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I was wondering how can i change the color from white to a black? Not talking about anything dealing with art, just the program itself.

Short answer: you cannot. There are no “themes” for the FireAlpaca interface.

However, MediBang Paint Pro, a sibling program to Firealpaca, has a dark interface. It is based on the same code, with most of the same painting features and using the same file format.


FireAlpaca has onion skin mode for animation, 3D perspective layers, and usually gets new features first. Probably better for screen-based output.

MediBang Paint has cloud-based (online) libraries of brushes and halftone textures, cloud-based multipage projects which can be shared with other users, and cloud-based brush sync between computers. It also has 64-bit versions which makes it better for large resolution print projects.


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Where do you get all your books from? Libraries, bookstores, online?

All of the above! 

I used to do a lot more online shopping (Amazon) and purchasing at my indie bookstore when I had more money/was still in school but now I rely a lot on my library because I can’t afford to buy books all the time. 

I get some from publishers/book festivals I go to as well!

Also, I get a lot from my local Scholastic Warehouse where I volunteer!


This is what my YouTube channel looks like with YouTube’s new restricted mode, which has unfairly targeted some LGBTQ content for being “sensitive material.”

21 of my 43 videos disappear. 

In case you missed it: YouTube says it “wrongly” filtered out a ton of LGBTQ-related videos in a recent update to its Restricted Mode feature. This has affected virtually every queer YouTube creator from @tyleroakley to @everyoneisgay to little ole’ me. So, if you watch my YouTube videos in Restricted Mode, the videos above with an X through them aren’t available. 

Oh, and YouTube’s statement about the whole thing just sucks:

“We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform – they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about. The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience. LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be. We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and passion for making YouTube such an inclusive, diverse, and vibrant community.”

So under that logic, the “more sensitive issues” that aren’t suitable for a “tiny subset of users” (like, say, a teenager with unsupportive parents who’s trying to get online from a school library where PORN IS ALREADY BLOCKED) include:

  • A discussion with my 90-year-old grandmother about how she eventually accepted having a gay grandkid
  • A conversation with my mom about This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids and why I didn’t have a proper coming-out
  • A crowd-sourced glossary of the differences between bisexuality and pansexuality 
  • A silly video with my fiancée where we write down things we love about each other
  • A collaboration focusing on the experiences of queer people of faith

And a lot more. I’m livid. Queer YouTube means so much to so many people. For millions of LGBTQ people (especially youth) whose rights are under attack, YouTube creators and viewers have built a community of resources that you just cannot find elsewhere. This is a mean and senseless kick when we’re already down. And we’re not going to shut up about it. 

Send LGBTQ YouTube folks good vibes & subscribes today. (If you’re not already subscribed, find your friendly neighborhood bisexual YouTuber [it’s me] here or on Twitter.)

Gym instructor loses job after autistic man he publicly humiliated spends two years studying law and successfully sues for discrimination.

(long story)

A fitness enthusiast who complained his gym’s music was not motivating enough has won damages after an instructor humiliated him over a microphone for complaining.

Ketan Aggarwal, 30, who was branded “stupid” by staff in a Virgin Active club spin class has successfully sued them for disability discrimination while representing himself in court.

The gym goer, who is autistic, proved he was anything but stupid by swatting over law books to beat the multi-million pound company’s legal team.

Mr Aggarwal was in a spin class when he agreed with a fellow cyclist the music was too slow - prompting the instructor to apparently yell “don’t tell me how to do my job”.

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50 Things I Learned to Succeed on Rotations

I think I’ve finally been a third year long enough to write a post on how to succeed during rotations without having to be a grand showman and intellectual prodigy. I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes and straight up screw ups, I’ve also had a lot more successes than I expected.

Hopefully, what I write is useful to those starting or already on rotations (though I’m sure many of you are totally killing it already) and remember these are based on my experiences and of what I’ve learned from people I know so your experiences may be different. This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide, more a quick hit of helpful notes to take into consideration. 

I also feel like maybe 50 wasn’t enough to actually illustrate what rotations are like, so if anyone wants to add more to this please do.

Tried and True

  • Show up the first day, bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter how hard the last rotation was.
  • Always try to be there early, before the doctor, even if it’s just a little bit.
  • Read, read, read.
  • If you’ve got a question, ask a question.

