only 20 colors and it still looks good

This is my second mesmer, Haneul Nae, the descendent of my GW1 Ritualist, Iseul Nae. She’s been around for well over a year, and I’ve been slowly leveling her on and off. The new dailies and my PvPing have been bringing in tomes of knowledge at a good rate, so I decided to really push on getting her leveled up.

She’s only level 60 right now - so I’ve still got 20 levels to go - but I decided to shell out on her final armor look, to help myself with the final push. Luckily getting from 60 to 80 is, to me, the easiest part of leveling.


  • Sorcerer’s Epaulets (human t2)
  • Glorious Raiment
  • Carapace Gloves
  • Carapace Pants
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes

Colors used are Fling, Enameled Reign, and Antique Gold.