Bad Bob wins as supportive Dad (stealth mode)

When Bitty visited the Zimmermans in Montreal, Bad Bob took him and Jack to volunteer at their local animal shelter for a day, and covertly took a bunch of pics of Jack and Eric being goofy and lovestruck while covered in puppies and kittens.

After Jack officially comes out, Bad Bob releases one of these images every day for a week. When trolls and/or journalists say anything homophobic or snarky or cynical about “the latest Jack Zimmerman PR disaster” online, Bob posts one of the images in the comments section.

When a reporter asks him publicly if he is disappointed that his son is in a relationship with h another man, Bob silently holds up his phone lock screen to the cameras: Jack + Bitty + puppies.

Georgia sends Bad Bob a muffin basket and a card offering him a job in the PR offices of the Falconers. She is only half-joking!

Jack has to hold a press conference to request that fans stop trying to give him baby animals at public events, as it is an occupational health and safety nightmare. Also, he and Eric are not yet ready to adopt a pet but they promise to let the public know if and when it happens.

Bitty and Alicia start building a Pinterest board of favourite dog breeds…

SEO writing for online PR

I’m currently looking at a press release for a client who has asked me to re-write or alter for online purposes! so I asked my content stratergist for some assistance and its actually quite simply. He’s some tips below:

  1. Determine the best keywords for your announcement. Depending on the news you are issuing, they may vary from previously identified terms.
  2. Online keyword tools are excellent resources for determining the correct terms. If your organization does not subscribe to a paid keyword service, there are free services to use
  3. Once keywords are determined, you may need to associate more colloquial words with them, as company/marketing jargon isn’t typically used in search.
  4. Use the most popular keyword phrase in the headline, which carries the most weight with search engines, as well as in the body of the release and in hyperlinks
  5. Pick one to three relevant keywords and repeat them at least three times in the release
  6. Don’t OVER‐HYPERLINK words. Optimizing releases for words that are not used often in the press release can cause irrelevant results and be considered spam by some search engines.
  7. Include anchor text hyperlinks in the press release that are your keywords or similar to them. Make sure you link these words back to the appropriate page on your website. For example, if you are linking a product name, link back to the product page on your site.
  8. Make sure the page you are linking back to is optimized for your chosen keywords. If the anchor text is “motorsport,” be sure that it is linked to a page containing “motorsport” in the relevant content  in the title tag and within the text on the page eg “
  9. Place your anchor text links in the first two paragraphs. Search Engines will pick up these words more efficiently if they are placed before the “fold” of the screen.
  10. Keep press releases short and concise. Most experts agree that the “sweet spot” for an SEO-friendly press release is between 300 – 500 words.
  11. Ensure there is a balanced keyword to press release word length ratio. Avoid too many keywords and hyperlinks in shorter releases, and vice versa in longer releases.
  12. Include rich media content such as images and videos that will augment search engine pick-up in places such as Google Images or Google Video. Be sure all media‐rich content is appropriately tagged with keywords.
  13. Include a link (not a hyperlink) to your website. Make sure to include the http:// of the URL.
  14. If the release has a subhead, make sure it includes a keyword phrase. Search engines give more weight to bolded text (i.e. headline, subhead).
  15. Optimize your boilerplate – always include links and keywords.
  16. Resist the tendency to shorten terms. For example, if you are writing about the big green festival’, you may be inclined to make the second mention “the festival” However, people looking in search engines will type in “the big green festival.” Repeating “the big green festival” as a keyword phrase will help our release to be found, while “the festival” will not. (But, try to keep the writing as “natural” as possible.)
  17. If your company or product falls into a particular industry that is often referred to by an acronym, include both the full term and abbreviation throughout the release. For example, “Customer Relationship Management” should be referenced by its “full name,” and, “CRM.”
  18. Post all releases on their own permalinked page on your website in addition to sending it out over wire service.
  19. Be consistent with keyword use both in press releases and on your website. The website should have a keyword density of between 2‐8%. This tool,, allows you to enter your URL and chosen keyword for a complete keyword density analysis.

Hope thids helps you :-)

Quick, the boss is coming...

Years ago a website I used to visit (I think it was had a “Quick, the boss is coming…” button that when pressed would instantly turn the webpage you were looking at into a page with a spreadsheet.

It seems the idea is still going strong with the NCAA March Madness website

Adam Vincenzini and Business Insider have featured their ‘Boss Button’ which really is quite amusing.

(click on the images below to enlarge)

Here’s the March Madness website, where you’re watching the game…

Quick! the boss is coming….click the link in the top right…

Up comes a webpage meant to look like you are in your email (read some of the text):

You can interact with some of the emails. Check out this one…

…and this one:

Good creative thinking and a nice Online PR stunt!
11 things that annoy journalists and bloggers

#6 is annoying but I have one better. I had a publicist who worked for some festivals I covered send me her own private training newsletters as well, and I had to unsubscribe not once but TWICE. Very, very unprofessional.

