only 1 more day till the end

[Trans] SHINee World J PLUS Update 160518/19 - ‘DxDxD Tokyo Dome’ Messages From SHINee (5P)



Everyone, Thank you so much for today~!
Were you having fun~?
I am happy that all of you had fun!

The concert tour which continues after Arena, It is really the last performance tomorrow~
Though it’s sad, let’s have lots of fun together till the end~!!!


Everyone, Thank you so much for today!
I am really happy ^^ 
Felt really blessed to be back in Tokyo Dome after 1 year!!

I am really thankful to meet everyone and it’s the last day tomorrow, I will do my best!!


How was it~?? ^^
To SHINee, though it’s back to Tokyo Dome again after 1 year, we were still feeling anxious while preparing for the performances~!
I am really happy that many of you came for our concert!
Really thank you so much!!

Though we only have just 1 more performance to go and I look forward to it like everyone, please continue to give us your support till the end!



Everyone, really thank you so much for today!
Thinking that the concert tour which started since January has finally ended, I feel sad. 
However, seeing everyone’s smiling faces at the end of the concerts, it became a really beautiful memory. 
Thank you so much. 
We sang a lot and danced a lot today, I guess everyone must be tired. 
Please go home slowly today~^^

I am really thankful for the wonderful time spent together!

Everyone, did you enjoy yourselves today~?
We really enjoyed ourselves today!

Though it’s back in Tokyo Dome after 1 year, I still had a wonderful time because I get to see many of your smiling faces. 
Thank you so much, everyone!
Thank you so much for those who has been to the concert with us till today!

Though the concert tour has ended today, I believe we can meet soon again. Till then, please wait for us~

Source: SHINee WORLD J + PLUS | S.M Entertainment Japan Inc
Credit: minoutshine
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

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