YouTube Blog: New YouTube features for music artists

With 800 million people per month coming to YouTube, you have a pretty big stage to share your music, and now we’re adding features to also make YouTube your box office, merchandise table and music store.


Even more reasons for YouTube being one of your essential music marketing tools online :)

The Long Pitch: What Artists Can Learn From Consultative Selling

One key area of study that is vastly overlooked by music industry professionals when talking about building audiences is the importance and art of the sell. At our core, we are all salesmen in this business, no matter how dedicated we are to music as art. Whether we’re selling a track, a tour date, a t-shirt, or an album, we’re all working towards one fundamental goal: selling our brands.


It’s good to see the music industry taking some of its cues from the general business world. This is a great article :)

Seth's Blog: The chance of a lifetime

A friend asked me the other day, “…given the sorry state of so much in the world, what’s possible to look forward to?”

The state isn’t sorry. It’s wide open.


Seth Godin is another guy (along with Bob Baker) that I urge everyone to seek out and subscribe to, everything he does. Seth is a marketing guru and is an expert on tribe or community marketing.

This is a great piece of positivity to start off 2012 with :)

6 Ways To Fail At Promoting Music Online - hypebot

On the Culture Bully blog, Chris DeLine takes whack at almost every indie band, label and publicist that ever tried to get the attention of a music journalist. “How to Fail at Promoting Music Online” is both a chronicle of bad behavior and a roadmap to more successful pitches. Here is a summary of Deline’s beefs:


Excellent… I’ve done a few of these mistakes in my lifetime :)

10 Ways To Get You And Your Bandmates Started On Google Plus || Dotted Music

So you’ve heard of Google+ and may or may not have gotten an invite. Word on the marketer’s grape vine is that Google+ is looking to be the next social media marketing powerhouse. So why, as a band, musician, label, or marketer, should you care?


A great article, well worth the read :)

EXO becomes the first million seller in twelve years!

The boys of EXO have finally become the first artist(s) to sell over a million copies in a single year in twelve years!

 As of December 27, EXO’s 1st full-length album ’XOXO’ has sold a total of 1,007,577 copies including 471,570 copies of its first full-length album and 536,007 copies of its 1st full-length repackaged album. 

To put this in perspective, no artist has sold 1 million albums in a year since 2001, the year when Kim Gun Mo’s 7th album and g.o.d’s 4th album both surpassed the 1 million milestone. Since the implementation of the online music market in 2005, EXO would be the first artist of this era to accomplish this remarkable feat.

SM Entertainment stated, “If you add the 430,000 sold copies of EXO’s special winter album ’Miracles in December’, which was released this month, EXO’s total album sales this year remarkably reached 1,440,000 copies… Both nominally and virtually, they are showing an album king-like power.”

EXO shared, "We sincerely thank everyone who helped us break the valuable record of being a million seller. 2013 has become an unforgettable year for us as we received a lot of love from many people and received good results. In order to return the love, we will become an EXO who will continue to work hard next year.“

Congrats, EXO!

source: allkpop