online security tips

anonymous asked:

hey just wanting to ask, is there any tips to make my ao3 account more secure? Cause one of my fav. writer in the fandom got their works deleted by some hater. Technically, the hater doesn't like her story & they hacked into the writer's account & deleted 5 of her works. And 1 story was being messed up.

  1. Have a secure password and change it often (every 3-6 months). Secure passwords are generally longer than 8 characters and have a mix of capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers and perhaps special characters. 
  2. Do not share your password with anyone, for any reason. 
  3. Do not reuse your password for multiple accounts.
  4. Make sure your email account has a secure password as well, so no one can break into your email and use it to request new passwords on other sites.
  5. Do not save your account or password information in your browser, especially if you share your computer with other people. 
  6. Do not let others use your smartphone if you are logged into accounts there.
  7. Do not click on links that you get from people you don’t know. Clicking unknown links might lead to accidentally downloading virus software that can steal your passwords.
  8. Do not click on links from people that you do know if you haven’t read the URL first to see that the website looks legitimate. 

That’s off the top of my head, so let’s see if anyone else has some online security tips they can share.