleep.

Maybe because it was a new environment that you weren’t able to?

You sighed and stood up from your bed.

“This won’t do,” you whispered as you went out of your room and into the beach.

Maybe a walk will help.

Only, it wasn’t only you who had the same idea.

You found Taeyong walking on the shoreline, hands on his pocket. At your arrival, his eyes snapped to you.

Your eyes met, making you blush. Okay, so maybe a walk by the beach wasn’t the brightest idea.

You turned away from him, with the intention of just staying in your room till sleep comes when he called out to you.


You instinctively stopped and heard him walk up behind you.

“What are you doing out?” Taeyong asked.

You turned to face him and hoped your blushed wasn’t noticeable in the low light.

“Can’t sleep,” you confessed and sighed. “You?”

“Same.” You heard him sigh, too. “Shall we walk together and wait till we get sleepy?”

You thought there was nothing wrong with that so you nodded.

A smile crossed his handsome features that made your heart momentarily stop.

'This is not the time, Y/N!’ You mentally kicked yourself.

“How are you these past few years?” Taeyong asked after a few silent moments.

You shrugged. “Fine. Nothing’s changed.”

Taeyong let out a low chuckle. “Really? No longer the snotty Y/N?”

“I was not!” You punched him harmlessly on the arm while Taeyong merely laughed.

“What about you?” you asked after Taeyong finally stopped laughing. “Got yourself a girl or something?”

You couldn’t help the bitterness slip through your voice.

“No,” Taeyong replied. “I don’t have any.”

You stopped for a moment and so did he. “You’re kidding?”

“I’m not.”

“Why not? With that kind of fa–” You caught yourself before the rest of that sentence was out. “A-Anyway, I don’t care.”

“Really?” Taeyong asked with a hint of teasing in his voice. You two resumed walking.

“Really,” you stated firmly.

Silence hung. You thought it was kind of awkward so you let your eyes wander around and caught the beauty of the moon hanging low on the sky. The stars were twinkling brightly. Indeed, the night was perfect for a walk.

“I was waiting for you,” Taeyong said after a while.

Your eyes snapped to him. “What?” 

‘Waiting? For me?’ Your heart pounded as an unfamiliar feeling of butterflies settled in your stomach.

“I mean, you and Ten aren’t together right?” Taeyong looked at you. You saw how he grew serious at the mention of Ten’s name.

“We’re friend, best friends,” you said, unsure of where the current topic was heading.

“Good, good. I was afraid for a moment.” Taeyong mumbled the rest.


“He’s my rival,” Taeyong said.

Just when you were feeling hopeful again, Taeyong had to destroy the moment. That word made your temper flare.

“Tae, it’s not a competition.” You stopped walking now. Your voice was turning stern. “I’m not some price at the end of a competition!”

You saw the look of guilt and horror cross Taeyong’s face. “Y/N, you’re not–”

“Do you think I don’t notice you two? If you two think that it boosts my ego to have two guys 'fight’ for me,” you made a gesture with your index and ring finger, “it doesn’t! And don’t think I’ve forgotten that rejection years ago because I haven’t!” You huffed.

It felt lighter to finally say that.

Meanwhile, Taeyong was at a loss of what to reply.

“Well, good night, Mr. Lee. I’m feeling sleepy now. Thanks for the walk.” The sarcasm in your voice wasn’t lost on Taeyong. He merely stood in front you, silent still.

You spun on your heels and walked back to the beach house, leaving Taeyong in the standing in the sand.

Note: Does Taeyong still stand a chance? Hahaha! Ah, I hoped it wasn’t too long of a read. Hope you guys enjoyed! Stay tune for the next part!