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Christmas Secrets

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Request: Could you do a Teamiplier one with fem!reader that’s Tyler’s sister and she went to LA to visit him on Christmas and she was secretly dating Ethan and Tyler finds out and he’s just like ‘as long as my Christmas present isn’t a niece or nephew I don’t care’

Summary:Fem!Reader goes to visit big brother Tyler + teamiplier but no one knows about Ethan being her boyfriend! Secrets secrets secrets…

A/N: Hello all! It’s 1am for me! This was fun to write! I love writing teamiplier! Italics signify a character’s inner monologue + silent, conversations through stares! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1805, this was originally only like 1100 words but then I realized it was teamiplier and not just tyler and ethan lol

Request some more! I’ve got my hands quite full right now, so it might take a while, but I’ll get to them!

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on October 13th, Simba was hit by a car and was taken to an emergency clinic. He didn’t look too bad but was frightened and crying. They had to keep him overnight to make sure he didn’t have any internal trauma or brain damage. Luckily he is now at home resting comfortably! However, the medical costs are 1300 dollars and I don’t have a whole lot of income. At most on any given week I’m making 100 dollars. I do plan to do more and find a better job but as it stands now this is all I can do. Between that and my rent taking up most of what I make, I don’t know what else to do. My goal is only 1100 right now because I did have a little saved up in case something happened. But now I need your help.
In return, I can do drawings!
Every dollar counts. If you can only do one dollar that would be enough. However, if you want to do more, I do have incentives.

for digital art:
$5- a simple and cute portrait
$10- a clean line sketch of anything
$15- a colored sketch
$20- full body full color
$30- full body full background

Traditional art (watercolor, charcoal, or acrylic)
$10- tiny canvas painting
$20- regular sized canvas
$30- bigger canvas painting
$50- anything at any size!

Thank you for reading. And if you can’t donate that’s ok! Help spread the word! He’s such a loving and hardworking dog. Thank you for your support!!

Believer (Asa Butterfield x reader)

anntol2001 said: Can I please have a long imagines where the reader gets crushed or drowns and Asa has to save her. When she awakes in the hospital her kisses her and love and a shit ton of fluff

I borrowed a few notes from this prompt, but nothing specific. I liked the concept but was unable to fully create something around it. I hope you still like it though. It’s only 1100 or so words, so it’s mid-range for most of my stuff at the moment.

Enjoy! x

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anonymous asked:

I too was a follower of gwenandblake instagram. When I put @gwenandblakeig in my search engine, it never comes up. Too bad since I was onboard with them way early when they only had about 1100 followers. When they were wiped off the internet recently I believe they had over 64k followers. I wonder why the new account won't come up.

That’s really odd. I just checked and they’re up and running for me. They posted a couple of things today, most recently a clip of Blake performing in Colorado.

– M


Kagerou Project Can Badge Set

These can badge sets were sold at ANIMATE stores last December. Apparently there were neither online orders (yes, only if you pay 1100 - 1300 yen for a 540 yen set) nor any kind of official news whatsoever available about them.

In the Morning

Pairing: aou!Pietro x reader

Prompt: My darling friend over at kamalas-fanfiction tagged me in this and I honestly felt my writers block being smashed into oblivion whilst reading that fic, so here we are!

A/N: Bit shorter than what my stuff normally is, I apparently haven’t posted any writing in 4 weeks (thanks writers block lmao) so let’s call this a re-warmup period, so this is only 1100 words! Feel free to send in drabble requests to help me get back into the swing of things!

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