Yo👋🏽, I never🙅🏽 fucked 👅💦Wayne, I never 🙅🏽fucked 👅💦Drake On my life👵🏽, man, fuck's sake😇 If I did I'd Minaj ✨wid' him and let 'em eat🍴🍝 my ass🍑 like a cupcake🍰 My man full👱🏾, he just ate🍝, I don't duck 🚫🐥nobody 🙅🏽but tape Yea😏, that was a setup 👆🏽 for a punchline👊🏽 on duct tape Worried😰 'bout if my butt 🍑fake🙅🏽 Worry 😰 'bout ya'll 👥niggas👱🏽, us straight ➖ These girls 👸🏼👸🏽are my sons👲🏼👲🏽👲🏿, Jon 👱🏽 and Kate 🙎🏽plus ➕ eight 8⃣ When I walk 🚶🏾in, sit up👆🏽 straight, I don't 🙅🏽give a fuck ❌if I was late 🕞Dinner 🍝with my man 👱🏽on a G5 is my idea 💭 of an update ⬆️ Hut one🏈, hut two🏈🏈, big titties💦, big butt🍑 too Fuck with them real💯 niggas👱🏾 who don't 🙆🏽tell niggas what they up 👆🏽to Had to show 👏🏼 bitches where the top ☝🏼️is, ring💍 finger where the rock⚫️ is Dez hoes couldn't🙅🏽 test 📄me even if they name 📕 was pop quiz 🙌🏽Bad bitches 💁🏽who I fuck wit'💯, mad👿bitches😵 we don't ❌fuck wit' I don't fuck wit' them chickens 🐓unless they last name is cutlet🍗 Let it soak💧 in like seasoning 🍘And tell them bitches, blow 💨me, Lance Stephenson💯