Another thing I will add. When somebody asks me to write something on twitter, I often respond very quickly and ask for more information. Sometimes they take this as a yes and then don’t send me anything and ask why I never wrote a piece. Please, organization will help you a long way. Help me, help YOU.
Gigi Hadid's Come Under Fire After Making This Rather Embarrassing Mistake About Zayn
They've been dating for a year now, so you'd think Gigi would know this fact...

14 October 2016, 11:32

They’ve been dating for a year now, so you’d think Gigi would know this fact…

When you’ve been dating someone for 12 months, you would hope you know them pretty well, right?

You may not have been together for 25 years and shared half your lives together, but you should really know the main things about your other half.

Well in a recent interview with Gulf Magazine, Gigi Hadid made a claim about Zayn that was wildly incorrect and no one can deal with it.

Talking about her own heritage, Gigi was quoted as saying, “When someone comes up to me and they tell me, ‘I’m Palestinian’ and we make a connection, it’s beautiful.”

[Zigi pic]

But then she drops the bombshell that has caused such a huge reaction online…

“My boyfriend is also half-Middle-Eastern. It’s just a connection that you make that’s really cool. It’s hard to explain but you feel like you’re amongst [your] people.”

Hang on Gigi.

Did you just say that your boyfriend aka Zayn Malik is half-Middle Eastern?

Well it looks like you’ll have to explain that 'connection’ in some other way as Zayn’s heritage is definitelty not half Middle-Eastern.

Zayn’s mum is English with Irish heritage and Zayn’s dad is British Pakistani, plus the singer grew up in Bradford, so we’re not spotting the Middle Eastern link here.

Pakistan is very much in Asia, not the Middle East, so considering that Gigi is “half Middle-Eastern” herself, we’re pretty surprised she’d make this error.

Fans have been very vocal about Gigi’s embarrassing mistake…

We’re guessing Gigi’s Geography teacher is cringing right about now!


Was that Klout… or Maybe Flout?

You have probably heard about Klout’s newly changed score algorithm, which causes serious criticism among social media enthusiasts. People cannot stop complaining about their Klout scores. On the other hand, some people found the matter funny and ironic!

The whole concept of Klout is setting a score that shows you how important you are as far as social media is concerned. That is exactly what inspired Flout (such a convenient name!). Flout lets you set your own score! In other words, you know how important you are and now you get to brag about it! Flout lets you set how influential you are by setting your own score and showing off your social media engagement skills.

Instead of lamenting and whining about your Klout scores, why not take things a little less seriously and have some fun with Flout? In the end, only you know how important you are!

Check out the relevant photos and tell us what you think!

Was ist eigentlich: ein Page Rank?

Der Page Rank ist die Webseiten-Bewertung der Suchmaschine Google und zeigt die Wichtigkeit einer Webseite an. Er bestimmt, welche Platzierung eine Webseite in den Suchergebnissen von Google erhält. Unternehmen können durch einen hohen Page Rank die Auffindbarkeit in Google verbessern und eine höhere Reichweite erzielen. Den Page Rank der eigenen Unternehmenswebsite kann man selbst positiv beeinflussen. Zum einen durch die Bereitstellung qualitativ hochwertiger Inhalte und zum anderen durch eine weitreichende Verlinkung mit anderen Websites. Die Verbreitung von aktuellen Pressemitteilungen über zahlreiche Online-Presseportale kann einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Verbesserung des Page Ranks leisten.

Als Grundlage für die Bewertung von Webseiten durch die Suchmaschinen dienen verschiedene Relevanzkriterien. Wichtige Kriterien sind die Aktualität und Qualität der Inhalte (Content) sowie die Verwendung von relevanten Schlagwörtern (Keywords) auf einer Webseite. Die Bewertung erfolgt außerdem auf Basis der Anzahl und Qualität der Links, die von anderen Seiten auf die eigene Webseite verweisen, sogenannte Backlinks. So ist die Wirkung von linkgebenden Seiten mit einem hohen Page Rank besonders positiv für das Ranking der eigenen Webseite. Die Berechnung des Page Ranks erfolgt für jede einzelne Webseite und somit nicht für die vollständige Website inklusive aller Unterseiten. Meist hat allerdings die Startseite den höchsten Page Rank, da Backlinks in der Regel auf die Startseite führen. Da die Startseite jedoch auf ihre Unterseiten verweist, gibt die Starseite den Page Rank auf die verlinkten Unterseiten weiter.

