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I went to see a counselor today. She knows that I live in an incredibly toxic household, with almost daily verbal fights and an emotionally immature and abusive alcoholic mother, and is trying to help me get out. So, she’s helping me apply to fafsa and look for housing and get the proper funding and even just listening to me. Today I told her that I was worried that I wasn’t doing enough. That I was lazy because I wasn’t one of those success stories like a person with a broken leg finishing climbing the mountain or someone working 24/7 to support themselves.

I thought that because I wasn’t out there all the time doing backbreaking work to make things better for me, I wasn’t doing enough. Instead, I was mostly staying at home and taking three classes at most per semester sorta lazily getting good grades (because I wasn’t at the library 24/7 studying) and indulging in nice clothes and makeup to make me feel a bit better. I asked her what she thought of this. If I was okay even though I wasn’t a remarkable person or a success story.

She said yes.

Yes, but.

Yes, but I AM a remarkable person. I AM a success story. 

I saw myself as someone lazy and unmotivated, just living day by day. Someone who couldn’t bother to take more than three classes before, and is only taking one class now. Someone who stays home instead of going out and being active because sitting and laying down is so much easier. Someone vain who cared more about appearances than success. Someone relying on medication to feel happy. Someone weak.

She saw me as someone struggling, constantly, with so much negativity in their life that showing up to class and participating is in and of itself an incredible task. Someone who takes things step by step, so that they can get the most out of their education. Someone who continues to strive to get good grades, despite having every reason to desire giving up. Someone going online and finding tools and resources to help myself so that I can get better and move forward. Someone stuck, who still has hope. Someone who puts time and effort into their appearance. Someone who isn’t afraid to use the tools at hand to help themselves. Someone who, even when facing so much sorrow, wakes up each day and tries to find happiness. Someone strong.

Just because i’m not climbing mountains doesn’t mean i’m weak. It doesn’t mean i’m not doing enough. I’m strong. I’m remarkable. I’m a success story.

And so are you.

We don’t have to climb mountains. We can just live each day finding joy and continuing on and smiling even when we’re not happy. That is enough. That is more than enough. 

We are strong, we are remarkable, we will survive.

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do you know the name of the font that pretty much all comics use? :I

I don’t really read a lot of comics off the internet, so I wouldn’t know… but I posted a link to an online font-identifying tool a while back, let me see if I can dig it up…

Yes, [here’s the post].

keops73 said:

I would add that is a place where most comic pros go to get their fonts made out of their lettering. They have some great services and if it’s a little out of your price range they have some nice free ones you can use.

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Pretty much all manga uses Wild Words, if that helps? I don’t know if the same font gets used in other comics.

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They usually use Marker Felt, Anime Ace, Comic Sans (I think?) and Back Issues.…

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Hi, I'm just beginning my study, I have bought Timothy Roderick's "Wicca: A Year and a Day" as previously suggested on this blog. I'm basically starting with almost nothing and I need to start collecting candles, herbs, tools etc. Can you suggest any good online shops I could source everything I need to begin my practice? I don't have a lot to spend at the moment and I'm located in Australia. So far postage costs have been the biggest issue but I understand it's hard to avoid! Thank you

I strongly recommend Amazon for cheap bulk items - you can get like a 120 pc pack of white tealight candles for $20 USD, and that’s pretty good!

I know that book is pretty resource heavy, especially as you get further into it. That was an issue for me when I was starting out so I’m going to give you a tip that helped me - if you’re short on cash, collect your materials slowly and give the book a trial read through. Don’t feel like you need to get everything at once. There’s a lot of information packed into that book that can be read without performing the spells and rituals they teach, as well as a lot of question sections that have you focus on figuring out your own beliefs and don’t require materials. Read through it until you feel like you’ve got enough materials to start the rituals.

And another tip - if you’re short on materials and need to variety of colors/herbs/oils, due the following (simply charge them with the specific intent before using):

- White candles can replace any color candle that you need
- Rosemary can be substituted for any herbs
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used to anoint anything
- Any stone can be used in stone spells if they’re charged correctly

Hope this helps!


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Hi there, I really love your paths, but they don't match my grass. I tried using the tutorial, but I'm just so bad at it, I was wondering if it would be too much trouble to show us the tiled version of your paths laid out so I can change the grass without changing your (amazing) rock? Sorry if I'm a bother >< Ty!

hello! i’ll upload them here but i’ll put them under a cut because i don’t particularly want them reblogged if that’s okay! :D i hope they help! 
there’s also an acnl pattern tool online which you can use to alter qr codes, and i don’t mind if you use that to change the colour of my stones as long as you don’t claim them as your own/redistribute them! that might be easier than trying to copy them out pixel by pixel!

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