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How dumb can someone be

So, i share a video on facebook. It is about the new game Friday the 13th, based off the movie where you have to survive the ‘night’ (20 minutes) and 1 person plays as Jason in one round, and the others play random people. Its most likely an online multiplayer game. So, i share the video, and someone that I know, comented saying how their bday is on friday the 13th (it is but theyre an idiot) and that it was freaking them out/why am i trying to freak them out.

Its a fucking video game. I wanted to reply so badly, ‘dude seriously?’ But i didnt because then that would end up causing either an argument or discussion to begin and yeah. I tell my mom this and she says we’re gonna go with they are being facetious. I just lost it and was laughing. And saying yeah, right. And then as i was walking to my room i was saying how they wouldnt even know what facetious means and she replied with of course not, but we do and i just grinned at her and that is how stupid a person can be. (Btw, this person, i used to be close with. Im not anymore and theyre the jealous over nothing/stupid type. I have no idea how i, a smart, kind, but fiercely loyal person, is related to such an imbecile like that)

Imma tag some people who i think will enjoy the story of idiocy. @weirdnewbie @mentallydatingrobertbrucebanner @zoevesper @vixenwinchesters @supersoldier-buckybarnes @sassysweetstories @sierrastilinski
A tribute to the MMO of our childhoods.

11 years.

All the time we spent playing this Massively Multiplayer Online Game, enshrining the information and history on our wikis.

And now the game, Club Penguin will officially close it’s Abode Flash doors for good.

I highly recommend playing all you can, visit all the rooms, replay all the minigames, feed and care for all the puffles you’ve adopted (or release some, if you wish), buy a lot of items, earn as many stamps as possible and just explore.

However, I’m not sure if the website will be preserved after the fall, so go to the Wayback Machine, and try to save all those recipes and activities in case someone is a blast-to-the-past searcher for fun.

Waddle on, Everypenguin.


Club Penguin

August 22, 2005-March 29, 2017

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Hello it's me again for like the fifth time! Are there any video game au's that you know of? I've only seen two when I've looked, and was just wondering! Oh and thanks for always taking time to make lists and stuff <3

Thanks for these requests! I don’t typically read much from this AU but here are some good ones! Let me know if I missed any!

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Video Game/Gaming AU

[Press Start] by kaizuka, Gen, 17k (WIP)
Yuuri wakes up one day to find himself thrown into an otome game-like reality, where his love interests seem to consist of figure skaters from the Grand Prix, and many of his actions are dictated by one of three choices that pop up in a text box that only he can see. And, as he’s quick to find out, the only way out of the game is to choose a love interest and see the blossoming romance through till the end! Thumbs up!

On ICE!!! by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 23k (WIP)
The first time Katsuki Yuuri saw Victor Nikiforov perform, he realized he had a great desire to see figure skating in a video game. In fifteen years, his dream is realized. Little does he know that Victor’s attention has been caught by the very game he unknowingly inspired. Love!

Pixelated Reality by chibilysis (xyrilyn), Teen, 9.1k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki is a Level 230 Arch Mage - the top ranking Arch Mage in Code Regius Online (CRO) - the world’s #1 Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.Victor Nikiforov is a Level 190 Master Swordsman and Guildmaster of Fimbulwinter - a pirate/PK-killer guild. Strip away their online personas, however, Yuuri and Victor are but just two people trying to find their own place in the world.

all the dragons we have slain by brighter, Mature, 9.6k
This is why Yuuri loves gaming—the victory of it, the easy camaraderie amongst his guild, the sense that he’s part of something greater.Victor tells him, “you were incredible,” and maybe he loves that a little, too. Definitely recommend!

 Shall We Date? Let’s Skate! by Sakhyu, Teen, 4.5k (WIP)
“Shall We Date? Let’s Skate!” was the hottest dating sim game on the market … and it is also the video game one Yuuri Katsuki suddenly wakes up in. Now, Yuuri has to battle floating screens, pesky Quests, and … wait, what do you mean he’s now the main character?! Featuring poor, poor Gamer!Yuuri.

much ado about ADO by Vitali (exocara), Teen, 7.4k (WIP)
Yuuri’s first quest in the relatively popular VRMMORPG, Angels&Demons Online (ADO), was to seduce an NPC. He was trying to figure out just how to differentiate between NPCs and player characters, when he saw an angel with long silver hair and gorgeous blue eyes and thought to himself: That man is way too beautiful to be a player character.

Otome on Ice by Ethril, Teen, 9.9k (WIP)
Yuri K is a famous independent game tester that has a reputation for finding bugs and glitches that no one else can. He works mostly online through the pseudonym Eros and only gives his real name when hired to test games.Victor is the CEO of a major gaming company in Russia. Currently his top team is working on an Otome style game that they hope to turn into a RPG MMO in the near future, but first they need to do some serious testing. Christophe suggests they bring in the game tester Eros, whom they have worked with in the past, in order to test the new game “Otome On Ice”. Awesome fic so far!

