I’ve kind of had enough with all the people on tumblr talking about how everyone on tumblr is body positive or have feminist views as a “fad” or just because it’s popular at the moment but like can we just not shame people for changing their mind about their views because of things they read on the internet, like this should be a good thing. 

People are seeing alot more pro feminist posts and posts that promote body positivity and empowerment and they are realising that they want to be a part of that i don’t see why that should be a negative thing it just means that feminism is being shared over the internet and gaining more and more support and awareness. 

anonymous asked:

I've been dancing since I was three, and my mom said that its shallow to go to California AFTER college to audition for music videos and stuff. What do you feel about that? Dancing on tours and in music videos for singers. She says it degrades women, but I've been training for 16 years, what else could I do with these skills other than getting a full ride to college.

That is an interesting predicament. I am definitely not an advice giver, but if you have danced for that long you shouldn’t waste your talent. There are other things you can do with dancing; you could teach, start up your own studio, you could develop choreography, or you can be in local plays, etc. So, there are other routes you can go other than “Hollywood” but, if that is your dream and you have the ambition to do it, go for it. Be safe, Be Smart, and don’t settle for less than what you deserve.