I don't understand the OFP.

A japanese group that call themselves “Online Fanart Protection”. Basically, they say that posting a Fanart that you didn’t draw is evil, no matter how much credit you give, unless the artist explicitely asked you to do it. They also claim all artists would agree with them.

Well, I disagree.

While I am against blogging unsourced Fanart and believe that proper Credit should be given to the artists at any time, so they achieve the recognition they deserve, the idea that once you drew/wrote/created a piece of art you alone may decide who looks at it and when is laughable. How is it ever going to spread then? How is anybody ever going to know about you, to find you, to discover you?

Fanart is technically already breaking copyright laws. The very reason why it is legitime regardless this is because it gives Fans the oportunity to share their creativity and spark even more creativity from others. It interconnects the Fandom and the people who love a certain thing.

By deciding that, nope, everyone who, god forbids, wants to show my stuff to others so more people will know how amazing I am must be an evil art-thief, an artist stuns their own growth in not only popularity but also as an artist. Only by allowing your work to spread you can receive feedback from many sides, not just the sides that you know will praise you to heavens high.

I write myself. I draw myself (not horribly well, but still). I do not think that reposting my Fanfics or Fanarts would be an “evil” thing to do. Rather, as long as proper credit is given and my blog is linked, I’d feel horribly flattered and be happy that more people get to see what I did. After all, I am not doing it for money. There is no reason for me to conceal anything. People enjoying my work - THAT is the best payment I can get.

OF COURSE, if I made art for a living, the situation would be different. But then, it’d not be Fanart. It would be original work. That’s a difference. Fanart should never be restricted like Original Work, due to its nature.

Comissions are different again, because you get paid for the act of creating it. You don’t sell the product, you sell your effort. So comissions, too, should not be restricted in where you can repost them with proper credit, once you’ve been paid for them. 

We complain about stuff like SOPA, ACTA, etc, but when *Fanart* artists demand pretty much the same ridiculously close-minded treatment for their non-copyright proected works, they expect to be understood? This is a sentiment I cannot agree with, excuse me. Being reposted with proper credit does NOT hurt an artist, it expands their audience, which supports their growth. 

The “You can always asks if you can repost it” arguement is ridiculous. A good artist would get a hundred mails with that question per day at that rate. Don’t you think those wouldn’t get annoying to answer after some time? I know I would turn sick of it quickly! Where is the logic in that?

A good artist, in my opinion, will always, first and foremost want two things: The enjoyment of their audience, and the recognition of their audience. These are BOTH things that can only be provided if their art actually spreads!

If you keep it from being spread, you stiffle yourself. For an irrational fear of somehow suffering a non-existent disadvantage in becoming more known, you stiffle yourself and shut off endless possibilities that could open to you due to becoming more known on the internet.

When people take a stance like this and call it “Fanart Protection”, I just find that sad.