Yuuri Katsuki Secret Route Walkthrough/FAQ by Metis_Ink, Gen, 2.2k
The otome community uncovers the mysteries of the Nikiforov-Katsuki Route, one of the most difficult and overly-complicated routes in a game supposedly just about ice skating. Rec’d by a follower!

Nintendo’s really been going hard on colourful, family-friendly versions of genres that have traditionally been considered the province of the “hardcore” crowd: first role-based multiplayer online shooters with Splatoon, and now post-apoc wilderness survival games with Breath of the Wild.

I’m seriously wondering what genre they’ll tackle next if, indeed, this proves to be a trend.

Like, can you picture what Nintendo would do with a 4X space sim?

Or what they’d have to do to make tactical stealth assassination gameplay family-friendly?

(’cause you know they could totally do it - the question is how.)

Come Play With Us

For those who aren’t familiar with Gamers Like Us, we are a gaming community for AMAB transgender people who identify primarily as women, binary or non-binary. Whether you’re looking for other people like you to play with or just to socialise with, we encourage you to join our discord server.

Some of our most played games right now are Diablo 3, Overwatch, and Warframe, but there are players interested in virtually every online multiplayer game you can name. We have players who are looking for others to join them for ARK:Survival Evolved, Borderlands, the Civilization franchise, the Souls/Borne franchise, Destiny, Elder Scrolls Online, For Honor, Guild Wars 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Minecraft, Payday 2, Pokemon Sun & Moon, Seven Days to Die, Super Smash Bros., Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft, and others.

We also have an active tabletop gaming community for those interested in playing pen & paper games such as Dungeons & Dragons. We have numerous games already underway and plenty of games looking for more players of all skill levels.

We strive to be a safe space community, and as such attempt to moderate our community spaces to be free of discrimination or harassment.

Go to to find out how to join our Discord server.

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Why do console makers charge for online multiplayer? Do developers benefit at all from this? Or do only Sony and Microsoft benefit? How is pc able to be free multiplayer when I am constantly told servers cost money to run? Hoping you could shed some light on this. Thank you for your time.

Why do console makers charge for online multiplayer?

The general reason is because people are willing to pay for it. Microsoft tried it way back with the original Xbox and it turned out very well for them. Sony followed suit in the PS3 generation and players paid for it there too. People have gotten used to paying for it now, but it isn’t just for online multiplayer either. Players who pay for the service also get other kickbacks - free games, access to demo content, access to certain additional features, and so on.

Do developers benefit at all from this? Or do only Sony and Microsoft benefit?

We (devs) have benefited historically from paid online services (if a bit indirectly). A lot of the online features we’ve come to expect today were pioneered on the paid platforms like XBL and PSN - chat rooms, friends lists, achievements, DLC sales and distribution, and so on and so forth. Features like achievements were built by engineers on the platform side; the game devs were then supplied with a SDK full of new tools to use on our projects. Having that kind of support, especially in the 2004-2008 era was really helpful. Those features didn’t migrate to Steam until later.

That said, it’s practically impossible to take just the online platform as a discrete, self-contained thing because we really can’t. Part of any dev studio or publisher’s relationship with console manufacturers is via the certification process, and their online services are deeply intertwined with it. The online platform isn’t so much its own thing as it is an extension of the total console package.

How is pc able to be free multiplayer when I am constantly told servers cost money to run?

It’s mostly because the biggest service set up on the PC (Steam) is free, and everybody who followed couldn’t sustain a critical mass of customers while switching to a paid service. It’s really very similar to how Microsoft managed to establish the paid service early on.

The maintenance, development, and hardware costs for online play are always being shouldered by somebody. On Steam, it’s paid for by the publishers and devs who sell games on the platform. Steam takes roughly 30% of every sale, and some of that goes to paying for the service and any other endeavors Valve is taking (Steam Box, VR stuff, etc.). On the consoles, it’s paid for partially by the publishers, and partially by the user fees. Consoles also take around 30%, but that isn’t just for online services and game development. It  also pays for console manufacturing costs, R&D, administrative costs, continued development of the platform software, and so on. 

The business stuff can get really complicated really fast due to all of the different parts that can change. It could be possible that Microsoft decided to make XBL free, but that would result in a reshuffling of the overall allocation of funds. Microsoft could make up for the loss of subscription fees by raising the cost of publisher certification, or scaling back XBL development to be less expensive. If they raised the cost to the publishers, it could drive publishers to competing platforms, or it could mean that game budgets get adjusted down to defray the higher costs. If that were the case, it could mean that new games would ship with smaller scope or with more bugs, or any number of things. There’s no one single result from a change like this, but many possibilities depending on what each involved party decides is in their own respective best interest.