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Our Online Library

A sangha is a Buddhist community. However, you don’t have to be a Buddhist to be part of our extended community here. Please visit our Sangha Library to read online books on Buddhism, Hinduism, science, art, history, philosophy, tarot, kabbalah, health and fitness, diet, poetry, humor, Christianity, consciousness, Gnosticism, shamanism, meditation, yoga and some selected spiritual fiction and poetry and much much more. If you see an author quoted on Tumblr frequently chances are you will find their books here. This includes Alan Watts, Pema Chödrön, Sylvia Plath, Joseph Campbell, Hermann Hesse, Ram Dass, Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and dozens more. You will even find selected books in streamable audio form perfect for listening to in the car or on the train.

This means that anywhere you are so long as you can access Tumblr you have a complete library of spiritual and literary classics at your fingertips.

See our CATALOG for a complete listing of our collection.

“A home without books is a body without a soul.”

Cicero, (106 BCE - 43 BCE), Roman Philosopher, Statesman, and Orator

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Hi Diane! I've been a huge fan of yours since middle school (thank you for making that time more bearable). "A Wizard Abroad" has always been my favorite, and I'm rereading it for the umpteenth time right now. I'm finding myself interested in learning more about Celtic mythology. Do you have any books/authors you could recommend? Thanks!

Sure. Here’s a copy and paste from a previous post on this subject:

…Here’s what our present Irish-myths-&-legends shelf looks like:

— This is quite basic stuff. If I needed anything really complex, rare or obscure, I’d check the online catalog for the library at Trinity College (which is one of Ireland’s legal deposit / depository libraries and has copies of every important book published here in the last couple of centuries, along with many much older ones), or the National Library of Ireland (ditto).

The listing of the above: (NB: I’m excluding the relatively modern fiction [the Stephens] and the Welsh, Scots and Orkney material from the list to keep things clear.)

LEGENDS AND TALES OF IRELAND, Samuel Lover and Thomas Crofton Croker


OXFORD COMPANION TO IRISH HISTORY, S. J. Connolly (not a book on legends, but provides context)

THE IRISH FAIRY BOOK, Alfred Percival Graves






THE TAIN, Thomas Kinsella (a modern translation of the Tain Bo Cuailgne, and widely thought to be one of the best)

…As I said, this is a goodish basic library. There are of course hundreds if not thousands of books on Irish folklore out there, some of them excellent and some of them pretty worthless. The only way to find out which is which is to get a basic grounding in the subject and then start feeling your way forward.

Have fun!

*These three were published by Colin Smythe, who besides being Terry Pratchett’s publisher and agent, is also an Irish-literature scholar of considerable repute.

In my previous post, about summer break, I talked briefly about studying during break for those who wanted to study during the summer. Break is a great for getting extra work done in your spare time.


▸ remember when I talked about saving papers from classes that you think you might need later? go ahead and pull out those papers. (the reason you may need papers from prerequisite classes is because material from most prereq classes is going to be applied in the next class you take, so you got to have the first class down pat first)

▸ in the case that you don’t have important papers from previous classes, or are previewing or learning new material rather than reviewing: don’t worry. there are many resources you can find at your library or at a nearby bookstore as well as  a plethora of resources you can find online for the subject you want to study. here are a few things to look for:

○ a syllabus (look through a couple and choose one that you think gives you a good overview)

○ study guides / reviews / practice tests / prepbooks (you can get these from other students who have previously taken the course, at a library, and online)

○ textbooks (you can find so many online in pdf form oh gosh just use google please you will save so much money instead of buying used books and such)

○ online videos explaining things (ex. khan academy, crash course, etc. because they’re fun to watch, and they teach you a lot too)

▸ if you still have your old notes then use those and if you still have access to any resources (online / offline) that your teacher may have given you, then pull those out.

▸ sort your resources by chapters 

the plan

▸ make a plan. this is crucial if you intend to get any work done during your break. remember that it’s your break so you’ll need to have enough time to relax and do other things that you’d like to do. I plan things out in my bullet journal but you can use any helpful planning method you have (ex. calendar, spreadsheet, planner, etc)

▸ when making your plan, see where you have spare time and fill in those time slots with study sessions. also be sure to decide what subject you will study for and what resources you will go through for each study session (ex. on wednesday I’ll have time in the morning, so I’ll study psychology. I can read three chapters out of yadda textbook and watch the blah video for the next chapter)

▸ if you come across a particularly large chunk of work please spread it out. 

