Porn bots fuck off!

It’s a fucking bummer when you think someone follows you because they might be interested in your existence… but then it’s just some fucking spam bot that’s using probably stolen pictures to advertise a shitty adult dating site that’s just gonna suck up the very little cash that’s in your online wallet.

Animal crossing new content suggestions

I went through the tags and what people on here think should be in the next animal crossing and I’ve decided to make a huge list:

A bakery extension for the coffee shop
Bat villagers
Dolphin/seal villagers
Female lion villagers
Red panda villagers
More types of dog villager
Dino villagers
Humming bird/ bee/ ladybird/ butterfly villagers
Tree houses for bird/bat/insect villagers
Being able to go underwater and visit fish/marine mammal villagers
More public works projects
More custom furniture
More villagers per town
If you have space in your town Isabelle arrives at your door when you turn on and tells you that someone wants to move in, you can choose if you want them to move in or not and you then go and choose the place that the villager has their plot (like when choosing a character’s house)
More storage space
A mini back garden with special garden furniture
A balcony for your house
More rooms in the house
More house exteriors
More types of fruit trees
Vegetable patches where you can grow cabbages, carrots, potatoes etc
Working ovens and fridges where you can make food/bake food and store fruit and food
Recipe book to make food
Cow/goat villagers give you cheese and milk to make food
Chicken/duck villagers give you eggs for food
Hybrids are easier to make
Being able to make more custom clothes/accessories
Bigger towns with more open spaces
Lakes that you can swim in
In the winter the lakes freeze so you can ice skate on then
Larger islands with more tours
Be able to send letters to people in other towns
Shelves that you can place items on
Curtains for windows
Rotatable patterns
More pattern spaces
Bikes, roller skates, ice skates
Online retail
Bigger wallet
More pocket space
Hair accessories
More hair options/ have a hair catalogue
Choose skin tone
Swim suits for characters and villagers
Hills and slopes not just cliffs
Separate storage for tools
Place things on paths
Journals and to-do lists
More special character interactions
Being able to choose what you say to villagers
More town events
Snowball fights
Stacking flowers into a bouquet
Headphones to listen to K.K.songs
More house details eg. Lights and decals
More mini games (like working for Brewster)
Back accessories eg. Wings, backpacks, capes
Shy, nerdy, boy/girl next door villagers
Shop on main street for balloons, pinwheels and ice cream
Harvestable berry bushes
Customisable villagers
Custom animal ears for characters
Custom animal tails for characters
Be able to sell designs to characters in game over wifi
Theme park
Allow editing to QR codes
Can put QR codes in ables display
Villagers pay more to PWP
More ordinances
Create your own events
Custom shoes/socks
Choose night wear at dream suit
Different town terrain eg. Dessert, forest

Tell me your thoughts and any other ideas you may have and I’ll add them to my list

Eva: *paying for a friend’s con ticket online *
Me: *steals her wallet and tries to hide it for fun*
Eva: Cim gi- give that back I need…CIM I need that to pay the ticket so we can have friend ther-Our KeiTH CIM!!! I AM GETTING YOU A KEITH DO YOU WANT A KEITH OR NOT ?!
Me:*Throws wallet at her*
Eva: Thought so..

…I feel like we’re pretty IC for Lance and Pidge already…

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anonymous asked:

You got any fluffy semi angsty stucky fics for someone having the worst day ever?

DARLING <3 I am so sorry I couldn’t reply faster. Okay, here are some of my favorite Steve/Buckys that I’ve read recently, and I hope they fit the bill. <3

Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square by Speranza

Rated: E / Word Count: 12709 / Complete
Sonic Says: You know when you’re feeling awful, and you want to be able to cry just to let it out, but then still be comforted and have everything be okay after? This fic will do exactly that. It evokes so many emotions, and it still comes together to wrap you in a big warm, blanket at the end. 

Blank Slate by sariane

Rated: E / Word Count: 4994 / Complete
Sonic Says: This one really cheered me up a few months ago, and I think it’ll help you out, too. Steve with amnesia - it’s pretty awesome. :) 

Signature for Delivery by chaya

Rated: M / Word Count: 5461 / Ongoing 
Summary: Bucky is a delivery man, and a sickly housebound Steve starts online shopping beyond his wallet to see him.
Sonic Says: This was meant as a one-shot but now it has 3 chapters and is adorable. It’s basically self-contained, so you don’t have to worry about cliffhangers. It’s short and very cute. 

One Caress by fuck_me_barnes

Rated: M / Word Count: 16491 / Ongoing
Sonic Says: A fic in which Steve is touch averse and Bucky is a member of the “Cuddle Commandos” who offer touch therapy services. It is even cuter than it sounds, and waiting for the ending will give you something warm and fuzzy to look forward to. :) 

Another book haul. I have a problem. I also ordered books online yesterday. My poor wallet. 

The Selection by  Kiera Cass- This doesn’t seem like something I will love but it was 10$ and I figured I should try it before I decide if it’s for me or not.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin- This series looks amazing.

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer- Continuing this series!