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Start using support levels instead of functioning labels!

For the uninformed, functioning labels are terms like high functioning autism, low functioning autism, mild autism, severe autism. Other words like moderate or level 1, level 2, etc may be used too.

Functioning labels are extremely offensive because they’re placed on autistic people based on observation from the outside. This is problematic for three reasons.

  • Functioning labels determine how autistic people are treated. People associate “low functioning/severe” with incompetence or infancy and they end up treating the autistic person like a pet or a baby. High functioning/mild gets stereotyped as people who are just a little quirky and their difficulties get ignored as laziness or intentional stubbornness.
  • Functioning labels imply brokenness and treat people as if their intrinsic value is determined by what they contribute to society rather than the fact that they are a living being with oxygen in their lungs and blood in their veins like everybody else.
  • Functioning labels create a dichotomy as if there are differing “levels” of autism or that people exist on different areas of the spectrum. NO, NO, NO, that’s not how it is.

Think of spectroscopy and how the elements create their own signature color lines. Now put peoples’ names in place of the elements: Hydrogen/Harold, Helium/Henry, Lithium/Luke, Oxygen/Olga, Carbon/Carol, Nitrogen/Nadine.

Autism is like that. We’re all on the same spectrum and all that is unique is how we display our symptoms, our sensory issues, our splinter abilities and so forth.

In light of that, I want to change the language. Let’s start pushing for support levels instead of functioning labels.

High support: Anyone who isn’t able to live independently and needs help with some or all of their basic daily living skills such as eating, bathing, basic grooming, putting on makeup, getting dressed and completing tasks. Can be abbreviated online or in writing as HSP for High Support Person or HSAP for High Support Autistic Person.

Usage in speech: Clarissa is a high support autistic person and needs assistance with getting dressed and taking a shower.
Abbreviated usage online: I’m a HSAP and I’m really into physics, so the poor sucker who signs me on is gonna hear a lot about it when they hand me my iPad! 

Medium support: Anyone may or may not live independently and doesn’t need help with basic living skills, but needs help with other things like cooking, completing some tasks, transportation if unable to drive and assistance for things like grocery shopping. Can be abbreviated online or in writing as MSP for Medium Support Person or MSAP for Medium Support Autistic Person.

Usage in speech: Kevin is a medium support autistic person and needs some assistance to prepare meals and shop for the wood he uses for his carpentry projects. His boyfriend, Max, usually helps him with those.
Usage online: I’m a MSAP and I’m looking for info about saws. Any fellow auties know what’s best for cutting oak? 

Low support: Anyone who more often than not lives independently and may only need assistance with minor things like balancing a checkbook, getting started on some tasks like organizing a garage sale or arranging to move from one house to another. Can be abbreviated online or in writing as LSP for Low Support Person or LSAP for Low Support Autistic Person.

Usage in speech: Jesse is a low support autistic person and she only needs help keeping her checkbook balanced.
Usage online: I’m a LSAP and I’m thinking about moving to Seattle. What’s the weather and traffic like there? 

Reasons support levels are better:

  • They don’t make assumptions about intelligence
  • They don’t encourage infantilization or pity
  • They sound more respectful and dignified

Ditch functioning labels and start using support levels. These terms can apply to practically every kind of disability, not just autism.

For the record, I’m a MSAP.

Please reblog this whether you’re disabled or not. Make this viral.

friendly reminder that in the original Japanese Uno’s speech patterns are so casual and broken that I once had to look up an obscure list of dialectal vocabulary words from a Ghibli film just to understand what he was saying


Net Neutrality is immensely important to thousands of communities worldwide. People should have the right to access their media without it being affected by companies only looking for profit. The right of free speech would very much be affected by the Net Neutrality law being revoked, as much of free speech and opinions is exercised online. In general, usage for online applications and other areas of the internet that would be affected would spiral downwards. Net Neutrality keeps fairness among internet users, and for good reason. Once people of power in government stoop as low as to turning means of community and free speech into means of profit, something is definitely wrong in the government’s decision making.