▸ don’t overpressure yourself but then don’t completely let yourself loose either. remember that it is your break, so yes, you should relax and destress but if you have those extra two hours you will otherwise spend doing absolutely nothing, and you know that you planned some reading that day, then use that time. not using it will probably make you feel guilty anyways.

▸ which brings me to my next point: your plan should be real. you know yourself better than anyone which means you know whether you feel comfortable enough sitting through six hours of work during your break or not. so when you plan, think about these things.

now what?

▸ now comes the part where you sit down and get work done like a boss

▸ there are some study tips below to help you out 

study tips

▸ I have a post on random study tips here

▸ set goals. if you have a defined goal in mind for each study session, you will be more likely to focus on achieving it and on getting your work done.

▸ I use an app called ‘tide’ and it’s really nice because it has different white noise sounds you can choose from with a good old timer (except the aesthetic level is a lot higher then the regular timer app heheh). it’s comforting to hear the sound of waves crashing onto the shore while studying in the sweltering months of summer (not sponsored by tide. opinion is entirely my own).

▸ which brings me to my next point: since you aren’t studying in the school year and you have a more flexible schedule as well as more time to go out and stuff, try studying in a new place. studying outside is nice: it’ll let the summer sun give you a lil’ kiss while you’re out (wear sunscreen tho) and you can get some fresh air. try the library: quiet, lil’ study cubbies as my librarian likes to call them, and books everywhere in case you find something helpful or something you want to take home to read. 

▸ but be sure to relax! here is a post on things you can do during the summer.

Good luck! -hana from kiyoko-studies 

Witch tip

Have access to online journals and academic articles with your school, college or university? Take advantage of that for articles on your chosen path, spirituality or religion. You’ll find many university libraries and online databases carry documents and books on religion and spirituality, even things considered “new age”

As much as I love libraries...

I wish there was an online library or something, sometimes you have to go to another library from your neighborhood because they don’t have the book that you want, or maybe the book that you want is only online and some of us don’t have kindles or nooks or the money to buy ebooks and appreciate the lending of books that libraries allow and I wish that I could rent a book online for free or something. It’s not like the book will get damaged. I guess they’re worried about copyright, which will most likely be abused but music is copied all the time, and reading is just as important as music, it’s just that not everyone loves it in the same way.


ive seen lots of post about littles who don’t know how to adult when their caregiver isn’t there. this makes me very sad. Sooo i’m making a list of thing you can do to help you “adult”

1) create a schedule. make a list of things you need for each day of the week. you could put it in you phone, get a wall calendar or make a weekly calendar for your wall. this could include bath days, laundry day, clean bedroom, any chore, shopping for food, etc (apps like chore monster help with this too!)

2) create a reward chart. this can be done way you want. for every chore accomplished you get, for example, sticker or check mark. after so many stickers or check marks you get a reward. the reward can be anything from candy to movie night or a new stuffie. 20 stickers=small reward, 30 stickers=medium. 40 stickers=large (# of stickers is up to you!!)

3) little space activities. audio books (from a library or online)

4) make an emergency (little space) kit. in this kit can be anything you want. a spare pacifier (in case one gets lost), non-perishable snacks( baby food, etc), extra box of crayons, ban-aids (ouchies happen), mini flashlight (in case of bye bye lights) are some possibilities.

5) plan ahead for food.sometimes little space hits us randomly. microwavable meals, easy to cook items (mac and cheese, dino nuggets), make meals when you are “adult” (pintrest has good ideas) to reheat, buy lots of fruits and healthy snacks (crackers, cheese, yogurt, juice and milk boxes, etc). also keeping cute snack containers help too!

6) take care of your mental health. this is the most important one for me. EVERY PERSON IS DIFFERENT AND WILL HAVE DIFFERENT COPING STRATEGIES. reaching out to someone, writing what your feeling, sketching, stim toys/jewellery, music, apps for different mental health issues (used for tracking, relaxation, providing advice, etc [look in app store]), and anything that works for you.

please feel free to add anything!

[the things on my list are stuff i have done personally or have learned about. everyone is different. we are all snowflakes and completely unique.]

places to find audio stories @afriendlydaddy, @king-and-queen-luna, @little-bedtime-stories, @me (search audio)

places to find little space stuff @littleforbig, @onesiesdownunder, @wearingclouds, @binkiekissesshop, @cuteturtleclothingco, @littlebabybigplaypen, @littlegear, @littlesowlshop

blogs to follow @stuffieuniversity, @lockscreensforlittles (18+ only), @cookiegoesrawrrr (bigest cutiepie ever! And 18+), @cuties4cutiesblog, @daddyiwantthis (18+ only), @kigurumi-shop (pjs galore), @littleadoptionagency (18+ only), @littlefoodstuff

[if anyone wants me to take them off my tag list on this post let me now and i will do it.


