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Hey Jax I was thinking in the NewYEAR to hire you as my Online Personal Trainer. I was wondering what type of results could I get from training with you and do you have an email I can reach you at?

Since I’ve gotten 4 people messaging me on Tumblr about Hiring me as their Personal Trainer or for a customized workout routine for the New Year sure. 

You can ALWAYS EMAIL me here. 

where we cover rates and find out what you can do, what you cant do and what type of routine would work best for your body type.

AND yea I’ll get ya on POINT but ya gotta remember its a TEAM EFFORT so I cant do all the work. You gotta put in some effort as well and you can get results just as great as these folks

And of course I transformed myself ;)

Workin with me I’ll make ya SUPER JUST SAIYAN ;) and 

So just shoot me an email and you can be on your way to GAINZVILLE :)

This sequence is made up of poses that will greatly improve your core and help tighten your abs. While doing yoga is not the only way to get a six-pack, you can expect to drastically tone and tighten your belly. Strengthening your core can also improve your posture (slouching makes your belly look bigger than it actually is!).

Watch it here:


New oblique workout - it’s time to lose those love handles!

A list of some of the books on my reading list for this year (not including novels)

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A great plyometric workout that burns major calories and fat through compound moves and all over body exercises. No equipment needed. Tone up your abs, core, butt, legs, arms, shoulders, and more. Watch it here:

Hey guys I know I’ve been M.I.A., but I’m back, and I’ve been working on some really exciting and new stuff! Stay tuned, because you know I’ll be doing a relaunch giveaway to some ladies committed to changing their lives in favour of a healthier lifestyle as usual!

Currently revamping my website again because I’m forever evolving and you guys will definitely also reap the benefits of that evolution. You can message me on here if you need any assistance in the mean time. I may choose some of your questions to be answered in a video so go ahead and send them. Sending you love on your journeys!😘😘😘

Empower Yourself Through Wellness Here! 

Love you guys.

anonymous asked:

I don't have any eating disorders and I just eat whatever I feel like (which is quite balanced) but I feel like I'm really unfit. The only form of exercise I do is running up and down stairs or a fast walk. Going to a gym gives me anxiety. Idk why. Maybe it's cuz I'm not comfortable with my body but I get the same feeling when I go to a library too so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I don't know where to start and I don't know what diets or workouts to trust. I'm​ not looking to gain or lose weight. Any advice?

Sometimes you have to push through the anxiety and experience something so you can realize it’s not that big of a deal.

Also, there are a billion ways to work out.  Sports.  Hiking.  Swimming.  Youtube videos with workouts you can do at home.  Magazines with workouts you can follow.  Websites that specialize in fitness.  Online motivation groups and personal trainers.  Running around your neighborhood.  Bike riding. Going up and down stairs.  You’re already on tumblr and there are hundreds of fitness oriented blogs.

You said you don’t know what workouts to trust, but I’m not sure why you would ask me for my advice.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about fitness on this blog.  I’m a lazy lump who pays for a personal trainer so I have someone to guilt me into working out harder, because I find it hard to stay motivated on my own.  I’m the last person who should be advising you on this subject.

Coach online and personal trainer. 

(Degree Physical activity and sport sciences, Bikini  Fitness Competitor)

If you want to achieve your dream body, send me an email ( 


Plank & Drag - Get into plank position and place one weight in front of your hands. Drag the weight towards yourself, about 18 inches. Then, crawl back on your hands and toes. Repeat the move once more, then turn around and repeat again in this direction.

Plank w/Hip Dip - Get into a plank position on your hands. Twist your body to one side, making a straight line with your arms and staggering your feet. Then dip your hip down as low as you can, but do not touch the ground. Return to starting position, then switch sides.

Rock n Roll to Burpee - Stand with your feet hip width apart. Roll onto your back and immediately roll back up to standing position and drop down into a burpee.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you have time before or after your festivities today, we have the perfect workout for you! Burn fat at a high rate and sculpt your abs, arms, back, butt, legs, and shoulders.  31 minutes of fast action, high intensity moves. Burn 300 plus calories! Watch it here:

30 minute low impact, fat torching workout. 21 moves to shape and tone your body. This is killer cardio with some strength training (body weight). You can get a great workout with or without a step. Includes a warm up and you’ll be sore the next day. Watch it here: