only 1 more day till the end

4 have you evers'

1. have you ever missed me?
because I miss you like the world is ending, like theres a hole in my chest and only you can fill it. Its looking out a window on a rainy day, its laying in bed alone wrapped in cold blankets, I miss you more than I knew I could. I miss you till the ground shakes and the earth splits, I miss you till all the stars fall from the sky. I miss you until you’re back by my side.

2. have you ever ached for me?
like every part of your body had stars running through your veins. wondered what it would feel like if we let it happen? just pressed ourselves together, holding, laughing, touching, loving? we could mimic the oceans waves, crashing and falling all around each other. your fingers in my hair, my lips on your cheek, the sun on our skin. no one would have to know, it could be our beautiful secret. we could share whispers in the dark, mumbles in the morning, we could be everything together.

3. have you ever cried about me?
laid in bed confused and angry because you’re drowning and not sure what to make of us? because you feel it too but you’ve never felt this before and the uncertainty is the most terrifying thing you could think of? do you make up situations in your head and overthink until your heart is blue?

4. have you ever thought “I love her”?
when the breeze blows my hair, and i half smile just enough for my dimples to peek out. when I look up at you adoringly, cheeks red, heart beating out of my chest. when we lay in bed my head on your shoulder, in the car when i sing every word right. When I look out the window at the sunset. when I chop my hair off and cry about it. when my arm is bandaged but I still get up in the morning. when you see me.

because i have

I Am Human - Part V

Pairing: Jared x reader
Summary: He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. The new assistent from a foreign country. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself.  Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? And what secret is she hiding from him?
Warning: None

I Am Human Masterlist

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Progress update

I’ve lost around 11,3 lbs since Easter, but I’ve only been eating super clean for the past 2 and a half weeks So right now my goal is to lose at least 10 more till the end of June. But even if I don’t reach it, it’ll still be an improvement & fine by me. It’s hard but bearable and worthy. I try to eat as clean as possible with 1 cheat meal per week, and this is with 0 exercising (just showing you the importance of a good diet) I might start 30 day shred tonight just to speed up my metabolism, get toned and get those endorphins running (much needed in the exam weeks) I’ll keep you posted.

Till the End of Time: 12 Days of Christmas, Day 1: Cold Nights

Second Person - Words 1.5k

Not 100% Chritmasy but still a bit of fluff please send in some more requests. I can’t reply to anons so I’ve turned it off, if you don’t want to publish it just say so.


The power had gone out only ten minutes ago and from what you could see from your window block after block also had no power.

It had only started to snow early this morning but the winds were strong and had now apparently affected the power lines. Your apartment was cold now that your primary source of heating had been taken out and you had planned to cuddle up on your couch with a bundle of blankets and slip a dvd into your thankfully fully charged laptop.

Just as you were lighting the last couple of candles on your kitchen counter your phone starts ringing in your back pocket. Placing the lighter down you slide the phone out of your back pocket and smile at the name that pops up.

You had thought about calling Harry but you had only talked to him an hour ago and since he was a bit jetlagged from just getting back from American award shows and interviews you didn’t want to disturb his sleep. Something he desperately needed but he was going on break soon which meant that you had more time with him.

“Hey,” his voice was deep telling you that he was half asleep.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” You chuckle as your bare feet carry you across the room towards your pile of blankets.

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[Trans] SHINee World J PLUS Update 160518/19 - ‘DxDxD Tokyo Dome’ Messages From SHINee (5P)



Everyone, Thank you so much for today~!
Were you having fun~?
I am happy that all of you had fun!

The concert tour which continues after Arena, It is really the last performance tomorrow~
Though it’s sad, let’s have lots of fun together till the end~!!!


Everyone, Thank you so much for today!
I am really happy ^^ 
Felt really blessed to be back in Tokyo Dome after 1 year!!

I am really thankful to meet everyone and it’s the last day tomorrow, I will do my best!!


How was it~?? ^^
To SHINee, though it’s back to Tokyo Dome again after 1 year, we were still feeling anxious while preparing for the performances~!
I am really happy that many of you came for our concert!
Really thank you so much!!

Though we only have just 1 more performance to go and I look forward to it like everyone, please continue to give us your support till the end!



Everyone, really thank you so much for today!
Thinking that the concert tour which started since January has finally ended, I feel sad. 
However, seeing everyone’s smiling faces at the end of the concerts, it became a really beautiful memory. 
Thank you so much. 
We sang a lot and danced a lot today, I guess everyone must be tired. 
Please go home slowly today~^^

I am really thankful for the wonderful time spent together!

Everyone, did you enjoy yourselves today~?
We really enjoyed ourselves today!

Though it’s back in Tokyo Dome after 1 year, I still had a wonderful time because I get to see many of your smiling faces. 
Thank you so much, everyone!
Thank you so much for those who has been to the concert with us till today!

Though the concert tour has ended today, I believe we can meet soon again. Till then, please wait for us~

Source: SHINee WORLD J + PLUS | S.M Entertainment Japan Inc
Credit: minoutshine
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

Please take out with credits to Forever_SHINee!