online sarcasm

[consumes literally any speculative fiction work written in the past sixty years] oh i see how it is, you want me to feel bad for the villain because they were sad one time. you want me to excuse all their actions, as evidenced by the protagonists explicitly condemning them and continuing to fight them. I see how it is

raptor really is a haunted man + thats a side of him thats often overlooked… the line “do the raptor”  in “jorvik city” alludes to the fact that “raptor” as we know him is just a stage persona. & because thats the version of him thats known and loved and that everyone wants him to be he cant be anybody else but raptor anymore. all he can be is what everyone expects him to be.. everyone else just wants him to do the raptor

furthermore the lyrics “eenie meenie miney mo” suggest that hes lost the ability to make major choices in his life – that every selection he makes is so minor and arbitrary and that so little matters to him that for all he cares he can just pick with eenie meenie miney mo, & it’ll have the same outcome

the repetition of “hey yo” in his song “hey yo” suggests that he is losing his connection with his friends and family, and becoming increasingly lonely and isolated at the top. they no longer answer his phone calls, leaving him helplessly saying “hey? hey? hey yo?” into the phone, to no response

not to forget that his song “doh dah” is so physically powerful, deep, + complex that its meaning is incomprehensible to the mortal mind

brigetstxlz  asked:

Hi! I'm the main URL of the heathers account that you reblogged from yesterday about candy store and jd. It was a joke, and I'm not angry cuz I can't tell sarcasm Online either. I put that the post was sarcasm in the tags :)

Sorry I missed that. I originally wasn’t planning on rebloging it but I went all the way through the tags and with nothing new I was like “oh well”.

I’m really bad with sarcasm and I’ve had some weird experiences with people on this site so it’s especially hard on Tumblr to tell if a person is being serious or not. That and I rely on the tone of a person’s voice to tell if they are being sarcastic and you can’t get that through text.

I wasn’t trying to be rude or start anything and the Heather’s fandom gets new fans everyday and some of them are really young. And some of them don’t know much yet and I’ve seen people say stuff similar to your post, only being serious.

That and I’m just kinda moody today because I’ve had no sleep and am very stressed. So sometimes I’ll say stuff that sounds rude or along the lines of it but I’m not meaning to.


I’m tired of blank profiles and their lame excuses: “we can chat”, “I can’t upload a pic” or the best: “I don’t want to waste time filling out a profile, lets just get to know each other”. The deal is, as a lady human, I prefer to vet men before I speak to them, read up and see if we have anything in common or if there are red flags or huge differences in our values and lifestyles that would make it unpleasant to interact. That makes me feel safer, bottom line. Also, as a lady human I get a shit-ton of messages, most are the internet equivalent of someone tapping me on the shoulder and then expecting me to start the conversation. But I assure you that I, and the other lady humans, are sifting through a massive cesspool and I cannot be expected to start up 15 conversations a day because I need to “get to know” a dude who isn’t willing or capable of really putting himself out there on a level that even matches mine or lets me feel safe. Fuck that noise. From now on: blank profile? Snarky response. 

I actually am very very very flattered when I see people reblogging my original content. Even commenting on it. I’m just terrible at talking to people and especially online my sarcasm comes out a little mean. Also I don’t really know how to respond to compliments without just saying “Thanks ^_^” because I actually mean that and usually smile at my screen when I see them.

I suck at speaking to people more online than I do in real life. I’m not ignoring, I just don’t know what to say back and when i take forever to think of something it’s like i left it too long to respond.

I dunno. I’m weird. Socially awkward. Forgive me. Rant over.