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We got Steam Greenlit!

Thank you guys so so much for voting and your support!
Thanks to you we got Steam Greenlit!
This is a huge weight off of our shoulders because now we can just focus on the game and not worry about where we are going to distribute!
Super thanks again we are continuing to do our best for a hopeful 2017 release if we are ready.

Pumpkin Online is a multiplayer, farming dating sim, currently being developed by a small indie company, Pumpkin Interactive. Feel free to check out our website for more information about our game.

The Last Train (Part Six)

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Pairing: Taehyung (V) x Female!Reader
Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut
Contains: mentions of cheating
Word Count: 3k

Author’s Note: For my birthday I decided to push through with this chapter (and I still end up late). So here’s my birthday gift for myself to all of you? Does that make sense?

The two of you walked into the cafe. Jungkook waved you over from the back of the store. He stood up as you got close to the table, Taehyung quietly followed after you. Your head was spinning from your heart pounding so hard in your chest.

“Hey,” Jungkook greeted you and followed it up with a hard kiss on the lips.

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Like I keep saying, I really don’t want to get into the argument about “queer” because (1) I don’t really have strong feelings about it one way or the other, (2) it’s one of those largely meaningless and endlessly circular Tumblr arguments that has absolutely fuck-all to do with whether or not I and people I care about get to eat and get healthcare and so forth, and (3) it’s full of just the worst examples of clueless ahistorical Discourse on all sides of it (so at this point I’m kind of “a pox on both your houses” about the whole thing)… but there is one misconception that keeps popping up on my dash that I have to address if I am to avoid screaming at fucking everybody:

In some places, “queer” is still very much used as a slur. For some reason, the Tumblr narrative has become that “queer” has not been used as a slur for two decades and that anyone who claims it has is a TERF (literally what). This is just false. You wanna know the last time I heard it used disparagingly by a homophobe? Yesterday. Hell, barely a week goes by when I hear somebody saying “fucking queer” or “haha what a queer” (or whatever) in a disparaging way – if not at me, then at someone else. Granted, part of this is because I play online multiplayer games, but since real people are playing these games and saying these things, and since these games exist in reality, they count too.

And hey, do you remember that violent male neighbor I had a couple years back? The one that terrorized all of us for years, the one who discovered my deadname and started screaming it and threatening me with it? Yeah, him. Well, guess what slur he was using? I mean, I think he may have used the f-slur like once… but for the most part? He used “queer”.

I don’t care what you personally choose to do with the word (as long as you respect others’ wishes w/r/t labeling, of course), but don’t you dare, don’t you dare tell me that my experiences aren’t real just because they’re not convenient for your argument.

Monster Hunter Generations | $19.99 Buy-Now!

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Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You had won in a game against Jungkook, granting you your wish of a picnic date. But knowing him, all he wanted was a rematch. 

Word Count: 2363

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You laid on your belly atop your bed, groaning into the sheets. The day was nice, the sun was shining, but what were you doing? You were in bed watching Jungkook play his video games. Yeah, you loved video games too, you even considered yourself a pretty good gamer, but playing games were what the two of you have been doing for the past few days. The same thing, day in and day out. Games, games, games. 

Jungkook sat with his back leaning on the edge of the bed, intensely focusing on the television before him. He was playing some sort of online multiplayer shooter game, “YAH! YAAAH! OOOH, YEAAAH!” You could tell by the way he was screaming that he was definitely winning. This boy had a huge competition complex and never accepted taking second place.

You crawled over behind him and nestle your head in the crook of his neck. He was so into the game, he hadn’t even flinched when your sharp chin made contact with his neck, “Koookie, can we pleeeeease do something else?” He just made some weird grunt sound in response, “Kooooookie!” You wiggle your head playfully to snap him out of his gamer trance.

“Jagi, I’m…kinda….in….the middle….of something…YAH GOT ‘EM!” He was harshly pounding on the buttons in between each word. He really loved winning, this boy. Your eyes lit up when an idea came to mind.

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No More Martyrs

Can you imagine a world where Wendy Carlos was murdered for being trans?

Electronic music would still be in a lab as a curiosity. There would be a different soundtrack to Clockwork Orange and Tron.

Can you imagine a world where Martine Rothblatt was murdered for being trans?

There would be no satellite radio.

Can you imagine a world where Lana Wachowski was murdered for being trans?

There would be no Matrix or Cloud Atlas.

Can you imagine a world where Danielle Bunten Berry was murdered for being trans?

There would be no multiplayer online games.

Can you imagine a world where Lynn Conway was murdered for being trans?

There would be no modern microchips, no small computers, no smart phones, virtually no modern electronics.

When trans people are murdered, we lose our future. Imagine how much we’ve lost already.

We need no more martyrs.