only 1 episode left :'(

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Oh look it's episode 22 of an odd number season! Time to ask Captain Cold for help!" "But he's dead..." "Time to ask Captain Cold for help!"

omg you’re right 

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i hope this becomes a theme for every odd-numbered season’s episode 22

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i saw some yundong in a youtube video and i'm in love.. i need more of them.. show me the deep depths of yundong please


Yun was in school to be an actor and decided to become a singer. Donghyuk was in a dancing school/JYP auditions: 

Yunhyeong joined YG in April 2012 and Donghyuk in November 2012. WIN: Who is Next started airing on August 23rd 2013, which means both kids were barely trainees. Yunhyeong especially - who was an actor until he joined Team B. 

Because these two were always at the bottom of the evaluations, they really stuck together. 

In Mix and Match we saw both Yun and Dong get put into the bottom three to be up for elimination. Even though Yun was up for elimination too his first thought was to try and comfort Dong, 

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Through M&M the two of them really take it to the next level in terms of their skills and dedication to getting into iKON. Leading to the MOST EMO ASS MOMENT EVER when Yun fails one of the mock elimination and is told he doesn’t make it into iKON (for that episode) 

When Donghyuk realizes that only there is only 1 spot left but 2 remaining Team B members. Then afterwards, he and Yunhyeong cry together in the tightest hug humanity has ever seen. 

both of these kids feared a breaking up of the original six more than anything. They were the ones who knew how hard the other one was working to reach the same level as Triple Kim and Junhoe. The depth of their affection and respect for each other was really made visible in this moment. 

After the end of the survival shows, these two went full koala mode and never looked back. They’re fast to complement and support each other and the other members of iKON. Their skinship is automatic and without hesitation. They’re the warmest members of iKON (according to iKON) and apparently “should just get married already” Yah Junhoe you right? 

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Under the cut I’ll include more of my favourite moments that aren’t in this post

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Coming To The Realization That There Is Only 1 Episode Of The Vampire Diaries Left..

I’m Not Ready For This!

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So many were freaking out because of the 1 month hiatus. Meanwhile there is only one episode of SNK left and I am dreading that we have to wait another 4 years for season 3 😂 I need beardwin this season, I can’t wait any longer!!! I also don’t want to wait 4 years for uncle Kenny.

Why Jon v Sansa Story Is Impractical

So there have been certain portions of the audience that think there will be a Jon vs Sansa storyline in S7. Putting aside all things we’ve seen on screen and what people say, it simply makes no sense because:

1. They only have 13 episodes left and
2. It does nothing to move the story forward.

Let’s take #2 first. What would be the purpose of such a storyline? To kill off Sansa? Plenty of chances to do that before or do it now without having to go through multiple episodes of plotting and stuff. To depose Jon and make Sansa queen? Again easy to do that now by revealing Jon’s a Targ or Jon just gives up the crown. And what happens if Sansa becomes queen? They’ll still need to fight the WW and Jon likely won’t abandon that mission. So Sansa will still need to deal with Jon in some capacity. How does such a storyline serve to advance the plots? Either Jon remains king or Sansa takes over, but she still would be facing the WW threat. The ONLY way such a thread might move things forward or tie up a major loose end? It’s to get rid of LF. It would have to have some other reason to it than merely a means to swap leadership. Which means possible smokescreen to a bigger plot: LF’s demise.

And to point #1, they only have 13 episodes, why waste time on a Northern power struggle plot that gets you no closer to what is the next major event that brings your disparate storylines together: the fight against the WW?

So, the Jon v Sansa storyline, IMO, is a red herring to distract us. I don’t doubt we’ll get misleading scenes because Sansa’s storyline in S7 is taking down LF, but as for breaking Jon & Sansa’s relationship, I don’t see it. There’s no time and no reason for it. They could spend more time on other storylines to get where they need everyone for the end.

So if no Jon v Sansa plot, why did D&D say their relationship was one to watch? Keep that in mind too!

RWBY Chapter 15: The Stray

Hey! There’s only one thing a sight like this could mean. The Vale Festival!

Yep, nothing else would serve as a good finale for Volume 1. Let’s see how it all goes wrong, eh?

Wow, Weiss is actually being happy? That’s a rare sight. And she’s informed us that students from Vacuo will be arriving soon! Hm… Vale and Vacuo, hm? I wonder if the other two kingdoms begin with a V.

Honestly, I really hope we see the tournament, because tournament arcs are flippin’ ace, but… There’s only this episode and one more left in Volume 1. Unless this plot continues directly into Volume 2, odds of seeing it are null.

Oh yeah, forgot to give my thoughts on the last few Andi Mack episodes. Bex being excited over Andi calling her “mom” literally made MY mom and I cry, omg. It was so sweet.

Also, I LOVED when Andi stood up for herself to Jonah. I was genuinely dramatically snapping like I was at a poetry reading like “yaaaaaassss, child!”

I cannot believe there’s only 1 episode left this season, what the heck?! Can’t wait for Season 2. I can already tell there’s gonna be multiple cliffhangers. Clearly Jonah must like Andi, and he better break up with Amber. (That “do you know how lucky you are to be dating me?!“ comment from her made me gag omg) But I seriously doubt Andi would go out with him so soon after the “were we ever?” remark.

