The supposedly generic human subject of western philosophy has always been marked masculine, and the ‘we’ of the social contract has always been comprised of a band of men, bound together by the formalities of exchanging property, paradigmatically women. ‘Man’ asserts himself as if he were the whole story. ‘Woman’ is a variation, an object within the story, or a supporting character. This invisible gendering of the universal renders the other gender invisible and silent.

Mary C. Rawlinson, ‘The Concept of Feminist Bioethics

Throughout March, OUP Academic will be celebrating Women in Philosophy.You will be able to discover book excerpts, online resources, and a diverse selection of journal articles featuring significant female philosophers over the next few weeks.


It’s real fucking simple. If they don’t give consent it’s rape. If they were coerced into it, it’s rape. If they feared for their life, it’s rape. They can’t give consent if drugged or intoxicated. Don’t rape people. If you have been raped I’m sorry it happened to you. There are lots of online resources for people who have been raped and you should come forward with what happened. I know it’s hard and it’s really difficult to talk about horrible shit that happened. Believe me I fucking know. But you gotta because that person who violated you like that should be behind bars or six feet under. You are not worth less because of what happened to you. You are still Kings and Queens, you are amazing. I hope to hell you can find closure after what has happened. I’m extremely sorry if this text is inaccurate in describing the horrors. I think it’s very difficult for a few text messages to convey that properly. Just know that you are still worth the world even if someone treated you like dirt. I don’t blame you and anyone who has a functioning brain would say the same.

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You had mentioned taking all the publishing and writing classes your college had to offer last night or earlier. i was wondering what books did those classes offer? I've been looking for some decent instructional books and don't want to be stuck with one that is lackluster.

Oooh, excellent! First, let me give you two free online resources that have helped me the most. 

Brandon Sanderson’s writing lectures. His lectures were filmed and put online for two of the years he taught this course. The videos were cut into shorter segments and labeled for ease of use. I was lucky enough to be in the 2012 class and I found these lectures EXTREMELY helpful. Sanderson does a great job of explaining both the writing and business side of things so this is an A++ resource. 

Maxwell Alexander Drake’s handouts. I attended one of his Comic Con lectures a couple years back and he absolutely opened my eyes to what show not tell really means. He is brilliant and going through his online lectures completely changed the way I write. 

As for books: Imaginative Writing was the first I read and one of the few I’ve held onto. (Pretty much all editions are the same so just get whichever is cheapest.) Bird by Bird is pretty good. Hmm… most of the other books I read are good for specialization writing like I is an Other is really good for an in-depth look at metaphor. 

Three books I bought recently but haven’t finished yet are Wonderbook, Sin and Syntax, and Maps of the Imagination

Whatever you end up going with, just remember that it’s all opinion. What works for some of these people won’t work for you and vice versa. Read a few different views, try them all out, and see what works best for you. Best of luck, anon!

movie night masterpost! all links work as of august 11, 2014 (if you want to request/recommend movies here)

Final Destination:

Harry Potter:

Men in Black:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Star Wars:


Step Up:

The Hangover:

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit:

Twilight Saga:



(its back!!! tumblr deleted this for some reason and a lot of you were having trouble finding it so i decided to repost it!! i also added more movies)

Another Link Dump: Including Free Lesson Plans and Materials

The Image of the Black in Western Art (9 books)

ArtSTOR Blog: Images for Teaching and Scholarship

The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould

Wikipedia page for Nanban Trade

The Luttrell Psalter (Full Online Readable Text and Images)

The Gorleston Psalter (Full Online Readable Text and [some NSFW!] Images)

Color, Chromophobia and Colonialism: Some Historical Thoughts by Carolyn Purnell

Foreign Tokens: The Blackamoor Brooch on Racialicious

"That Smell": Sanitation in Victorian London on The Victorian Daily

Norske Folkemuseum: Afrikanere I Norge

The Lost Gallery: Flickr

Art Resource: Database The Getty Museum (Database)

Representation of Blacks and Blackness in the Renaissance by Peter Erickson (Art History/Critical Race Theory) 29 p., full color plates)

Buzzfeed: 20 Bizarre Examples of Medieval Marginalia

Do Clothes Make the Man (or Woman?): Sex, Gender, Costume, and the Aegean Color Convention by Anne Chapin

The Black Presence in Pre-20th Century Europe: A Hidden History

Kawahara Kiega: 18th and 19th Century Japanese Artist

Wikipedia: Sexuality (in Art) In Ancient Rome

Black British History: Representations of Blacks in British Art from the 17th - 20th Century

