August’s Featured Game: Land, Sea, Entropy

GENRE: RPG, Fantasy, Adventure
SUMMARY: Land, Sea, Entropy, is a story-heavy action role-playing game with elements of mystery and horror. You live beneath the sea in a small village called Tidemoor. To the North is a labyrinth inhabited by strange monsters… and their numbers are only growing. So as one of Tidemoor’s warriors, your job is to thin the beast’s numbers and protect your town. But you get too greedy, go too far, and reach a point of no return.
You find yourself in a world far different from your own, but it isn’t all full of monsters. There are peaceful places too, areas that are completely safe and untouched by any beasts. As you come to meet the inhabitants of this new land, and seek to return to your own, strange phenomena begins to occur and a mystery surrounding the unknown world unfolds. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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The new IP Bioware has recently been teasing through mysterious (and kinda creepy) short videos has turned out to be a new PC “story-driven action online” RPG named “Shadow Realms”

Gameplay is 4 v 1, where four players fight against the “Shadow Lord”, and a player can play as the evil lord himself.

Shadow Realms is said to be episodic.


Final Fantasy Explorers multiplayer trailer ⊟ 

Don’t get burnt out on all the RPGs coming out right now, and save a spot in your brain for Final Fantasy Explorers after the holidays! The online multiplayer action RPG releases for 3DS on January 26.

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