Bex and Bowie were slow dancing??? If they got back together that’d be cute.

Buffy and Marty are gonna continue to be a thing I guess.

And what’s up with Cyrus saying “I didn’t think this was possible?” 👀👀👀 when is he gonna realize he likes Jonah? Like, come on. If it wasn’t already blatantly obvious, Episode 10 really drove it home.

Well. That was a hell of a ride. It was similar to last episode in that it had the surface appearance of a by-the-numbers plot, while Important Shit was happening behind the scenes. It was admittedly veiled a bit more this time around, with nothing quite as blatant as the glasses, but I’m about 95% sure that I’m not just overthinking things. There will be a lengthy meta post to follow in a bit, but for right now I’m focusing on what we know happened for sure. Wendy is sick and tired of being everyone’s trophy girlfriend and Robbie joins Gideon in the Fuck Dipper Up Club. Mabel became decidedly not herself, most prominently while lit up in Cipher’s image. The whole second half of the episode had an eerie, ominous tone that I really haven’t felt in this series. Boyz Crazy gets an 8/10. There are only three more episodes left in season 1! As always, come join us on the discord chat server, and remember.

The apocalypse is coming.




Only 1 episode left! Who the fuck is A.D.?? 

Representation At Last?! Pt 2

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I am pleased to announce that we only have two episodes left of season 1 of The Bastard Executioner and we know so far:

  1. Annora of the Alders is a Christian mystic and Gnostic who has been entrusted with one of the nine scriptures written by Jesus himself. These scriptures do not uphold a Jesus who rose from the dead, which is why the Order of the Rosebud wants her and her cohorts silenced.
  2. She was a Christian nun.
  3. Her lover was a member of the Order of the Rosebud.
  4. She knows the Quran.
  5. She has a connection to all other members of the Seraphim who protect the nine gospels. When one dies she is aware and is able to cross their tree out on her mural.
  6. She also has a connection to her lover.
  7. She has visions and is capable of inciting visions in others.
  8. She can see threads of the future when near a person and is able to guide people towards specific ends. She also has been shown to change the future.
  9. Thorns have manifested out of her skin as a warning that the Bishop was coming. This was not a hallucination as she was able to show the local priest the thorns coming out of her skin. Though this might have simply been spiritual forces acting on her and not necessarily her acting on the world.
  10. She finds living snakes inside of dead people and after she kills them she hangs them up in her house.
  11. Somebody brought the dead snakes to life in order to attack people who came upon her lair. Was it her?
  12. She has a massive cauldron.
  13. She is an expert on explosions.
  14. She serves the people as a healer. The people already have rumors that she is a witch, but she prefers the term healer. She is so good at healing that the court physician calls her in.

It’s official! Annora is a Gnostic Christian mystic who is likely a magick practitioner. The coding they use in the series suggests that she is a witch (cauldron, healing, mysticism, living in nature.) The Bastard Executioner is portraying Christian mysticism and magick as a normal part of Medieval Europe, serving as a reminder to all that mixing magick and Christianity is nothing new.

Thanks Katey Sagal and Kurt Sutter for giving us a character to look up to and to spread awareness of some of our roots.

Tales of Alethrion - “The First Hero” Poster

Check out the poster for the prequel episode of The Reward - Tales of Alethrion here! If you are in Copenhagen tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a premiere of the film where we also show The Reward and give a talk afterwards at cinemateket at 7pm (Danish time). There are limited seats! 

Of course you should share and spread the word about the Kickstarter for the animated fantasy series too! We have little days left and have only reached 1 episode out of 10! Every stretch goal is a new episode!

New Moon ni Koishite (The Otome Mix)
Etsuko Yakushimaru, Mitsuko Horie, Momoiro Clover Z
New Moon ni Koishite (The Otome Mix)

It’s almost the end of June, and there’s only 1 episode of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 left. To commemorate this season, I’ve created an ultimate mix of “New Moon ni Koishite,” the season’s opening theme! The Otome Mix combines the vocals of all 3 artistes of the song, Etsuko Yakushimaru, Mitsuko Horie, and Momoiro Clover Z, over the instrumental of Etsuko Yakushimaru’s version.

Back when we heard there would be 3 versions of the song, I theorised that the arrangements would be vastly different and would suit their respective singers. But this hasn’t quite been the case; arrangement-wise, each successive version has simply switched out a few instruments here and there. While Momoiro Clover Z’s version has an exciting beat, the synthesisers make the song feel a little “noisy.” So I’ve stuck to the simplest instrumental, and tried to make the vocal arrangement feel fresh and exciting!

Of course, this is by no means a professional-grade mix. There are a few stray instrument sounds from the vocal tracks I used, vocals might not match one another, and some of them might sound a little over-processed. But I hope it’s a fun listen, and a good way to remember the magic of Season 3.

Things that I loved about GM Sweet 16:

-Mayas humor throughout the whole episode

-Zay and Smackle


-the reference to topanga giving up yale for cory ( i still think that was dumb af but hey)


-finally seeing the issue of Smackle flirting with lucas being resolved

-Farkle being the cutie pie that he is


-Did i mention Zay?

Plus that triangle comment had me D E A D 

Things I didn’t like:

-that it means we only have 1 episode left of GMW :(