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lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

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hello!! i was wondering if you guys could update the bed sharing and cuddling tags??? thank uuuuu <3

bed sharing:

little spoon by bibliosexual (1/1 | 4,489 | PG13)

To save money while attending college in NYC, Stiles and Derek decide to rent one tiny apartment together. With one bed.

I can be your shelter ‘til it’s done. by skyblue993 (1/1 | 1,567 | PG13)

“You can sleep here,” Derek suggests quietly, then he adds completely unnecessary. “Next to me.”

Stiles’ eyes go wide for a small second, then the corners of his lips quirk up in a bashful smile which, according to Derek, is bright enough to lit up the whole room. “Yeah.. I.. I’d like that.”

Lorelei by TroubleIWant (1/1 | 9,671 | R)

Derek didn’t become a deep sea fisherman to make friends, but somehow that’s exactly what’s happened. Assuming, of course, that friendship is what’s going on between him and the deeply irritating (and attractive) man he’s managed to save. Surely they can last the few days 'till landfall without annoying each other to death… or falling into bed together. Right?


Derek wasn’t entirely sure the survivor was alive when he heaved him aboard. Since spotting the lifeboat, Derek’s whole brain had been fully online, blasting panic, and even now the adrenaline made the world seem over-sharp. The man’s soft pink skin against the bright, plasticized red of his work suit seemed surreal; the length of his eyelashes jumped out, though they should have been unnoticable. The blood on his face didn’t seem to bode well for a happy ending. Neither did the way his head lolled on his neck, nor the uneven, shallow quality to his breathing.

“Let’s get you below deck,” Derek muttered at the stranger, his voice scratchy with disuse.

Like What You See? by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries (1/1 | 1,691 | NR)

Stiles and Derek have to pretend to be together while attending a werewolf conference. Also Derek’s red thumbhole sweater makes an appearance

The Dreamwalker by Deshonanana (1/5 | 1,716 | PG13)

Stiles barely believed in soulmates, yet now he was presented with having his life saved by a black wolf. A black wolf that decides to then accompany Stiles on his journey to request help from the king for his father.

Find Me Sitting Fireside by kaistrex (weishen) (1/1 | 13,282 | PG13)

With the news that an Alpha wants Beacon Hills for their own, Derek and Stiles are forced to attend a couples retreat at a ski resort to learn their enemy’s identity. However, the threat is the least of Derek’s problems when he’s expected to fake a relationship, share a bed and suffer through candlelit dinners with the man he’s secretly been in love with for the past four years.


Careful Fear and Dead Devotion by freeyourheart (1/? | 3,114 | PG13)

Since losing his family, Derek Hale never imagined that he would be caught up in anything even close to his current predicament. It wasn’t the whole “someone’s trying to kill me” part that had him feeling off. That just came with being a Hale. It was other stuff that he had never even fathomed having to deal with, especially considering the way his life typically worked out. Until lately, he never even let himself toy with the idea of actually having a pack – a legitimate group of friends – that he would not only figuratively die for, but literally die for too. A pack that he knew deep down would do the same for him. He also couldn’t believe the fact that if he went through with his plan - faking his death at the hands of their rival - he would actually have to convince his pack not to avenge his death… He had people who cared about him. People that wanted to fight for him, and along side of him. Friends who would actually be devastated if something bad were to happen to him. He had people who loved him. And even though the world currently seemed set on destroying him, he couldn’t help but feel whole and warm and good. He couldn’t help but share that love. It was a strange feeling, but a good one. Damn, was it a good one.

let Qui-Gons be Qui-Gons by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 1,512 | G)

Derek had made reservations for them at the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in all of Beacon County over two months ago, reserving them a table for two in a private section. So, of course, the day of their reservation, Stiles gets hurt and ruins everything.

The Thawing of Our Hearts by shadowhunter167 (1/1 | 1,499 | G)

“It kinda hurts to breathe,” Stiles whispers, letting his head drop to Derek’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re literally freezing.”


Or, the Sterek fic where they piss off a witch, Stiles is literally freezing, and Derek’s really warm.

Anime List 2017

since its NYE here is my planner list of anime to watch in 2017

feel free to take this list so you won’t forget :P.

Attack on Titan season 2 (hopefully no postponing again)

Seven Deadly Sins season 2

Blue Exorcist season 2

Rewrite season 2

Kyoukai no Rinne season 3

Full Metal Panic season 4

Sword Art Online movie

Tales of Zestiria The X season 2


the return of the fairy tail anime and the second film.

and hopefully if Bones gets enough funds Noragami season 3

and also Miraculous Ladybug season 2

tfw your kickstarter hits over 200% of it’s goal in the first half of the campaign. no, but seriously guys, thank you SO MUCH. 

this is actually part of an illustration that will be apart of the prologue for the book. right before harry has his queer realization. it’s going to explain how harry, ron, hermione and draco return to hogwarts after the war for their “8th year”. 

Hello friends!

So i know i’m not a big popular blog or anything but i just wanted to put myself out there and express myself. And part of that experience for me is having the confidence to put my photos online and maybe even allowing people to purchase my photographs.

Not gonna lie, i’m kinda nervous to post this but i’ll give it a shot. @jennifersphotographs <— this is my photography blog and i really appreciate likes and reblogs (especially since it’s a new blog and hasn’t had much exposure) And if someone liked enough to buy it?! i’d write a cute lil note expressing my thanks when i mailed the photo print to them wow.

gosh this got long. thank you for taking the time to read this. i hope everyone is having a good day!

Photo Prints: Brendon Urie Drumming

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This may just be me, idk, but the download thing for all of M*aya's work isn't working?


this one a) has a table of contents in the actual PDF, how novel, and b) contains a download for a PDF of JUST THE DRARRY FICS. big love 2 whichever enterprising little Drarry fan threw this together. doin’ God’s work. 

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I suffer from extreme social anxiety, but I'm trying to learn French. I want to be able to practice speaking, but when I try with strangers (especially online) I get panic attacks. I'm getting treatment for my anxiety, but in the mean time do you have any ideas for how I can practice with out over extending myself?

Hi! I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you feel better soon! I can offer a few tips:

  • Talk to and have imaginary conversations with yourself 
  • Listen to native speakers speaking your target language (for example on the radio, tv-show, or a youtube video) and repeat what they say
  • Sing along to your favourite songs in your target language
  • Read books, articles, and other texts in your target language out loud
  • Instead of having real time voice chats with native speakers, try sending them voice messages (x)
  • Have a positive attitude, don’t give up, and be proud of your achievements big or small

I hope this helps, good luck!