online taxes

A reminder to people buying from artists online -

Per transaction:

Paypal takes 2.9% + 30 cents
Etsy takes 3.5% + 20 cents

(These are paypal alternatives -)

Etsy Direct checkout takes 3% + 25 cents
Storenvy checkout takes 2.9% + 30 cents

Online is a venue like anywhere else and that requires services like these. Next time you look at the price of that item, remember the artist is getting less than that by these amounts. Many add these fees to the price of their item ( which is worth their time per hour x number of hours + materials) or to the shipping cost if it is a physical item.

Speaking of shipping, remember the artist also must take the time to carefully pack your item and get it to the post office, and pay for stuff like tissue paper, tape, label paper, cards, etc. If it is not a free priority box or a recycled box, they paid for the box or padded envelope too. If you see that you paid a little more for shipping than is on the label the artist is not ripping you off, that is handling charge for these things ( or to help recoup fees).

Thank you!

Things you can do with Estonian ID card
  • Digitally sign documents and contracts
  • Verify the authenticity of signed documents
  • Encrypt and transmit documents securely
  • Establish a company online
  • Administer the company from anywhere in the world
  • Conduct e-banking and remote money transfers
  • Access online payment service providers
  • Declare taxes online
  • Travel within European Union and EFTA
  • Vote online
  • Access your medical records
  • Register a birth online
  • Get prescription medicine from pharmacies

0-1 for Estonia, your move World


Okay, I don’t want to over-hype this, but presenting.. TA DA! The new city of Pawnee website, totally revamped! You can pay parking tickets, you can apply for a business license. And the best part is, we’re going to put up an online poll so people can pick the new town slogan–
Hey, look a panda!
Yeah, that’s just some mascot thing that the designer put up on the front page. But more importantly, you can now apply for a utility tax refund online–
Wait, the panda’s name is Peebo? Peebo! Look, you can even play ping-pong!

anonymous asked:

Since tax season is coming up, I wanted to let you guys and your followers know that if you make less than 50K a year, H&R Block will file your taxes online for you for FREE and they'll help you find deductions and stuff you probably don't know about so you can get your maximum tax refund.

Yep. Turbotax will do the same—and they’ll pay you back the fines plus interest if they make any mistakes (I’ve been using them for years upon years and never had a mistake; always got money back). This year they even added free state tax filing, which is huge.

You can also check with other tax services in your area. Chances are, if you’re using a 1040EZ, someone is willing to do your taxes for free.

US Senate passes bill that would allow states to tax Internet purchases


The US Senate has passed a bill that could end tax-free shopping on the Internet for many shoppers.

The Senate voted 69 to 27 Monday to pass the bill, sending it to the House where it faces opposition from some lawmakers who regard it as a tax increase.

Under current law, states can only require retailers to collect sales taxes if the merchant has a physical presence in the state. As a result, many online sales are tax-free.

Today’s final update

We’ve made a lot of progress today in hopefully taking the first steps to fixing the game up for alpha testing. Here’s what we’ve managed to achieve:

We’ve decided to move Clanheart over to a new hosting company and picked up one of their dedicated servers (for techies):

Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 [8 Cores @ 2.4 GHZ / 3.2 GHZ Turbo, Hyper-Threaded] (Hyper threading giving you 16 cores)
120GB Intel S3510 SSD (primary disk drive)
500GB WD Black (backup drive)
100Mbps Network Uplink
20TB Premium Transfer
2 IPs
CentOS Linux 64-bit + cPanel/WHM
Apache 2.4

This server will host the website itself. Our second decision is moving Clanheart’s image generation services (alphas, offspring, adults, etc) onto a server of its own, albeit a smaller one that the web server. What does this mean? Even if the online players are taxing the image server with requests, it won’t affect the web server and the web server should not lag.

We will hopefully be able to get our new server company’s support in changing over all of the databases to the new InnoDB engine while they are busy migrating the website to the new server.

After this new migration is complete and all tables have been converted to InnoDB, we will be working on connecting all of the existing image generation scripts to the secondary image generator server. When that is complete, we will open the game up again and see how it handles players interacting with it. If all goes well, image generation may still be slow, but you should not be encountering the extreme slowdown of the game that you did before (which means you could wait for images to generate in one tab, while exploring other parts of the game in another, if desired).

When can you expect Clanheart to be back up for alpha testing? A conservative estimate is within 48-72 hours. We have been given a 24-48 hour waiting period for configuration of the new server and the migration of Clanheart’s data. After that, it will probably take less than 24 hours for the programmer to alter the existing scripts to reflect our new Web Host | Image Host split.

One last thing to mention: dedicated servers are not cheap, and we discussed this in the past that hosting Clanheart on a dedicated server prior to Kickstarter is a difficult expense. Based on the advertising revenue logged for yesterday, we may be able to squeak by in paying for the alpha servers with the advertising revenue it generates. For this reason, if you are able, it is crucial that you turn off AdBlockers when accessing Clanheart. We may not be able to afford the servers if we don’t have the advertising revenue.

A couple of quick P.S.: no, you don’t need to re-register to come back onto alpha, and no, if you already made your alpha clan member, you don’t need to remake it. Yes, if you skipped adult creation due to lag, you can return to it and select an adult. And yes, we know about the gender bug.