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Week Long Power Yoga Practice

Strong & calm is sexy . 

These Power Yoga Workouts are a quick & effective way to target specific areas of your body for strength & toning. Work these videos into your regular yoga routine for a balanced and strong body. Try repeating each 2-3x for an incredible workout.

Monday - Arms (repeat 2-3x) Abs (2-3x) Cooldown
Tuesday -  15 minute Backbends (stretch chest, arms & abs)
Wednesday - Legs (3x) Cooldown
Thursday - 20 minute Deep Hip Opening Level 1 (stretch legs & hips)
Friday - Core (2-3x) Back (2-3x) Cooldown
Saturday - 15 minute Twist & Rinse (stretch back & core)
Sunday - 30 minute Full Body then Cooldown or Flexibility Level 1

Here is an example weekly routine you could try. If you’re new to yoga practice each video just once that day for the first week, then repeat the week and try each video 2x (when recommended repetition). Eventually work your way to 3x and your body and mind will thank you! 

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Practice with me, for free! 17 minute flow to jump start your morning. 
Breath, flow, balance, ab-work, heart opening, hip-opening, and rest. 

Yoga Workouts

Get sweaty and toned at home with these Power Yoga Workouts:


10 minute Core Yoga Workout | SarahBethYoga

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This sequence is made up of poses that will greatly improve your core and help tighten your abs. While doing yoga is not the only way to get a six-pack, you can expect to drastically tone and tighten your belly. Strengthening your core can also improve your posture (slouching makes your belly look bigger than it actually is!).

Watch it here:



Thank you all for your support and tuning in to sweat with me.