Little warning

Hello my lovely bunnies ! 

Today I just wanted to make a small announcement about the store that I have been working with for few months and just warn you about it so you would know what to expect (if something ever goes wrong with your order or so).

I have worked with Zaful for the last few months and recently my contact person changed and I had some situations where he didn’t reply to me and now I am being completely ignored, my emails are never answered. We had a deal that I get paid monthly through Paypal and I make 2 posts a day for the shop. You might not seems 2 posts a lot, but for me, who has ~5 other stores to post for daily, it’s pretty hard. Moreover, I usually edit some photos and search for cute items, so it takes quite a lot of time. So I posted 2 posts a day for them in February and when I submitted the links, they never replied. I thought that maybe it’s some kind of holidays for the staff or just they are very busy, but after talking with few other bloggers, who work with Zaful, I realized that I was cut off just like that. Other blogger got replies the next day from them, got paid without problems and so on. The thing is, it is completely okay if the store thinks that the traffic and profit I bring is too low, but I would like to know that so I would stop posting. And now, after the whole month of posting for them, I didn’t even get my payment. 

To be honest, I feel a little sad that I didn’t get the money after all my work BUT this is not about it. I just want to warn those, who might already bought from Zaful or are planning to, that if anything goes wrong with your purchase, they MIGHT just cut you off and leave you like that, without items nor refunds. Not saying they always do that, most likely not, but it might happen. So be alert and know this. 

I hope this wasn’t too long, I just wanted to let out the disappointment about this situation. I was cut off like this once before by BH store and it’s really not fun, so just felt like letting you all guys know about things that happened to me ! 

I hope you all have a lovely day ! Xoxo 


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Recently some people have asked me about buying my stuff online, so I’ve decided to actually open my RedBubble store. So from now on, if you want to get any of the things shown above or maybe something else featuring my art… You can simply go HERE and buy it! I’ll be gratefull for every purchase, no matter whether it’s something expensive or not ^^
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Tumblr community, I am asking for your help. If you could please reblog or like this post, it would mean more than you know, but let me explain:

I was accepted into my dream university just a few months ago but was unable to afford the tuition. Next fall, I will be attending a local college instead, but I can’t imagine giving up on what I’ve worked for since elementary school. I will be reapplying to my dream school next year with the hopes of getting accepted again and with a scholarship and more money in my pocket. 

To pay for college, I have created an online shop. It sells not only my art prints but also apparel, stationery, bags, home decor, and more with my designs printed on them. I just posted my artwork today, but I will be adding more designs and products soon and I will be taking design requests! I know that money isn’t so easy to come by, and really, reblogging or liking this post would help tremendously, but if you would like to browse through the few designs currently posted or to purchase from the site, you can click here to be directed to my shop (click on a portfolio, a design, and then a product):

Thank you for reading!

April 29, 2017