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Truth, Beauty & Ramifications of Darkness: The Season 4 Finale Interview with Adam Horowitz & Eddy Kitsis

How fun is it to talk with Adam Horowitz & Eddy Kitsis before the Season 4 Finale on May 10th, 2015? As always, OUAF shot them our most provocative questions from staff & fans, and Adam & Eddy generously teased as much as they could about the last two episodes: “Mother” on May 3rd & the 2-hour “Operation Mongoose, Part 1 & 2” on May 10th.

With that said, here is our dialogue!

Adam:  Hey Diane! How are you?

Diane: I’m good—thanks for talking with us today, guys!

Adam: Of course, our pleasure.

Diane: I have a lot of questions from staff & fans that I have to rattle through—you ready?

Eddy: Yes, we are ready!

Diane: We know the last episode is going to be a two-hour finale, and you’ve said it’s cinematic, more like a film. Can you give us any scoops about what to expect from this finale that’s different from seasons in the past?

Eddy: Well, I think this finale is unique to its own concept, which we’ve never done before. And the tease I would give is that Regina said in the beginning of the year that she wanted to track down the author and have him do some rewriting. So the finale will be the result of what happens when the author starts rewriting.

Adam: The finale is the culmination of Season 4, all the stories we’ve been telling, which I think makes it different from what we’ve done before.

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