Bewertung auf einer Skala von null bis zehn
Der Page Rank von Google wird auf einer Skala von null bis zehn angegeben. Webseiten mit einem Page Rank von null werden am niedrigsten bewertet. Ein Grund für eine solch niedrige Bewertung kann beispielsweise sein, dass es sich um eine neue Webseite handelt und sie somit noch nicht von Google indexiert ist. Eine andere Möglichkeit für einen Page Rank von null ist, dass Google Inhalte als nicht qualitativ hochwertig einstuft. Beispiele solcher Seiten sind Linkfarmen ohne wirklichen Inhalt. Ab einer Bewertung von drei ist der Page Rank gut. Die Seiten und haben beispielsweise einen Page Rank von acht. Ein Page Rank von zehn ist sehr selten. Ein Page Rank von zehn haben daher nur sehr wenige große Webseiten, wie zum Beispiel die Downloadseite der Software Adobe Reader oder die Homepage der amerikanischen Regierung (U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal) Um den eigenen Page Rank zu überprüfen, kann man die Google-Toolbar für den verwendeten Internet-Browser installieren. Ist die Google-Toolbar für den entsprechenden Browser installiert, zeigt ein grüner Balken den Page Rank der besuchten Webseite an.

Page Rank der eigenen Website positiv beeinflussen
Der Page Rank der eigenen Unternehmenswebsite lässt sich mit Maßnahmen der Online-PR positiv beeinflussen. Die regelmäßige Veröffentlichung von aktuellen Unternehmensinformationen, Pressemitteilungen oder Fachbeiträgen auf der eigenen Unternehmenswebsite sorgt für qualitativ hochwertige Inhalte. Die Veröffentlichung von Pressemitteilungen über zahlreiche Online-Presseportale unterstützt die weitreichende Verbreitung und Verlinkung. Die Links in den Pressetexten auf den Portalen generieren Backlinks auf die eigene Website. Presseportale sind wegen ihrer vielen aktuellen Inhalte in den Suchmaschinen gut gerankt und haben meist selbst einen hohen Rage Rank. Daher unterstützt die Verbreitung von Pressemitteilungen über Presseportale die Sichtbarkeit und Auffindbarkeit der PR-Inhalte im Web und sorgt gleichzeitig auch für die Verbesserung des Page Ranks der eigenen Website.

Für eine gute Platzierung in den Ergebnislisten der Suchmaschine Google ist ein hoher Page Rank der eigenen Website wichtig. Online-PR Maßnahmen können den Page Rank positiv beeinflussen. Vor allem mit der Verbreitung von Pressemitteilungen über Presseportale lässt sich das Ranking in den Suchmaschinen verbessern. Aktuelle PR-Texte bieten guten Content für die Suchmaschinen und die Presseportale sorgen für eine weitreichende Verlinkung der eigenen Website. So sorgt die Online-PR für mehr Reichweite im Internet und eine gute Bewertung durch die Suchmaschinen.
Watch Tyler, the Creator Get Down to His New "Pillowtalk" Remix
Tyler, the Creator shared a video of him dancing to his new remix of Zayn's "Pillowtalk."

Video via YouTube

By Jessie Morris

Tyler, the Creator is not playing around with this remix of Zayn’s No. 1 single “Pillowtalk.” The Odd Future rapper kicks things off by strumming out some deep chords on his guitar: 

As the song starts going harder, Tyler starts letting loose, eventually letting go of his guitar altogether so that he can dance to the remix. 

By the time the hook comes around, Tyler has lost all control and uses pretty much everything around him as a stage as he sings along to that insane hook of Zayn’s. 

Many might remember that Tyler actually reached out to Zayn to collaborate together back in 2015 after Zayn had left One Direction to pursue a solo career.“HI @zaynmalik I HAVE BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTALS AND YOU HAVE A VOICE LETS FIGURE THIS OUT MY GUY . EPIC ALBUM CUTS THO NO RADIO SINGLES,” Tyler tweeted at the time. Zayn seemed happy to team up and tweeted back, “Sounds sick BRO let do some shit.“ 

Unfortunately, the two still haven’t collaborated and it’s because of Zayn bailing on studio sessions, according to Tyler. When someone asked Tyler on Twitter why the two haven’t officially worked on a track together, Tyler responded, "CAUSE THAT NIGGA FLAKED ON STUDIO SESSIONS TWICE.” Recently, Zayn also had to pull out of a scheduled performance due to anxiety.

As for Tyler, he says he recorded this remix back in March and hasn’t mixed the track yet, but had it on his laptop. Considering what Tyler was able to do with Zayn’s song, it’s a shame these two haven’t teamed up together sooner. We can only imagine the music these two could actually make if they got in a studio. For now, check out Tyler’s remix of “Pillowtalk” above. Tyler also noticed that his video was being blocked in some countries, so he got a fan to post the song up on SoundCloud for anyone that wants to hear it.

Watch on

I remember watching this video and cringing. It’s important to have a key message but when you only repeat that message and don’t actually add anything to a conversation it tends to fall flat. This is an extreme example but considering ‘Ethical oil’ is such a large issue this awful interview appears to be a huge missed opportunity for their side of the story. A good primer for what NOT to do for media training for sure.