Decentering History: Local Stories and Cultural Crossing in A Global World

The Cultures and History of the Americas: Online Exhibition (the Jay. I. Kislak Collection at the Library of Congress)

Library of Congress:Exploring the Early Americas (“conflict and accommodation” like wut)

Nanban (Western Style) Armor, National Museums (Japan)

Introduction: Reconstructing the Black Image by Gordon De La Mothe

Rembrandt and the Female Nude by Erik Jan Sluitjer (Andromeda, p. 83; Chariclea, p. 158; Sleeping Negress, p. 299-301;Bathsheba and Attendant, p. 336 & 346, 350)

H.P. Lovecraft’s Madness by Phenderson Djeli Clark (Critical Race Theory)

How “Caucasoids” Got Such Big Crania and Why They Shrank: From Morton to Rushton by Leonard Lieberman (responses, dialogue and works cited included)

The Advantages of Being a White Writer by Justine Larbalesteir (YA, Historical Fiction, Publishing, Representation) (response and rebuttal by Neesha Meminger)

Loretta Ross and the Origin of “Women of Color”; Racialicious Article and Video (transcript available)

Azie Dungey’s Comedy Webseries “Ask a Slave”

Sample PowerPoint: Disney and Diversity (epilepsy warning)

What Does it Mean that Most Children’s Books are Still About White Boys? by Soraya Chemaly

Scientists Reveal the First European faces Were Not White

Vatican Catacomb Paintings Show Female Priests

Indiana University Study: More TV, Less Self Esteem, Except for White Boys

Children Are Not Colorblind: How Young Children Learn Race by Erin N. Winkler, PhD. (University of Wisconsin)

Disability Studies Quarterly: Free Online Full-Text (Interdisciplinary Studies incl.)

Ianthe’s Library: Full Text PDF Humanities, Critical Race Theory, Cultural Studies, History, Interdisciplinary History, Historiography and more

Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian (History, Historiography and Cultural Studies-Film)

Injunuity: Independent Cultural Film and Animation Project (History, Historiography, Cultural and Gender Studies)

Roman Slavery and the Question of Race by Sandra Joshel

Race Mixture in the Roman Empire by Frank Tenney (American Historical Review, 1916-yes, it’s racist.)

Race: Antiquity and its Legacy by Denise Eileen McCloskey

An Archaeology of Race: Durham University- FREE Downloadable Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 - Exploring what it means to be British

Lesson 2 - Exploring immigration to Britain over the centuries

Lesson 3 - Exploring what the Romans did for us

Lesson 4 - Exploring how the Romans influenced the food we eat

Lesson 5 - Exploring how the Romans influenced the language we speak

Lesson 7 - Exploring Emperor Septimius Severus

Lesson 8 - Exploring the North East of England, now and in Roman times

Related Links:

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Mihongo - a Visual Dictionary of Japanese

(Message from the creator)

"Hi everyone,

I’d like to invite you to visit a new Japanese resource I’ve opened: a visual dictionary called Mihongo (見本語).

This dictionary is meant to offer an effective way of understanding cultural-specific words - for things that exist only in Japan and therefore cannot be accurately translated or explained using text alone. Or, to put it another way: things you have to see to be able to understand.

Have you ever come across a word for something uniquely Japanese, and felt that your dictionary didn’t actually give you a sense of what it meant? Have you ever wished to have one place to look up such items and see them in clear, verified pictures, instead of trying your luck finding them around the web? Then Mihongo is for you.

Please click this link to visit the website:

Mihongo currently contains several hundred entries, and more are being added. Right now most entries are related to traditional things, so the dictionary would be particularly useful for more advanced learners. But I’m looking for more pictures that can be used to define modern entries, such as types of food, wacky appliances, etc. If you happen have pictures that you’d like to incorporate in the dictionary and can be used for new entries, I’d be glad to upload them with your credit.

For more information, please see the “about” and “instructions” pages on the website itself.

See you at Mihongo!”


I love the idea of this website. Some uniquely Japanese words can’t be explained merely through English, and need images. This is a great site for finding images for words of this kind. I personally add images into Anki, and this is a great place to not only source them but also discover some other uniquely Japanese things (the best kinds of things!)

