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Exclusive: Meet the @ReaganBattalion, the anonymous squadron that destroyed Milo’s career

  • An online collective known as the Reagan Battalion unearthed the video of Milo Yiannopoulos defending pedophilia, which triggered his down fall.
  • In an exclusive interview with Mic, the group’s co-founder sought to set the record straight about who the Battalion is — and to make clear their objectives in the American political scene.
  • The Reagan Battalion is a group of 4 people, spread across multiple states, who are involved in political activism, according to one of the group’s co-founders, a man who declined to give his name or occupation in an interview with Mic, citing fear of threats against his family.
  • The co-founder said the group launched during the 2016 GOP presidential primary, initially with the Twitter handle @ConAgainstTrump before quickly changing its name to @StopTrumpPAC.
  • “Our goal was from the beginning was to give a voice to original conservatism,” the co-founder said.  "This is why we took a stand. We were planning to build this up, build this movement up to finally be a source of information for original conservatives.“
  • After Trump won the election, they devoted themselves to upholding conservative values. "The goal of this platform is to keep the conservative movement sane, and to keep the Trump administration on the conservative track,” the Battalion co-founder said. 
  • Why Milo? The Battalion’s goal to “keep the conservative movement sane” proved harder than they initially expected. With Trump’s victory behind them, the group decided that the conservative movement had gone off the rails in its efforts to defend Trump. 
  • Part of that was to maintain a feud with the “mainstream media” — and that’s where Yiannopoulos fit in. Read more (2/21/17 8:30 PM)
Actor AU au

I know there’s already a “canon” Kuro actor!au, but I thought it’d be fun to create my own version of it, but manga-based this time (so an AU of an AU?). So here goes,  AU where Black Butler is a TV series and all the characters are played by “real” people- my headcanons on some of the “actors” (feel free to add on hc’s for the characters not mentioned):

  • Grell: The show’s director. Used to work on Broadway but left the industry after a Tony snub, throws shade at it every time she gets. Held auditions for the character of Sutcliff, and thought everyone who showed absolutely sucked. So she went and played Sutcliff herself; producers thought this was a terrible idea, but the audience loved her. 
  • William: Equivalent of Bill Nye the Science Guy irl. Apologizes every time his character does something mean. Is the one who always shows up at cons. Remembers the names of all his fans. Owns a kitten.
  • Sebastian: Only ever played the most vanilla goody-two-shoes roles until this one. When people found out he was playing Michaelis, they laughed. But turned out to actually have acting chops/popular in the role. Is that guy you see in other films and go “wait, that was him!?” Best friends with Joker’s actor irl. Loves dogs.
  • Ciel: Blacklisted by Disney. Used to be a major character in one of their sitcoms but violated contract rules and secretly auditioned for Black Butler. Complete opposite from his character. Laughs at every joke. Goofball on set. Genuinely nice to his fans. Favorite color is pink.
  • Elizabeth: Used to be the star of a Nick Jr. edutainment show. Nominated for an Emmy when she guest starred in a TV-14 soap opera. Has millions of followers on twitter. Actually good at fencing.
  • Sieglinde: Starred in a tween drama. Also has millions of followers on twitter. Tons of fandom drama between her fans and Lizzie’s fans when she joined the cast. Can speak 5 languages. Funds a program teaching science to children. Becomes best friends with Elizabeth irl.
  • Aleister: Everyone’s favorite person irl. Started out as a model, then stage actor, then TV sitcoms. Coworkers describe him as “supportive and friendly” and “loved working with him, he’s a really great guy.” 
  • Lau: Minor role. Is actually super mega popular in East Asia. Already signed on for 50 shows and films per year. Shows up to film BB whenever he has free time. Never auditioned. Was hired for the sole purpose of tapping into the Chinese market.
  • Undertaker: Used to be a superstar in his early 20s until a huge scandal involving another actress. Paparazzi pressured him into hiding and this is his first role in 10 years. Is becoming popular again, but has 50+ online critics dedicated to collecting receipts on him and deeming him #problematic. Grell hired the actress from the past to play Claudia in an upcoming season and everyone can’t wait to see the irl drama unfold. 
  • Agni: Breakout role was a sitcom. Amazing acting skills. Character killed off when he chose a film over renewing his contract. Now an Academy award winner and esteemed film actor. Most famous of the lot.
  • Soma: Had a minor role in a Nickelodeon sitcom. Nobody found him attractive until he guest starred in a teen drama. Is now a tween heart throb. Very modest irl. Cooks a lot and posts it to instagram.

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Favorite Typeface Pairings

volume one

Here’s some of my favorite typeface combos! Some of these are from Google Fonts and others are from Typekit or online design collections.

This is volume one because I have a BUNCH more, but I decided to make this an educational experience as well by stating why I think each set is a good pair!

Also, I’m usually a serif/sans-serif person, so I’ll have to look into some scripts to add in, too.

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