I registered for the online library on the Goethe website and now, I’m back to business. I haven’t been studying/practicing German for almost 4 months now and I’ve lost touch! I really need to get it together or else, the new course (which begins on the 2nd of May) will witness me being an epic fail.
Also, we got a new dining table at my house and I’m loving it as my study space+ the background for my pictures! What do you guys think? Is this background good or should I go back to the white one? Let me know!
//ig: nerdyign

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Prompt: We've seen Mabel meeting Henrys parents but not the other way around. When did Henry first meet Mark and Anne, and how did it go?

“You found a nice young man honey.”

Mabel, joining her mother in the door way, nodded.

“I think so too.”

The subject under discussion was currently engrossed by the information scrolling on the TV, Dad having hooked up his computer to the box to take advantage of the bigger screen. Both men were locked in quiet discussion, completely ignoring the world around them.

“What are they working on again?” her Mom asked. 

Another person, another time, and Mabel would have simply summed it up as “boring nerd stuff.” But now, she screwed her face up trying to remember, remember, remember- oh!

“Something to do with book digitization and putting the older stuff in the library online!” Mabel said proudly, thinking about the long hours she and Henry had put in with the overhead scanner that Grunkle Stan had probably not stolen at the Shack.

Mom smiled. “You really do like him, don’t you?”

“I think he’s it. For realsies this time, he’s it.”

Mom took a sip of coffee. They watched Henry and her Dad continue to scroll through the data on the screen.

“Have you told him yet? About your brother?”

“Of course I did! Dipper met Henry the same time I did! They got along just great and-”

“And he still stayed with you?”

As soon as it was out of her mother’s mouth, Mabel could tell that she regretted saying it, that she hadn’t meant to sound unkind.

But it was still there in the air, lingering.

Mabel shook as a chill danced up her spine, the kitchen of her childhood suddenly losing it’s warmth.

“Yes. He did.” 

So, does everyone remember when Tim Drake lost his spleen in the middle of the desert?

It tends to be a big deal in the Tim Drake fandom. I’ve read a multitude headcannons/fanfics about Tim’s post-spleen removal health, and I got curious.  I am kind of a medical nerd, so I decided to look into exactly what Tim’s medical treatment might be like if he were a real person with asplenia. To make this quandary somewhat legit, I did not use the powers of google, rather the online medical library at my university.

Obviously, the spleen plays a significant role in the immune system, and Tim’s lack of spleen would mean that he has an increased risk of developing infections. 

That being said, I found that most likely, Tim would not be on a daily antibiotic. Research studies show that daily (prophylactic) antibiotic use wasn’t really beneficial to adult patients without spleens. There is also concern that daily antibiotics may actually increase the patient’s risk of developing an antibiotic resistant infection. Children with asplenia are often on daily antibiotics, but this is usually only until age 16 or 18, when their immune system has mostly matured. 

If a patient does develop sepsis (a severe infection that cause organ failure and death), especially from pneumonia, they are more likely to be placed on daily antibiotic therapy. About 5% (depending on the source) of patients with asplenia will develop sepsis in their lifetime. The first year, especially the first 90 days, after spleen removal is when the incidence of sepsis is the highest.

However, if the patient does spike a fever, it is recommended that he immediately be started on an antibiotic. They actually recommend that these patients keep a filled prescription of antibiotics at home so they can start them right away. They also need to contact their doctor immediately, as they will need to undergo a fairly extensive work up to determine the source of the infection so it can be treated appropriately.

Prevention is really the key in keeping an asplenic person healthy. This means it is essential for them to to stay current on their vaccinations, especially for flu, meningitis, and pneumonia (which is the type of infection that most commonly leads to sepsis). Ideally, vaccination starts before the removal of the spleen. But that unfortunately can’t happen if the splenectomy happens emergently (or in a secret base run by ninjas).

Basically, to stay healthy, Tim just needs to do “normal” things to maintain his health - healthy diet, adequate sleep, exercise, wash his hands on occasion, attempt to reduce stress, and avoid unneeded exposure to people who are ill. 