Why BioDiversity Library is super neat is one of the coolest websites I’ve stumbled across for art reference. From their site:

The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) is a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries that cooperate to digitize and make accessible the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections and to make that literature available for open access and responsible use as a part of a global “biodiversity commons.” The BHL consortium works with the international taxonomic community, rights holders, and other interested parties to ensure that this biodiversity heritage is made available to a global audience through open access principles. In partnership with theInternet Archive and through local digitization efforts, the BHL has digitized millions of pages of taxonomic literature, representing tens of thousands of titles and over 100,000 volumes.

Which right off the bat sounds pretty cool, but that’s not why it’s exciting. It’s exciting because of illustrations like these ones:

Over 100,000 books containing intricately detailed studies of animals, anatomy, plants, people, minerals, fungi, machinery, fossils, extinct species, tools, architecture, insects, science, and a ton of other subjects.

Oh, and they scan the entire book. Cover to cover. So if you want some awesome paper textures or book covers, or reference for title pages or calligraphy, they’ve got you covered (ha).

Everything on the site is completely free, open, and available to look through or use in accordance with public domain laws. Plus, any page containing a scientific name or term will be tagged with that word, so if you’re looking for something specific you can find it! 

They have books published from the 1450’s all the way to current day.

I’m a pretty big fan!

anonymous asked:

Hi, what was the name of that web app or extension that lets you see if people who message you have been reported as potential rapists or otherwise dangerous? I'd really like to use it but I forgot the name. That post about the guy with the curling iron really scares me.

I think what you’re talking about is the Predator Alert Tool for OKC, which is available here. There’s also a good how-to guide here, for easier installation.

Other great resources for OKC users that I’ve come across include:

  • OkCupid (for the Non-Mainstream User) is a Google Chrome extension that makes browsing profiles infinitely easier and faster.
  • is a website that lets you look at the basics of someone’s OKC profile without visiting them through OKC. You can’t see their questions, but you can see most everything else.
  • OkCupid’s instant messaging settings - Most people don’t know that there are ways to filter incoming instant messages because they don’t have any link to it, but they do exist. You just have to type in the url manually.
  • CreepShield - An online facial recognition tool that can identify if a potential date is a registered sex offender.
  • Kitestring - An automated text messaging service that will alert authorities and emergency contacts if you go missing.

Best of luck out there! Stay safe.

- S

10 Free Online Resources to Improve Your Writing

by Sharon Crosby

It often seems that there are not enough online resources for writers. There are a lot of good books on the subject, but they cost a lot of money because the writing community is a relatively small niche. Here are 7 resources you can use whether you are a professional writer or a young content manager to improve your writing, to make your content more interesting or to get published. All the websites have something different to offer writers.

Writer’s Digest

Get your hands on lots of writing and research advice. The homepage is a little too crammed with links for most people’s liking, but once you get used to how the website works you can find plenty of tips and lots of pieces of advice on writing. The great thing is that there are lots of different types of help available on the website. If you want help with your spelling, sentence structure or use of words, then there are resources for that. If you want to be published, improve your blog traffic, or write for websites, then the Writer’s Digest will help you as well.

Positive Writer

This is probably one of the best-put-together blogs on the Internet. The formatting, setting and visuals are perfect for the type and style of blog the author has created. Get on this blog and read the advice given on how to become a good writer. Sign up for the RSS feed and read the new posts every week. So if you want to both get practical tips on writing and enjoy website navigation start reading this blog.

Guide to Grammar & Writing

However it is such a hard website to love because it is poorly constructed and has a terrible navigation system, it is crammed with very good information. It is like a gold nugget that has dropped in a muddy bog. If you really want to learn from it, then use the text-only functions to get rid of most of the old-fashioned design and read the sections and categories as if they were chapters in a book. If you can find a way of getting to the information you need, you will be far better off as a writer.

EssayMama Writing Guide

This guide has a wealth of information you can use for free, and there is plenty of advice for both budding and experienced writers. However it gives tips mostly on writing essays, all pieces of advice are general and can be used by anyone who deals with writing on regular basis. If you are writing for fun, for profit or for your education, then the Essay Mama writing guide can help you.

Pro Blogger

This is a blogging website that does have posts relating solely to writing, and the writer is clearly good at marketing his or her writing skills. Some of the posts are so enticing that you have to respect the fact that the blogger knows something about how to keep his or her readers—and that sort of advice can help you when you are writing. Check out the website and prepare to both love and hate the content (many posts will be worth your while reading).