anonymous asked:

My 12 year old little brother was almost groomed sexually by a 26 year old woman and I only found out because he asked me what some things meant and was a bit creeped out. You know how they started talking? He commented on a cooking video (he's a good cook bless him) and the adult was "impressed" and asked to share recipes. THEY "BONDED" OVER FUCKING FOOD. This purity culture is bullshit, child predators aren't stopped by pretending dark contents don't exist - IF ANYTHING IT GIVES PREDATORS (1)

A HUGE FUCKING SIGN ON WHICH “ROAD” THEY COULD TAKE TO APPEAR “SAFE” LMAO. Prevention comes from fucking monitoring your damn children and teaching them the actual danger /IN THE PREDATORS BEHAVIOR/, not screeching whenever you don’t agree with who some people want to see fucking. Sorry I’m just so fucking upset at the state of this hellsite lmao. I used to try to see reason in antis argument, thinking maybe they meant well, but nah, they don’t fucking care about protection for /anyone/. (2)

^^^All of this.

Predators will use anything to groom victims - food, candy, games, music, common interests. It’s sad and scary but that’s just how it is unfortunately, so it’s up to parents to monitor their kids’ online usage, up to them to teach their kids red flags to look out for, up to them to let their kids know to go to them or another adult they trust if something feels wrong, etc. 

That’s scary your little brother was almost groomed, but I’m so thankful that he had the awareness to be creeped out and approach you about it

anonymous asked:

How do you get those smooth lines???!!!! I'm so jealous of your great art!!!

Assuming that’s not a rhetorical question, the only tips I can give are:

  • Do continuous lines in one stroke. Failed to do that? Ctrl+Z and try again! (Yes, it takes a dozen or two attempts sometimes.)
  • Have trouble doing a long line in one stroke? Zoom out a bit and try again.
  • Make sure to adjust edge hardness and edge shape of your brush.
  • If you’re using SAI, stabilizer is your friend. It’s a drop list at the very right of the panel above your drawing area. I use S-3 for most lineart, S-5 for long curves (like the shapes of the skull).
  • Draw on bigger canvas than what you plan the final image to be. Sizing it down after you’re done will smooth the lines further. (Note: I’m sure this works for online usage; I donno if it’s a good idea for stuff you plan to print since I’ve never printed stuff myself.)

Donno if any of this is helpful but I hope so!

I’ve been demoted from ‘spouse’ to ‘friend’ by programmers unaware of how language works

Facebook just sent a message to my husband prodding him to “reflect upon his eight years of friendship” with me. That is, we’ve both been on Facebook for 8 years, and have been ‘Facebook friends’ for that long.

Um…how nice?

The thing is, the implication in this message is that we’ve only been friends (not spouses), and only for eight years (when in fact we’ve been married far longer).

For linguistics nerds, this implication follows from Grice’s maxims of conversation, specifically, the Maxim of Quantity. When you state that you’ve been friends for eight years, you imply that you haven’t been friends any longer than that, or else you would have said so.

This effect is compounded because they are conflating the platform-specific meaning of “Friend” with colloquial usage. Being online friends with someone doesn’t mean that your RL relationship (a) is only that of friends and (b) started at the same time your online friendship began.

Facebook has unwittingly provided an excellent demonstration that computers (or their programmers) have no idea how human communication works. The message it sent my husband was completely grammatical (and probably followed a template created by an actual human) and yet nevertheless felt completely off-base.

It’s also a failure of programming, because Facebook has us listed as “married” to each other as well. We aren’t hiding that information!

Do people appreciate getting these messages? It just feels really odd.

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a thing I’ve been working on for a client this past year (and which is why I haven’t been able to post much), not sure if the short will ever be broadcasted to the public/online usage, but I like how I whipped up this background in an hour lol