Tim might be slightly screwed on that last part.

(Disclaimer: this post is in no way intended to discourage people from posting whatever Tim Drake headcannon/fanfic/ideas/meta that they want - I was just genuinely curious about the medical treatment of asplenia, and thought that I would share my findings.) 

Please Please Help

Hi so im starting out my spring quarter and my PoliSci class required 5 books. I am trying to find these books online and through libraries but one thing I can’t get somewhere else is something called GetElected.

The total cost is $55.14

I don’t have much money left to buy this because I’ve spent it on other textbooks for my classes. I have about $70 left in my account and I need it for food. I need to get this by today or tomorrow cause I have work to do on it already. 

I’m just asking for $55.14 in total. Anything counts

my paypal is

if u have chase quickpay that would be good too.

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I've been reading an annotated copy of the Qu'ran lately and discovered I have an interest in Islamic theology. Do you have any suggestions for any Qur'anic studies or works you think I should read?

Hey! Thanks for the ask!! With the disclaimer that these choices are based upon my own personal liking, here’s a few:

The Study Quran is an exceptional work that combines the works of multiple Muslim scholars in explaining the Quran, as much as humanly possible. I won’t ask anyone to buy it, as it’s very expensive! But I’ve uploaded the introduction (it’s not pretty) for you here. The introduction is… amazing!! Read it!! It’s so detailed and explains so much of what goes into the Quran, and what it means to Muslims.

Al-Ghazali (online library of texts)  and Ibn ‘Arabi (online library of texts) are two of my favorite theologians/philosophers/mystics, although there are many more, obviously. Both of the writers are also luckily online in total, and both websites I linked have sections on analysis/discussions on both. I would suggest starting with Ibn ‘Arabi’s Bezels of Wisdom.

Some other suggestions:

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (Muhammad Iqbal) This was recommended to as being able to condense/logically explain Islamic works, which is nice as Islamic works are often written in a metaphoric style. I haven’t read it myself, but have a gander.

Classic Issues in Islamic Philosophy and Theology Today This is a collection of essays by contemporary Islamic scholars, discussing the importance of talking about modern Islamic philosophy and theology… which is exactly what the title is! It’s got a big variation of articles, so I can’t really summarize them all.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps: Islamic World (Peter Adamson) This is a really detailed set of podcasts that discusses not only Islamic history, but also much of the philosophy/theology of Islam and the interactions other religions had with it.

The Quran as Literature (Mustansir Mir) This is an interesting article discussing the value of the Quran as literature! I’m not sure it quite fits into what you are wanting, but I think it’ll be a help to you while you work your way through reading the Quran.

Some misc. stuff that is self-explanatory.

Here’s an introduction to kalam, or some classic schools of Islamic theology.

Here’s a very basic overview of Islamic theology.

- Mod Neha

The Library is Open!

We’re officially back online!

Check out our:

You can also: 

The winning AU is: Fake Relationship!

The admins will write a 1000 word fic based on this to celebrate hitting 1k followers!

We hope y’all enjoy the new library! 

-The Admins

Read This Series

Okay, you know what amazing series hasn’t gotten enough love?

This one:

(And approximately a million others but that’s not the point.)

“The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel”

You know what this story has?


It starts out as the story of Sophie and Josh Newman and then it becomes SO MUCH MORE.

You like stories about twins? IT’S GOT THAT.



You like stories that take place all over the world? HOLD ON TO YOUR FUCKING PASSPORT. 


You like alternate universes and timelines? WE’RE TALKING HOMESTUCK LEVELS OF THAT SHIT.




Mass destruction? YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET.

Characters of many different ethnic backgrounds? HOLY SHIT YEAH.


Magical hijinks? ALL THE HIJINKS. ALL OF THEM. 


Famous people from history who turn out to be semi-immortal magic users? 


Joan of Arc


Scathach (She’s like the Flamel’s adopted daughter despite being thousands of years older.) 

Dr. John Dee




Billy the Kid (Machiavelli ends up being like his disapproving father figure and if you don’t think that’s hilarious don’t talk to me.)


Giant spider lady whose name escapes me (EDIT: Her name is Areop-Enap)

Pernell and Nicholas Flamel



Basically, go to your local library, bookstore, online provider, sacrificial cavern, etc. and GET THESE BOOKS.   

Thank you and good day.