Write to Done

This is a website with truly helpful articles about writing. It is worth a look when you have some free time. The paid functions are not worth your time. It is better if you use this website when you have an hour or so to kill and you want some easy-but-education reading.

This website is lauded by a minority of students, and it would have far more followers and users if it did not insist on making people sign up and buy memberships. Signing up for a paid membership is not worth your time and money, but the free content is worth reading if you want to improve your writing skills.

Grammar Monster

This is another website that part of you will want to hate and part of you will love. The grammar lessons it provides have been split into very small sections, which has over-simplified the process a little too much. On the other hand, if you need a simple grammar question answering, then all you have to do is look through the categories listed and find the one that is the most suitable. This website is perfect both for young and experienced writers.

SpellCheck Plus

If you are a writer, you will know there are no perfect spelling and grammar checking programs on this planet (paid or otherwise). Many of them are based on the Ginger database, and there are few that are able to improve your writing by a large degree. Many spelling and grammar checkers will miss things that you really need fixed. One of the most common things that spelling and grammar checkers miss are the misuse of words, and that is why SpellCheck Plus is on this article. It is one of the few spelling and grammar checkers that highlights possible misuse of words for you to check.

I created and uploaded this to facebook’s Dermatillomania Awareness group as a cover photo. Feel free to use, no credit required.  :)

Resources are:

This is for all the people who can’t afford Photoshop or just don’t want to pay :)

Alternatives to Photoshop

Pixlr Express
Pixlr Effects 
Photo Editor 
Animating Program
Digital painting Program
Art Program/Photo Editor
Instagram Filters 
Queeky Paint
Art Program
Drawing Program
Create Transparent Image 
Graphic’s Program
Photo Editor
Free Art Programs Masterpost

Online Gif Maker 
Online Gif Maker 
Online Gif Maker 
Online Gif Maker
Online Gif Maker
Online Gif Maker
Recommended Programs for Gif Making

Quick Meme Maker
Pie Chart Maker
Meme Generator 
Meme Maker 
Fake a tweet Fake a a text
Speech bubbles 
HQ Celebrity Gallery Masterpost

Masterpost for downloading Photoshop

why make a 80s/90s movie masterpost when you can make a 80s through 90s movie masterpost? these are the ones I can think of right now, I’ll probably add more later. here’s a list of 80s + 90s movies and WHERE TO WATCH THEM!!! (if any of the links aren’t working please let me know)



bonus: (here are some really cool 00’s movies I felt the need to include)

forthestarsaboveus asked:

Is it normal to always have to have background noise while doing school work?


There are tons and tons of sources that simulate different types of background noise for different things. is a great one that I love to use for falling asleep.

Personally, I use a pandora shuffle of post rock radio, Sigur Ros radio, chill radio, Grammatik, Death Cab for Cutie, etc. 

But there’s some great sites that offer just noises.

Coffitivity offers a few different college library/cafe type sounds, and Soundrown has a pretty good range of different ambient/white noise sounds you can have running, like cafes, a crackling fire, a train ride, playground… and you play around with them and create your own mix of multiple sounds! It looks pretty cool!


Free! The Guggenheim has put 65 modern art books and catalogues online

From OpenCulture:

In recent days, the museum has made 65 art catalogues available online, all free of charge. The catalogues offer an intellectual and visual introduction to the work of Alexander CalderEdvard MunchFrancis BaconGustav Klimt & Egon Schiele, and Kandinsky. Plus there are other texts (e.g., Masterpieces of Modern Art and Abstract Expressionists Imagiststhat tackle meta movements and themes.

Now let me give you a few handy instructions to get you started. 1.) Select a text from the collection. 2.) Click the “Read Catalogue Online” button. 3.) Start reading the book in the pop-up browser, and use the controls at thevery bottom of the pop-up browser to move through the book. 4.) If you have any problems accessing these texts, you can find alternate versions on, which lets you download books in multiple formats – ePUB, PDF and the rest.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images Online

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has released a vast archive of 400,000 (mostly) hi-resolution digital images online that you can download and use for non-commercial purposes. From a 12-megapixel scan of Rembrandt’s 1660 self-portrait to over 18,000 photos spanning almost two centuries. Here are a few quick gems from the Photography collection, see also: Arms & Armor, Modern and Contemporary Art, and other highlights.

I’ve collected a few of the images of European Medieval and Renaissance art available showing the Black Kings from Adoration scenes-you can get the full information for any of these artworks by searching “Adoration of the Magi” at